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Full Version: What Killed Arafat?
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Magda Hassan Wrote:I think there is a part 3 coming from Al Jazeera which will take this further.

Plus the journalist behind all story this is ex (sic) State department which may mean nothing or may mean many things.

Well all of those heads of state need to take note how little polonium it takes and how easily concealed it is and have another look at their nearest and dearest. And the waiter. And the hotel cleaner. And the body guard. I could be them too. It opens the way for it to happen to all if it is done to one. Arafat was not powerful a man after all. Or was he?

Abbas is such a pliant Israeli quisling and he seems fine about the investigation. Clearly the Russians less so and some of the Palestinians are very queasy for various possible reasons. Israel knows everyone will think of them first, but they aren't owning this one while they have others. And it may well be them alone or in partnership. But with whom? The Russians? A Russian? A Russian/Israeli? An Israeli American with Israeli Russian connections? Some one with access to polonium. Suha wants to know what happened to her husband and expose the murderer who ever that is. But she can't be unaware of the politics involved in the cover up.

This would be hard to solve using standard detective/forensic work IF everyone was cooperating. Almost none of the major players are cooperating! Short of someone in the know breaking ranks and whistleblowing, I don't see how anyone will develop leads other than ones [many!] that are highly speculative, and almost impossible to establish. The French as far as any legal process are keeping their silence - one is not even sure if they plan to do anything. I can't imagine Israel was not involved or didn't know. They controlled every person and every item that went in and out from the besieged Arafat Compound, at the end. They must have a very good idea - if not know - but they won't cooperate at all. IMO, at the time of his death, Arafat had lost most of his power and his death changed little vis-a-vis the PA.
Peter Lemkin Wrote:IMO, at the time of his death, Arafat had lost most of his power and his death changed little vis-a-vis the PA.
Yes, he was on the nose with most of the Arab leaders. Not one lifted finger to help him in the siege. Now they would rather spend all their money and energy killing other Arabs like Assad and Qaddafi instead of go 'boo' to Israel.
Clashes in Jerusalem as Israeli forces shut down Arafat event
Published yesterday (updated) 12/11/2013 09:50

JERUSALEM (Ma'an) -- Israeli forces and intelligence officers stormed a sports club in the Silwan neighborhood of Jerusalem and dispersed Palestinians who were commemorating the ninth anniversary of late president Yasser Arafat's death.

Witnesses told Ma'an that large numbers of Israeli officers stormed the club and forced commemorators to leave immediately. The forces presented an order signed by the Israeli minister of interior banning the commemoration.

"After I was notified that on Nov. 11, 2013, the Palestinian Authority was sponsoring a celebration at Silwan club commemorating Yasser Arafat's anniversary, without a license or a written permission, I hereby ban the activity in the club or any other location in Jerusalem," the order read.

Fatah's secretary-general in Jerusalem Omar Shalabi denounced the ban and highlighted that Israeli soldiers handed summons to Maamoon Abbasi, Anas Abbasi, Muhammad Abu Swayy and Ghadyan Qemary.

Clashes broke near the club between Israeli forces and young Palestinian men. The Israelis fired stun grenades at the commemorators and as a result a motorcyclist, who was driving nearby, was injured by shrapnel.

Israel police spokesman Micky Rosenfeld told Ma'an that police officers responding to a "banned event" in Silwan came under attack from Palestinian rock-throwers.

He said Israeli forces responded using stun grenades but denied anyone was injured.

Jerusalem activists launched balloons shaped as Palestinian flags as well as photos of Arafat.
Ask yourself what the US or international reaction would be to a Palestinian being definitively linked to the murder of an Israeli PM?
Obviously connected to the War On Terror Regime Change campaign being conducted in the Middle East since Bush's reign of terror.
Litvinenko and Arafat prove Polonium is an excellent covert assassination method since you can prove it and it makes no difference.

Arafat's intel murder slips quietly into the murky pool of the memory hole...
Don't forget that the 'machine' which does the assassinations in the USA came up with a Palestinian mind controlled patsy [Sirhan Sirhan], thinking that would 'fly'......
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