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  John Newman's JFK and Vietnam: 2017 Version
Posted by: Jim DiEugenio - 26-06-2021, 03:01 AM - Forum: JFK Assassination - No Replies

For reasons named in the text I discovered this new version of John's book late.

I did not know it was this substantive of a rewrite of his first book which was a milestone in the field.  I also did not know his publisher sandbagged him.

But as the reader will understand, this is even better than the first go round in 1992.  I cannot recommend it highly enough.  The only way America was going into Vietnam was over Kennedy's dead body. Period.


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  Another one Dead......McAfee - of anti-virus fame.
Posted by: Peter Lemkin - 25-06-2021, 09:04 AM - Forum: Political Assassinations - Replies (2)

Deep State True Believer McAfee Dead, as He Predicted
Chris Roberts

John McAfee said that if he ever ended up dead by suicide in prison he was in fact whacked by the US government, which was pursuing him for tax evasion. He even got himself a tattoo to that effect. And so, after McAfee was found dead on Tuesday in a Barcelona jail cell hours after a Spanish court approved his extradition to the US to face tax evasion charges, the internet faithfully responded with a round of conspiracy theories. 
As McAfee predicted, authorities called his in-custody death an apparent suicide.
Well before this, McAfee — who founded the antivirus software company that still bears his name though he sold it in 1994 — invited comparisons to Jeffrey Epstein. He was a freewheeling hedonist, internet entrepreneur, and intercontinental fugitive from justice with a demonstrated taste for drugs, cryptocurrency, guns, and underage women.

Quote:He posted this MEME on his Instagram. Isn’t it odd that both Epstein and McAfee “died” in a prison? Similar scenario…THOUGHTS? pic.twitter.com/kT9b19JnoM
— 404_Not_Found (@4_04_Not_Found) June 23, 2021

The idea that the 75-year-old McAfee would take his own life rather than spend the rest of his days bored out of his mind in prison makes sense on its face. That’s neat and easy; that’s also boring. So the living McAfee ensured whenever Epstein was mentioned, “John McAfee” would also appear in the dark corners of minds and the internet.
McAfee embraced the idea that Epstein, the convicted sex trafficker, financier, and Friend of Bills (Clinton, Gates) didn’t kill himself. He also sowed doubts about any future in which John McAfee was reported dead by suicide in a jail cell.
“If I suicide myself, I didn’t. I was whackd,” McAfee posted on Twitter in 2019, displaying a fresh tattoo inked on his right arm: $WHACKD, it read. (Which, conveniently, was also the name of a crypto token McAfee very briefly promoted.)
Quote:Getting subtle messages from U.S. officials saying, in effect: "We're coming for you McAfee! We're going to kill yourself". I got a tattoo today just in case. If I suicide myself, I didn't. I was whackd. Check my right arm.$WHACKD available only on https://t.co/HdSEYi9krq:) pic.twitter.com/rJ0Vi2Hpjj
— John McAfee (@officialmcafee) November 30, 2019

A few months before he was arrested at the Barcelona airport while en route to Turkey last year, McAfee also embraced the idea of a “deep state,” which by his definition is a “conspiracy theory … defined as the people within the government or military who are in secret control of government policy.” (That included the FCC and SEC, just the kind of bugaboos that would plague an internet guy who wanted to make lots of money and never pay taxes, as well as the CIA.)
Quote:July 20, 2020 John McAfee published this video calling out the so called US deep state. One week later they issued a warrant for his arrest and he was arrested in Spain. Less than a year later he’s dead in a Spanish prison pic.twitter.com/l86DntBqFU
— Bruce Porter, Jr. (@NetworksManager) June 23, 2021

And, finally, McAfee appears to have prepared a final provocation from beyond the grave: An hour after his death was announced, the @officialjohnmcafee Instagram account posted an image of a single letter: “Q,” an obvious reference to the QAnon conspiracy theory.
Okay, so what happened here? Was John McAfee “Q”? Not according to any of the exhaustive investigations conducted by QAnon experts. McAfee was never even a part of the conversation, until he put himself there.
Quote:Rumour confirmed. McAfee Q pic has a cryptographic KEY embedded in the image file. I was able to view this in Photoshop.
And Epstein didn't kill himself.
Instructions: FBMD23000965010000290400004b0400009d0400007a0c0000f90d0000af1000005e1200000414000068170000 pic.twitter.com/vCep3o5Bwz
— RefuseNikRed (@RefusenikRed) June 23, 2021

Was McAfee murdered? Not according to any current, publicly available evidence, though the Catalan regional government hasn’t released information revealing the cause or manner of death beyond “suicide.”
Did McAfee have any apparent ties to, say, national intelligence services or pedophilia rings? The guy ran for the Libertarian Party nomination for president of the United States twice and played Russian roulette for a reporter from Wired who paid him a visit in 2012. While out on the lam, he also allowed himself to be contacted, located, and then photographed by young millennial reporters from Vice, who betrayed their source by posting a photo of the then-fugitive, complete with metadata.
Preening for the camera and for clout? None of this seems like something an intelligence asset would do. It definitely seems like something someone with impulse control problems and a narcissistic/authoritarian streak might do — someone who openly slept with underage women, someone who hired a private army to rid a town near his Central American hideout of drug dealers, someone who was never convicted of murder but who was found civilly liable for the death of Gregory Faul, his neighbor in Belize who was found dead from a single gunshot wound in 2012.
The internet entrepreneur and publicity hound was a fabulist — enough, in the Alex Jones kind of way, to incite and to provoke. As was the way McAfee died Tuesday — which, at least outwardly, appears to be exactly the way he openly planned it.

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  Oswald and woman at the theater
Posted by: Richard Coleman - 24-06-2021, 11:17 PM - Forum: JFK Assassination - Replies (3)

"HARVEY purchased popcorn from Burroughs at 1:15 PM and then walked into the lower level and took a seat next to a pregnant woman." --Harvey and Lee

I'd sure like to know what a pregnant woman was doing in a movie theater at 1:00PM on a
Friday, watching a Van Heflin ww2 movie alone!

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  The Murder Kurt Cobain
Posted by: Lauren Johnson - 16-06-2021, 06:01 AM - Forum: Players, organisations, and events of deep politics - No Replies

by John Potash
JUNE 14, 2021

[Image: 6833389186_d6a6410778_c.jpg?itok=IawAzkto]
Kurt Cobain, creative commons liscense via Flickr, credit Sally

In early May of 2021, the Department of Justice released 10 pages of their FBI file on former Nirvana singer-songwriter Kurt Cobain. Since the rock icon’s death in 1994, mainstream media has mostly repeated police statements that Cobain killed himself with a shotgun. FBI statements and a mass of accumulated evidence suggest that they purposely avoided looking into the radical activist musician’s death due to U.S. intelligence involvement.
Cobain’s Radical Left Politics
One of the reasons the FBI may have had for participating in and/or covering up Kurt Cobain’s murder is their history of targeting political leftists. In 1971, activists broke into an FBI office and revealed its Counter-Intelligence Program (Cointelpro), which started in the 1950s and targeted anti-war and Civil Rights activists.
Many of Cobain’s statements and actions reflect his radical left political ideology. In his biography, Come As You Are, author Michael Azerrad reports that Cobain originally wanted to put “anarchistic, revolutionary essays and diagrams about how to make your own bomb” on the inside of Nirvana’s hugely popular album Nevermind, adding that he “just thought we better hold off on that… we’d be more effective if we gained popularity first.”
Nirvana’s popular song “Lithium” was an update on Communist Manifesto author Karl Marx’s view of religion as the opiate of the masses, and Cobain refused to appear on the cover of Rolling Stone magazine unless he was allowed to wear a t-shirt that said “Corporate Magazines Still Suck.” He also placed images of the 1992 Los Angeles race rebellions (a.k.a. “riots”) inside Nirvana’s chart-topping album In Utero. The images show the burnt-out Republican headquarters that Black activists targeted in response to the acquittal of police caught on film brutalizing motorist Rodney King.
Police-Detective-Turned-P.I. First Exposed Murder Evidence
The FBI file consisted of three letters replying to correspondence asking that they investigate evidence of Cobain’s murder. The file also includes a transcript of an Unsolved Mysteries episode from 1997, which features private investigator Tom Grant, a former detective for the LA County Sheriff’s Department.
Cobain’s wife, Courtney Love, hired Grant to “find” her husband on April 3, 1994, five days before he was found dead in a room above the garage in their Seattle home. After months of investigation, Grant concluded that Love may have been involved in the murder and knew her husband’s whereabouts when she hired him.
Grant has accumulated a huge trove of evidence, most of which he has shared on his website. A summary of this evidence includes the fact that the purported suicide note only appeared to be a Nirvana breakup note, except where the handwriting changes. Both of Nirvana’s other musicians confirmed that Cobain was breaking up the band, as did Buzz Osbourne of The Melvins.
Grant also has recorded conversations with Cobain and Love’s lawyer, Rosemary Carrol, stating that she found handwriting practice notes Love had left in her home near the time of Cobain’s death. Researchers found that Love’s handwriting practice sheets nearly duplicate the last lines of the purported suicide note, where the handwriting changes. Someone also tried to use Cobain’s credit card after his death, and Grant has Carrol recorded on tape stating that Cobain was divorcing Love.
Further, a leaked coroner’s report noted that Cobain had three times the amount of heroin that would have killed even a hardcore addict, as well as Diazepam, in his system. While some had claimed Cobain was using heroin regularly at the time, this was countered by blood tests from his hospitalization in Rome a month before his death. Before visiting Cobain on tour, Love had obtained Rohypnol (“roofies”) in England (where the drug was legal for sleep). She was an obvious suspect in Cobain’s near-fatal overdose on that same Rohypnol, which temporarily put him in a coma and conveniently erased his memory of what happened. The Roman hospital’s Dr. Galetta stated that it was not a suicide attempt.
Witness Hoke Claims Love Asked Him, and then Allan Wrench, to Kill Cobain
P.I. Tom Grant wasn’t the only person claiming someone murdered Kurt Cobain. Eldon “El Duce” Hoke, lead singer of The Mentors, stated on film that Courtney Love offered him $50,000 to shoot Cobain in the head with a shotgun. She made the offer at Hoke’s job site, The Rock Shop, a record store in Hollywood, California, at the end of 1993. Grant heard about Hoke and asked him to report this assertion to the LAPD, but nothing came of it.
In 1996, NBC’s Hard Copy hired one of the country’s top polygraph examiners, Dr. Edward Gelb, who conducted a “lie detector” test, which Hoke passed. In 1997, Hoke re-stated his allegations, first to a journalist who taped their conversation, and then to Nick Broomfield in the film Kurt and Courtney. Hoke added that he wasn’t available to follow through with the offer, but he knew who did, “Allan…” and then he cut himself off, saying ironically, “I’ll let the FBI catch him.”
Hoke was found dead several days later.
A Violation of Federal Law Within Our Investigative Jurisdiction” Needed
Several of the letters in Cobain’s FBI file are dated in 2000, 2006, and 2007, and all contain the exact same response: “In order for the FBI to initiate an investigation of any complaint we receive, specific facts must be present to indicate that a violation of federal law within our investigative jurisdiction has occurred.”
The U.S. Attorney’s Bulletin states: “The intent element of § 1958 relates to murder; it does not relate to interstate activity. The interstate travel merely triggers federal jurisdiction. A defendant need not intend to travel across state lines to commit murder-for-hire; instead, a defendant need only intend to commit a murder-for-hire and, in doing so, travel across state lines” Bertoldo v. United States, 145 F. Supp. 2d 111, 115 (D. Mass. 2001).
One of the letters from 2003 mentions the documentary Kurt and Courtney, in which Eldon Hoke stated on film that Courtney Love traveled from Seattle, Washington to Los Angeles, California conspiring to have Cobain murdered.
In Love and Death (2005), the authors report that Love came looking for Hoke at The Rock Shop several weeks after offering him the money and got mad when told that Hoke was away on tour. Hoke heard that his friend Allen Wrench took Love’s offer to kill Cobain. The last person seen with Eldon Hoke the night of his death was Allan Wrench.
Police Cover-up and U.S. Intelligence Links to Courtney Love
Tom Grant further found evidence of a Seattle police cover-up, which suggests that police intelligence got word from higher up the U.S. intelligence hierarchy. Police didn’t check for fingerprints on the shotgun found with Cobain until a month after his body was found and then claimed there were no legible prints. Seattle PD also refused to develop the photos from the scene of death for twenty years.
As a featured witness in the film Soaked in Bleach, Cyril Wecht, MD, former President of the American Academy of Forensic Science, told CBS Channel 2 News in Pittsburgh that he thought Cobain’s death was “a ‘staged suicide.’” There was enough heroin in Cobain’s system to kill five people, yet police claimed he had time to put his syringe and other paraphernalia away neatly in a box before picking up the shotgun. Wecht said that was “highly unlikely,” since such a large dose would incapacitate a person in seconds.
Detective Antonio Terry, who reportedly went against his superior's orders and investigated the source of the heroin in Cobain’s body, was also murdered, becoming the first active duty Seattle police officer to die in nine years.
CIA Motives and Evidence of Involvement in Cobain’s Death
In 1953, the CIA started Project MK-Ultra, which used many drugs, including heroin and LSD, for "unconventional warfare." In 1971, The Washington Post revealed how the CIA infiltrated 17 Washington-area activist groups and gave out LSD, apparently to disrupt their minds and their work. MK-Ultra often partnered with Cointelpro, which worked with opiates for a similar purpose.
Courtney Love’s father, Hank Harrison, introduced her to Steve O’Leary when she was 17. O’Leary took her to England, where she brought a thousand hits of LSD to punk and new wave music scenes, slept with many musicians, and disrupted bands. She repeated this behavior in many American music scenes, handing out drugs like candy. O'Leary later confessed to Harrison that he had been working for the CIA at the time.
By many accounts, Love influenced Cobain into daily heroin use, and Cobain incidentally helped popularize the drug for at least several years. Cobain had a horribly painful stomach problem that heroin helped quell, but once he found a medical cure in 1993, he stopped using, as verified by the Roman hospital’s blood tests a month before his death. A newly sober Cobain threatened to promote sobriety and leftist activism.
Evidence tha

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  JFK and Overseas Bases
Posted by: Richard Coleman - 05-06-2021, 09:27 PM - Forum: JFK Assassination - No Replies

How many people know that JFK was undertaking to close various U.S. overseas military bases? I should know, I was stationed on one of them in Spain. Has any other president even entertained the idea of closing any of "our" military bases? Funny how this never gets mentioned.

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  Promise software
Posted by: Matt Grantham - 02-05-2021, 01:59 AM - Forum: Panopticon of Global Surveillance - Replies (1)

Isn't there a guy who has a really elaborate story on how he developed the software and was ripped off by the Reagan administration Is he James Inslaw? thanks

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  Wesley Frazier refutes lunchroom hoax
Posted by: Richard Gilbride - 28-04-2021, 12:27 AM - Forum: JFK Assassination - No Replies

In this recent radio interview for his new book Steering Truth,

QUORUM RADIO- Buell Wesley Frazier on the TSBD Roll Call, Arrest and Decades of Fear-  Part 3

Wesley Frazier recounts at 1:09 that

"... they get up on the 2nd floor, and, uh, there's a lunchroom there, and, um, Marrion Baker and Mr. Truly they encounter Lee Oswald-  he was standing there in front of the Coke machine drinking a soda and, um, over on one of the tables was a partly-eaten cheese sandwich and an apple..."

Frazier evidently heard the last detail from someone (my guess right now is Truly) and this detail was omitted from the testimonies because it precludes Oswald coming down from the sniper's nest. And this item completely refutes the popular-yet-knuckleheaded hypothesis that the lunchroom encounter was make-believe.

The Sophists who have propagandized the research community (Sean Murphy, Greg Parker, Bart Kamp, Jim DiEugenio) are once again exposed as dead wrong. They are badly mistaken on this critical issue and they will be ridiculed by history. And do not wait for them to own up to it.

Naive researchers who have been held in their sway would do themselves a favor by abandoning these snake-oil salesmen and brush up on Depository facts at jfkinsidejob.com. It looks to me that Oswald was assigned to the lunchroom to intentionally draw the attention of the first police responder, to give the west freight elevator a headstart in getting down to the 1st floor unnoticed. Truly & Oswald were essentially play-acting a scene they'd gone over beforehand.

Frazier's description of the lunch items on the table was corroborated by Carolyn Arnold, who told Earl Golz she saw Oswald eating lunch alone at 12:25.

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Big Grin JFK, Vietnam and Agent Orange
Posted by: Richard Coleman - 07-03-2021, 05:30 PM - Forum: JFK Assassination - Replies (2)

Most in the community are aware of JFK’s refusal to send combat troops to Vietnam. Unfortunately there is another Vietnam war issue to consider: Agent Orange. It would appear that he was pretty much on board for the use of this horrible chemical warfare. As documented below. Sad

Item: Vijay Prashad, Consortium News.com Feb. 19, 2021: “Using Das Kapital As A Pillow”:

"From 1961 to 1971, the United States government sprayed 73 million litres of chemical weapons to destroy any vegetation in Vietnam. Agent Orange, the most terrible of chemical weapons in its day, was used on most of Vietnam’s agricultural belt.”

Item: National Security Archive Electronic Briefing Book No. 248 FIGHTING THE WAR IN SOUTHEAST ASIA, 1961-1973
Air Force Histories Reveal CIA Role in Laos, CIA Air Strike Missions, New Evidence on Nuclear Weapons, Air Force Policy Disputes, During Vietnam War Years
Document 2: USAF Plans and Policies in South Vietnam, 1961-1963, By Jacob Van Staaeveren. U.S. Air Force Historical Division Liaison Office, June 1965. Top Secret.

See pp. 56 – 61 “Defoliation”

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  CIA Whistleblower Cory Snodgres - Wow
Posted by: Ryan Murtha - 02-03-2021, 01:32 AM - Forum: Black Operations - No Replies

This guy is for real, his offhand knowledge of ordnance and gear is encyclopedic.

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  New site - The Lesser Reset
Posted by: Ryan Murtha - 02-03-2021, 12:35 AM - Forum: Other - Replies (1)

Lots of original research here, everything from art to political science https://www.lesser-reset.com/

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