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DPF Articles Discussion
Discussion of articles and information posted in the CMS system. Threads no longer current will be moved to the appropriate section
299 342 South Africa's document o...
04-01-2024, 02:38 AM
by Lauren Johnson
Players, organisations, and events of deep politics
Biographical details of the cast of players in Deep Political events. Center stage actors, bit players, character roles, ad libbers and audience participation. Directors, producers, financiers, promoters. Theatres of operations.
892 5,638 The Changing of the Guard
11-06-2024, 01:15 PM
by Fred Steeves
Historical Events
Watergate, Hot and Cold Wars, Other. Down the Memory Hole. Remembering and Forgetting.
11-06-2024, 12:14 PM
by Fred Steeves
Panopticon of Global Surveillance
The Eye in the Sky, Watching You Watching Me, Occupy the Net, Operation Keep the Commons Free, Opening Governments, Connecting and Controlling, Pirates Anonymous, Clapper and Other STDs, Prism Powered Nyan Cats.
123 191 US/UK state brainwashing/...
12-04-2023, 12:46 AM
by Michael Barwell
JFK Assassination
Discuss all aspects of the plot.
3,252 12,589 Why Mark Knight Should Ne...
14-06-2024, 05:15 PM
by Brian Doyle
Political Assassinations
RFK, MLK, Malcolm X, Allende, Other.
323 1,019 John Lennon would be 70 t...
27-04-2023, 08:50 PM
by Brian Doyle
Geopolitical Hotspots
The Grand Chess Board, Israel, Iraq, Congo, Kosovo, Iran, Cuba, Venezuela, Bolivia other places where the action is happening.
24-08-2023, 03:51 AM
by Lauren Johnson
Institute for the Study of Globalization and Covert Politics (ISGP)
Formerly Project for the Exposure of Hidden Institutions (PEHI) A Netherlands website established by Joël van der Reijden.
19 65 The Dutroux & Nebula file...
08-12-2023, 07:56 PM
by Lauren Johnson
War is a Racket
War and war profiteering, military keynesianism, militarisation of society, creeping fascism, Doctor Strangelove and General Batguano in policy and action or how we're taught to love the bomb.
813 1,802 Background on the War in ...
21-03-2022, 08:01 AM
by Peter Lemkin
War on Workers and Labor Unions and Students
Union busting, outsourcing, attacks on worker's rights, protests, dissent, repression, resistance, surveillance.
277 1,614 How to get rid of Medical...
05-01-2019, 09:35 PM
by Peter Lemkin
Money, Banking, Finance, and Insurance
Global Economic Meltdown, Systemic Lootings, Launderings, Private Central Banks, Federal Reserve, World Bank, IMF, Insurance Company MegaProfits, Other.
804 2,556 Florida banking agency he...
21-03-2019, 08:47 AM
by Marius Titulescu
Profits before People
Toxic Sludge is Good for You. Consume - Be Silent - Die, Consumer protection and rights versus business protection and rights. Business behaving badly. Corporate person hood. Outrageous scams. Prison Industrial Complex.
11-05-2020, 01:24 PM
by David Guyatt
Political, Governmental, and Economic Systems and Strategies
Libertarianism, Corporatism, Kleptocracy, Fascism, Monarchy, Plutocracy, Capitalism, Dictatorship, Democracy, Socialism, Communism, Puppetocracy, Free Market, Fixed Market, Economic Warfare, Privatization--and everything in between.
531 1,621 Jews and Nazis
25-03-2022, 09:35 PM
by Lauren Johnson
Science and Technology
Mind Control, Biological Control, Technology, Eugenics, UFOs, How Big Brother Is Watching Us, Data Bases, Other.
631 1,643 U.S. Psychological Tortur...
03-01-2021, 12:18 PM
by Peter Lemkin
Black Operations
False Flag Operations, Paramilitary Behaving Badly, Covert Actions, Agent Provocateur, Infiltration and Manipulation, Other.
703 3,010 Britain's new Jihadi Oper...
29-04-2022, 03:08 AM
by Michael Barwell
Human Trafficking
Organised pedophilia, trafficking of women and children for sexual slavery, human organ harvesting.
171 1,203 Interview with Author Cas...
02-09-2023, 08:54 PM
by George Williams
Science, Similarities to Assassination MO, Precedents: Operation Northwoods, Pearl Harbour, Reichstag Fire, 7/7, Other.
13-06-2024, 11:07 AM
by Richard Gilbride
Energy Resources, Free Energy and Renewable Energy
Corporate and military controlled scarce, dangerous, polluting, nuclear energy or free, clean and abundant energy for all?
125 516 Bulgaria vs Ukraine
06-12-2014, 09:41 AM
by Magda Hassan
Mainstream Media, Spin, PR, Framing, Operation Mockingbird, Censorship, Before and after shots, Other.
686 1,760 The BASTARD Father of Mod...
11-12-2021, 10:45 AM
by Peter Lemkin
Applied Linguistics, Cognitive Science, and Framing the Discourse
The Antidote to Propaganda: George Lakoff preaches it, Michael Moore practices it, and Sibel Edmonds podcasts it.
152 285 Weaponizing Transsexualit...
14-02-2023, 06:52 AM
by David Guinn
Seminal Moments of Justice
The law is an ass, All are equal before the law, Cesar's wife, Crime and Punishment, Star Chambers and Kangaroo Courts, White Washes and Mandarins.
446 839 Trump-Sessions-DOJ seek t...
27-02-2021, 05:08 PM
by Peter Lemkin
Environmental vandals, who owns the commons, natural resources, gaia's revenge.
224 374 On Human-Induced Climate ...
01-09-2017, 12:55 PM
by Peter Lemkin
Drug Wars and their War Lords, Drugs as an Alternative Currency, Drugs as a Tool of Social Control, Big Pharma.
227 842 Colonel Al Carone
11-02-2023, 05:09 AM
by David Guinn
Organizations and Cults
Foundations & Institutions, Esoteric, Occult, Religious, Politics and the Pulpit, Creationism, Fascist/Nazi, Front Organizations & Businesses, Other.
231 667 Discussing **Possible** R...
06-12-2020, 12:41 AM
by George Williams
Alchemy and Borderlands
Magic to Majic via Magick; Astrology from Hitler to Reagan; Politcs and the economy, from Seers to Sears; Bishops: wandering, Maurice, and otherwise; the Philosophers Stoned; Sirius matters.
132 451 Freemasonry Watch (Great ...
14-02-2023, 06:45 AM
by David Guinn
Reviews, Recommendations, Lists and More.
340 885 Was Jonestown a CIA medic...
07-08-2023, 06:45 AM
by Lauren Johnson
Videos and Photographs
This is our video and photo library. Also see our You Tube channel here: lots of interesting videos here. Please check the extensive play lists.
430 628 The Man Who Knew Too Much
02-10-2021, 11:44 PM
by Lauren Johnson
Fine and Performing: Broader Cultural Contexts.
214 565 Two Greenday Songs Showin...
14-02-2023, 07:00 AM
by David Guinn
Place your bets here. Winners and losers. Who's on first. Queensberry Rules.
85 103 Football IS Fixed
07-01-2017, 10:51 AM
by David Guyatt
Research Tools
Useful Links, How To Do Research, Other.
155 253 Namebase
10-07-2018, 06:53 PM
by Peter Lemkin
Wanted Research Materials, Leads, Documents, Books, Films etc.
In search of the holy grail, the missing piece of the jigsaw, the missing 18 minutes on the tape, the missing brain. If you're looking for it post it here. If you've got it let us know.
89 107 Need Evidence of Shortwav...
17-07-2017, 04:42 AM
by Tom Scully
Activities and Strategies
Actions and strategies to move us towards our goals can be discussed & tracked here.
106 384 How can the Product Link ...
04-07-2014, 05:02 PM
by Albert Doyle
If it doesn't belong in another forum, it goes here. If a relevant forum is added an existing thread may be moved to it.
561 1,283 Daniel Ellsberg Dead
17-06-2023, 02:48 AM
by Brian Doyle
Humour, Off Topic, Other.
740 1,368 Barry Seal was an FBI G-M...
18-01-2023, 10:18 PM
by David Guinn
Forum Decorum & Rules of Engagement
Please and thank you. New member introductions here.
26 38 Something resembling an i...
24-11-2021, 05:39 AM
by Charles Keeble
Forum Technical Issues
If you have an issue with the function of the forum, and already searched the FAQ, please report it in this area. Admins will also provide status here.
65 200 Testing
12-09-2021, 10:33 AM
by Peter Lemkin
Site Credits
Lists of people and organisations who have provided the advice, assistance, software copyright material etc that make this site possible
2 14 Thanks to all involved fo...
13-09-2011, 05:52 PM
by Peter Lemkin