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Full Version: What Killed Arafat?
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Albert Doyle Wrote:For instance Haaretz who say the AIDS cause of death should be re-examined:


Yah, along with LHO as the shooter in Dallas and those sort of things.....:mexican:
Doctors in Lausanne, and elsewhere, also ruled out a range of other possible causes for Arafat's death, based on his original medical file, which Ms. Arafat also provided to Al Jazeera. Their examination ruled out many of the other causes of death that have been rumored over the last eight years.

"There was not liver cirrhosis, apparently no traces of cancer, no leukemia," said Dr. Patrice Mangin, the head of the Institute of Legal Medicine of Lausanne University. "Concerning HIV, AIDS there was no sign, and the symptomology was not suggesting these things."

Dr. Tawfik Shaaban, a Tunisian specialist in HIV and one of the doctors who examined Arafat in his Ramallah compound, confirmed that there were no signs of the disease.

Their conclusions, of course, were based on documentation rather than firsthand examination. Doctors in Lausanne had hoped to study the blood and urine samples taken from Arafat while he was at Percy Military Hospital in France. But when she requested access, the hospital told his widow that those samples had been destroyed.

"I was not satisfied with that answer," Ms. Arafat said. "Usually a very important person, like Yasser, they would keep traces maybe they don't want to be involved in it?"

Several of the doctors who treated Arafat said that they were not allowed to discuss his case even with Ms. Arafat's permission because it was considered a "military secret." And most of his onetime doctors in Cairo and Tunis refused requests for interviews as well.

With those avenues of inquiry closed, Arafat's body itself would be the last remaining source of conclusive evidence. Exhuming it would require approval from the Palestinian Authority; shipping bone samples outside of the West Bank would require permission from the Israeli government.

Whatever the outcome, Ms. Arafat said she hopes further tests would "remove a lot of doubt" about her husband's still-mysterious death.

"We got into this very, very painful conclusion, but at least this removes this great burden on me, on my chest," she said. "At least I've done something to explain to the Palestinian people, to the Arab and Muslim generation all over the world, that it was not a natural death, it was a crime."

A conclusive finding that Arafat was poisoned with polonium would not, of course, explain who killed him. It is a difficult element to produce, though it requires a nuclear reactor and the signature of the polonium in Arafat's bones could provide some insight about its origin.
And the Unspeakable now grabs Arafat's corpse:

Albert Doyle Wrote:And the Unspeakable now grabs Arafat's corpse:


My guess is that what this is showing is that a few PA officials may have been complicit in the poisoning/murder or knew and kept silent; thus, do NOT want the truth to come out. I think despite this, it will soon go ahead. Let the chips fall where they may and all those involved in the crime, no matter their provenance face justice. Most don't realize that a careful test of sufficient Polonium-210 would contain a 'signature' unique to a specific reactor...thus targeting the origin, and narrowing down significantly the perpetrators.
The propaganda machine is full-on for the powers that be whose main concern is damage control for economic interests. The media is a sordid jungle of truthiness and politically-compromised information. Meanwhile if Arafat was poisoned by polonium they have technology that is sophisticated enough to find unsupported polonium at the right levels to evidence this. Like the Kennedy assassinations Arafat is now under the control of bully forces thinking up propagandistic arguments that will neutralize any effort at finding out the truth. In the end when you are assassinated your corpse becomes an inconvenient object that, if powerful enough (which is why you were assassinated in the first place) becomes something that threatens the status quo interests of those in power. What we are seeing here is the slow transition of Arafat's body from truth litmus strip to radioactive nuisance. Even though the polonium half-lives have cycled to miniscule levels those levels are still easily detectable by current technology. The people writing these filthy media articles know this but prefer to offer the public an intelligence-insulting level of dumbed-down information exactly for the purpose of deception. Have no doubt these forces maximized the benefit of their War On Terror occupation of the Middle East by murdering Arafat like they did other targeted arab leaders. The public is self-deceiving if it doesn't realize it is asking the opinion and taking the word of sneering WMD war criminals as to their complicity in Arafat's obvious poisoning. You're going to see the disinformation trolls pop-up like mushrooms now with their "conspiracy theorist" ridicule. - Do the tests.
Well, in the end those who protest the most and the hardest against any investigation or 'polonium-poisoning conspiracy theories' are very likely the same party - or so very closely affiliated - as those who planned and planted the Polonium...just as with Dallas and 911 et al. Yes, others who simply like the result of the crime - or don't like people knowing truths of black operations in general, could also protest and bleat...but they won't be doing so the hardest.
Palestinian officials hesitant on Arafat autopsy
[like in the children's game - can you find the 20 things seemingly 'wrong' and/or at odds with/contradicting other statements by divergent people and groups in this article?] Dance

RAMALLAH, West Bank (AP) In an apparent flip-flop, Palestinian investigators looking into Yasser Arafat's death said Thursday they want to review reports from a Swiss lab before deciding whether to exhume the leader's remains.

Earlier this week, a senior West Bank official said a final decision was made to examine Arafat's bones.

That development followed an announcement by Switzerland's Institute of Radiation Physics, which said it found unexplained, elevated traces of a radioactive agent, polonium-210, on clothing and personal items said to have been used by Arafat before his Nov. 11, 2004 death at a French military hospital.

The lab said the results were inconclusive and that Arafat's remains would have to be tested to learn more.

Since Arafat's death, several senior Palestinian officials have alleged that Israel poisoned the Palestinian leader, a charge Israel vehemently denied.

Testing Arafat's bones could offer the last chance to get to the bottom of Palestinian claims that their leader was poisoned, though some experts cautioned it may already be too late for conclusive answers.

Earlier this week, a top Palestinian official, Saeb Erekat, said President Mahmoud Abbas decided to exhume the body and would invite a team from the Swiss lab to come to the West Bank to perform the tests.

In an apparent reversal, members of a Palestinian committee set up to investigate Arafat's death suggested Thursday the final word has not been spoken on whether to dig up the remains.

In an attempt at transparency, the committee also published 116 pages of medical treatment reports chronicling Arafat's final month.

Treatment notes by Arab doctors summoned to his government compound in Ramallah show that he fell ill on Oct. 11, 2004, when he vomited two hours after supper. Doctors suspected at the time that he suffered from viral gastroenteritis.

His condition deteriorated over the next 18 days, as he continued to vomit and complain of diarrhea. He received a transfusion of blood platelets, and on Oct. 29, 2004 was flown to France, where he died nearly two weeks later.

French doctors said he died of a massive stroke and suffered from a blood condition known as disseminated intravascular coagulation, or DIC.

The records were inconclusive about what brought about the DIC, which has numerous possible causes, including infections and liver disease.

Arafat's remains are housed in a mausoleum in Abbas' walled government compound in the West Bank city of Ramallah.

Justice Minister Ali Mohanna, a member of the committee, told a news conference Thursday that Palestinian officials want to review the Swiss lab report on the polonium traces. After such a review, "we will decide what testing we need to do," he said.

Nasser al-Kidwa, a nephew of Arafat and custodian of the late leader's legacy, has contacted the lab in hope of obtaining the full test records, said Mohanna.

He offered no explanation for the apparent U-turn. An autopsy could offend cultural sensibilities of conservative Palestinians, but at the same time the Palestinian leadership is under domestic pressure to do everything necessary to investigate the latest findings.

Arafat's widow, Suha, last week demanded that her husband's grave be reopened. Mrs. Arafat has cooperated closely with the Arab satellite TV channel Al-Jazeera, giving the broadcaster some of her husband's belongings and his medical file. The Swiss lab reports were first published by Al-Jazeera after a nine-month investigation.

On Thursday, one of Arafat's physicians, Dr. Abdullah Bashir, reiterated the claim that Arafat was poisoned, without specifically blaming Israel. Bashir said poison experts contacted by the committee agreed with that assumption, but he did not identify the experts or explain how they reached that conclusion.

Arafat had spent the last three years of his life under Israeli siege at his Ramallah compound, now used by Abbas.

Bashir said the French medical records were incomplete.

"We have sent questions and received answers from the French hospital, and we consider the French report in regards to (possible) poisons to be weak," he said.
Why The Delay?

The simple thing to do is exhume Arafat and do the tests.
Exactly. The only people who should have any say in it is his next of kin who have already called for his body to be exhumed. The opinions of others are irrelevant. And suspicious if they object.
Apparently his idiot sister said he should be left undisturbed. His wife should overrule that but who knows what kind of compromise is being applied to her?

America the honest and forthright rushing forth to see that justice is done and international conventions enforced. (You see what a phony and cowardly state Hillary's "no comment" republic is)
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