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Sarah Stanton (i.e. PrayerMan) in Dan Owens film - Richard Gilbride - 29-12-2022

Researcher Denis Morissette has recently posted an image from KRLD's Dan Owens taken in front of the Book Depository at approximately 2:00 PM on November 22nd.  shows definitely that it was Sarah Stanton standing on the Depository steps in the Owens film. Because she was standing on the 3rd step down from the landing, her height can be reasonably estimated

In an Education Forum topic meekly titled Help needed with a photo. Andrej? Davidson? Morissette appeals for help with a height analysis, and Chris Davidson obliges with an estimate of 5' 2 1/4"

basing this at 3 steps at 7.25" per step [21.75"] plus the top of her head reaching the midway point of the 81" glass door [40.5"];  21.75 + 40.5 = 62.25"

This is in very good agreement with Sarah Stanton's known height of 5'4", as she seems to be slouching a bit in the Owens photo.

This Owens clip is further confirmation that Sarah Stanton is PrayerMan-  Wesley Frazier's Sixth Floor Museum interview and film forensics (wide hips, possible purse) have indicated that she is the correct identity of that blurry PrayerMan figure.

And Brian Doyle's height argument-  first presented in 2016 in the PrayerMan giga-thread on Duncan MacRae's jfkassassinationforum-  has never been refuted. PrayerMan is a full head shorter than Wesley Frazier and cannot possibly be Lee Harvey Oswald.

Yet the damage done by Sean Murphy's barroom scholarship still cuts deep nearly a decade later. Because the mob-  the 90% of researchers who signed onto Murphy's fantasy-  are too egocentric, too narcissistic, to admit that they were mistaken, and that Doyle was correct. And so the malaise of Murphyism continues to plague the research community, since it is easier than growing up and being an adult at solving this seminal crime.

The initial paragraph in my CONCLUSION to 2018's Death of the Lunchroom Hoax seems appropriate here, since the mob henchmen have perpetuated their Murphyite propaganda in spite of in-your-face evidence to the contrary. Because, to them, the JFK case is not about arriving at criminological solutions; it is rather a case of "How is this going to reflect on  me?"

"Sean Murphy's defective scholarship appealed to the gullible, who formed their judgments based only on a partial presentation of the available information. It grew into mob rule because opinions are shaped by tribal allegiances. And those judgments become a matter of personal identity and are not held rationally. But when discernment of objective truth hinges upon what others think, and not upon independent science, we abandon the basic critical thinking skills needed for sound evaluation of the evidence."