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Thread: For Charles Drago

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    Bottom line:

    Did Allen Dulles have the power to order President Kennedy's death?

    No. He did not.

    For anyone who has studied this case for a considerable amount of time, we know David Rockefeller was at the "nexus."

    David Rockefeller.

    Say it again.

    David Rockefeller.

    Not LBJ.

    Not those crazy cubans.

    Not the nefarious CIA.

    Not those bad guys in the mafia.

    Not H.L. Hunt and Clint Murchinson.

    It wasn't Ed Lansdale or Richard Helms or James Angleton or even David Phillips.

    David Rockefeller ordered the killing of President Kennedy.


    Would David Rockefeller ever leave behind proof?

    A. To B. To C. To D.

    50 years later. That's what we have. Wasting our time talking about "masterminds" and what not.

    David Rockefeller, with his global business (Rothchild) interest, ordered this murder.

    Read "The Confessions of Economic Hit Man."

    David Rockefeller. Averill Harriman. Allen Dulles. Richard Helms/James Angelton.

    Isn't it time we take the mystery out of this nonsense and start naming names?


    Luce. Dupont. Morgan. ROCKEFELLER.

    LBJ and Allen Dulles, loyal foot soldiers, key positions, but foot soldiers.

    David Rockefeller gave the order to kill President Kennedy.

    I not think the idea was his alone. He was not an island.

    Two men. The same age. Shaping the global political landscape. David Rockefeller knew what was handed to him. He knew what stood in his way. He gave the order and set the whole thing in motion. One conversation to Allen Dulles and President Kennedy is a dead man and Wall Street continues its reign of terror through the heart of the United States for next 50 years and beyond.

    Cheney. Rumsfeld. Kissinger. Bundy.

    What is the common thread through all these men? Rockefeller men.

    Who has owned the America for the last 80 years and beyond? ROCKEFELLER.

    Okay. Is the this assassination of President Kennedy even that hard to figure out for anyone of average intelligence who has studied this case for any length of time?

    David Rockefeller.

    David Rockefeller.

    David Rockefeller.

    After that, the whole thing makes sense.

    Rest in peace Black Dog Man, Multiple Oswalds, Dulles/Lansdale/Helms/Phillips/Ad Nausem (I'm about to puke), Mystery Secret Service Men on the Knoll....

    Thy Will Be Done.




    After 50 years, without a question.

    One last question: Is America owned?

    The answer is obvious.

    We are watching theater. A grand play. Our emotions are recognized and toyed with. We are manipulated and shaped. WE ARE OWNED, with the illusion of personal freedom.

    The grand bank: The Federal Reserve, and the monetary system itself is at the heart of this play and our enslavement.

    Who owns America?


    Who owns Rockefeller?

    ROTHSCHILD, London Banking.

    Apologies to: Charles Drago, Phil Dragoo, Jim D., Seamus, and the the omnipresent RCD.
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    You have explicitly stated what the rest of us have only implicitly indicated.
    But was it David or the power nexus and institutions created in his name?
    Because the man himself will not live for ever but his nexus will. Dr. Evica in his
    Perfect Cover essay had called him "David Rockefeller was the perfect upper-echelon patsy,
    the up-front standard-bearer, urged on in his attacks on JFK by the assassination decision-makers.

    And i am sure John Fitzerald will be waiting for his old friend to have interesting
    conversations in Heaven.
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