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  Use of the Espionage Act from 120 years ago
Posted by: Peter Lemkin - 18-08-2022, 12:36 PM - Forum: Historical Events - No Replies

CovertAction Bulletin: Everything you need to know about the Espionage Act & Trump – with John Kiriakou


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  The agents in the limo
Posted by: Gil Jesus - 06-08-2022, 01:45 PM - Forum: JFK Assassination - No Replies

I don't know if this forum embeds links to photos and videos, so I'll just post the link to my website. Thank You.


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  Spooks Among Us - A very interesting website, especially for those in UK
Posted by: Peter Lemkin - 20-07-2022, 01:58 PM - Forum: Players, organisations, and events of deep politics - No Replies


Someone has done their homework! Something similar for the USA and all other countries would be welcome.

Here is a small part... [the missing photos ARE ON the website, but it is constructed so they can not be cut and pasted].

[font=Assistant, Calibri, "Arial Narrow", "Arial Condensed", serif]"Secret Base" locations revealed – Part 1 of 5[/font]
[font=Assistant, Calibri, "Arial Narrow", "Arial Condensed", serif]Thank you for visiting Part 1 of www.secret-bases.co.uk. Once you've finished browsing this first part, all you need to do is click on buttons at the bottom of this page to move on to the other parts. Please note that this website requires a modern JavaScript enabled browser in order to work properly.[/font]

[font=Assistant, Calibri, "Arial Narrow", "Arial Condensed", serif]Introduction[/font]
[font=Assistant, Calibri, "Arial Narrow", "Arial Condensed", serif]What makes a "Secret Base" [/font][font=Assistant, Calibri, "Arial Narrow", "Arial Condensed", serif]secret[/font][font=Assistant, Calibri, "Arial Narrow", "Arial Condensed", serif]? By "base", I mean those British Government installations or military sites you've seen surrounded by razor wire fences and guarded by [/font][font=Assistant, Calibri, "Arial Narrow", "Arial Condensed", serif]Ministry of Defence (MoD) police[/font][font=Assistant, Calibri, "Arial Narrow", "Arial Condensed", serif]. How on earth can these sites be secret? The UK Government hasn't (yet) developed stealth technology in the visible range of the electromagnetic spectrum. So they can't very well make, say, Faslane nuclear submarine base (pictured below) suddenly disappear as you come around the corner.[/font]

[font=Assistant, Calibri, "Arial Narrow", "Arial Condensed", serif]Having said that, in October 2007, the Sun newspaper revealed in an [/font][font=Assistant, Calibri, "Arial Narrow", "Arial Condensed", serif]exclusive story[/font][font=Assistant, Calibri, "Arial Narrow", "Arial Condensed", serif] that boffins at the Government's research wing QinetiQ had got together with Professor John Pendry's theoretical physics team at Imperial College, London to develop Harry Potter style "invisibility cloaks" for military equipment such as tanks.[/font]

[font=Assistant, Calibri, "Arial Narrow", "Arial Condensed", serif]As revealed back in May 2006, in scientific journals [/font][font=Assistant, Calibri, "Arial Narrow", "Arial Condensed", serif]New Scientist[/font][font=Assistant, Calibri, "Arial Narrow", "Arial Condensed", serif] and [/font][font=Assistant, Calibri, "Arial Narrow", "Arial Condensed", serif]Physics World[/font][font=Assistant, Calibri, "Arial Narrow", "Arial Condensed", serif], the technology involves the development of special composite "metamaterials". They have very unusual refractive properties that alter the propagation of light beams. It is thought that the latest top secret research is being carried out on behalf of the MoD at QinetiQ's Nanomaterials Division at Farnborough, Hampshire.[/font]

[font=Assistant, Calibri, "Arial Narrow", "Arial Condensed", serif][Image: martin-furnival-jones.jpg][/font]
[font=Assistant, Calibri, "Arial Narrow", "Arial Condensed", serif]Sir Martin Furnival Jones
MI5 DG 1965 – 1972
[font=Assistant, Calibri, "Arial Narrow", "Arial Condensed", serif]No, it's actually much simpler than all that. A Government laboratory or military base can be made to "disappear" by just deleting it from Ordnance Survey (OS) maps. But how? Well, you need to appreciate that OS is essentially a Government agency within the MoD. Just look-up the derivation of the word "ordnance" and all will become clear. It means "military equipment, artillery and provisions".

Apart from straightforward deletion, another classic sign of "tampering" to look for on OS maps is the use of the rather uninformative labels "Works" or "Depot". This is sometimes an indication that a site has important Government and/or military activities. But why? Throughout the late 1960s, Sir Martin Furnival Jones, Director General of MI5 (the Security Service) during the Cold War, insisted that all sensitive sites be labelled on maps in this way, so their true strategic role would be concealed from potential enemy agents.

All inclusions on OS maps were once vetted by the UK Government's D-Notice Committee. You may have heard of this before. When the Government wanted to "gag" newspaper editors to stop them revealing embarrassing details about MoD-related stories, it was called "slapping a D-Notice" on them. Any locations on the "Sensitive Sites Register" were mysteriously removed from public maps by men in cigar smoke filled rooms in Whitehall and just ended up appearing as farmers' fields.
[font=Assistant, Calibri, "Arial Narrow", "Arial Condensed", serif]Sometimes misleading labels on Ordnance Survey maps are good old fashioned foul-ups. Like the map of Stockport Grammar School in my home town. It was corrected in 2018.[/font]

[font=Assistant, Calibri, "Arial Narrow", "Arial Condensed", serif]Other times, you wonder whether OS map compilers are just mischieviously messing about when you see road names [/font][font=Assistant, Calibri, "Arial Narrow", "Arial Condensed", serif]Bell End[/font][font=Assistant, Calibri, "Arial Narrow", "Arial Condensed", serif] and [/font][font=Assistant, Calibri, "Arial Narrow", "Arial Condensed", serif]Mincing Lane[/font][font=Assistant, Calibri, "Arial Narrow", "Arial Condensed", serif] – right next to each other in the same town. A further inspection at Google Street View level reveals all. The OS maps are accurate and both street names are very old. There's always a warm welcome at the Christian Heritage Centre in the Bell End Providence Chapel – erected 1875.[/font]

[font=Assistant, Calibri, "Arial Narrow", "Arial Condensed", serif][Image: stockport-grammar.jpg]Ordnance Survey's map makers up to their old tricks? The grammar school in my home town of Stockport, Cheshire got an unwelcome makeover, but this time it was nothing to do with MI5. It was eventually corrected in 2018.[/font]
[font=Assistant, Calibri, "Arial Narrow", "Arial Condensed", serif][Image: bell-end.jpg]Bell End and Mincing Lane? Next to each other? Really?
OS map turns out to be accurate at Rowley Regis in the West Midlands

Google Street View of Bell End and Google Street View of Mincing Lane
[font=Assistant, Calibri, "Arial Narrow", "Arial Condensed", serif]In February 2004, the Secretary of the D-Notice Committee, Rear Admiral Nick Wilkinson, contacted me to assure me that things have changed for the better and that the system has been overhauled in recent years. With the introduction of Internet-based mapping and aerial photography data, he insisted that the Committee is now an independent and purely advisory body. It was to be known as the Defence, Press and Broadcasting Advisory Committee (DPBAC) and the D-Notices more correctly referred to as Defence Advisory (DA-Notices), as described in Nick Wilkinson's history book Secrecy and the Media published in 2009. It was renamed again in 2015, to the Defence and Security Media Advisory (DSMA) Committee, with the DA Notices renamed accordingly DSMA Notices.[/font]

[font=Assistant, Calibri, "Arial Narrow", "Arial Condensed", serif][Image: kgb-maps.png][/font]
[font=Assistant, Calibri, "Arial Narrow", "Arial Condensed", serif][Image: web-page13.png][/font]
[font=Assistant, Calibri, "Arial Narrow", "Arial Condensed", serif]Alerted to the issues highlighted on this website, Mr. Wilkinson told me that Ordnance Survey's removal of MoD-related sites from their maps is no longer appropriate in today's Internet climate. He assured me that the fact that they still show sensitive sites as empty fields is because of the time lag between Ordnance Survey becoming aware of the new policy and their publication of new editions of the maps, rather than any sinister Government involvement.

Indeed, the high resolution aerial photography of Britain's "Secret Bases", offered for sale on the Internet by Getmapping plc, was cleared by Mr. Wilkinson. Even so, various defence analysts raised concerns, as detailed in a BBC News article. Getmapping's co-founder and MD, Tristram Cary, is a former Royal Navy officer and software project director in the defence industry.

In February 2007, the Landmark Group mapping company revealed that it had acquired top secret Russian military maps of UK Secret Bases. They had been compiled by the KGB throughout the Cold War years, from 1950 right up to 1997, using their own satellite imagery, making all the fuss somewhat pointless after all.

In June 2007, in a major update to Google Earth's UK imagery, most of the locations featured on this website became available at high resolution. In December 2007, new hi-res aerial imagery was provided by Getmapping which covers the area around Faslane. Check out my special implementation of Microsoft Virtual Earth, which allows you to zoom in close-up to the Trident Missile Storage Bunkers, warhead handling facilities and much more.
[font=Assistant, Calibri, "Arial Narrow", "Arial Condensed", serif][Image: raf-sinderland.jpg]A Russian KGB map from 1975 showing the old wartime RAF munitions dump at Dairyhouse Farm, Sinderland, Broadheath near Altrincham, Cheshire. The buildings to the lower right are the Atlantic Street Industrial Estate
[font=Assistant, Calibri, "Arial Narrow", "Arial Condensed", serif][Image: HMNB-faslane.jpg]Her Majesty's Naval Base, HMNB Clyde, Faslane nuclear submarine base
Google Street View
[font=Assistant, Calibri, "Arial Narrow", "Arial Condensed", serif][Image: bacton-gas-terminal.jpg]Critical National Infrastructure: a Ministry of Defence Police patrol vehicle monitors traffic outside [b]Bacton Gas Terminal on the Norfolk coast
Google Street View[/b][/font]
[font=Assistant, Calibri, "Arial Narrow", "Arial Condensed", serif][Image: gchq-hair-designers.jpg]Not-So-Critical National Infrastructure: spies need a good haircut for a disguise. GCHQ Hair Designers in Brockholes near Holmfirth, West Yorkshire
Google Street View
[font=Assistant, Calibri, "Arial Narrow", "Arial Condensed", serif][Image: gchq-bury.jpg]Spooks throwing shapes? Former GCHQ Nightclub, Bury, Lancashire in 2014
Google Street View
[font=Assistant, Calibri, "Arial Narrow", "Arial Condensed", serif]In "Secret Bases", [/font][font=Assistant, Calibri, "Arial Narrow", "Arial Condensed", serif]www.secret-bases.co.uk[/font][font=Assistant, Calibri, "Arial Narrow", "Arial Condensed", serif], I make use of these [/font][font=Assistant, Calibri, "Arial Narrow", "Arial Condensed", serif]Internet research tools[/font][font=Assistant, Calibri, "Arial Narrow", "Arial Condensed", serif] to take you on a fascinating tour of Secret Britain:-[/font] [font=Assistant, Calibri, "Arial Narrow", "Arial Condensed", serif]Perhaps you would also like to try my other web pages by visiting my home page at:-[/font]
[font=Assistant, Calibri, "Arial Narrow", "Arial Condensed", serif]Media coverage and contact details[/font]
[font=Assistant, Calibri, "Arial Narrow", "Arial Condensed", serif]I have provided a resumé of my media appearances and press coverage of my "Secret Bases" website in my [/font][font=Assistant, Calibri, "Arial Narrow", "Arial Condensed", serif]Media Centre[/font][font=Assistant, Calibri, "Arial Narrow", "Arial Condensed", serif]. You will also find full details on how to contact me for contributions, research assistance requests and media enquiries.[/font]

[font=Assistant, Calibri, "Arial Narrow", "Arial Condensed", serif] 
Media Centre
[font=Assistant, Calibri, "Arial Narrow", "Arial Condensed", serif]Map link options
Upon hitting the "GO" button below, this page will be refreshed with the new map link options you have chosen (or the default ones, if you first use the RESET button). PRIVACY: If you have enabled "cookies" on your browser, the new settings will also be saved on your computer and will be retrieved when you access this page again. Furthermore, as you navigate between the five parts of the "Secret Bases" website, your map link option settings will be preserved. The "cookie" only contains your map preferences – nothing else. It is just a temporary "current session" cookie and is deleted automatically when you close your browser. For full documentation on the map link options available just click on my Research Tools Page button also below.


[font=Assistant, Calibri, "Arial Narrow", "Arial Condensed", serif]Map link source:

Bing Maps (OS 1:50K)Bing Maps (OS 1:25K)Streetmap (OS 1:50K)Streetmap (OS 1:25K)Streetmap (OS 1:2500)Getmapping aerial photo (close-up)Getmapping aerial photo (wide)Google Maps aerial photoBing Maps aerial photo

[font=Assistant, Calibri, "Arial Narrow", "Arial Condensed", serif][/url][/font]
[font=Assistant, Calibri, "Arial Narrow", "Arial Condensed", serif]There are some classic signs to look for on OS maps, when trying to find MoD related sites. You might see buildings which are geometrically shaped, like the Defence Procurement Agency (DPA) and Warship Support Agency (WSA) at [/font][font=Assistant, Calibri, "Arial Narrow", "Arial Condensed", serif]Abbey Wood in Bristol.[/font]

[font=Assistant, Calibri, "Arial Narrow", "Arial Condensed", serif]Some are made easy by actually labelling them "Government Offices" like the Defence Logistics Organisation (DLO) near Bath, on the site of an old country estate at [/font][font=Assistant, Calibri, "Arial Narrow", "Arial Condensed", serif]Ensleigh and also at [/font][font=Assistant, Calibri, "Arial Narrow", "Arial Condensed", serif]Fox Hill. Of course, not all "Government Buildings" are "Secret Bases". Many buildings labelled in this way are merely administration offices. Since a major restructuring in April 2007, DPA, WSA and DLO have been known as Defence Equipment and Support (DE&S).[/font]

[font=Assistant, Calibri, "Arial Narrow", "Arial Condensed", serif]The two [/font][font=Assistant, Calibri, "Arial Narrow", "Arial Condensed", serif]Government Communications Headquarters (GCHQ)[/font][font=Assistant, Calibri, "Arial Narrow", "Arial Condensed", serif] spy centre sites in Cheltenham at [/font][font=Assistant, Calibri, "Arial Narrow", "Arial Condensed", serif]Benhall and [/font][font=Assistant, Calibri, "Arial Narrow", "Arial Condensed", serif]Oakley don't at first stick out when viewed at 1:50000 scale. View Multimap's aerial photograph of GCHQ Benhall and notice the field just to the west of the main buildings. This is where the brand new GCHQ Doughnut complex has been built.[/font]

[font=Assistant, Calibri, "Arial Narrow", "Arial Condensed", serif]Following the Doughnut construction at the Benhall site, most of the Oakley site has been demolished and the land has been handed over to a supermarket chain and housing development company. The old parts of the Benhall location have also been cleared and given over to the provision of additional car parking for the Doughnut and for housing development. The remaining GCHQ buildings at Oakley have since been officially known as the GCHQ Harp Hill site, after a nearby road.[/font]

[font=Assistant, Calibri, "Arial Narrow", "Arial Condensed", serif]Until Summer 2006, if you viewed [/font][font=Assistant, Calibri, "Arial Narrow", "Arial Condensed", serif]GCHQ Benhall and [/font][font=Assistant, Calibri, "Arial Narrow", "Arial Condensed", serif]GCHQ Oakley at 1:25000, the old facilities suddenly emerged as geometrically shaped buildings and were labelled "Government Offices". These more detailed 1:25000 OS maps have now finally been updated to reflect all of the demolition work and the new GCHQ Doughnut now makes an appearance. In March 2007, the GCHQ Doughnut finally made it to hi-res on Google Earth too. A comparison of aerial photography from different years also reveals that DE&S Fox Hill has now been fully demolished. A similar comparison at DE&S Ensleigh shows that around half of that site has gone.[/font]

[font=Assistant, Calibri, "Arial Narrow", "Arial Condensed", serif]GCHQ's new research facility hidden in a forest[/font]
[font=Assistant, Calibri, "Arial Narrow", "Arial Condensed", serif][Image: birdlip-dogging.jpg][/font]
[font=Assistant, Calibri, "Arial Narrow", "Arial Condensed", serif]Another Birdlip Secret Base
BBC News
[font=Assistant, Calibri, "Arial Narrow", "Arial Condensed", serif]In January 2007, a proposal for a brand new GCHQ "research and development" installation at the existing Birdlip Radio Station on top of Shab Hill, Gloucestershire, was finally thrown out by Cotswold District Council's planning department after an appeal by GCHQ to the Planning Inspectorate was dismissed. The council wanted to protect the nature of the Cotswolds Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty (AONB), of which the residents around Barrow Wake Viewpoint are so doggedly proud.

The planning application had originally been lodged precisely one year earlier in January 2006 and the project involved the erection of additional tall lattice communications towers, including one with a huge "golf ball" radome on top. It would have been identical to the one already installed in a special enclosure on the west side of Birmingham International Airport, but which is merely used for ground radar (seen in a Bird's Eye aerial photo).

Likewise, a quite innocent explanation can be found for an identical tower and radome found hidden in Civiley Wood at Friningham near Detling and Thurnham, close to Maidstone in Kent. Rather than another GCHQ test facility, it is the Met Office's latest doppler effect weather radar officially opened in October 2005.

Admittedly, adding to the intrigue is the curious location just a few hundred yards away from the legendary Cold Blow Lane NATO and WWII ACE High communications facility near Coldblow Farm.
[font=Assistant, Calibri, "Arial Narrow", "Arial Condensed", serif]The Birdlip signals station is in a perfect strategic position, in a direct line of sight with the GCHQ Doughnut at Benhall, a few miles away. It has actually been used for various communications purposes since WWII, but the original wartime masts in the surrounding fields have long since gone, leaving only their rusted anchoring points in the ground. Significantly, it is also very close to another relic from World War Two (and indeed the Cold War) – the famous hardened bunker at [/font][font=Assistant, Calibri, "Arial Narrow", "Arial Condensed", serif]Ullenwood, a former Anti Aircraft Operations Room (AAOR), Civil Defence Training Centre and Regional Government Headquarters (RGHQ). The planning application had been made on behalf of GCHQ by Cheltenham-based global communications infrastructure consultants Alan Dick and Company Limited.[/font]

[font=Assistant, Calibri, "Arial Narrow", "Arial Condensed", serif]More recent users of the Shab Hill facility have included the Civil Aviation Authority (Air Traffic Control), National Grid Wireless (mobile network infrastructure providers – now part of Arqiva) and OFCOM (the Government's monitoring watchdog for general communications).[/font]

[font=Assistant, Calibri, "Arial Narrow", "Arial Condensed", serif]How intriguing it is to discover that one of the mobile network operators already using the Birdlip facility – O2 – has been awarded the Government contract to provide a Ground Based Network Resilience (GBNR) enhancement known as the National Fallback Service (NFS) to [/font][font=Assistant, Calibri, "Arial Narrow", "Arial Condensed", serif]Airwave[/font][font=Assistant, Calibri, "Arial Narrow", "Arial Condensed", serif]. Airwave is the new encrypted secure digital radio system for all emergency services, which uses Motorola's Terrestrial Trunked Radio ([/font][font=Assistant, Calibri, "Arial Narrow", "Arial Condensed", serif]TETRA[/font][font=Assistant, Calibri, "Arial Narrow", "Arial Condensed", serif] [PDF, 3MB]) technology. It is part of the Government's [/font][font=Assistant, Calibri, "Arial Narrow", "Arial Condensed", serif]Critical National Infrastructure (CNI)[/font][font=Assistant, Calibri, "Arial Narrow", "Arial Condensed", serif].[/font]

[font=Assistant, Calibri, "Arial Narrow", "Arial Condensed", serif]The GBNR / NFS enhancement – due for delivery in Autumn 2007 – was requested after recommendations arising from the various communications failures at the time of the July 2005 London bus and underground tube train bombings. The original Airwave project was commissioned through the Police Information Technology Organisation (PITO), which became part of the National Policing Improvement Agency (NPIA) in April 2007.[/font]

[font=Assistant, Calibri, "Arial Narrow", "Arial Condensed", serif]O2 Airwave Limited applied to Cotswold Council in June 2006 for the addition of two extra communications dishes and associated control equipment on one of the lattice towers already on site at Birdlip. The initial request was for one 0.3m diameter dish and one 0.6m dish. Curiously, the request was later amended to two dishes both 0.3m in diameter. The O2 Airwave application was successful.[/font]

[font=Assistant, Calibri, "Arial Narrow", "Arial Condensed", serif][Image: birdlip-plans.jpg][/font]
[font=Assistant, Calibri, "Arial Narrow", "Arial Condensed", serif]New GCHQ Facility Revealed
Edgehills Radio Station,
Mitcheldean, Forest of Dean
[font=Assistant, Calibri, "Arial Narrow", "Arial Condensed", serif]It would seem that GCHQ would legitimately require a connection into Airwave at Birdlip in order to provide the emergency "MACA" role – Military Aid to Civilian Authorities. But was GCHQ's so-called "experimental, testing, research and development" facility at Birdlip going to be wired into the O2 Airwave system for further purposes too?

Do you remember another "experimental" communications site for "research" in the 1990s? It was known as the Capenhurst Tower and the story surrounding that sent political shock waves around the world.

Was their cunning plan at Birdlip scuppered by a brave decision by Cotswold Council? Would GCHQ go to the High Court for a further appeal and risk even more details getting out into the public domain? Would they perhaps consider the famous sites of microwave towers and communications masts at Cleeve Hill and Churchdown Hill both near Cheltenham and at Bredon Hill near Evesham, Worcestershire?

Instead, they found another location – and a different more compliant council. In Summer 2008, GCHQ finally got permission for a pair of towers to be hidden in the Forest of Dean close to the various existing microwave, radio and TV communication towers at Little Dean Walk within Edgehills Plantation, Plump Hill near Mitcheldean.
[font=Assistant, Calibri, "Arial Narrow", "Arial Condensed", serif]The [/font][font=Assistant, Calibri, "Arial Narrow", "Arial Condensed", serif]GCHQ Edgehills facility comprises a long narrow forest clearing with a northern tower and southern tower, only one of which will have a radome fixed to the top. In April 2010, [/font][font=Assistant, Calibri, "Arial Narrow", "Arial Condensed", serif]new aerial photography[/font][font=Assistant, Calibri, "Arial Narrow", "Arial Condensed", serif] became available which reveals the GCHQ towers at Edgehills.[/font]

[font=Assistant, Calibri, "Arial Narrow", "Arial Condensed", serif]In June 2007, Airwave applied to Dartmoor National Park Authority to establish a mast on farmland near [/font][font=Assistant, Calibri, "Arial Narrow", "Arial Condensed", serif]Widecombe-in-the-Moor but the Authority resisted until October 2008 when they suddenly pulled out of the appeal process after Airwave presented hundreds of extra pages of evidence just days before the deadline. The planning consultant representing Airwave in their appeal at Widecombe – Ian Waterson of Town Planning Solutions Ltd, Telford – also worked on getting the GCHQ Edgehills project accepted by Forest of Dean Council.[/font]

[font=Assistant, Calibri, "Arial Narrow", "Arial Condensed", serif]Read the amazingly detailed documents forming all the separate GCHQ and O2 Airwave planning applications at Birdlip, Edgehills and Dartmoor – including correspondence, technical drawings, photos and diagrams – gathered all together here in a new special Secret Bases page (above right).[/font]

[font=Assistant, Calibri, "Arial Narrow", "Arial Condensed", serif]In Summer 2008, the Gloucestershire Echo newspaper carried a story developed from a letter sent in from an elderly former Forest of Dean District Councillor – also at one time a member of the Royal Signals. He was convinced of a top secret CIA base within the forest and even a sinister underground facility in the area. The news headline screamed, "Has the Pentagon built a secret spy bunker in Gloucestershire?"[/font]

[font=Assistant, Calibri, "Arial Narrow", "Arial Condensed", serif]Amazingly, the old chap wasn't that far from the truth, even though he'd got carried away with the fine detail. It is obviously the new GCHQ test station at Edgehills he means. As for the bunker, look no further than a huge ultra-secure and ultra-secretive [/font][font=Assistant, Calibri, "Arial Narrow", "Arial Condensed", serif]underground computer data server centre at Mitcheldean, on the north side of the Vantage Point Business Village – an industrial estate on the old Rank Xerox factory site.[/font]

[font=Assistant, Calibri, "Arial Narrow", "Arial Condensed", serif]Rather than CIA, it is run by the global computer services corporation EDS – who just happen to have some very sensitive and lucrative contracts with the UK Government including the MoD, HMRC (formerly Inland Revenue and Customs) and Department for Work and Pensions (DWP). Transport for London's Oyster Card ticketing system is managed through EDS Mitcheldean's servers too. Since 2008, EDS has been owned by that Government contract stalwart Hewlett Packard (HP).[/font]

[font=Assistant, Calibri, "Arial Narrow", "Arial Condensed", serif]The EDS Data Centre was embroiled in yet another of those now regular data loss scandals in September 2008 when it was finally admitted that a 500GB portable external hard drive was mislaid in July 2007, whilst being sent from there to another key [/font][font=Assistant, Calibri, "Arial Narrow", "Arial Condensed", serif]EDS base within Government Buildings housing DWP at Washington, Tyne and Wear. Unfortunately it contained personal details of over 5000 HMP staff including prison officers. To make matters even worse, the loss was not reported for a full year.[/font]

[font=Assistant, Calibri, "Arial Narrow", "Arial Condensed", serif]The [/font][font=Assistant, Calibri, "Arial Narrow", "Arial Condensed", serif]EDS blunders[/font][font=Assistant, Calibri, "Arial Narrow", "Arial Condensed", serif] continued in October 2008. A routine audit reported another portable hard drive – used for around 100,000 Army, Royal Navy and RAF personnel and up to 600,000 Armed Services recruitment records – was missing from yet another supposedly "secure" EDS location on the [/font][font=Assistant, Calibri, "Arial Narrow", "Arial Condensed", serif]Bartley Wood Business Park alongside the M3 motorway at Hook near Basingstoke, Hampshire. A later [/font][font=Assistant, Calibri, "Arial Narrow", "Arial Condensed", serif]statement made in Parliament[/font][font=Assistant, Calibri, "Arial Narrow", "Arial Condensed", serif] revealed that the actual number of potential recruits' details compromised was nearer 1.7 million.[/font]

[font=Assistant, Calibri, "Arial Narrow", "Arial Condensed", serif]Consider also the [/font][font=Assistant, Calibri, "Arial Narrow", "Arial Condensed", serif]EDS Data Centre at Wynyard, Billingham on Teesside, the location of the former Samsung monitor and microwave factory. This former distribution warehouse has been converted to state of the art low energy data processing server halls. Projects running through the building include highly sensitive contracts for DWP, Centrica and the Ministry of Justice. Next door, Cleveland Police's Roads Policing Unit keeps one eye on the perimeter.[/font]

[font=Assistant, Calibri, "Arial Narrow", "Arial Condensed", serif]While the Hook base is UK HQ of EDS Defence, the Central Stores and Engineering Services Group (ESG) is located at [/font][font=Assistant, Calibri, "Arial Narrow", "Arial Condensed", serif]Ashchurch Business Centre near Tewkesbury back in Gloucestershire, next to the M5. That is where military computer systems are designed, developed, assembled and tested. Meanwhile, EDS have yet more "secure" operations based within the [/font][font=Assistant, Calibri, "Arial Narrow", "Arial Condensed", serif]HMRC Data Centre in Telford, Shropshire and the DWP's [/font][font=Assistant, Calibri, "Arial Narrow", "Arial Condensed", serif]Peel Park Control Centre in Blackpool, Lancashire.[/font]

[font=Assistant, Calibri, "Arial Narrow", "Arial Condensed", serif][Image: gchq-edgehills.jpg][/font]
[font=Assistant, Calibri, "Arial Narrow", "Arial Condensed", serif][Image: edgehills-map.png][/font]
[font=Assistant, Calibri, "Arial Narrow", "Arial Condensed", serif]The location for GCHQ's new test and development facility for trialling new interception and communications equipment. Hidden in a clearing within the Forest of Dean at Little Dean Walk, Edgehills Radio Station, Plump Hill, near Mitcheldean, Gloucestershire
Aerial photography Getmapping / Intermap
Original mapping data www.magic.gov.uk
[font=Assistant, Calibri, "Arial Narrow", "Arial Condensed", serif][Image: gchq-edgehill-tower.jpg]GCHQ Edgehills radome tower in the Forest of Dean near Mitcheldean[/font]
[font=Assistant, Calibri, "Arial Narrow", "Arial Condensed", serif][Image: eds-bunker.jpg]EDS Data Centre bunker at Vantage Point Business Village, Mitcheldean, Forest of Dean, Gloucestershire[/font]
[font=Assistant, Calibri, "Arial Narrow", "Arial Condensed", serif][Image: mitcheldean-comparison.jpg]EDS Data Centre bunker (top in each picture) at Mitcheldean. Spot the difference. OS maps catch up with the aerial photography
Map images generated from the Get-a-map service
with permission of Ordnance Survey
[font=Assistant, Calibri, "Arial Narrow", "Arial Condensed", serif][Image: eds-wynyard.jpg]Looking east across EDS Data Centre (middle) at Wynyard Business Park, Billingham, Teesside with Clipper Logistics distribution warehouse and the A19 in the background and Cleveland Police's Roads Policing Unit in the foreground[/font]
[font=Assistant, Calibri, "Arial Narrow", "Arial Condensed", serif][Image: thurnham.jpg]Bird's Eye view looking west across GCHQ's Maidstone Test Facility in Kent? No. Just Thurnham Doppler Weather Radar Station for the Met Office
Bing Bird's Eye
[font=Assistant, Calibri, "Arial Narrow", "Arial Condensed", serif][Image: thurnham-radar.jpg]Thurnham Doppler Weather Radar Station
Photo: Graham Upton / University of Essex
[font=Assistant, Calibri, "Arial Narrow", "Arial Condensed", serif][Image: birdlip-tower.jpg]An existing tower at Birdlip Radio Station, Shab Hill, Gloucestershire
Photo: "mjt1410" at www.webshots.com
[font=Assistant, Calibri, "Arial Narrow", "Arial Condensed", serif][Image: abbey-wood.jpg]Aerial view of Defence Equipment and Support (DE&S) Abbey Wood, Bristol[/font]
[font=Assistant, Calibri, "Arial Narrow", "Arial Condensed", serif][Image: ensleigh-birdseye.jpg]Bird's Eye view of Defence Equipment and Support (DE&S) Ensleigh near Bath
Bing Bird's Eye
[font=Assistant, Calibri, "Arial Narrow", "Arial Condensed", serif][Image: fox-hill-birdseye.jpg]Bird's Eye view of Defence Equipment and Support (DE&S) Fox Hill near Bath
Bing Bird's Eye
[font=Assistant, Calibri, "Arial Narrow", "Arial Condensed", serif][Image: fox-hill-2013-2014.jpg]Defence Equipment and Support (DE&S) Fox Hill near Bath. Comparing aerial photos from 2013 (left) and 2014 (right) shows demolition of the whole site[/font]
[font=Assistant, Calibri, "Arial Narrow", "Arial Condensed", serif][Image: ensleigh-2009-2014.jpg]Defence Equipment and Support (DE&S) Ensleigh near Bath. Comparing aerial photos from 2009 (left) and 2014 (right) shows demolition of half of the site[/font]
[font=Assistant, Calibri, "Arial Narrow", "Arial Condensed", serif][Image: ensleigh-2019.jpg]By 2019 the old MoD Ensleigh site was a new housing estate
Google Maps 3D
[font=Assistant, Calibri, "Arial Narrow", "Arial Condensed", serif]Getmapping, the company providing the aerial photography for many Internet mapping web sites, has repeatedly announced improved resolution data – the flights for which were performed in 2002 and 2006. This new data is currently only available for a few selected towns and cities. As luck would have it, Cheltenham is one of those places.[/font]

[font=Assistant, Calibri, "Arial Narrow", "Arial Condensed", serif]Compare the images (further below left to right, taken in 2006, 2002 and 1999). Note how a few of the old GCHQ Benhall buildings were demolished to make way for the Doughnut. Since that original 1999 photo was taken, the old buildings at Benhall have now gone completely, as revealed on the Bird's Eye view from Windows Live Local. At GCHQ Oakley, a similar Bird's Eye view now reveals that only the eastern end of the Priors Road site remains (for now). The western end nearest the main road has been totally cleared and the new Sainsbury's store is in its place.[/font]

[font=Assistant, Calibri, "Arial Narrow", "Arial Condensed", serif][Image: cotswold-cover.jpg][/font]
[font=Assistant, Calibri, "Arial Narrow", "Arial Condensed", serif]© Archant[/font]
[font=Assistant, Calibri, "Arial Narrow", "Arial Condensed", serif]In its June 2006 edition, Gloucestershire's glossy lifestyle magazine Cotswold Life even featured a large high quality aerial photo of the GCHQ Doughnut on its front cover with the banner headline, "Secret Sights – our 10 best buildings viewed from the air".

After WWII, GCHQ set up an "experimental radio station", a top secret research facility, on the site of the RAF's wartime airfield at Blakehill Farm, Cricklade near Swindon, Wiltshire (pictured further below in a Pilot's Eye View, from my regular expert contributor). It was not too far away from GCHQ's new post-war HQ in Cheltenham. It consisted of huge communications masts arranged in mysterious strategic patterns in the middle of the old airfield and the site was still active in some capacity until the mid 1990s.
[font=Assistant, Calibri, "Arial Narrow", "Arial Condensed", serif]Excited conspiracy theorists have got in touch urging me to consider the possibility of another GCHQ Doughnut under construction just north of Biggin Hill airfield in Kent, in the middle of [/font][url=https://www.bing.com/maps?sty=s&cp=51.35258~0.03743&eo=1&where1=51.35258,0.03743&lvl=14][font=Assistant, Calibri, "Arial Narrow", "Arial Condensed", serif]Keston Common. However, a simple investigation and a look at the corresponding [/font][font=Assistant, Calibri, "Arial Narrow", "Arial Condensed", serif]Bird's Eye view[/font][font=Assistant, Calibri, "Arial Narrow", "Arial Condensed", serif] reveals it to be a Bryant Homes / Taylor-Wimpey development of posh apartments originally known as The Crescent and now Wilberforce Court. A nearby road is called Jackass Lane which sums things up nicely, don't you agree?[/font]

[font=Assistant, Calibri, "Arial Narrow", "Arial Condensed", serif][Image: keston-google.jpg]

[Image: keston-birds.jpg]
Another GCHQ Doughnut (top) hidden in Keston Common, Holwood Park, Kent? No. Just a development of posh apartments (bottom) called The Crescent
Bing Bird's Eye
[font=Assistant, Calibri, "Arial Narrow", "Arial Condensed", serif][Image: GCHQ-1952.jpg]

[Image: GCHQ-1990.jpg]

[Image: GCHQ-2010.jpg]

[Image: GCHQ-2001.jpg]
GCHQ Benhall through the ages. Top to bottom: 1952, 1990, 2001, 2010
© Integrated Accommodation Services / GCHQ
[font=Assistant, Calibri, "Arial Narrow", "Arial Condensed", serif][Image: benhall-2006.jpg]

[Image: benhall-2002.jpg]

[Image: benhall-1999.jpg]

[Image: oakley-2006.jpg]

[Image: oakley-2002.jpg]
The 2006, 2002 and 1999 versions (first three top to bottom) of Getmapping's image of GCHQ Benhall; 2006 and 2002 versions of GCHQ Oakley (next two)
[font=Assistant, Calibri, "Arial Narrow", "Arial Condensed", serif][Image: GCHQ-benhall-2006.jpg]Bird's Eye view of GCHQ Benhall in 2006. GCHQ Doughnut (left) and new housing being built on original site (right)
Bing Bird's Eye
[font=Assistant, Calibri, "Arial Narrow", "Arial Condensed", serif][Image: GCHQ-benhall-2008.jpg]Official press office aerial photo of GCHQ Benhall in 2008
[font=Assistant, Calibri, "Arial Narrow", "Arial Condensed", serif][Image: gchq-benhall-2019.jpg]GCHQ Doughnut at Benhall was further expanded with an additional office block (top right)
Google Maps 3D
[font=Assistant, Calibri, "Arial Narrow", "Arial Condensed", serif][Image: gchq-minkels.jpg][/font]

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  JFK Assassination: Sequence of Events
Posted by: ThomasPickering - 18-04-2022, 09:53 PM - Forum: JFK Assassination - Replies (5)

I am a long time JFK Assassination researcher who has spent a great deal of time and effort examining the Zapruder film to understand what is shown on it.  The following link is my own observations about the assassination. If you have comments or questions regarding this, please make them on that Blog post, not in this thread. Thank you.

JFK Assassination:  Sequence of Events

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  Witnesses who were never called before the Warren Commission
Posted by: Gil Jesus - 28-03-2022, 09:11 PM - Forum: JFK Assassination - Replies (2)


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  Jews and Nazis
Posted by: Lauren Johnson - 25-03-2022, 09:35 PM - Forum: Political, Governmental, and Economic Systems and Strategies - No Replies

American Pravda: Jews and Nazis

Around 35 years ago, I was sitting in my college dorm-room closely reading the New
York Times as I did each and every morning when I noticed an astonishing article
about the controversial new Israeli Prime Minister, Yitzhak Shamir.
Back in those long-gone days, the Gray Lady was strictly a black-and-white print publication,
lacking the large color photographs of rap stars and long stories about dieting techniques that
fill so much of today’s news coverage, and it also seemed to have a far harder edge in its Middle
East reporting. A year or so earlier, Shamir’s predecessor Menacham Begin had allowed his
Defense Minister Ariel Sharon to talk him into invading Lebanon and besieging Beirut, and the
subsequent massacre of Palestinian women and children in the Sabra and Shatila refugee
camps had outraged the world and angered America’s government. This eventually led to
Begin’s resignation, with Shamir, his Foreign Minister, taking his place.
Prior to his surprising 1977 election victory, Begin had spent decades in the political wilderness
as an unacceptable right-winger, and Shamir had an even more extreme background, with the
American mainstream media freely reporting his long involvement in all sorts of high-profile
assassinations and terrorist attacks during the 1940s, painting him as a very bad man indeed.
Given Shamir’s notorious activities, few revelations would have shocked me, but this one did.
Apparently, during the late 1930s, Shamir and his small Zionist faction had become great
admirers of the Italian Fascists and German Nazis, and after World War II broke out, they had
made repeated attempts to contact Mussolini and the German leadership in 1940 and 1941,
hoping to enlist in the Axis Powers as their Palestine affiliate, and undertake a campaign of
attacks and espionage against the local British forces, then share in the political booty after
Hitler’s inevitable triumph.
Now the Times clearly viewed Shamir in a very negative light, but it seemed extremely unlikely
to me that they would have published such a remarkable story without being absolutely sure of
their facts. Among other things, there were long excerpts from the official letters sent to
Mussolini ferociously denouncing the “decadent” democratic systems of Britain and France that5/26/2019 American Pravda: Jews and Nazis, by Ron Unz - The Unz Review
www.unz.com/runz/american-pravda-jews-and-nazis/?display=footnoted 2/16
he was opposing, and assuring Il Duce that such ridiculous political notions would have no
future place in the totalitarian Jewish client state they hoped to establish under his auspices in
As it happens, both Germany and Italy were preoccupied with larger geopolitical issues at the
time, and given the small size of Shamir’s Zionist faction, not much seems to have ever come of
those efforts. But the idea of the sitting Prime Minister of the Jewish State having spent his
early wartime years as an unrequited Nazi ally was certainly something that sticks in one’s
mind, not quite conforming to the traditional narrative of that era which I had always accepted.
Most remarkably, the revelation of Shamir’s pro-Axis past seems to have had only a relatively
minor impact upon his political standing within Israeli society. I would think that any
American political figure found to have supported a military alliance with Nazi Germany during
the Second World War would have had a very difficult time surviving the resulting political
scandal, and the same would surely be true for politicians in Britain, France, or most other
western nations. But although there was certainly some embarrassment in the Israeli press,
especially after the shocking story reached the international headlines, apparently most Israelis
took the whole matter in stride, and Shamir stayed in office for another year, then later served
a second, much longer term as Prime Minister during 1986-1992. The Jews of Israel apparently
regarded Nazi Germany quite differently than did most Americans, let alone most American

Around that same time, a second intriguing example of this quite
different Israeli perspective towards the Nazis also came to my
attention. In 1983, Amoz Oz, often described as Israel’s greatest
novelist, had published In the Land of Israel to glowing reviews. This
book was a collection of lengthy interviews with various
representative figures in Israeli society, both moderate and extreme,
as well as some coverage of the Palestinians who also lived among
Of these ideological profiles, one of the shortest but most widely
discussed was that of an especially hard-line political figure,
unnamed but almost universally believed to be Ariel Sharon, a
conclusion certainly supported by the personal details and physical
description provided. Near the very beginning, that figure mentioned that people of his
ideological ilk had recently been denounced as “Judeo-Nazis” by a prominent liberal Israeli
academic, but rather than reject that label, he fully welcomed it. So the subject generally
became known in public discussions as the “Judeo-Nazi.”
That he described himself in such terms was hardly an exaggeration, since he rather gleefully
advocated the slaughter of millions of Israel’s enemies, and the vast expansion of Israeli
territory by conquest of neighboring lands and expulsion of their populations, along with the
free use of nuclear weapons if they or anyone else too strongly resisted such efforts. In his bold
opinion, the Israelis and Jews in general were just too soft and meek, and needed to regain5/26/2019 American Pravda: Jews and Nazis, by Ron Unz - The Unz Review
www.unz.com/runz/american-pravda-jews-and-nazis/?display=footnoted 3/16
their place in the world by once again becoming a conquering people, probably hated but
definitely feared. To him, the large recent massacre of Palestinian women and children at Sabra
and Shatila was of no consequence whatsoever, and the most unfortunate aspect of the incident
was that the killers had been Israel’s Christian Phalangist allies rather than Israeli soldiers
Now rhetorical excess is quite common among politicians and a shroud of pledged anonymity
will obviously loosen many tongues. But can anyone imagine an American or other Western
public figure talking in such terms, let alone someone who moves in higher political circles?
These days, Donald Trump sometimes Tweets out a crude misspelled insult at 2am, and the
American media is aghast in horror. But given that his administration leaks like a sieve, if he
routinely boasted to his confidants about possibly slaughtering millions, we surely would have
heard about it. For that matter, there seems not the slightest evidence that the original German
Nazis ever spoke in such ways privately, let alone while a journalist was carefully taking notes.
But the “Judeo-Nazis” of Israel are another story.
As near as I can recall, the last even slightly prominent figure in American public life who
declared himself a “Nazi” was George Lincoln Rockwell during the 1960s, and he was much
more of a political performance artist than an actual political leader. Even as marginalized a
figure as David Duke has always hotly denied such an accusation. But apparently politics in
Israel is played by different rules.
In any event, Sharon’s purported utterances seem to have had little negative impact upon his
subsequent political career, and after spending some time in the political wilderness after the
Lebanon disaster, he eventually served five years as Prime Minister during 2001-2006,
although by that later date his views were regularly denounced as too soft and compromising
due to the steady rightward drift of the Israeli political spectrum.

Over the years I’ve occasionally made half-hearted attempts to locate
the Times article about Shamir that had long stuck in my memory,
but have had no success, either because it was removed from the
Times archives or more likely because my mediocre search skills
proved inadequate. But I’m almost certain that the piece had been
prompted by the 1983 publication of Zionism in the Age of the
Dictators[1] by Lenni Brenner, an anti-Zionist of the Trotskyite
persuasion and Jewish origins. I only very recently discovered that
book, which really tells an extremely interesting story.
Brenner, born in 1937, has spent his entire life as an unreconstructed
hard-core leftist, with his enthusiasms ranging from Marxist
revolution to the Black Panthers, and he is obviously a captive of his
views and his ideology. At times, this background impairs the flow of his text, and the periodic
allusions to “proletarian,” “bourgeoisie,” and “capitalist classes” sometimes grow a little
wearisome, as does his unthinking acceptance of all the shared beliefs common to his political
circle. But surely only someone with that sort of fervent ideological commitment would have5/26/2019 American Pravda: Jews and Nazis, by Ron Unz - The Unz Review
www.unz.com/runz/american-pravda-jews-and-nazis/?display=footnoted 4/16
been willing to devote so much time and effort to investigating that controversial subject and
ignoring the endless denunciations that resulted, which even included physical assaults by
Zionist partisans.
In any event, his documentation seems completely airtight, and some
years after the original appearance of his book, he published a
companion volume entitled 51 Documents: Zionist Collaboration
with the Nazis, which simply provides English translations of all the
raw evidence behind his analytical framework, allowing interested
parties to read the material and draw their own conclusions.
Among other things, Brenner provides considerable evidence that the
larger and somewhat more mainstream right-wing Zionist faction
later led by Israeli Prime Minister Menachem Begin was almost
invariably regarded as a Fascist movement during the 1930s, even
apart from its warm admiration for Mussolini’s Italian regime. This
was hardly such a dark secret in that period given that its main
Palestine newspaper carried a regular column by a top ideological leader entitled “Diary of a
Fascist.” During one of the major international Zionist conferences, factional leader Vladimir
Zabotinsky entered the hall with his brown-shirted followers in full military formation, leading
the chair to ban the wearing of uniforms in order to avoid a riot, and his faction was soon
defeated politically and eventually expelled from the Zionist umbrella organization. This major
setback was largely due to the widespread hostility the group had aroused after two of its
members were arrested by British police for the recent assassination of Chaim Arlosoroff, one
of the highest-ranking Zionist officials based in Palestine.
Indeed, the inclination of the more right-wing Zionist factions toward assassination, terrorism,
and other forms of essentially criminal behavior was really quite remarkable. For example, in
1943 Shamir had arranged the assassination of his factional rival[2], a year after the two men
had escaped together from imprisonment for a bank robbery in which bystanders had been
killed, and he claimed he had acted to avert the planned assassination of David Ben-Gurion,
the top Zionist leader and Israel’s future founding-premier. Shamir and his faction certainly
continued this sort of behavior into the 1940s, successfully assassinating Lord Moyne, the
British Minister for the Middle East, and Count Folke Bernadotte, the UN Peace Negotiator,
though they failed in their other attempts to kill American President Harry Truman[3] and
British Foreign Minister Ernest Bevin[4], and their plans to assassinate Winston Churchill[5]
apparently never moved past the discussion stage. His group also pioneered the use of terrorist
car-bombs and other explosive attacks against innocent civilian targets,[6] all long before any
Arabs or Muslims had ever thought of using similar tactics[7]; and Begin’s larger and more
“moderate” Zionist faction did much the same. Given that background, it was hardly surprising
that Shamir later served as director of assassinations at the Israeli Mossad during 1955-1965,
so if the Mossad did indeed play a major role in the assassination of President John F.
Kennedy[8], he was very likely involved.
5/26/2019 American Pravda: Jews and Nazis, by Ron Unz - The Unz Review
www.unz.com/runz/american-pravda-jews-and-nazis/?display=footnoted 5/16
The cover of the 2014 paperback edition of Brenner’s
book displays the commemorative medal struck by
Nazi Germany to mark its Zionist alliance, with a Star-
of-David on the front face and a Swastika on the
obverse. But oddly enough, this symbolic medallion
actually had absolutely no connection with the
unsuccessful attempts by Shamir’s small faction to
arrange a Nazi military alliance during World War II.
Although the Germans paid little attention to the entreaties of that minor organization, the far
larger and more influential mainstream Zionist movement of Chaim Weizmann and David Ben-
Gurion was something else entirely. And during most of the 1930s, these other Zionists had
formed an important economic partnership with Nazi Germany, based upon an obvious
commonality of interests. After all, Hitler regarded Germany’s one percent Jewish population
as a disruptive and potentially dangerous element which he wanted gone, and the Middle East
seemed as good a destination for them as any other. Meanwhile, the Zionists had very similar
objectives, and the creation of their new national homeland in Palestine obviously required
both Jewish immigrants and Jewish financial investment.
After Hitler had been named Chancellor in 1933,
outraged Jews worldwide had quickly launched an
economic boycott, hoping to bring Germany to its
knees, with London’s Daily Express famously running
the banner headline “Judea Declares War on
Germany.” Jewish political and economic influence,
then just like now, was very considerable, and in the depths of the Great Depression,
impoverished Germany needed to export or die, so a large scale boycott in major German
markets posed a potentially serious threat. But this exact situation provided Zionist groups
with an excellent opportunity to offer the Germans a means of breaking that trade embargo,
and they demanded favorable terms for the export of high-quality German manufactured goods
to Palestine, together with accompanying German Jews. Once word of this major Ha’avara or
“Transfer Agreement” with the Nazis came out at a 1933 Zionist Convention, many Jews and
Zionists were outraged, and it led to various splits and controversies. But the economic deal
was too good to resist, and it went forward and quickly grew.
The importance of the Nazi-Zionist pact for Israel’s establishment is difficult to overstate.
According to a 1974 analysis in Jewish Frontier cited by Brenner, between 1933 and 1939 over
60% of all the investment in Jewish Palestine came from Nazi Germany. The worldwide
impoverishment of the Great Depression had drastically reduced ongoing Jewish financial
support from all other sources, and Brenner reasonably suggests that without Hitler’s financial
backing, the nascent Jewish colony, so tiny and fragile, might easily have shriveled up and died
during that difficult period.
Such a conclusion leads to fascinating hypotheticals. When I first stumbled across references to
the Ha’avara Agreement on websites here and there, one of the commenters mentioning the
issue half-jokingly suggested that if Hitler had won the war, statues would surely have been
built to him throughout Israel and he would today be recognized by Jews everywhere as the5/26/2019 American Pravda: Jews and Nazis, by Ron Unz - The Unz Review
www.unz.com/runz/american-pravda-jews-and-nazis/?display=footnoted 6/16
heroic Gentile leader who had played the central role in reestablishing a national homeland for
the Jewish people in Palestine after almost 2000 years of bitter exile.
This sort of astonishing counter-factual possibility is not nearly as totally absurd as it might
sound to our present-day ears. We must recognize that our historical understanding of reality is
shaped by the media, and media organs are controlled by the winners of major wars and their
allies, with inconvenient details often excluded to avoid confusing the public. It is undeniably
true that in his 1924 book Mein Kampf, Hitler had written all sorts of hostile and nasty things
about Jews, especially those who were recent immigrants from Eastern Europe, but when I
read the book back in high school, I was a little surprised to discover that these anti-Jewish
sentiments hardly seemed central to his text. Furthermore, just a couple of years earlier, a
vastly more prominent public figure such as British Minister Winston Churchill had published
sentiments nearly as hostile and nasty[9], focusing on the monstrous crimes being committed
by Bolshevik Jews. In Albert Lindemann’s Esau’s Tears, I was surprised to discover that the
author of the famous Balfour Declaration, the foundation of the Zionist project, was apparently
also quite hostile to Jews, with an element of his motivation probably being his desire to
exclude them from Britain.
Once Hitler consolidated power in Germany, he quickly outlawed all other political
organizations for the German people, with only the Nazi Party and Nazi political symbols being
legally permitted. But a special exception was made for German Jews, and Germany’s local
Zionist Party was accorded complete legal status, with Zionist marches, Zionist uniforms, and
Zionist flags all fully permitted. Under Hitler, there was strict censorship of all German
publications, but the weekly Zionist newspaper was freely sold at all newsstands and street
corners. The clear notion seemed to be that a German National Socialist Party was the proper
political home for the country’s 99% German majority, while Zionist National Socialism would
fill the same role for the tiny Jewish minority.
In 1934, Zionist leaders invited an important SS official to spend six months visiting the Jewish
settlement in Palestine, and upon his return, his very favorable impressions of the growing
Zionist enterprise were published as a massive 12-part-series in Joseph Goebbel’s Der Angriff,
the flagship media organ of the Nazi Party, bearing the descriptive title “A Nazi Goes to
Palestine.” In his very angry 1920 critique of Jewish Bolshevik activity, Churchill had argued
that Zionism was locked in a fierce battle with Bolshevism for the soul of European Jewry, and
only its victory might ensure amicable future relations between Jew and Gentile. Based on
available evidence, Hitler and many of the other Nazi leaders seemed to have reached a
somewhat similar conclusion by the mid-1930s.
During that era extremely harsh sentiments regarding Diaspora Jewry were sometimes found
in rather surprising quarters. After the controversy surrounding Shamir’s Nazi ties erupted into
the headlines, Brenner’s material became the grist for an important article by Edward
Mortimer, the longtime Middle East expert at the august Times of London, and the 2014
edition of the book includes some choice extracts from Mortimer’s February 11, 1984 Times
piece:5/26/2019 American Pravda: Jews and Nazis, by Ron Unz - The Unz Review
www.unz.com/runz/american-pravda-jews-and-nazis/?display=footnoted 7/16
Who told a Berlin audience in March 1912 that “each country can absorb only a
limited number of Jews, if she doesn’t want disorders in her stomach. Germany
already has too many Jews”?
No, not Adolf Hitler but Chaim Weizmann, later president of the World Zionist
Organization and later still the first president of the state of Israel.
And where might you find the following assertion, originally composed in 1917 but
republished as late as 1936: “The Jew is a caricature of a normal, natural human
being, both physically and spiritually. As an individual in society he revolts and
throws off the harness of social obligation, knows no order nor discipline”?
Not in Der Sturmer but in the organ of the Zionist youth organization, Hashomer
As the above quoted statement reveals, Zionism itself encouraged and exploited
self-hatred in the Diaspora. It started from the assumption that anti-Semitism was
inevitable and even in a sense justified so long as Jews were outside the land of
It is true that only an extreme lunatic fringe of Zionism went so far as to offer to
join the war on Germany’s side in 1941, in the hope of establishing “the historical
Jewish state on a national and totalitarian basis, and bound by a treaty with the
German Reich.” Unfortunately this was the group which the present Prime Minister
of Israel chose to join.
The very uncomfortable truth is that the harsh characterizations of Diaspora Jewry found in
the pages of Mein Kampf were not all that different from what was voiced by Zionism’s
founding fathers and its subsequent leaders, so the cooperation of those two ideological
movements was not really so totally surprising.
However, uncomfortable truths do remain uncomfortable. Mortimer had spent nineteen years
at the Times, the last dozen of them as the foreign specialist and leader-writer on Middle
Eastern affairs. But the year after he wrote that article including those controversial quotations,
his career at that newspaper ended[10], leading to an unusual gap in his employment history,
and that development may or may not be purely coincidental.
Also quite ironic was the role of Adolf Eichmann, whose name today probably ranks as one of
the most famous half-dozen Nazis in history, due to his postwar 1960 kidnapping by Israeli
agents, followed by his public show-trial and execution as a war-criminal. As it happens,
Eichmann had been a central Nazi figure in the Zionist alliance, even studying Hebrew and
apparently becoming something of a philo-Semite during the years of his close collaboration
with top Zionist leaders.5/26/2019 American Pravda: Jews and Nazis, by Ron Unz - The Unz Review
www.unz.com/runz/american-pravda-jews-and-nazis/?display=footnoted 8/16
Brenner is a captive of his ideology and his beliefs, accepting without question the historical
narrative with which he was raised. He seems to find nothing so strange about Eichmann being
a philo-Semitic partner of the Jewish Zionists during the late 1930s and then suddenly being
transformed into a mass-murderer of the European Jews in the early 1940s, willingly
committing the monstrous crimes for which the Israelis later justly put him to death.
This is certainly possible, but I really wonder. A more cynical observer might find it a very odd
coincidence that the first prominent Nazi the Israelis made such an effort to track down and
kill had been their closest former political ally and collaborator. After Germany’s defeat,
Eichmann had fled to Argentina and lived there quietly for a number of years until his name
resurfaced in a celebrated mid-1950s controversy surrounding one of his leading Zionist
partners, then living in Israel as a respected government official, who was denounced as a Nazi
collaborator, eventually ruled innocent after a celebrated trial, but later assassinated by former
members of Shamir’s faction.
Following that controversy in Israel, Eichmann supposedly gave a long personal interview to a
Dutch Nazi journalist, and although it wasn’t published at the time, perhaps word of its
existence may have gotten into circulation. The new state of Israel was just a few years old at
that time, and very politically and economically fragile, desperately dependent upon the
goodwill and support of America and Jewish donors worldwide. Their remarkable former Nazi
alliance was a deeply-suppressed secret, whose public release might have had absolutely
disastrous consequences.
According to the version of the interview later published as a two-part story in Life Magazine,
Eichmann’s statements seemingly did not touch on the deadly topic of the 1930s Nazi-Zionist
partnership. But surely Israeli leaders must have been terrified that they might not be so lucky
the next time, so we may speculate that Eichmann’s elimination suddenly became a top
national priority, and he was tracked down and captured in 1960. Presumably, harsh means
were employed to persuade him not to reveal any of these dangerous pre-war secrets at his
Jerusalem trial, and one might wonder if the reason he was famously kept in an enclosed glass
booth was to ensure that the sound could quickly be cut off if he started to stray from the
agreed upon script. All of this analysis is totally speculative, but Eichmann’s role as a central
figure in the 1930s Nazi-Zionist partnership is undeniable historical fact.

Just as we might imagine, America’s overwhelmingly pro-Israel publishing industry was hardly
eager to serve as a public conduit for Brenner’s shocking revelations of a close Nazi-Zionist
economic partnership, and he mentions that his book agent uniformly received rejections from
each firm he approached, based on a wide variety of different excuses. However, he finally
managed to locate an extremely obscure publisher in Britain willing to take on the project, and
his book was released in 1983, initially receiving no reviews other than a couple of harsh and
perfunctory denunciations, though Soviet Izvestia took some interest in his findings until they
discovered that he was a hated Trotskyite.
His big break came when Shamir suddenly became Israel’s Prime Minister, and he brought his
evidence of former Nazi ties to the English-language Palestinian press, which put it into general5/26/2019 American Pravda: Jews and Nazis, by Ron Unz - The Unz Review
www.unz.com/runz/american-pravda-jews-and-nazis/?display=footnoted 9/16
circulation. Various British Marxists, including the notorious “Red Ken” Livingstone of London,
organized a speaking tour for him, and when a group of right-wing Zionist militants attacked
one of the events and inflicted injuries, the story of the brawl caught the attention of the
mainstream newspapers. Soon afterward the discussion of Brenner’s astonishing discoveries
appeared in the Times of London and entered the international media. Presumably, the New
York Times article that had originally caught my eye ran sometime during this period.
Public relations professionals are quite skilled at minimizing the impact of damaging
revelations, and pro-Israel organizations have no shortage of such individuals. Just before the
1983 release of his remarkable book, Brenner suddenly discovered that a young pro-Zionist
author named Edwin Black was furiously working on a similar project, apparently backed by
sufficient financial resources that he was employing an army of fifty researchers to allow him to
complete his project in record time.
Since the entire embarrassing subject of a Nazi-Zionist partnership had been kept away from
the public eye for almost five decades, this timing surely seems more than merely coincidental.
Presumably word of Brenner’s numerous unsuccessful efforts at securing a mainstream
publisher during 1982 had gotten around, as had as his eventual success in locating a tiny one
in Britain. Having failed to prevent publication of such explosive material, pro-Israel groups
quietly decided that their next best option was trying to seize control of the topic themselves,
allowing disclosure of those parts of the story that could not be concealed but excluding items
of greatest danger, while portraying the sordid history in the best possible light.
Black’s book, The Transfer Agreement, may have arrived a year later
than Brenner’s but was clearly backed by vastly greater publicity and
resources. It was released by Macmillan, a leading publisher, ran
nearly twice the length of Brenner’s short book, and carried powerful
endorsements by leading figures from the firmament of Jewish
activism, including the Simon Weisenthal Center, the Israel
Holocaust Memorial, and the American Jewish Archives. As a
consequence, it received long if not necessarily favorable reviews in
influential publications such as The New Republic and Commentary.
In all fairness, I should mention that in the Foreword to his book,
Black claims that his research efforts had been totally discouraged by
nearly everyone he approached, and as a consequence, he had been
working on the project with solitary intensity for many years. This implies the near-
simultaneous release of the two books was purely due to chance. But such a picture is hardly
consistent with his glowing testimonials from so many prominent Jewish leaders, and
personally I find Brenner’s claim that Black was assisted by fifty researchers far more
Since both Black and Brenner were describing the same basic reality and relying upon many of
the same documents, in most respects the stories they tell are generally similar. But Black
carefully excludes any mention of offers of Zionist military cooperation with the Nazis, let alone
the repeated attempts by Shamir’s Zionist faction to officially join the Axis Powers after the war
had broken out, as well as numerous other details of a particularly embarrassing nature.5/26/2019 American Pravda: Jews and Nazis, by Ron Unz - The Unz Review
www.unz.com/runz/american-pravda-jews-and-nazis/?display=footnoted 10/16
Assuming Black’s book was published for the reasons I suggested, I think that the strategy of
the pro-Israel groups largely succeeded, with his version of the history seeming to have quickly
supplanted Brenner’s except perhaps in strongly leftist or anti-Zionist circles. Googling each
combination of the title and author, Black’s book gets eight times as many hits, and his Amazon
sales ranks and numbers of reviews are also larger by roughly that same factor. Most notably,
neither the Wikipedia articles on “The Transfer Agreement”[11] and “The Ha’avara
Agreement”[12] contain any mention of Brenner’s research whatsoever, even though his book
was published earlier, was far broader, and only he provided the underlying documentary
evidence. As a personal example of the current situation, I was quite unaware of the entire
Ha’avara history until just a few years ago when I encountered some website comments
mentioning Black’s book, leading me to purchase and read it. But even then, Brenner’s far more
wide-ranging and explosive volume remained totally unknown to me until very recently.

Once World War II began, this Nazi-Zionist partnership quickly lapsed for obvious reasons.
Germany was now at war with the British Empire, and financial transfers to British-run
Palestine were no longer possible. Furthermore, the Arab Palestinians had grown quite hostile
to the Jewish immigrants whom they rightfully feared might eventually displace them, and
once the Germans were forced to choose between maintaining their relationship with a
relatively small Zionist movement or winning the political sympathy of a vast sea of Middle
Eastern Arabs and Muslims, their decision was a natural one. The Zionists faced a similar
choice, and especially once wartime propaganda began so heavily blackening the German and
Italian governments, their long previous partnership was not something they wanted widely
However, at exactly this same moment a somewhat different and equally long-forgotten
connection between Jews and Nazi Germany suddenly moved to the fore.
Like most people everywhere, the average German, whether Jewish or Gentile, was probably
not all that political, and although Zionism had for years been accorded a privileged place in
German society, it is not entirely clear how many ordinary German Jews paid much attention
to it. The tens of thousands who emigrated to Palestine during that period were probably
motivated as much by economic pressures as by ideological commitment. But wartime changed
matters in other ways.
This was even more true for the German government. The outbreak
of a world war against a powerful coalition of the British and French
empires, later augmented by both Soviet Russia and the United
States, imposed the sorts of enormous pressures that could often
overcome ideological scruples. A few years ago, I discovered a
fascinating 2002 book by Bryan Mark Rigg, Hitler’s Jewish Soldiers,
a scholarly treatment of exactly what the title implies. The quality of
this controversial historical analysis is indicated by the glowing
jacket-blurbs from numerous academic experts and an extremely
favorable treatment by an eminent scholar in The American
Historical Review.5/26/2019 American Pravda: Jews and Nazis, by Ron Unz - The Unz Review
www.unz.com/runz/american-pravda-jews-and-nazis/?display=footnoted 11/16
Obviously, Nazi ideology was overwhelmingly centered upon race and
considered racial purity a crucial factor in national cohesion.
Individuals possessing substantial non-German ancestry were
regarded with considerable suspicion, and this concern was greatly
amplified if that admixture was Jewish. But in a military struggle
against an opposing coalition possessing many times Germany’s
population and industrial resources, such ideological factors might be
overcome by practical considerations, and Rigg persuasively argues
that some 150,000 half-Jews or quarter-Jews served in the armed
forces of the Third Reich, a percentage probably not much different
than their share of the general military-age population.
Germany’s long-integrated and assimilated Jewish population had
always been disproportionately urban, affluent, and well-educated. As a consequence it is not
entirely surprising that a large proportion of these part-Jewish soldiers who served Hitler were
actually combat officers rather than merely rank-and-file conscripts, and they included at least
15 half-Jewish generals and admirals, and another dozen quarter-Jews holding those same high
ranks. The most notable example was Field Marshal Erhard Milch, Hermann Goering’s
powerful second-in-command, who played such an important operational role in creating the
Luftwaffe. Milch certainly had a Jewish father, and according to some much less substantiated
claims, perhaps even a Jewish mother as well, while his sister was married to an SS general.
Admittedly, the racially-elite SS itself generally had far stricter ancestry standards, with even a
trace of non-Aryan parentage normally seen as disqualifying an individual from membership.
But even here, the situation was sometimes complicated, since there were widespread rumors
that Reinhard Heydrich, the second-ranking figure in that very powerful organization, actually
had considerable Jewish ancestry. Rigg investigates that claim without coming to any clear
conclusions, though he does seem to think that the circumstantial evidence involved may have
been used by other high-ranking Nazi figures as a point of leverage or blackmail against
Heydrich, who stood as one of the most important figures in the Third Reich.
As a further irony, most of these individuals traced their Jewish ancestry through their father
rather than their mother, so although they were not Jewish according to rabbinical law, their
family names often reflected their partly Semitic origins, though in many cases Nazi authorities
attempted to studiously overlook this glaringly obvious situation. As an extreme example noted
by an academic reviewer of the book, a half-Jew bearing the distinctly non-Aryan name of
Werner Goldberg actually had his photograph prominently featured in a 1939 Nazi propaganda
newspaper, with the caption describing him as the “The Ideal German Soldier.”
The author conducted more than 400 personal interviews of the surviving part-Jews and their
relatives, and these painted a very mixed picture of the difficulties they had encountered under
the Nazi regime, which varied enormously depending upon particular circumstances and the
personalities of those in authority over them. One important source of complaint was that
because of their status, part-Jews were often denied the military honors or promotions they
had rightfully earned. However, under especially favorable conditions, they might also be
legally reclassified as being of “German Blood,” which officially eliminated any taint on their
status.5/26/2019 American Pravda: Jews and Nazis, by Ron Unz - The Unz Review
www.unz.com/runz/american-pravda-jews-and-nazis/?display=footnoted 12/16
Even official policy seems to have been quite contradictory and vacillating. For example, when
the civilian humiliations sometimes inflicted upon the fully Jewish parents of serving half-Jews
were brought to Hitler’s attention, he regarded that situation as intolerable, declaring that
either such parents must be fully protected against such indignities or all the half-Jews must be
discharged, and eventually in April 1940 he issued a decree requiring the latter. However, this
order was largely ignored by many commanders, or implemented through a honor-system that
almost amounted to “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell,” so a considerable fraction of half-Jews remained in
the military if they so wished. And then in July 1941, Hitler somewhat reversed himself, issuing
a new decree that allowed “worthy” half-Jews who had been discharged to return to the
military as officers, while also announcing that after the war, all quarter-Jews would be
reclassified as fully “German Blood” Aryan citizens.
It has been said that after questions were raised about the Jewish ancestry of some of his
subordinates, Goring once angrily responded “I will decide who is a Jew!” and that attitude
seems to reasonably capture some of the complexity and subjective nature of the social
Interestingly enough, many of part-Jews interviewed by Rigg recalled that prior to Hitler’s rise
to power, the intermarriage of their parents had often provoked much greater hostility from the
Jewish rather than the Gentile side of their families, suggesting that even in heavily-assimilated
Germany, the traditional Jewish tendency toward ethnic exclusivity had still remained a
powerful factor in that community.
Although the part-Jews in German military service were certainly subject to various forms of
mistreatment and discrimination, perhaps we should compare this against the analogous
situation in our own military in those same years with regard to America’s Japanese or black
minorities. During that era, racial intermarriage was legally prohibited across a large portion of
the US, so the mixed-race population of those groups was either almost non-existent or very
different in origin. But when Japanese-Americans were allowed to leave their wartime
concentration camps and enlist in the military, they were entirely restricted to segregated all-
Japanese units, but with the officers generally being white. Meanwhile, blacks were almost
entirely barred from combat service, though they sometimes served in strictly-segregated
support roles. The notion that an American with any appreciable trace of African, Japanese, or
for that matter Chinese ancestry might serve as a general or even an officer in the U.S. military
and thereby exercise command authority over white American troops would have been almost
unthinkable. The contrast with the practice in Hitler’s own military is quite different than what
Americans might naively assume.

This paradox is not nearly as surprising as one might assume. The non-economic divisions in
European societies had almost always been along lines of religion, language, and culture rather
than racial ancestry, and the social tradition of more than a millennium could not easily be
swept away by merely a half-dozen years of National Socialist ideology. During all those earlier
centuries, a sincerely-baptized Jew, whether in Germany or elsewhere, was usually considered
just as good a Christian as any other. For example, Tomas de Torquemada, the most fearsome
figure of the dreaded Spanish Inquisition, actually came from a family of Jewish converts.5/26/2019 American Pravda: Jews and Nazis, by Ron Unz - The Unz Review
www.unz.com/runz/american-pravda-jews-and-nazis/?display=footnoted 13/16
Even wider racial differences were hardly considered of crucial importance. Some of the
greatest heroes of particular national cultures, such as Russia’s Alexander Pushkin and France’s
Alexandre Dumas, had been individuals with significant black African ancestry, and this was
certainly not considered any sort of disqualifying characteristic.
By contrast, American society from its inception had always been sharply divided by race, with
other differences generally constituting far smaller impediments to intermarriage and
amalgamation. I’ve seen widespread claims that when the Third Reich devised its 1935
Nuremberg Laws restricting marriage and other social arrangements between Aryans, non-
Aryans, and part-Aryans, its experts drew upon some of America’s long legal experience in
similar matters, and this seems quite plausible. Under that new Nazi statute, pre-existing
mixed-marriages received some legal protection, but henceforth Jews and half-Jews could only
marry each other, while quarter-Jews could only marry regular Aryans. The obvious intent was
to absorb that latter group into mainstream German society, while isolating the more heavily-
Jewish population.
Ironically enough, Israel today is one of very few countries with a similar sort of strictly
racially-based criteria for citizenship status and other privileges, with the Jewish-only
immigration policy now often determined by DNA testing[13], and marriages between Jews and
non-Jews legally prohibited. A few years ago, the world media also carried the remarkable
story[14] of a Palestinian Arab sentenced to prison for rape because he had consensual sexual
relations with a Jewish woman by passing himself off as a fellow Jew.
Since Orthodox Judaism is strictly matrilineal and controls Israeli law, even Jews of other
branches can experience unexpected difficulties due to conflicts between personal ethnic
identity and official legal status. The vast majority of the wealthier and more influential Jewish
families worldwide do not follow Orthodox religious traditions, and over the generations, they
have often taken Gentile wives. However, even if the latter had converted to Judaism, their
conversions are considered invalid by the Orthodox Rabbinate, and none of their resulting
descendants are considered Jewish. So if some members of these families later develop a deep
commitment to their Jewish heritage and immigrate to Israel, they are sometimes outraged to
discover that they are officially classified as “goyim” under Orthodox law and legally prohibited
from marrying Jews. These major political controversies periodically erupt and sometimes
reach the international medi[15]a.
Now it seems to me that any American official who proposed racial DNA tests to decide upon
the admission or exclusion of prospective immigrants would have a very difficult time
remaining in office, with the Jewish-activists of organizations like the ADL probably leading the
attack. And the same would surely be true for any prosecutor or judge who sent non-whites to
prison for the crime of “passing” as whites and thereby managing to seduce women from that
latter group. A similar fate would befall advocates of such policies in Britain, France, or most
other Western nations, with the local ADL-type organization certainly playing an important
role. Yet in Israel, such existing laws merely occasion a little temporary embarrassment when
they are covered in the international media, and then invariably remain in place after the
commotion has died down and been forgotten. These sorts of issues are considered of little
more importance than were the past wartime Nazi ties of the Israeli prime minister throughout
most of the 1980s.5/26/2019 American Pravda: Jews and Nazis, by Ron Unz - The Unz Review
www.unz.com/runz/american-pravda-jews-and-nazis/?display=footnoted 14/16
But perhaps the solution to this puzzling difference in public reaction lies in an old joke. A
leftist wit once claimed that the reason America has never had a military coup is that it is the
only country in the world that lacks an American embassy to organize such activities. And
unlike the U.S., Britain, France, and many other predominately-white countries, Israel has no
domestic Jewish-activist organization filling the powerful role of the ADL.

Over the last few years, many outside observers have noted a seemingly very odd political
situation in Ukraine. That unfortunate country possesses powerful militant groups, whose
public symbols, stated ideology, and political ancestry all unmistakably mark them as Neo-
Nazis. Yet those violent Neo-Nazi elements are all being bankrolled and controlled[16] by a
Jewish Oligarch[17] who holds dual Israeli citizenship. Furthermore, that peculiar alliance had
been mid-wifed and blessed by some of America’s leading Jewish Neocon figures, such as
Victoria Nuland, who have successfully used their media influence to keep such explosive facts
away from the American public.
At first glance, a close relationship between Jewish Israelis and European Neo-Nazis[18] seems
as grotesque and bizarre a misalliance as one could imagine, but after recently reading
Brenner’s fascinating book, my perspective quickly shifted. Indeed, the main difference
between then and now is that during the 1930s, Zionist factions represented a very insignificant
junior partner to a powerful Third Reich, while these days it is the Nazis who occupy the role of
eager suppliants to the formidable power of International Zionism, which now so heavily
dominates the American political system and through it, much of the world.
Related Reading:
Zionism in the Age of the Dictators[19] by Lenni Brenner
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American Pravda: The Nature of Anti-Semitism[21]
American Pravda: Oddities of the Jewish Religion[22]
American Pravda: The JFK Assassination, Part II – Who Did It?[23]
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  Background on the War in Ukraine from Russian aggression.
Posted by: Peter Lemkin - 20-03-2022, 11:10 AM - Forum: War is a Racket - Replies (3)

I think a video well worth watching. I don't agree 100%, but I agree with most of what is said - a better and more historically accurate history than most you'll hear. Posner is a very interesting person - born in USA, grew up in USSR, he admits to being an intellectual propagandist for USSR, and now is speaking his mind against 'both' sides.

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Posted by: Lauren Johnson - 02-03-2022, 07:59 PM - Forum: Geopolitical Hotspots - Replies (5)

VV Putin's speech (emphasis added):

Citizens of Russia, friends,

I consider it necessary today to speak again about the tragic events in Donbass and the key aspects of ensuring the security of Russia.

I will begin with what I said in my address on February 21, 2022. I spoke about our biggest concerns and worries, and about the fundamental threats which irresponsible Western politicians created for Russia consistently, rudely and unceremoniously from year to year. I am referring to the eastward expansion of NATO, which is moving its military infrastructure ever closer to the Russian border.

It is a fact that over the past 30 years we have been patiently trying to come to an agreement with the leading NATO countries regarding the principles of equal and indivisible security in Europe. In response to our proposals, we invariably faced either cynical deception and lies or attempts at pressure and blackmail, while the North Atlantic alliance continued to expand despite our protests and concerns. Its military machine is moving and, as I said, is approaching our very border.

Why is this happening? Where did this insolent manner of talking down from the height of their exceptionalism, infallibility and all-permissiveness come from? What is the explanation for this contemptuous and disdainful attitude to our interests and absolutely legitimate demands?

The answer is simple. Everything is clear and obvious. In the late 1980s, the Soviet Union grew weaker and subsequently broke apart. That experience should serve as a good lesson for us, because it has shown us that the paralysis of power and will is the first step towards complete degradation and oblivion. We lost confidence for only one moment, but it was enough to disrupt the balance of forces in the world.

As a result, the old treaties and agreements are no longer effective. Entreaties and requests do not help. Anything that does not suit the dominant state, the powers that be, is denounced as archaic, obsolete and useless. At the same time, everything it regards as useful is presented as the ultimate truth and forced on others regardless of the cost, abusively and by any means available. Those who refuse to comply are subjected to strong-arm tactics.

What I am saying now does not concerns only Russia, and Russia is not the only country that is worried about this. This has to do with the entire system of international relations, and sometimes even US allies. The collapse of the Soviet Union led to a redivision of the world, and the norms of international law that developed by that time – and the most important of them, the fundamental norms that were adopted following WWII and largely formalised its outcome – came in the way of those who declared themselves the winners of the Cold War.

Of course, practice, international relations and the rules regulating them had to take into account the changes that took place in the world and in the balance of forces. However, this should have been done professionally, smoothly, patiently, and with due regard and respect for the interests of all states and one’s own responsibility. Instead, we saw a state of euphoria created by the feeling of absolute superiority, a kind of modern absolutism, coupled with the low cultural standards and arrogance of those who formulated and pushed through decisions that suited only themselves. The situation took a different turn.

There are many examples of this. First a bloody military operation was waged against Belgrade, without the UN Security Council’s sanction but with combat aircraft and missiles used in the heart of Europe. The bombing of peaceful cities and vital infrastructure went on for several weeks. I have to recall these facts, because some Western colleagues prefer to forget them, and when we mentioned the event, they prefer to avoid speaking about international law, instead emphasising the circumstances which they interpret as they think necessary.

Then came the turn of Iraq, Libya and Syria. The illegal use of military power against Libya and the distortion of all the UN Security Council decisions on Libya ruined the state, created a huge seat of international terrorism, and pushed the country towards a humanitarian catastrophe, into the vortex of a civil war, which has continued there for years. The tragedy, which was created for hundreds of thousands and even millions of people not only in Libya but in the whole region, has led to a large-scale exodus from the Middle East and North Africa to Europe.

A similar fate was also prepared for Syria. The combat operations conducted by the Western coalition in that country without the Syrian government’s approval or UN Security Council’s sanction can only be defined as aggression and intervention.

But the example that stands apart from the above events is, of course, the invasion of Iraq without any legal grounds. They used the pretext of allegedly reliable information available in the United States about the presence of weapons of mass destruction in Iraq. To prove that allegation, the US Secretary of State held up a vial with white power, publicly, for the whole world to see, assuring the international community that it was a chemical warfare agent created in Iraq. It later turned out that all of that was a fake and a sham, and that Iraq did not have any chemical weapons. Incredible and shocking but true. We witnessed lies made at the highest state level and voiced from the high UN rostrum. As a result we see a tremendous loss in human life, damage, destruction, and a colossal upsurge of terrorism.

Overall, it appears that nearly everywhere, in many regions of the world where the United States brought its law and order, this created bloody, non-healing wounds and the curse of international terrorism and extremism. I have only mentioned the most glaring but far from only examples of disregard for international law.

This array includes promises not to expand NATO eastwards even by an inch. To reiterate: they have deceived us, or, to put it simply, they have played us. Sure, one often hears that politics is a dirty business. It could be, but it shouldn’t be as dirty as it is now, not to such an extent. This type of con-artist behaviour is contrary not only to the principles of international relations but also and above all to the generally accepted norms of morality and ethics. Where is justice and truth here? Just lies and hypocrisy all around.

Incidentally, US politicians, political scientists and journalists write and say that a veritable “empire of lies” has been created inside the United States in recent years. It is hard to disagree with this – it is really so. But one should not be modest about it: the United States is still a great country and a system-forming power. All its satellites not only humbly and obediently say yes to and parrot it at the slightest pretext but also imitate its behaviour and enthusiastically accept the rules it is offering them. Therefore, one can say with good reason and confidence that the whole so-called Western bloc formed by the United States in its own image and likeness is, in its entirety, the very same “empire of lies.”

As for our country, after the disintegration of the USSR, given the entire unprecedented openness of the new, modern Russia, its readiness to work honestly with the United States and other Western partners, and its practically unilateral disarmament, they immediately tried to put the final squeeze on us, finish us off, and utterly destroy us. This is how it was in the 1990s and the early 2000s, when the so-called collective West was actively supporting separatism and gangs of mercenaries in southern Russia. What victims, what losses we had to sustain and what trials we had to go through at that time before we broke the back of international terrorism in the Caucasus! We remember this and will never forget.

Properly speaking, the attempts to use us in their own interests never ceased until quite recently: they sought to destroy our traditional values and force on us their false values that would erode us, our people from within, the attitudes they have been aggressively imposing on their countries, attitudes that are directly leading to degradation and degeneration, because they are contrary to human nature. This is not going to happen. No one has ever succeeded in doing this, nor will they succeed now.

Despite all that, in December 2021, we made yet another attempt to reach agreement with the United States and its allies on the principles of European security and NATO’s non-expansion. Our efforts were in vain. The United States has not changed its position. It does not believe it necessary to agree with Russia on a matter that is critical for us. The United States is pursuing its own objectives, while neglecting our interests.

Of course, this situation begs a question: what next, what are we to expect? If history is any guide, we know that in 1940 and early 1941 the Soviet Union went to great lengths to prevent war or at least delay its outbreak. To this end, the USSR sought not to provoke the potential aggressor until the very end by refraining or postponing the most urgent and obvious preparations it had to make to defend itself from an imminent attack. When it finally acted, it was too late.

As a result, the country was not prepared to counter the invasion by Nazi Germany, which attacked our Motherland on June 22, 1941, without declaring war. The country stopped the enemy and went on to defeat it, but this came at a tremendous cost. The attempt to appease the aggressor ahead of the Great Patriotic War proved to be a mistake which came at a high cost for our people. In the first months after the hostilities broke out, we lost vast territories of strategic importance, as well as millions of lives. We will not make this mistake the second time. We have no right to do so.

Those who aspire to global dominance have publicly designated Russia as their enemy. They did so with impunity. Make no mistake, they had no reason to act this way. It is true that they have considerable financial, scientific, technological, and military capabilities. We are aware of this and have an objective view of the economic threats we have been hearing, just as our ability to counter this brash and never-ending blackmail. Let me reiterate that we have no illusions in this regard and are extremely realistic in our assessments.

As for military affairs, even after the dissolution of the USSR and losing a considerable part of its capabilities, today’s Russia remains one of the most powerful nuclear states. Moreover, it has a certain advantage in several cutting-edge weapons. In this context, there should be no doubt for anyone that any potential aggressor will face defeat and ominous consequences should it directly attack our country.

At the same time, technology, including in the defence sector, is changing rapidly. One day there is one leader, and tomorrow another, but a military presence in territories bordering on Russia, if we permit it to go ahead, will stay for decades to come or maybe forever, creating an ever mounting and totally unacceptable threat for Russia.

Even now, with NATO’s eastward expansion the situation for Russia has been becoming worse and more dangerous by the year. Moreover, these past days NATO leadership has been blunt in its statements that they need to accelerate and step up efforts to bring the alliance’s infrastructure closer to Russia’s borders. In other words, they have been toughening their position. We cannot stay idle and passively observe these developments. This would be an absolutely irresponsible thing to do for us.

Any further expansion of the North Atlantic alliance’s infrastructure or the ongoing efforts to gain a military foothold of the Ukrainian territory are unacceptable for us. Of course, the question is not about NATO itself. It merely serves as a tool of US foreign policy. The problem is that in territories adjacent to Russia, which I have to note is our historical land, a hostile “anti-Russia” is taking shape. Fully controlled from the outside, it is doing everything to attract NATO armed forces and obtain cutting-edge weapons.

For the United States and its allies, it is a policy of containing Russia, with obvious geopolitical dividends. For our country, it is a matter of life and death, a matter of our historical future as a nation. This is not an exaggeration; this is a fact. It is not only a very real threat to our interests but to the very existence of our state and to its sovereignty. It is the red line which we have spoken about on numerous occasions. They have crossed it.

This brings me to the situation in Donbass. We can see that the forces that staged the coup in Ukraine in 2014 have seized power, are keeping it with the help of ornamental election procedures and have abandoned the path of a peaceful conflict settlement. For eight years, for eight endless years we have been doing everything possible to settle the situation by peaceful political means. Everything was in vain.

As I said in my previous address, you cannot look without compassion at what is happening there. It became impossible to tolerate it. We had to stop that atrocity, that genocide of the millions of people who live there and who pinned their hopes on Russia, on all of us. It is their aspirations, the feelings and pain of these people that were the main motivating force behind our decision to recognise the independence of the Donbass people’s republics.

I would like to additionally emphasize the following. Focused on their own goals, the leading NATO countries are supporting the far-right nationalists and neo-Nazis in Ukraine, those who will never forgive the people of Crimea and Sevastopol for freely making a choice to reunite with Russia.

They will undoubtedly try to bring war to Crimea just as they have done in Donbass, to kill innocent people just as members of the punitive units of Ukrainian nationalists and Hitler’s accomplices did during the Great Patriotic War. They have also openly laid claim to several other Russian regions.

If we look at the sequence of events and the incoming reports, the showdown between Russia and these forces cannot be avoided. It is only a matter of time. They are getting ready and waiting for the right moment. Moreover, they went as far as aspire to acquire nuclear weapons. We will not let this happen.

I have already said that Russia accepted the new geopolitical reality after the dissolution of the USSR. We have been treating all new post-Soviet states with respect and will continue to act this way. We respect and will respect their sovereignty, as proven by the assistance we provided to Kazakhstan when it faced tragic events and a challenge in terms of its statehood and integrity. However, Russia cannot feel safe, develop, and exist while facing a permanent threat from the territory of today’s Ukraine.

Let me remind you that in 2000–2005 we used our military to push back against terrorists in the Caucasus and stood up for the integrity of our state. We preserved Russia. In 2014, we supported the people of Crimea and Sevastopol. In 2015, we used our Armed Forces to create a reliable shield that prevented terrorists from Syria from penetrating Russia. This was a matter of defending ourselves. We had no other choice.

The same is happening today. They did not leave us any other option for defending Russia and our people, other than the one we are forced to use today. In these circumstances, we have to take bold and immediate action. The people’s republics of Donbass have asked Russia for help.

In this context, in accordance with Article 51 (Chapter VII) of the UN Charter, with permission of Russia’s Federation Council, and in execution of the treaties of friendship and mutual assistance with the Donetsk People’s Republic and the Lugansk People’s Republic, ratified by the Federal Assembly on February 22, I made a decision to carry out a special military operation.

The purpose of this operation is to protect people who, for eight years now, have been facing humiliation and genocide perpetrated by the Kiev regime. To this end, we will seek to demilitarise and denazify Ukraine, as well as bring to trial those who perpetrated numerous bloody crimes against civilians, including against citizens of the Russian Federation.

It is not our plan to occupy the Ukrainian territory. We do not intend to impose anything on anyone by force. At the same time, we have been hearing an increasing number of statements coming from the West that there is no need any more to abide by the documents setting forth the outcomes of World War II, as signed by the totalitarian Soviet regime. How can we respond to that?

The outcomes of World War II and the sacrifices our people had to make to defeat Nazism are sacred. This does not contradict the high values of human rights and freedoms in the reality that emerged over the post-war decades. This does not mean that nations cannot enjoy the right to self-determination, which is enshrined in Article 1 of the UN Charter.

Let me remind you that the people living in territories which are part of today’s Ukraine were not asked how they want to build their lives when the USSR was created or after World War II. Freedom guides our policy, the freedom to choose independently our future and the future of our children. We believe that all the peoples living in today’s Ukraine, anyone who want to do this, must be able to enjoy this right to make a free choice.

In this context I would like to address the citizens of Ukraine. In 2014, Russia was obliged to protect the people of Crimea and Sevastopol from those who you yourself call “nats.” The people of Crimea and Sevastopol made their choice in favour of being with their historical homeland, Russia, and we supported their choice. As I said, we could not act otherwise.

The current events have nothing to do with a desire to infringe on the interests of Ukraine and the Ukrainian people. They are connected with the defending Russia from those who have taken Ukraine hostage and are trying to use it against our country and our people.

I reiterate: we are acting to defend ourselves from the threats created for us and from a worse peril than what is happening now. I am asking you, however hard this may be, to understand this and to work together with us so as to turn this tragic page as soon as possible and to move forward together, without allowing anyone to interfere in our affairs and our relations but developing them independently, so as to create favourable conditions for overcoming all these problems and to strengthen us from within as a single whole, despite the existence of state borders. I believe in this, in our common future.

I would also like to address the military personnel of the Ukrainian Armed Forces.

Comrade officers,

Your fathers, grandfathers and great-grandfathers did not fight the Nazi occupiers and did not defend our common Motherland to allow today’s neo-Nazis to seize power in Ukraine. You swore the oath of allegiance to the Ukrainian people and not to the junta, the people’s adversary which is plundering Ukraine and humiliating the Ukrainian people.

I urge you to refuse to carry out their criminal orders. I urge you to immediately lay down arms and go home. I will explain what this means: the military personnel of the Ukrainian army who do this will be able to freely leave the zone of hostilities and return to their families.

I want to emphasise again that all responsibility for the possible bloodshed will lie fully and wholly with the ruling Ukrainian regime.

I would now like to say something very important for those who may be tempted to interfere in these developments from the outside. No matter who tries to stand in our way or all the more so create threats for our country and our people, they must know that Russia will respond immediately, and the consequences will be such as you have never seen in your entire history. No matter how the events unfold, we are ready. All the necessary decisions in this regard have been taken. I hope that my words will be heard.

Citizens of Russia,

The culture and values, experience and traditions of our ancestors invariably provided a powerful underpinning for the wellbeing and the very existence of entire states and nations, their success and viability. Of course, this directly depends on the ability to quickly adapt to constant change, maintain social cohesion, and readiness to consolidate and summon all the available forces in order to move forward.

We always need to be strong, but this strength can take on different forms. The “empire of lies,” which I mentioned in the beginning of my speech, proceeds in its policy primarily from rough, direct force. This is when our saying on being “all brawn and no brains” applies.

We all know that having justice and truth on our side is what makes us truly strong. If this is the case, it would be hard to disagree with the fact that it is our strength and our readiness to fight that are the bedrock of independence and sovereignty and provide the necessary foundation for building a reliable future for your home, your family, and your Motherland.

Dear compatriots,

I am certain that devoted soldiers and officers of Russia’s Armed Forces will perform their duty with professionalism and courage. I have no doubt that the government institutions at all levels and specialists will work effectively to guarantee the stability of our economy, financial system and social wellbeing, and the same applies to corporate executives and the entire business community. I hope that all parliamentary parties and civil society take a consolidated, patriotic position.

At the end of the day, the future of Russia is in the hands of its multi-ethnic people, as has always been the case in our history. This means that the decisions that I made will be executed, that we will achieve the goals we have set, and reliably guarantee the security of our Motherland.

I believe in your support and the invincible force rooted in the love for our Fatherland.

February 24, 2022

The Kremlin, Moscow

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  Mae Brussell Compilation on Michael Aquino, etc
Posted by: Lauren Johnson - 14-02-2022, 02:13 AM - Forum: Players, organisations, and events of deep politics - Replies (1)

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  Podcast for JFK INSIDE JOB
Posted by: Richard Gilbride - 01-01-2022, 09:48 PM - Forum: JFK Assassination - No Replies

The 40-minute podcast for my book JFK INSIDE JOB has finally been edited. I'm reasonably happy with the result, and grateful I was able to find a venue to host this slideshow presentation. It may be viewed at my website www.jfkinsidejob.com in the LECTURES section, or at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Lm836x3gojw

I focused this discussion on Army Intelligence agent James Powell and the Book Depository as a Potemkin Village, given, as it were, one swing at the 1963 Deep State. There is a lot of information jam-packed into this session.

Hope that you enjoy it, and best wishes for a brave new year.

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