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Thread: 6th Floor Museum has a surprising supporter - Debra Conway

  1. Default Welcome to Potemkin Village, Mr. President

    Tiananmen Square being spruced up. Spotless. And you know how hard blood is to get out of cobblestones when it's been ground in by the tracks of the APCs.

    "A very different city"--oh really, you mean, no WANTED FOR TREASON posters.

    Commemorating his life? Why, Dallas, you reviled him. He was murdered on that street and you covered it up.

    You killed the patsy and let the body be illegally taken out of state to tamper with evidence.

    Your "Museum" isn't "teaching"--it's an Orwell Institute of Rightthink.

    And, my, isn't the quote about helpless to control the "others" weepy and compliant.

    "We have reserved the Plaza for that occassion."

    Dallas to match Daley's police army order of battle against SDS Days of Rage, October 8-11, 1969.

    There will be news in lights ringing the Sixth Floor.


    And a Jumbotron above the uniformed orator waving his fists in fanatic ecstasy.

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    I will be there prepared to be lead away in cuffs. Yes CD "fuck" anyone who would try to silence the truth.

    This is our event, not theirs. Anyone who sides with the 6th floor has sold his/her soul. That is all I am prepared to say on a public forum.


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    Hi , yes this was posted the very first newspaper report posted, but it went by unoticed by the majority, this really is nothing new, it has been known about and disussed amongst some for many years now,the connection between the two, appears to have always been there...sorry state of far as the circus goes, it wasn't copa who had singers, on the mike in the plaza it was lancer girls, a few years back..they may have sung very well, i really do not know, ..this photo below was also posted in the early reports...i believe in the''GET OFF MY GRASS''...articles...take care...imo there are those and have been in the past and will in the future, cow toe to Uncle Dunkel.....because he has what they want, his

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    Now, I have a few photos here, taken in the past at the COPA gatherings in Dealey, I do not know the full stories, i was not there and if the details were found later, they were not shared, perhaps John Judge may have the info, or Bill Kelly, i will just post them, the guy on stilts, if i recall correctly, really disturbed all, COPA was very upset, rightly so,and of course then the gathering took flak, for being a circus, perhaps this is when that word was first used, it was planned imo, to do so....... all i recall is, that the Big Tex was used in Dallas at the opening, or advertising of some business, so it had to be Dallas rented, oriented.imo..and no accident...the kennedy dolls i have no idea, just recall them being there........b
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    Here is a post what Debra had to say to the repoter from the dmn......b

    JFK Lancer Forums - Viewing topic #93609 - Dallas Morning News Article on 50th Anniversary 0r Why I Don't Do Interviews

    Message body


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    i cannot get to page 2 to correct the links......yet when i hit reply, it came up ???b

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    i still cannot get to page two to make corrections.i will go back and get them again and post....ok...:lol:..tx b

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bernice Moore View Post
    i still cannot get to page two to make corrections...tx b
    Hi Bernice - sometimes the icons display strangely in different browsers.

    If that happens, simply go to the first page, and from there you should easily be able to use the numbers or "last page" to navigate wherever you want.
    "It means this War was never political at all, the politics was all theatre, all just to keep the people distracted...."
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    "They are in Love. Fuck the War."

    Gravity's Rainbow, Thomas Pynchon

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    George Michael Promotes John Lennon's Message of Peace with Imagine Piano Tour - The Official Community of George Michael

    John Lennon's "Imagine" Piano in Dealy Plaza. 11/22/06 - YouTube

    hope they work this time...thanks...b

    thanks, much, this pc is crazy anyway, but just a little behind moi...:lol:

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    Default Its all a bit of storm in a Tea Cup me thinks

    CD you were a bit quick on this one me thinks buddy.

    Subject: News on the permit

    Duke Lane has read the permit and spoken to the person who granted the permit. He posted this on our Facebook page.

    NOTHING is determined insofar as any exclusive access to DP, or any part of it, is concerned. Although the City is NOT AWARE, so far in advance, of any plans to restrict access anywhere, City Ordinances apparently DO allow permit holders to "rope off" or otherwise restrict an area, but the CURRENT PERMIT does NOT contain provision for that; the city administrator/issuer is reluctant to speak to a permitee's future plans (any more than you, for example, would want me speaking for you).

    Look to the City Code for more, probably under Parks & Recreation.

    So who is spreading this stuff about the permit keeping everyone out? Mostly some Dallas writers and now our fellow researchers.

    I already posted about why they would want to keep out the tourists -- and us? They can control the space needed just like at the 30th when they dedicated the plaque. That ceremony lasted a few minutes and then the one for the researchers started on the knoll. Ok so now I’m being slammed for something that won’t even happen.


    I've been back and forth with Deb about this. It's pure BS.

    Apparently, your good friend JVB made this whole thing up. I say good friend in all jest.

    Heres what Deb has and has not been saying.

    Also on FB
    "In the Kennedy assassination we must be careful of running off into the ether of our own imaginations." Carl Ogelsby circa 1992

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