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Full Version: David McGowan author of "Weird Scenes from the Canyon" has an aggressive cancer
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I just found out about this an hour ago... from his brothers Facebook page..

David is very sick. It is time to let this group know his condition. Dave has stage IV little cell cancer of the lungs, kidney, and bone. This is the most aggressive of lung cancers and grows very quickly. it spreads 50% of the time to the brain but at this time, David's scan is still clear. We have been informed that David needs to immediately begin chemotherapy. If he chooses to accept treatment, He has been given a worst case scenario of 6 months to one year. He also has a 2% chance of surviving for up to 5 years but that no one is known to have survived beyond that time. For anyone wishing to send cards, flowers, or well wishes. David is currently at Glendale Adventist Medical Center, Glendale, CA 1509 Wilson Terrace, Glendale, CA 91206 RM 1215 [IMG]resource://skype_ff_extension-at-jetpack/skype_ff_extension/data/call_skype_logo.png[/IMG](818) 409 - 8000 room 1215. Please know that those who already are aware and have sent well wishes and support that it has kept him going through this difficult time. David, undecided an hour ago, has now decided to try and begin treatment. Therefore he will be here for at least another week. I arrived yesterday and have not left his room and I will remain with him until he is released into my care upon which time I will take him home to AZ. Please respect our family at this time and only post positive messages as our mother also reads these pages and I am very vengeful if need be. I trust that most of you support David, for those who do not, please keep any of those thoughts out of the threads. Thank You
Very sad to hear this. I hope the treatment is successful with a full recovery. Will be a hard time for all but especially David. Best wishes to him.
Wow, that is very sad news. Dave has done some good and valuable work in areas that a lot of people won't go near. I actually just started reading his book Programme to Kill. I hope he can somehow recover from this.
very sad
Oh, sad news indeed. That was a very fast aggressive cancer.
Now might be a good time to down load any content you need for research purposes from his website since the website might not be up for too much longer now. Websites are often not maintained by their family for all sorts of reasons.

Mac and Linux users can use wget in the terminal

Or try this:
Magda Hassan Wrote:Oh, sad news indeed. That was a very fast aggressive cancer.

Very sad. There are fast natural cancers [my own mother died of one], but the unnatural kind of cancers developed by the intelligence [sic] community for getting rid of problems are known to be very fast, as well. Just saying.
Don Jeffries wrote a farewell message on his blog.

Like Don, I seriously doubted any claims that the moonlandings were faked. Not anymore.
I just finished reading McGowans "Wagging the Moondoggie"-series. Great research, and often very funny.

Don writes: "Any reasonable person who reads Dave's work on this cannot possibly believe we went to the moon nearly fifty years ago, yet somehow cannot go back there."
I looked at a few of his links yesterday on the Boston Marathon case and found the same bs I see on facebook. All "crises actors", no one hurt or killed. There was a lot to be very alarmed about regarding that event, and we have a huge thread on it here, but this whole "no one died" approach is greatly lacking. Sad he died, but I was not impressed by what I read and saw no reason to read more.

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