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What I did see was significant evidence in terms of the pre-knowledge and collusion of state authorities with media to alter perception of an event.
Fair enough. If and when the videos go back up, I would be interested to see what you find so convincing. Maybe I am missing something.

But remember, he is arguing a much higher level of collusion between state authorities with media. He is arguing that a group of families that run the world are using select members to fake identities to manipulate said perceptions.
Yes, and I understand those arguments to have a period and a space between them, suggesting that there is no necessary logical connection between them; they do not bleed together as a thesis.

What this suggests to me as I saw it was that he had the first one nailed down prima facie if you accept that interviewees were actors in the first place (it does not matter whose family they belonged to, or who brought them to that place and time with suggestive pre-knowledge), and that he had some interesting hints, theories and perhaps a modicum of highly-interesting graphics that demand that he follow up with further work, documentation of theory and science, and more.

Indeed, what I further suggested by raising the matter is that it is incumbent on those of us who follow deep politics and deep political events to follow the matter and pursue it vigorously for the simple reason that if if is true that the repertory company can be tied to the US security state, the Federal Reserve, or any key and critical governmental officials, it is tantamount to treason (at least in the sense of hoodwinking the citizenry that holds the titular power) and thus actionable.

Note too that I had (and have) every intention -- if the videos go back up -- to break-them down in a way that I can point to specific times and places on specific videos which raise my concerns.