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  NO Evidence
Posted by: Gil Jesus - 16-07-2023, 06:10 PM - Forum: JFK Assassination - Replies (3)


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  Why Mark Knight Should Never Be Allowed To Be A Moderator
Posted by: Brian Doyle - 15-07-2023, 05:38 PM - Forum: JFK Assassination - Replies (1)

Knight wrote:

" I'm agnostic as to whether there's any "there" there in the Harvey and Lee story. Here's why.

I was born and grew up in a county in southern Indiana. I married a girl from the next county to the east, and we lived most of our married life in the second county to the east of my home county. A few years into our marriage, my wife was a patient in the local hospital. When I was getting her registered, the registrar asked me if I'd ever been a patient in the same hospital. I had not, and when I inquired why she was asking, I discovered that there was ANOTHER Mark Knight, down to the same middle initial, who had a substantial outstanding bill. Only after giving her my Social Security number did I establish in her mind that I was a different Mark Knight.

So I started asking questions. I discovered there was another Mark Knight, same middle initial, who had graduated high school the same year I had graduated, but in the county in which I was then living. We had grown up 25 miles apart, we weren't related as far as I'd been able to determine to date, and neither of us has ever met the other. But his credit problems came up every time I applied for credit, and I've had to dispute numerous items on my credit report over the years.

So as far as Harvey and Lee go, perhaps there's nothing nefarious involved. Maybe there are just a lot of coincidences such as what I discovered with my own "namesake" in southern Indiana. To this point, I remain unconvinced that the Harvey and Lee case involves a great depth of subterfuge. "

Any person who is qualified to post on the Education Forum as a JFK Assassination researcher would understand what is wrong with the above statement and why Mark Knight should not be allowed to be an Education Forum moderator...Remember, the Education Forum is a website that goes out of its way to host Lone Nutters in some kind of dubious attempt at free speech...So right at the start it is a wheel-spinning forum where, no matter how strong a case of conspiracy evidence you present, the format of the forum is going to allow the deniers to ignore it and argue against it by structure...It is this kind of bogus format that generates moderators like Mark Knight and James Gordon...Why Mark Knight is a moderator or what qualifies him is unknown, but that doesn't stop him from having the final word without review or making self-exposing comments like the one above...To think that the brilliant, near-genius work of John Armstrong could be reduced to the moronic analogy Knight produces is an insult to the intelligence of any credible researcher...Armstrong's work on Captain Westbrook alone cracks the assassination...My brilliant work being reduced to "a shit-poster who doesn't work well with people" while ignoring my substantial, historical gains in JFK research, is also proof of Knight's lack of qualification and bias in favor of Gordon...All it really takes to be an Education Forum moderator is agreeing with Gordon all the time...

Jim DiEugenio also uses the exact same "I'm an agnostic" cop-out when asked to put some skin in the game on Harvey & Lee...He gets away with pretending he doesn't possess his usual expertise when it comes to certain issues...

It's time for a moderation shake-up in the research community...

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  My Education Forum Re-admission Request To James Gordon
Posted by: Brian Doyle - 11-07-2023, 07:15 PM - Forum: JFK Assassination - Replies (4)

James Gordon wrote:

Mr Doyle,

I agree with all Mark has said.

I will await your response to Mark, but I fully support Mark’s reference to “shitposting.”

Clealry in time the members of the admin team will make a decision on your re-admitance. Not to jump ahead to what that decision might come to be - and a non re-admitance is possible - if the team decide to give you another chance and you return ( even once to your previous antics ) I will immediately remove your membership for ever.

I recollect in the past giving you chance after chance. That will not happen this time. The admin team is tired of playing these games.

Do not assume this email suggests you will be re-admited. It does not. That said you now know the conditions that will affect your re-admitance should the admin team allow you back.

I suggest you take Mark’s email to you with the upmost seriousness.


Mr Gordon is lying above when he says he gave me chance after chance...It simply isn't true and the thread record will back me...Gordon is used to getting away with unchallenged murder on the Education Forum, so that is what he's doing here because he knows he will never be called on it by his automatically-approving back-up man Knight (who I have never seen disagree with Gordon or any of his terribly unjust rulings)...

So while Knight gets away with admitting that he didn't know what my original banning was about but he was going to enforce it anyway, and gets away with calling me a "Shit-Poster" (a hypocritical violation of Education Forum rules), Gordon is clearly abusing his authority and acting on personal grounds...

Gordon wrote "If you return to your previous antics you will be permanently banned"...And in doing that he succeeds in condemning me without ever showing any evidence of those "antics"...In Gordon's moderation world his simply accusing someone of violations is equal to condemning proof and unquestioning guilt...Gordon speaks from a position of unquestionable-ness...He says it - you are guilty...

But of we go back to the actual thread record the reality speaks quite differently...In 2016 I tried to present the Davidson enhancement as final proof that Prayer Man wasn't Oswald...I also tried to show my height argument that proved Prayer Man was far too short in height to be Oswald...I was immediately set upon by almost the entire board - with Gordon joining them...Gordon was taking Private Messages from the Prayer Man people, who tried to get around directly discussing my evidence by making specious methodology complaints...Gordon was relaying those complaints without checking their legitimacy first and using them to take moderator actions against me...It was this intentional railroading of the thread by this dubious means that detoured discussion away from my evidence and switched the topic to Gordon's false methodology complaints against me...Even worse, the Prayer Man people were the ones who were guilty of what they were accusing me of...It was when I pointed that out to Gordon that I got banned (He obviously realized I was correct)...

Since 2016 I have massively improved my evidence for Prayer Man being Stanton...However, since the JFK internet has been hijacked by the Prayer Man people, the false slander you see Gordon make above has been effectively used to censor it...Gordon is still being permitted to describe the best most intelligent presentation of evidence on the Prayer Man issue as the "antics" of a "Shit-Poster" that had been justly moderated...Knight gives zero accounting for this true version and Gordon is allowed to continue his horrifically unfair abuse...If you disprove a 95% majority with brilliant research they will not stand up for you when a rogue moderator unfairly bans you...Gordon and the membership have bypassed the rigor they call for and work with each other in an unholy relationship...That's how they avoided my evidence...

Gordon is a liar and the existing thread record does not support his lies above and attempt to disparage and defame me in order to justify his censoring of the correct Prayer Man evidence...Gordon moderated backwards and assisted the Prayer Man people to avoid Peer Review of Davidson and Peer Review of my height argument...This has stood uncorrected since I was banned in 2016 and now I see Gordon has added wrongful defamation and false claims of deserved moderation to his offenses...

All Gordon is doing above is using false moderator complaints to avoid my actually being allowed to fairly argue my proof...Gordon knows that if I were allowed to do what my research has earned that it would, in turn, prove I was correct and, in turn, prove that he wrongfully moderated...He's not going to let that happen as long as he has the power to railroad someone rather than let them make their case...No credible moderator or membership would look at my evidence and not admit I had proven Prayer Man was Sarah Stanton...These people shame themselves by using the intentional destruction of an innocent researcher in order to save face and preserve their bogus theory...

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  DiEugenio Betrays Conspiracy Research
Posted by: Brian Doyle - 03-07-2023, 11:11 PM - Forum: JFK Assassination - Replies (1)

Jim DiEugenio just made a post in the Education Forum Prayer Man thread praising well-known Conspiracy Denier Jeremy Bojczuk...He gave praise to Bojzcuk even though the post DiEugenio praised from Bojzcuk denied the many cases of films and cameras being seized from witnesses in Dealey Plaza...DiEugenio has teamed up with the Parker crew and is openly denying Gordon Arnold's film being taken from him along with many others...

Jim adds insult to injury by praising notorious disinformation nut Bart Kamp in the same post, adding that Bart Kamp is coming out with a new book that should help confirm Oswald is Prayer Man via Hosty's notes...Again, Jim is committing an in-your-face over the Prayer Man issue that he himself already admitted was Sarah Stanton...Jim avoids mentioning my research that shows Hosty actually admitted Oswald was in the 2nd Floor Lunch Room to Nigel Turner...

Jim's betrayal of good Conspiracy research here used to be a violation of this website's rules...However I'm sure it will be tolerated and my pointing it out (in compliance with the DPF site rules and purpose of the site) will be disliked...

Jim is all-in for ROKC and their notorious nutty claims...That, of course, is no problem because he is a member of the clique to whom the rules don't apply...5 stars for Benedict Arnold...

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  Gil Jesus Backs FBI Lies Against Important Witness Carolyn Arnold
Posted by: Brian Doyle - 20-06-2023, 05:44 PM - Forum: JFK Assassination - No Replies

Gil Jesus is attacking important Conspiracy witness Carolyn Arnold and he is using FBI lies to do so...

In 1978 Dallas Morning News Reporter Earl Golz met Carolyn Arnold and showed her her FBI statement for the first time since the assassination...The FBI quoted Carolyn as saying she caught a glimpse of Oswald in the Lobby at 12:15...Carolyn vehemently protested to Golz that she never said that and that she told them she had seen Oswald eating lunch alone at 12:25 in the 2nd Floor Lunch Room...Indeed, in the one March 1964 FBI statement that Carolyn was allowed to proofread the time of 12:25 was given...

Carolyn had explained to Golz that she was 9 months pregnant and was in the habit of getting drinks of water from the 2nd Floor clerical Lunch Room...Carolyn told Golz that, because of her pregnancy, and not wanting to stand too long in the sun, she delayed going out to watch the motorcade to the last moment and decided to get a drink of water before going out front...When she ducked-in to the 2nd Floor Lunch Room to get that drink she saw Oswald sitting at his usual spot alone eating lunch...The time was 12:25...

Gil Jesus is posting the FBI's lies that were used to cover-up Carolyn Arnold's real witnessing on Alt.Conspiracy.JFK and the Education Forum...He gets no resistance whatsoever from people who call themselves Conspiracy Researchers on those forums...By staying silent those CT researchers are failing to obey what the Deep Politics Forum was designed for...DPF was designed to counter the wrongful moderation being practiced at the Education Forum...Because of that wrongful moderation I am not allowed to go use the Education Forum for its purpose and raise a discussion on the evidence involved with Carolyn Arnold...This is one of the most important debates the Education Forum could ever host but it is being pre-emptively disallowed in order to serve the likes of the favored CT researchers over there...Don't forget that the Education Forum hosts and gives equal rights to Lone Nutters...

The JFK internet is seriously dysfunctional because even if I did post a debate about Carolyn Arnold it would be intentionally unparticipated in by those favored researchers...Those researchers fail to account for their enthusiastic support of the Education Forum and its moderation...The full evidence involved with Carolyn Arnold shows beyond a doubt that she witnessed something that was damning to the cover-up so the FBI lied and altered her statement in order to push her witnessing down to the 1st Floor where it could be discredited...And here you have so-called CT researcher Gil Jesus backing the FBI's lies and doing so against one of the most important Conspiracy witnesses...Just the fact Carolyn Arnold was never interviewed again to find out more about it tells you it was dangerous and true...After 1978 she never spoke about it again - which bespeaks serious intimidation and witness coercion - with Gil Jesus taking the side of the intimidators and their lies...With all this in mind Gil gets warm welcome and back slaps from the clique...I get universally rejected and if I brought this debate to the Education Forum those who had the information that proved me correct would with-hold it, the whole time calling themselves Conspiracy researchers...

To add insult to injury I discovered something incredibly important when I discovered Sarah Stanton hearing Oswald say he intended to go back in to the "Break Room" and not accompany Stanton down to watch the motorcade...Obviously that Break Room was the 2nd Floor Lunch Room where Carolyn Arnold would see Oswald moments later, therefore corroborating each other's witnessing...Gil and the Education Forum completely ignore this ground-breaking discovery...The normal rules of the game show that CT researchers have badly betrayed their own cause in order to perpetuate their petty spite and friendships over good research...It is amazing that people who call themselves Conspiracy researchers and moderators would leave someone who discovered something that important hanging, flapping out in the cold wind just so they could enforce their own personal spite - and do so because that researcher disproved Greg Parker's nutty Prayer Man theory...

It's a pretty pathetic research world out there with apparently no limit to the depths some will go or hypocrisy...

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Posted by: Lauren Johnson - 19-06-2023, 03:45 PM - Forum: Geopolitical Hotspots - Replies (14)

Putin is a puzzle.  This thread will be devoted to alternative views on his leadership to people such as Scott Ritter, Pepe Escobar, and formally The Saker, who now has quit blogging.  These persons and others cannot say enough good about Putin, despite what I call glitches in the matrix.  Without going into details, there are things that just don't add up to their vision of Putin the Great.

The next post will reveal the Mother of All Glitches: Putin's June 14 disastrous meeting with a group of approved embedded war journalists.

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  Daniel Ellsberg Dead
Posted by: Brian Doyle - 17-06-2023, 02:48 AM - Forum: Other - No Replies

The author of the Pentagon Papers, Daniel Ellsberg, has died of Pancreatic Cancer at 92...

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  The REAL reason Oswald went to Irving on 11.21.63
Posted by: Gil Jesus - 15-06-2023, 11:52 AM - Forum: JFK Assassination - Replies (1)


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  Roger Odisio Plants Credibility Time Bomb At Heart Of CT Research
Posted by: Brian Doyle - 12-06-2023, 05:30 PM - Forum: JFK Assassination - Replies (6)

Roger Odisio wrote:

" Darnell and Wiegman still plays a role in the relief request. In November, when I asked the NARA general counsel to obtain and make available "NBC video footage that allegedly portrays Mr. Lee Oswald watching JFK's motorcade from the front steps of the Texas School Depository--video footage that would provide Oswald with a alibi"--they blew me off (Motion, p.14). No answer yet, even tho another NARA official had said NARA wanted to add JFK records not yet in their Collection (that is their policy) and suggested I send my request to their general counsel for action. "

Despite the evidence that conclusively proves Prayer Man is Sarah Stanton Roger Odisio is still spear-heading the effort to make Prayer Man the main focus of the Documents Request by Morley and Schnapf...

It is evident to me that Odisio has friends amongst those who are seeking the documents and is being privately told that the NBC Prayer Man films will be included in the request...If you read what Odisio posted above it is clear that he is trying his best to piggyback Greg Parker's bogus Prayer Man theory on to the most important contemporary action in Conspiracy research...Again, this is highly dangerous to credible Conspiracy research because once Odisio succeeds in associating the credulous, Cinque-like Prayer Man theory with the main efforts of CT research its debunking will be used by the authorities to permanently deny serious response to the Conspiracy cause...How does the CT community react to one of the most dangerous threats it ever faced to its credibility?...It doesn't, and Odisio's idiotic request, that stands as a serious potential threat to the cause of JFK Conspiracy research, is met with total silence and no protest from the current schmooze fest they call the JFK internet...

There's a reason why Odisio got no response from NARA on his request for the NBC films and it isn't because they are ignoring credible evidence that proves Oswald was Prayer Man...Odisio got no response because the claim itself is ludicrous on its face and it isn't being taken seriously by NARA or any other credible authority...Unfortunately, Roger Odisio represents yet another wishful hack who tries to hide his lack of skill behind a mask of pseudo-intellectual posing...He's just an ROKC/Prayer Man shill pretending to be a serious representative of Conspiracy research, only this time the consequences of his misadventure are serious and stand to threaten the future of CT advocacy...

The main researchers and moderators are responsible for this as they sit by and do nothing to prevent what may be the final blow to CT research...Odisio is protected and given sanctuary for this on Greg Parker's ROKC website as well as the Gordon/Larsen Education Forum...

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  The "Sniper's Nest"
Posted by: Gil Jesus - 30-05-2023, 01:38 PM - Forum: JFK Assassination - No Replies


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