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  Monica Petersen, Haiti and the Octopus of the Deep State (Part 1)
Posted by: George Williams - 13-02-2021, 09:17 AM - Forum: Human Trafficking - No Replies

**Surviveandheal15 Lives On!!**

Monica Petersen, Haiti and the Octopus of the Deep State
Part 1
(Part 2Part 3 here)

By: Anonymous
February 13th, 2021

(**Author's Note: This is NOT a "QAnon" Article. This author does NOT believe in QAnon AT ALL. This author furthermore does not intend to promote ANY QAnon conspiracy theories with this article, in ANY way.)

"Nothing in life is to be feared, it is only to be understood. Now is the time to understand more, so that we may fear less." 
- Marie Curie

"...the real significance of this scandal for me [...] is the link to contemporary slavery and trafficking. I can't say to what extent, but there is human trafficking happening through the Clinton's [Caracol] Complex. And mining has always been historically linked to trafficking, slavery, and labor exploitation."
 - Monica Petersen, Research Fellow and Assistant to the Director at the Human Trafficking Center at the University of Denver, in January 2016 Facebook Post (LINK)

From Facebook posts, we know that University of Denver Human Trafficking Center Researcher Monica Petersen took a series of trips to Haiti in 2015 and 2016 to investigate human trafficking. We know that she went to talk to Haitian workers, or those very close to them, about working conditions at the Clinton Foundation-sponsored Caracol textile factory in northern Haiti. From a January 2016 Facebook post, we know that Monica Petersen received some kind of report about human trafficking allegedly happening at this Caracol textile factory. Beyond this, we know almost nothing. Petersen officially passed away in Haiti in November 2016, but the circumstances of her death and events leading up to it are still very unclear until this day. A single Washington Post article from December 2016, is the only article I could find about Monica Petersen’s death from any mainstream news agency as of this writing. The silence in the media about Petersen's death in 2016, is both incredibly revealing and disturbing at the same time, potentially telling us a great deal about the true level of censorship we live with in our society. What really happened to Human Trafficking Center Researcher Monica Petersen? Was she correct in her statement before her death that human trafficking was occurring at the Clinton-sponsored Caracol textile factory in Haiti?

There is clearly a very very oddly limited "hodgepodge" of social media information regarding Petersen's death. My search for answers to her death, led me to look deeply into this "hodgepodge" of very limited information. The results of this research is this story. What I found in my opinion only greatly deepened the suspiciousness about Petersen's death, and what her investigation in Haiti may have truly revealed. The blatant media black-out and obfuscation of relevant, publicly available information about Petersen’s death is very very striking. It is obvious from reading reporter Glenn Kessler’s single 2016 Post article, the only mainstream press about Monica Petersen’s death to this date, that Kessler is misrepresenting and omitting from disclosure, highly relevant social media posts about Petersen’s investigation into the Clinton-sponsored Caracol factory in Haiti. It is also worth mentioning that when Hillary Clinton was Secretary of State, Glenn Kessler in his duties as reporter traveled with Clinton frequently and "for several years wrote a blog about his experiences on those trips." In this article, I seek to expose to the best I can, the full scope of the publicly available, relevant social media posts that shine light on Petersen’s human trafficking investigation and her death in Haiti. As can be clearly seen in these online postings, some of the key people involved in these communications, were decidedly left-wing, social justice-oriented activists, not the sort of people you could label as right-wing, pro-Trump QAnon conspiricists. Facebook posts about Monica Petersen's death were shared predominately on right-wing, pro-Trump message boards and other social media sites after her death in November 2016. However, just because these messages were shared mostly on these kinds of sites, does not change the content of the messages themselves, nor the background of the activists who posted the messages. The subsequent media silence about the circumstances of Petersen's death, may speak volumes about the level of criminality against the people of Haiti Monica Petersen was seeking to expose.

Background about Monica Petersen

According to her obituary, Monica Petersen worked as a Research Fellow and Assistant to the Director of the Human Trafficking Center (HTC) at the University of Denver. Petersen officially passed away in Port-au-Prince, Haiti on November 13th, 2016. According to its website, the HTC provides "the only two-year graduate level training program in forced labor, human trafficking, and international migration issues in the U.S." Monica Petersen was born and raised in Ames, Iowa, her life growing up included active involvement with her local 4-H club, and many school activities. She received a bachelors degree in Anthropology from Western State College of Colorado, and in 2014, Petersen received a Masters Degree in International Development with a concentration in Human Trafficking from the Josef Korbel School of International Studies, at the University of Denver. The Human Trafficking Center, for whom Petersen also worked, is a part of the larger Josef Korbel School of International Studies. Considering that Petersen's Masters Degree had a focus on human trafficking studies, it is safe to say that she must have taken many classes that were part of the Human Trafficking Center curriculum, and knew quite a bit about the HTC, before 2014. Petersen worked with many social justice-oriented groups during her life, including the Social Wellness Advocacy Network, the Colorado Human Trafficking Council, and the Laboratory to Combat Human Trafficking. She gave an academic presentation about women victims of human trafficking at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. Her social media postings show that Petersen had a significant academic history researching and combating human trafficking, and was also involved in social justice activism like advocating for the rights of sex workers. In 2014, Petersen wrote a blog post for the Human Trafficking Center blog, titled "Root Causes and Contradictions of the Displaced Youth along the U.S./Mexico Border." In the post, Petersen talked in detail about how "free trade" polices instituted in Central America, and throughout the world, have contributed enormously to increased inequality between the US and Central America and other third world countries, and greatly increased global poverty. As Petersen wrote, this "break-down" in society in Central America has allowed an illegal "informal" economy of gangs and crime to flourish, and horrifically this has contributed greatly to increased child trafficking from Central American countries. Petersen clearly had a deep level of knowledge about economics and global politics, and their impact on human trafficking activities throughout the world. None of this background "fits" with the "QAnon narrative" pushed by our mainstream news constantly now, to say the very least. Before Petersen's death, she appeared on a podcast about human trafficking and sex workers, hosted by Chris Sowa titled “Fighting the Trafficking Narrative from Alaska to Rhode Island.” By all accounts, Monica Petersen was committed to investigating and reporting on human trafficking and other social injustices up until the end of her life.

At the time of Petersen's death in November 2016, the Director of the Human Trafficking Center was Professor Claude d’Estree. The 2016 Post article about Petersen’s death, quotes d’Estree as saying the following about Petersen’s death and time before that: “[d’Estree] had employed Petersen until June [2016] as a researcher and as his assistant, after which she moved to Haiti. He said she had been teaching at private pre-kindergarten-through-12 school, Union School Haiti, mainly to support herself, and had been exploring setting up a nongovernmental organization in Haiti. He said she committed suicide but the circumstances are not clear. d’Estree said Petersen had gone to Haiti a number of times, but she was not there to research human trafficking and was not investigating the Clinton Foundation. He said she had been a “brilliant” research fellow, working the past two years to produce a still unpublished article that critiqued a controversial book on the business of sex trafficking by Siddharth Kara.”

However, even within the 2016 Post article, Monica Petersen’s own Facebook post contradicts d’Estree’s claim that she was not in Haiti to investigate human trafficking. Later on in the same article, Kessler references a group of Facebook posts, one of which is a post Monica Petersen herself wrote in August 2015. In the post, Petersen says, “I’m down in Haiti for the next 3 wks doing fieldwork on human trafficking (i.e. ALL exploited labor sectors, not just sex).” It is true that Petersen took another trip to Haiti in 2016, so in fairness maybe d’Estree is saying that Petersen was not investigating human trafficking on Petersen’s particular trip to Haiti in late 2016, when Monica Petersen died. Still, why was d’Estree not clear about this in the Post article, and why would he at least not mention anything about what Petersen was doing on her 2015 trip to Haiti, when she clearly was investigating human trafficking? 

However, this is just the beginning. What I think can be clearly seen in Glenn Kessler’s Post article, is that he very obviously only references certain Facebook posts about Petersen, her time in Haiti and her death. He clearly does not reference a number of other Facebook posts that are publicly viewable about Monica Petersen. The specific posts that Kessler very clearly omits from his article, just so happen to do with Petersen’s investigation into the Clinton-sponsored Caracol textile factory in northern Haiti, and how her death may possibly be related to this investigation. Bill and Hillary Clinton and the Clinton Foundation were heavily involved in financing and otherwise supporting the construction and operation of the Caracol Industrial Park in northern Haiti, near the city of Cap-Haïtien. Caracol Industrial Park is a textile production factory that went into business in 2012. A well-known picture shows Bill and Hillary Clinton posing with a large group of Haitian workers and factory managers at the Caracol Industrial Park for its inauguration ceremony in October 2012. A 2015 report from Politico stated that the Clintons "were instrumental at nearly every step" in the creation of the Caracol Industrial Park. As the BBC reported in 2016, the main employer at the Caracol factory is the South Korean textile corporate giant Sae-A Trading Co. The Caracol textile factory produces clothes for US Big Box retailers like Walmart, Target and Old Navy. Perhaps not coincidentally at all, after Sae-A got its contract to start producing clothing at Caracol, the corporation subsequently donated between $50,000 and $100,000 to the Clinton Foundation. A major disappointment with the Caracol factory, at least one that is publicly known, is that the total number of jobs created at the factory has fallen far short of initial projections. Bill Clinton said that Caracol would create 100,000 jobs "in short order," but as of 2019, Sae-A Trading employed only about 13,000 workers at the Caracol factory complex, most of whom are female textile workers. 

By far the most significant of the Facebook posts Kessler does NOT mention, is a January 4th, 2016 Facebook Post shared by Bella Robinson, a social justice activist from Rhode Island who was a friend of Monica Petersen. In the post, Robinson quotes Monica Petersen giving a “report” or “travel update” about her visit to Haiti. As shocking as it is to say, Robinson quotes Monica Petersen as stating the following about her visit in Haiti:

1.) She personally went to the Caracol Industrial Park in Haiti to investigate working conditions of the plant's workers.
2.) She personally heard of and was possibly actively investigating claims of human trafficking happening at the Clinton Foundation-sponsored Caracol Industrial Park in Haiti.

Again, here is the Facebook Post (archived link HERE): In Bella Robinson's Facebook post (from January 4th, 2016) quoting Monica Petersen, Petersen states the following: "Caracol is a garment exporting zone, a field site I visited in August to check out the conditions of the workers (conclusion: working conditions okay, working wages too low & below contracts & legal minimum wage in Haiti.)" 

Later on towards the end of the same social media post by Monica Petersen, Petersen says the following: "..the real significance of this scandal for me [...] is the link to contemporary slavery and trafficking. I can't say to what extent, but there is human trafficking happening through the Clinton's Caraol [sic] Complex." This Facebook post was clearly only shared by Bella Robinson to her own group of friends on Facebook. 

As obviously shocking as it is to hear allegations of actual human trafficking occurring at a Clinton Foundation-sponsored textile sweatshop in Haiti, Kessler’s 2016 Post article indeed confirmed that Bella Robinson knew Monica Petersen, and confirms the authenticity of at least one of Bella Robinson's Facebook posts quoting Monica Petersen's "report" of her trip to Haiti. In the Post article, Monica Petersen is named as an "acquaintance" of Robinson. Additionally, Kessler's article states that "...Bella Robinson, a sex worker and activist in Rhode Island in January [2016] had posted a blog post that Petersen had shared on Facebook that had been critical of the Clinton Foundation's work in Haiti." Very very significantly, the Washington Post here does in fact acknowledge that Bella Robinson was sharing actual social media posts by Monica Petersen through her own Facebook posts.

Bella Robinson is a Rhode Island-based social justice activist, sex worker rights activist, and sex worker. She is the Executive Director of "COYOTE RI," a support organization for current and former sex workers and trafficking victims. She is also a founding member of the "AMOR Network," which describes itself as "an alliance of grassroots organizations, providing community support in Rhode Island and southern New England for victims of hate crimes and state-sponsored violence." In addition, Robinson has a scholarly background investigating and writing about sex worker rights' issues as well as sex trafficking. Her and Professor Elena Shih, an American and Ethnic studies Professor at Brown University, co-wrote a research paper titled "Organizing under Criminalization: Policing and Sex Worker's Rights in Rhode Island." In the paper, Robinson and Shih discuss the history of de-criminalization and re-criminalization of sex work in the state of Rhode Island, and the impact re-criminalization has had on the lives of sex workers in the state. Rhode Island de-criminalized prostitution for 30 years and re-criminalized it in 2009. Robinson and Professor Shih also have conducted research surveys where they interviewed sex workers in Rhode Island, and sex workers nation-wide, in order to try to better understand "the realities of consensual sex work and sex trafficking in the US." The nation-wide survey Robinson and Shih conducted interviewed 1,494 sex workers. Professor Shih herself teaches courses in human trafficking, labor migration and sex work, amongst many other subjects at Brown University. Shih also serves on the Board of Directors of Robinson's "COYOTE RI" organization. Bella Robinson clearly has a background both in researching and writing about the nature of sex trafficking and sex work, at an academic level. After Monica Petersen's death in November 2016, many of Robinson's Facebook posts concerning Petersen and her death in Haiti were shared or linked to across various right-wing, pro-Trump/QAnon message boards and websites. People critical of Robinson might try to say she is affiliated with the QAnon "movement" and therefore dismiss what she posted. However, Robinson's background indicates a long involvement with left-leaning, social justice-oriented activism, amongst other information that does not suggest anything of her being affiliated with the "QAnon crowd." It is clearly very hard to dismiss her social media posts as yet another QAnon "rant." The same exact thing can be said about Monica Petersen. Monica Petersen passed away in Haiti in 2016, obviously before the current "QAnon craze" took hold. Petersen clearly had a very well-established academic and activist background researching and investigating human trafficking. Yet again, none of this fits into the "QAnon narrative" at all.

Despite this, the entire focus of Kessler's 2016 Post article (titled "'Pizzagate' rumors falsely link death of sex-worker advocate to nonexistent Clinton probe") is a "debunking job" against the supposed conspiracy theories that Petersen's death had anything to do with the Clintons. In his Post article, Kessler states that after Petersen's death in November 2016, the blog post that Robinson posted on Facebook quoting Monica Petersen the past January, was shared in a Reddit discussion thread and went viral. Kessler states that after the blog post went viral, "This then resulted in a flurry of "news stories" falsely claiming that Petersen had written the blog post and was killed for investigating the Clintons." Kessler then quotes Robinson responding to her post going viral, quoting her as saying, "Some guy from Reddit found an old Facebook post on the Clintons and screen shot it and tagged it in this, and even after I confirmed that her death had nothing to do with the Clintons, he made up stories that the family couldn't get answers." Kessler quotes Robinson as saying that her comments "were taken out of context, and that she was actually trying to end the speculation." Kessler further quotes Robinson as saying that,"Monica Petersen's death is a PRIVATE family matter and it had nothing to do with the Clinton scandal. " Here is the blog post linked to from the Kessler's 2016 Washington Post article:

[Image: TmiB2gU.png]
This post contains a total of 4 social media posts about Monica Petersen. The Post-linked imgur site contains two November 2016 Facebook posts from the University of Denver Human Trafficking Center (Petersen's employer), and the "Laboratory to Combat Human Trafficking", both of which announced and discussed the recent death of Monica Petersen. There is also an August 15th, 2015 Facebook post from Monica Petersen herself, where she discusses her upcoming trip to Haiti in 2015, stating: "I'm down in Haiti for the next 3 wks doing fieldwork on human trafficking (i.e. ALL exploited labor sectors, not just sex)[...]". Finally, the Post-linked imgur site contains a January 3rd, 2016 Facebook post from Bella Robinson quoting Monica Petersen. In this post, Monica Petersen discusses the upcoming Haitian Presidential elections, and Petersen discusses the Clinton's alleged corruption in Haiti. Probably NOT coincidentally at all, this particular Jan. 3rd, 2016 post from Petersen does NOT make reference AT ALL to human trafficking. 

However, in Bella Robinson's Jan. 4th, 2016 Facebook post (link is HERE) posted on Facebook the very next dayPetersen clearly states that "human trafficking" was allegedly occurring at the Clinton's Caracol Industrial ParkIt does not take a genius to figure out that Glenn Kessler, clearly deliberately chose to feature in his Post article the Petersen Facebook post that did not report alleged human trafficking at the Caracol complex, and blatantly ignores the post by Petersen where she clearly states that "human trafficking" is happening at Caracol Industrial Park (which again was posted on Facebook literally the next day.) 

If you think this reeks of a completely blatant and obviously selective omission of factual information on Glenn Kessler's part as a journalist, to say the very least, as horrible as it is to say, this is just the beginning. One thing I immediately noticed when I did a Google news search query for "Monica Petersen." As of February 2021, Glenn Kessler's Washington Post article about Monica Petersen was literally the only mainstream news article about Petersen's death I could find anywhere from any remotely "mainstream" news agency. I mean anywhere. I could not find another article about Monica Petersen's death from any other news agency other than the Washington Post. (If I am wrong about this, please tell me). I could not even find an article in the Denver Post, Petersen's hometown paper at the time of her death. Just looking at the absolute absence of any other mainstream reporting about Petersen's death, I cannot help but feel that there has to be some kind of orchestrated "clamp-down" on information in regards to Petersen's death. 

Also very strikingly: one thing should be immediately noted about Glenn Kessler's past employment history: as Kessler's Wikipedia page notes, in his job duties as a journalist he "... traveled with three different Secretaries of State- Colin Powell, Condeleeza Rice, and Hillary Clinton - and for several years wrote a blog about his experiences on these trips." Glenn Kessler, the author of the only news article about Monica Petersen's death from any mainstream news source pretty much anywhere, also just so happens to be the.... former personal travel companion to and blog writer for Hillary Clinton herself!! 

If this does not reek even deeper of massive conflict of interest and journalistic malpractice, it yet again gets worse. I will return to Kessler's Post article later, but first I think it is most important to do what the Post clearly does not: provide archived links and descriptions of all the Monica Petersen-related social media posts I could find on the internet that had information relevant to her death and time spent in Haiti. I present these posts in chronological order, as best as I can discern their chronological order. From 2015 to roughly November 2016, both Bella Robinson, quotes from Monica Petersen in Robinson's posts, as well as Facebook comments from Petersen's friends shortly after her death, shed light on deeply troubling information about Petersen's time in Haiti as well as her death there, to say the very least. As will be clearly seen, Kessler's December 2016 Post article references almost none of the highly relevant information that is publicly available. The fact that Kessler published this article in the Post in December 2016, after all this information was publicly viewable on social media, denies any excuse that he did not have access to this information.

Time Line of Monica Petersen-Related Facebook Posts

[Image: HuWndZc.png]

8/15/2015 Post:
Personal Facebook post from Monica Petersen herself. Kessler does reference this post in his 2016 article. In this post, Petersen is asking some questions to an unknown Facebook page she recently joined. Petersen states that she is visiting Haiti "... for the next 3 wks doing fieldwork on human trafficking (i.e. All exploited labor sectors, NOT just sex). She describes herself as a "social anthropologist who wants to do solid research on [human trafficking]." Petersen says that as part of her field research, she is seeking to work with sex worker rights organizations in Haiti that are truly "pro-sex worker orgs," and not what she considers to be "sex trafficking savior" organizations seeking to "rescue" sex workers. She goes on to say "rescuing people" is a "stupid & imperialist concept." Bella Robinson responds to Petersen's post, suggesting she look into one such organization she might want to work with in Haiti, the "American Jewish World Service." Petersen then thanks Robinson on the message thread, saying that she was searching for their office or their representatives in Haiti while she herself was in Port-au-Prince, Haiti, but that she could not yet find them and was trying to reach them. 

[Image: f2j3QME.png]

1/03/2016 Post: 
Kessler's Post article states that Robinson posted this in January 2016. Kessler does reference this particular post in his 2016 article. Robinson's Facebook post quoting Monica Petersen. As stated previously, Petersen discusses the Clinton's alleged corruption in Haiti, specifically she states her belief that the Clintons planed to "loot" Haiti for gold and work in some conjunction with groups from the Dominican Republic to accomplish this purpose. Petersen also speculates that a partner of Haitian President Michel Martelly (who she calls "Martelly's guy") is going to steal the upcoming Haitian Presidential Election, and speculates that the Clintons' alleged gold mining "plans" were going to be responsible for the steal. Also very significantly, Monica Petersen refers to her Masters Thesis from the Josef Korbel School of International Studies, of which the Human Trafficking Center, for whom she also worked, is a part of. Petersen says her Thesis focuses on researching "modern structural slavery," and "disaster capitalism."

[Image: 4og64Y4.png]
1/04/2016 Post: 
Bella Robinson's post quoting Petersen's "report" from Haiti. Glenn Kessler DOES NOT refer at all to this specific post in his 2016 Post article. This is the specific Facebook post where Petersen says that human trafficking is happening through the Clinton's Caracol Industrial Park. From the beginning of the post, it is clear Petersen is back in Haiti doing field work like on her previous 2015 trip. In her post, Petersen continues to describe her investigation into Clinton-related corruption in Haiti. Petersen discusses the Morne Bossa gold mine in the north of Haiti. The North Carolina-based VCS mining company, on which Clinton's brother Tony Rodham sat on the board, got the permit to mine gold at the Morne Bossa mine in 2012. In the post, Petersen describes how the Clintons may have allegedly worked with the Haitian Presidential Administration of Michel Martelly, in a "crony" manner, to attempt to begin mining gold at Morne Bossa in 2012. As Petersen also describes, the Clinton Foundation established the Caracol Industrial Park at the same exact time in 2012, and Caracol is fairly close to the Morne Bossa mine. Petersen speculates whether the Clintons may have had some ulterior motive for establishing the Caracol textile factory and beginning mining gold at Morne Bossa at the same time, wondering if it was just "easy money" for the Clintons or if there was something more to it.

It is very important to point out here that this January 4 2016 Facebook post quoting Monica Petersen, contains very significant information about her activities in Haiti that closely corroborates what Petersen is quoted as saying in Kessler's 2016 Washington Post article, in Petersen's August 15 2015 Facebook post referenced in his article. Very significantly, in the January 4 2016 post, Petersen states that she visited the Caracol Industrial Park in 2015, saying the following: "Caracol is a garment exporting zone, a field site I visited in August [2015] to check out the conditions of the workers (conclusion: working conditions okay, working wages too low & below contracts & legal minimum wage in Haiti)."  This very closely matches with what Petersen stated in her own Facebook post dated August 15 2015 (as referenced by the Washington Post), where she said: "I'm down in Haiti for the next 3 wks doing fieldwork on human trafficking (i.e. ALL exploited labor sectors, not just sex)". There is clearly corroboration from both these Facebook posts, that Petersen was actively investigating human trafficking in Haiti and that she personally visited the Caracol complex sometime in August 2015. From these posts, we know that Petersen states that she intended to investigate a potentially wide range of human trafficking activities occurring in Haiti (i.e., across "ALL exploited labor sectors"). It therefore clearly makes sense that as Petersen herself is quoted as saying, she would go and talk with textile workers at the Caracol complex, since the textile export industry across Haiti is notorious for its incredibly exploited, low-wage workforce. So again, there is very significant corroboration of information regarding Monica Petersen's activities in Haiti, from both Petersen's August 2015 Facebook post, and this January 4 2016 Facebook post quoting her less than half a year later. This in my opinion, provides very significant evidence to support the validity of Petersen's comments quoted in Robinson's January 4 2016 Facebook post presented here. Again, Glenn Kessler quite conspicuously neglects to mention at all this January 4 Facebook post in his Washington Post article.

Petersen states that the main buyers for Caracol's garment exports are Gap, Target and Wal-Mart, all of which are corporations Petersen states are "linked" to the Clintons. Petersen states that "family money, not local livelihoods" were motivating the Clintons to develop the Caracol garment factory. Petersen goes on to discuss how she believes that Hillary Clinton, in her role as Secretary of State,"ensured" that Michel Martelly won the "rigged" Haitian Presidential elections in 2010, and that the Clintons wanted Martelly's "hand-picked successor" to win the 2016 election. Petersen states that the Clintons wanted Martelly's successor government to allow Tony Rodham's VCS Mining to begin mining at Morne Bossa. Petersen also states that the time period of mining activity at Morne Bossa "oddly corresponds" to the first and second coups against Haitian President Aristide. Petersen discusses the lack of an assessment of the environmental risks of mining at Morne Bossa, warning about the threat mining at Morne Bossa posed to farmers and the surrounding ecosystem. Petersen states that regardless of the actual amount of mineral wealth available in Haiti, the Clintons viewed Haiti as just another third world country to exploit: "a couple billion here, there, everywhere adds up."

Most crucially, towards the end of her post, Petersen states the following: "I can't say to what extent, but there is human trafficking happening through the Clinton's Caraol [sic] complex. And mining has always been historically linked to trafficking, slavery and labor exploitation." Petersen goes on to speculate about the nature of the workforce at the nearby Morne Bossa mine, believing that Dominicans were most likely the contracted managers at the mine, and Haitian workers were most likely being exploited as laborers at the mine as "low or no cost" labor. Petersen states at the end of her post: "That's two huge human trafficking scandals, an environmental degradation scandal, a social displacement scandal, a Presidential election scandal, a scandal with billions in unaccounted for earthquake aid...all leading back to the Clintons racist cronyism in Haiti." Significantly, Petersen specifically mentions two human trafficking scandals, but in this post, and from what I can find on social media, Petersen only specifically made claims about human trafficking happening at the Caracol factory in Haiti. So if Petersen said "two huge human trafficking scandals" were occurring in Haiti that linked back to the Clintons, where else could the other alleged human trafficking be happening in Haiti??

[Image: d125e08f62863f2ef7dd956a6c7e83486042881c.png]

November 2016 Post:
Personal Facebook post from Bella Robinson. Kessler DOES NOT refer at all to this specific post in his 2016 Post article. Robinson posted this in the comments section of the "My favorite abolitionist" Facebook group, a pro-sex worker and pro-LGBT Facebook group, soon after Petersen's death in November 2016. Robinson posted the following, "RIP Monica Petersen: It seems that Monica was in Haiti investigating the Clintons possible ties to a pedophile ring. Monica family hasn't been able to get any straight answers about her death."

[Image: 16Ghx3F.jpg]

November 2016 Post:
What appears to be Bella Robinson on Facebook, is commenting with another unknown poster.  Kessler does NOT reference this Facebook post in his 2016 articleRobinson's name and profile picture is partially "smudged out" but part of her distinctive Facebook profile picture and a chunk of her name can be seen in the photo. An unknown Facebook poster asks Robinson questions about Petersen's recent death. Petersen responds, saying, "All I know is she committed suicide and she left a note. I don't know the cause of death or anything else. I can't even find any public record of media that mentions her death other then her own FB page, and redditt, and a few spin offs." Robinson goes on to give details to the other poster about Petersen's upcoming memorial service at the Josef Korbel School of International Studies at the University of Denver, on November 18th, 2016.

[Image: 829328ce1b48ce33f676669d5cf70e5cd3a1226a.png]

November 2016 Post:
Personal Facebook post from Bella Robinson, posted sometime after Petersen's death in November 2016. Kessler does NOT reference this Facebook post in his 2016 article. Robinson shares a Reddit discussion thread about Monica's Petersen's death on Facebook. One of her friends comments, asking, "How credible the Reddit link and discussion? Robinson responds, saying, "I found out what happened, and if you message me I will explain. I don't think it is appropriate to post what I know in public."

[Image: MvuVCry.png]
November 2016 Post: 
This Facebook post is a discussion thread about Petersen's recent death on the Human Trafficking Center Facebook page, posted shortly after Petersen's death. Kessler does NOT reference this Facebook post in his 2016 article. In the discussion thread, a poster states: "The alt.right and faux news site went nuts today, hinting that Clinton had [Monica Petersen] killed for investigating her. Please, can you or the family issue a statement to stop this inane conspiracy garbage?" In the thread, the Human Trafficking Center then responds to this poster, saying, "It's actually best to ignore them. It will only feed the flames of their craziness." However, in the very same discussion thread, another poster, claiming to be a childhood friend of Monica Petersen, says the following: "[Monica] was my classmate growing up and I got word she was murdered. A statement would be nice so rumors do not swirl." Another poster on the thread comments,"I sincerely hope you were able to get hold of [Petersen's] notes.... you may get some answers from them..."

(Part 2 Here)

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  MLK/FBI documentary
Posted by: Jim DiEugenio - 08-02-2021, 09:12 AM - Forum: Political Assassinations - No Replies

Jeff Carter has reviewed this new documentary by Sam Pollard on the battle between the Hoover and King.

It at least will introduce the subject to a wider audience.  


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  Two Big Problems with the Passenger Elevator
Posted by: Richard Gilbride - 26-01-2021, 10:57 PM - Forum: JFK Assassination - Replies (3)

I have a new essay ready, Two Big Problems with the Passenger Elevator, posted at my website at http://jfkinsidejob.com/essays

This is essentially a critique of John Armstrong's recent work Escape from the 6th Floor.

I have a dog in this hunt, so to speak, and found two avenues of attack. This endeavor brought me to further unravel the story of Victoria Adams, and the situation with the Depository elevators. This, to my knowledge, is new information- at the least a new slant- and should pique your curiosity in having a look at this essay.

I'm happy with the result.


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  My "Surviveandheal15" 10-Book Recommended Reading List
Posted by: George Williams - 24-01-2021, 09:41 PM - Forum: Books - No Replies

Hi Everyone! So here goes:

Here is my "Surviveandheal15" recommended 10-book reading list. 
The 10 books cover roughly the following 3 broad "topics":
child trafficking and ritual abuse; 
"deep state criminality"; and 
"a message of hope"

Here is the list:

Topic: Child Trafficking & Ritual Abuse
1.) The Franklin Scandal: A Story of Powerbrokers, Child Abuse & Betrayal (2009) by Nick Bryant
2.) Confessions of a D.C. Madam: The Politics of Sex, Lies & Blackmail (2014) by Henry Vinson & Nick Bryant
3.) Children for the Devil: Ritual Abuse & Satanic Crime (1991) by Tim Tate

Topic: "Deep State Criminality"
4.) Our Man in Haiti: George de Mohrenschildt and the CIA in the Nightmare Republic (2012) by Professor Joan Mellen
5.) The Black Jacobins (1938) by C.L.R. James
6.) Gold Warriors: America's Secret Recovery of Yamashita's Gold (2005) by Sterling & Peggy Seagrave
7.) Elite Deviance (11th Ed.) (2018) by David R. Simon
8.) The CIA as Organized Crime: How Illegal Operations Corrupt America and the World (2017) by Doug Valentine
9.) The Mafia, CIA & George Bush (1992) by Pete Brewton

Topic: "A Message of Hope"
10.) Generations: The History of America's Future, 1584 to 2069 (1991) by William Strauss & Neil Howe

Hope I am recommending some significant and useful reading. Stay safe!!

"If there are computers, societies, and ecosystems that exist, 
this is not merely because new properties emerge (or, as 
reductionists would have it, seem to emerge) from atoms, 
but also because God has placed within each monad all of 
the possibilities of its individual development. In fact, God 
has harmonized all of the possible developmental paths of
all monads through his predeterminations, though He does
not coerce but rather "inclines" each monad towards its

    -from James L. Kelley "Anatomizing Divinity: Studies in Science, Esotericism and Political Theology"

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  U.S. Psychological Torture - Alfed McCoy
Posted by: Peter Lemkin - 03-01-2021, 12:18 PM - Forum: Science and Technology - No Replies

Alfred McCoy, Professor of History at the University of Wisconsin, explores the history and use by the CIA of psychological torture in terms of how this particular form of torture was discovered, perfected and made legal.

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  Complete Wikileaks Data Dump
Posted by: Lauren Johnson - 02-01-2021, 06:41 PM - Forum: Players, organisations, and events of deep politics - Replies (1)

Supposedly this is everything Wikileaks has (just released)


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  Sirhan's Upcoming Parole Hearing
Posted by: Jim DiEugenio - 30-12-2020, 03:38 AM - Forum: Political Assassinations - No Replies

Please read the notice below and please take five minutes to write the parole board especially if you live in Califorinia.

Sirhan, even if you do not argue the facts of the case, should have been paroled decades ago since he has been a model prisoner and the average term in prison for his crime has turned out to be about 16 years. Not just in California, same thing in, for example, Maryland.



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  Great Reset, Inclusive Capitalism, The Vatican & Klaus Schwab
Posted by: Lauren Johnson - 17-12-2020, 03:01 AM - Forum: Players, organisations, and events of deep politics - No Replies

Great video on the background of the Anglo-American Establishment, and more.  Conversation between Jay Dyer and Richard Grove.

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  Discussing **Possible** Resources for Ritual Abuse Survivors
Posted by: George Williams - 06-12-2020, 12:41 AM - Forum: Organizations and Cults - No Replies

**Surviveandheal15 Lives On!!**

"Nothing in life is to be feared, it is only to be understood. Now is the time to understand more, sot that we may fear less." - Marie Curie

(*Author's Note: This is NOT a QAnon Article. The author does not believe in QAnon AT ALL)

I though it would be useful to ask what I think is both an extremely difficult, yet absolutely critical, question right now: what are (if any??) therapeutic resources available to survivors of ritual abuse and mind control programming?? I believe this is a topic that is very directly relevant to the current Pedogate investigation. Information that has come out in previous investigations of elite pedophilia/ritual abuse cases, suggests very strongly that many victims of this kind of abuse have been put through a very intensive and pre-planned mental conditioning process, commonly known as trauma-based mind control. The purpose of this appears to be to use various kinds of trauma on a child, such as extreme physical and sexual abuse starting at a very early age, to force the child to mental disassociate from these horrific experiences. Disassociation, or mentally escaping "from reality, " is a natural defense mechanism for dealing with extreme abuse, especially in children.

Apparently, the effect of repeated disassociation, due to repeated extreme abuse, is that the child's own mind becomes fragmented into multiple personalities. There are reports that the people inflicting this abuse, often the child's own parents or those close to them (who are often known as "programmers"), are skilled enough in inflicting trauma on the child in a systematic way, that they can literally "program" certain alter personalities of their own design into the child. What is being described, is essentially a technique to turn children into mental "robots," who have lost free will and act according to the scripted personalities that have been "programmed" into them through this abuse-based mind control process. Once these child victims become adults, its anybodies guess how these poor people are used by and manipulated by their controllers in the larger society.

The best documentation that I have found that substantiates this kind of horrific abuse, is Dr. Corydon Hammond's infamous "Greenbaum Speech." Dr. Hammond is a clinical psychologist at the University of Utah School of Medicine Website page. Dr. Hammond delivered the "Greenbaum Speech" in 1992, as a spoken speech to a professional conference of therapists, at a conference known as the "Eastern Regional Conference on Abuse and Multiple Personality Disorder" in Alexandria, Virginia. Here is a link to a transcript of the full speech Greenbaum Speech, and here is a youtube audio recording of the Greenbaum speech Audio SpeechYouTube.

It is critical to read or watch the full speech to get what Dr. Hammond is saying, but the gist of it is this: Dr. Hammond used hypnotherapy on victims of ritual abuse who had multiple personalities. Hypnotherapy is a process where the therapist helps their patients relax enough where they basically go into a sub-conscious state, similar to meditation. Once the patient is in this sub-conscious state, the therapist can calmly talk to the patients and help subconsciously "guide" them back to parts of the patients lives that are troubling them. In this sub-conscious state, patients can often access memories that they cannot access in their fully conscious life. This process is known as "hypnotic regression." Dr. Hammond's intent was to use hypnotic regression to help ritual abuse patients "mentally" go back in time to recover their memories of ritual abuse, so that the patients could recover these horrific memories and "re-integrate" their multiple personalities, which had been created through the abuse, back into their real, true self.

In the process of doing this, Dr. Hammond kept finding that many of his patients had been the victim of the same type of mind control conditioning process, where their personalities had been split by abuse into multiple alter personalities. Each of these alter personalities were labelled and identified by a letter of the Greek Alphabet (alpha, beta, delta, gamma etc). Dr. Hammond talked to other therapists in other parts of the country. These therapists also said they had ritual abuse patients who were the victim of the same type of mind control, where their personalities were split into personalities that were then identified by greek alphabet letters. For instance, a victim in Florida would have an alter personality identified by the greek letter "beta," and another victim in say, Oregon, would also have an alter personality labelled "beta." The "beta" personality of the Florida victim would have the same characteristics as the "beta" personality in the Oregon victim.

The only conclusion I can draw from this type of information, is that Dr. Hammond seemed to have uncovered the outer edges of a very large, national in scale (or very possibly international is scale), mind control program that was very deliberately and systematically programming large numbers of children all over the country, into having multiple personalities. Here is a brief rundown of the descriptions of the differently kinds of alter personalities (again, identified by letters of the greek alphabet) that him and other therapists all over the country kept finding in ritual abuse patients:
""Alpha" personality: the first alter personality put into people through the abuse process, apparently kind of like the "ground floor" level of the mind control programming
"Beta" personality: personality apparently used for sexual activities. Used for performing in and producing child pornography, for sexual activity in satanic rituals, sexual blackmail activities of politicians/businessmen/ powerful political and economic figures. Seems to be an all-around sexual personality brought out in a victim by the programmer.
"Delta" Personality: Personality associated with performing covert paramilitary-type operations. Think spying, espionage, assassination, "black ops" type activities. This personality apparently goes through a really intensive military training process.
"Omega" personality: "Self-destruct" programming. Very scary, apparently the victim is conditioned to go into a suicidal, self-destructive "omega" personality if they start to recover memories or start to recover from the mind control programming. Omega is the end letter of the greek alphabet, beginning and end , "alpha and omega" Included this to emphasize the risk that is inherently, clearly involved in any process undertaken to treat these victims of this kind of abuse.
Again, please read the full "Greenbaum speech" to get the full details of the mind control process that Dr. Hammond thoroughly describes.

Very important point: Please do not contact Dr. Hammond personally regarding any of this.  There are very serious reports that after he delivered this speech, Dr. Hammond's life and his family's life were very seriously threatened. I am not mentioning this to scare anyone, just to emphasize the importance of respecting his privacy and safety as a mental health professional.

It also cannot be emphasized enough that the "foundation" (for lack of any better term) of all this highly-complicated "splitting" of personality along highly "occult" terms, is the extreme sexual and physical abuse of children, most often beginning at a very very young age. As horrific as it is to say, this information from Dr. Hammond's speech cannot be emphasized enough.

I wanted to put this information out there, only in the hope that this information, or even only a part of it, may actually be helpful to actual victims. It is not my intention to lead anyone down any "rabbit holes" of false claims, or to misinform anyone with this kind of information. I only included Dr. Hammond's name to give credibility to this very important information. Some of the most significant parts of Dr. Hammond's speech are toward the end of his "Greenbaum Speech", where he goes into extensive detail about the different techniques a trained hypnotherapist can use, to effectively "de-program" a mind control/ritual abuse victimThis appears to be a very complicated process, and it is definitely not something anyone should attempt to do if they are not both a trained mental health professional, and a trained hypnotherapist. As Dr. Hammond emphasizes, if this process is not carried out effectively, the patient/abuse survivor could become self-destructive or even suicidal. Also, undeniably there is a very very significant degree of personal risk to the therapist treating these kind of survivors. Dr. Hammond points out that in some cases, he found out that the ritual abuse patient was secretly "reporting back" details of his or her de-programming treatment to his abusers, through an alter personality the therapist had not yet discovered. Again, I am not saying any of this to cause undue fear, I am just trying to be as truthful as I can be about the actual risks of this kind of "de-programming process."

**Possible** steps towards treating ritual abuse/ mind control survivors
1. If you or someone you know is the victim of this kind of abuse, try to find a mental health professional (clinical psychologist, registered therapist, etc.) who has experience in using hypnotherapy to treat patients. Nowadays, many therapists have their own websites or pages on websites like Psychology Today, where they list their treatment specialities. Try to find a psychologist who is a certified hypnotherapist, and ideally try to find a psychologist who specializes in child abuse issues. Some psychologists even specialize in treating multiple personality disorder (now known clinically as dissociative identity disorder (DID)), but these are a lot harder to find. I think most importantly though, is to find a therapist who has extensive experience in hypnotherapy.

2. If you can find a therapist you can trust, once treatment has begun, calmly bring up some topics related to the ritual abuse issue, and quietly get them a copy of Dr. Hammond's "Greenbaum Speech," which you can easily find online. Don't talk about it with anyone besides the therapist, there in no need for unnecessary risk. If the therapist can find ways to incorporate Dr. Hammond's suggested techniques for de-programming ritual abuse victims, into his or her own hypnotherapy, this could be a real path towards setting people free from this kind of horrible abuse. Take care everyone, and stay safe.

"If there are computers, societies, and ecosystems that exist, 
this is not merely because new properties emerge (or, as 
reductionists would have it, seem to emerge) from atoms, 
but also because God has placed within each monad all of 
the possibilities of its individual development. In fact, God 
has harmonized all of the possible developmental paths of
all monads through his predeterminations, though He does
not coerce but rather "inclines" each monad towards its

    -from James L. Kelley "Anatomizing Divinity: Studies in Science, Esotericism and Political Theology"

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  "Hiding in Plain Sight:" Doug Valentine's Insights & The Franklin Scandal
Posted by: George Williams - 06-12-2020, 12:08 AM - Forum: Black Operations - No Replies

**Surviveandheal15 Lives On!!**

"Nothing in life is to be feared, it is only to be understood. Now is the time to understand more, so that we may fear less." - Marie Curie

(*Author's note: this is NOT a QAnon Article. This author does not believe in QAnon AT ALL)

According to Nick Bryant, author of the "Franklin Scandal", Lawrence E. King, alleged high-powered child trafficker and abuser from “Franklin Scandal” infamy, was allegedly (or may still be?) employed as some kind of executive assistant at the BMW Dealership in Sterling, VA, owned by entrepreneur Thomas Moorehead. For those who want to investigate into the "Franklin Scandal" child trafficking scandal of the 80s, I cannot recommend enough the following two books specifically: Nick Bryant's "Franklin Scandal: A Story of Powerbrokers, Child Abuse & Betrayal," and also Nick Bryant & Henry Vinson's co-written 2015 book "Confessions of a DC Madam: The Politics of Sex, Lies and Blackmail." In both these books, adults interviewed by Bryant allege that as children in the 80s, Lawrence E King and his cronies subjected them to abuse so horrific that it is truly beyond the mind to comprehend. Henry Vinson alleges that on one occasion in the 80s in the Kalorama suburb of DC, Lawrence E. King, along with another unspeakably shady character named Craig Spence, both told him directly to his face that they (King & Spence) trafficked children to powerful pedophiles who "took pleasure" in murdering these children.

So how the hell can the mind react to this information? Beyond the inevitable shock and rage, what always remains, in my mind, is the absolute pressing need to shine as bright a light as possible on the disgustingly corrupt mechanisms of society that could ever enable this kind of abuse to happen in the first place. I do this in the hope, as ever small as it might be, that by shining a light on this corruption, we can at least hope that justice will someday be brought for the victims, and this abuse can someday stop forever.

In the spirit of all of this, I decided to personally dig into the question of why well over 20 years after the Franklin Scandal of the 80s, Lawrence E King had no problem at all finding himself a job selling cars at an extremely high-end Washington, DC. car dealership, without anyone apparently batting an eye. If you dig into the background of Larry King’s boss at this dealership, Thomas Moorehead, you will quickly find that back in the 80s he went through General Motor’s extremely selective dealership training program, which trains new dealership owners. In 1987, Moorehead opened his first car dealership, selling Buicks, in of all places (you guessed it)…. Omaha, Nebraska. Omaha is of course the epicenter of the Franklin Scandal child abuse allegations. By all accounts, Moorehead was an extremely successful car dealer, rapidly opening more dealerships after his initial one in Omaha. In 2002, he moved to Virginia to open a new BMW dealership in Sterling VA and went on to open a Rolls Royce Dealership right across the street. (Link to Moorehead’s profile in “Washington Life” Magazine)

According to the Washington Life article, Moorehead is very very concerned about providing the utmost customer service to his wealthy clients at his Rolls Royce dealership in Sterling. Apparently, he will even send “…homemade coffee cakes to clients whenever the dealership makes even a minor error.”
Using basic common sense, if a guy like Thomas Moorehead is so obsessed with “customer service” that he is baking coffee cakes in response to minor customer errors, does anyone really think he would ever hire someone at his dealership without performing the most thorough background check possible? Seeing all the horrible info about Lawrence E King that is out there on the internet without even needing to pay for a background check, obviously there is much more at play then meets the eye. In a radio interview, Franklin Scandal author Nick Bryant said that Larry King had gotten a “no-show job” at a car dealership in Virginia, and that clearly King was keeping his mouth shut and being rewarded for it.

Doug Valentine and The Phoenix Program
As bizarre as it is to see Larry King working at some random auto dealership in the DC suburbs, it made a lot more sense to me when I read author Doug Valentine’s 2017 book, “The CIA as Organized Crime: How Illegal Operations Corrupt America and the World.” Doug Valentine is a long-time researcher of the CIA, he is best known for his book “The Phoenix Program,” where he really exposed the Phoenix Program, a CIA-run assassination program during the Vietnam War that specifically targeted and sowed terror amongst the civilian population.
As Valentine documents, through the Phoenix Program the CIA operated torture centers all over South Vietnam, and assassination teams of Vietnamese mercenaries (many of them hardcore criminals) led by CIA paramilitary officers, were unleashed on the civilian population to wreak havok. Mass slaughter of civilians was commonplace, and apparently, some of these CIA kill teams were so depraved, members would actually “devour their enemies’ vital organs” after killing them.

Very much worth pointing out that a 1973 article in the Omaha Sun says that Larry King served as an Air Force “Information Specialist” in Thailand during the Vietnam war, and that he handled “top secret” military communications (from Nick Bryant’s “Franklin Scandal”). Doug Valentine also said in his "CIA as Organized Crime" book that during the Vietnam War era, Thailand was "awash with drug money." To better understand this history, I think it is very good to look at authors like Valentine, and at authors like researcher Alfred McCoy, with his book "The Politics of Heroin in Southeast Asia." McCoy and Valentine both point out that during the Vietnam war, huge amount of opium was grown in the "Golden Triangle" region of Thailand, Burma and Laos as part of a massive heroin trafficking operation that operated under the protection and auspices of the CIA. Thailand in particular was known to be an important transit center for the huge amounts of drug money that flowed from the heroin trade. Book publisher Kris Millegan is the publisher of Nick Bryant's very important investigation of the Franklin Scandal; he runs TrineDay Publishing in Eugene OR, and himself is the son of a very high-ranking OSS and CIA intelligence analyst. Millegan has stated in interviews that Chiang Mai, a major city in northern Thailand, was known in the Vietnam War era to be a very important "heroin city," a place that hosted "all the major banks, and had a four-lane highway going to the Golden Triangle."

The reason I bring all this up, is because we can see from this accumulated evidence that Lawrence E. King was serving as some kind of very covert "intelligence messenger" of sorts for the Air Force in Thailand, in a country that at the very same time that King was there, was awash in heroin trafficking and huge amounts of money laundering, all of which just so happened to be operating under the protection of the... American intelligence agencies, in particular the CIA. If we then fast-foward to the 1980s, we then see Lawrence King directing a bank in Omaha NE, the Franklin Credit Union. Once the "Franklin" child abuse scandal started unfolding in the late '80s, one of the additional allegations that came out was the possibility that King was using his Credit Union to launder money for Ronald Reagan's illegal "Iran-Contra" operation. Iran-Contra was a scheme where financial proceeds from illegal operations, in particular drug trafficking and weapons sales, were used to pay to arm the Contras, a right-wing military group that fought the Sandinistas in El Salvador in the 80s.

As Nick Bryant writes in his "Franklin Scandal" book: "Rumors that Franklin Credit Union funds ended up in the Reagan administration illegal Contra war chest even made into the Lincoln Journal [Nebraska newspaper]..." Anyone who has studied the Iran-Contra scandal, knows the Contras were heavily implicated in trafficking huge amounts of cocaine from South America as a major means of funding their military operations. So clearly, laundering all the money this huge cocaine trafficking operation produced, had to be a very significant piece of the overall "Iran-Contra" scandal. So with Larry King, we see someone who is documented as being an actual intelligence agent in the Vietnam era. There is then the possibility that King may have played a very direct role in an "Iran-Contra" connected drug money laundering scheme in the 80s, through the operation of his Franklin credit union in Omaha. And then going back to the 60s, in King's role as a top secret intelligence messenger in Thailand in the 60s, at the very same time that country was awash in a US intelligence-protected heroin trafficking and money laundering operation... one can only wonder what King was up to in that era. As can be clearly seen, Doug Valentine, Alfred McCoy and Nick Bryant's information helps to give a bigger scope of the sinisterness of all this.

Getting back to Doug Valentine: In the 1980s, Valentine was in the process of writing “The Phoenix Program,” and he had managed to establish contacts with a number of “former” CIA officers who were leaking him bits of info about the Phoenix Program. As Doug describes it, the reason he was able to get a “foot in the door” to talk to some of these CIA people was because of a book he had written about his own father’s experiences in World War 2, called “The Hotel Tacloban” (I highly recommend the book).
Valentine’s father was a US military veteran who was captured by the Japanese and held in a POW camp in the Philippines during the war, that held mostly Australian enlisted men and British officers. He was part of a full-on mutiny by enlisted men in the POW camp, after the Australian enlisted men found out a British officer in the camp ratted out two attempted escapees who were then executed by the Japanese prison guards in the camp (beheaded on Christmas day). In response, there was a riot in the camp and the British officer was murdered by the enlisted men. After the POW camp was freed at the end of the war, Valentine’s father’s military records were altered, and he was ordered never to speak of the mutiny, under threat of being court-marshalled. Doug's father did eventually make it safely back to the US (eventually after his ordeals), where he married and had a family. The tribulations Valentine's father went through during WWII are a truly incredible story.

In the 1980s, Valentine sent a copy of “The Hotel Tacloban” to William Colby, then-Director of the CIA. Apparently, Colby was impressed by the book and what his father went through during the war and granted Doug Valentine an interview. Colby himself was a WW2 veteran, he served as an OSS Paratrooper (OSS was the predecessor to the CIA). He himself was also a major architect of the Phoenix Program during the Vietnam War. For whatever reason, Colby was willing to divulge some info about the Phoenix Program to Valentine, and other CIA agents followed suit, divulging info about some other aspects of CIA operations.

Exposing the CIA “Deep Cover Agent” Network in the US

In the 1980s, one of the CIA officers who came out of the woodwork to speak to Valentine was “Larry.” Larry was a former Marine who was recruited into the CIA during the Vietnam War. After Vietnam, Larry was set up by the CIA’s Central Cover Staff to be a “deep cover agent”. He was set up with a fake life and job history, and was assigned to the Philippines, where for 10 years he worked at management-level positions at American corporations all over the Philippines, all the while secretly reporting back to the CIA. These corporations include General Motors, Visa Card, and Westinghouse, and they all knowingly provided cover to this CIA agent.

On top of this, “Larry” actually managed to get himself elected as a politician and actually served in the Philippines legislature, all the while still being a CIA deep cover agent. Apparently, this was a bridge too far for the US State Department, so Larry was “whisked” out of the Philippines, his CIA assignment there ended.
In reward for his years of service in the Philippines, the CIA rewarded Larry, as a kind of cushy “retirement job” by making him the manager of the “Four Ways” Restaurant, a super-exclusive restaurant at DuPont Circle in DC. Larry invited Doug Valentine to meet at the restaurant, where he described what happened:

“This restaurant was the fanciest place I had ever been in my life. It was a place where striped pants State Department officials, foreign dignitaries and business tycoons met to make deals…each lavishly appointed room had its own dining table and waiter.
I was directed to a leather booth in the wood-paneled basement barroom, where Larry casually explained that each room was bugged by the CIA.
As we were talking, a group of well-dressed young men and women, chaperoned by an older man, took the booth next to us. The rest of the barroom was empty. They ordered drinks but remained silent and alert as Larry explained the ins and outs of his CIA experience to me.
At one point, Larry nodded to the older man at the next booth, then informed me that the young people listening to our conversation were [CIA] junior officer trainees from Langley.
Larry told me that the CIA manages a parallel society where deep-cover agents like him, as well as retired CIA officers and their agents, are provided with comfortable employment in their retirement years, or when they otherwise need sanctuary and recompense for their services.
Many of these agents […] are folded into this parallel universe as managers of the local Ford dealership, or proprietors of a Chinese restaurant, or in hundreds of other jobs held in abeyance by cooperating businesses.” Doug Valentine sums up this CIA-run “deep cover” network as “…the hidden geography of Top-Secret America, a subculture of highly trained operators with a dangerous set of skills that can be called upon at any moment. The one thing they have in common is that they are entirely dependent on the war criminals running the CIA.”

Relevance to Child Trafficking/Pedophile Ring Investigations
According to a number of sources, the CIA appears to have its tentacles extended into the horrifying world of child trafficking and pedophilia blackmail operations. Nick Bryant and Henry Vinson documented in their book “DC Madam,” the story of Craig Spence, who was allegedly running a sexual blackmail operation involving pimping underage children out of a mansion in the upscale DC suburb of Kalorama. Craig Spence apparently told people he worked for the CIA, and based on his sources, author and investigator Nick Bryant specifically describes Spence as some kind of "CIA asset." Furthermore, for people who don’t know about “The Finders” Case, the Finders were a bizarre satanic-type cult that was publicly exposed (briefly) in the ‘80s, that had operations in DC, including a warehouse that appeared to operate as a child trafficking hub where photos were found of naked children being ritualistically abused. Worth pointing out that the supposed leader of the “Finders” was a man named Marion Pettie. An article in US News Report stated that Marion Pettie’s wife worked for the CIA, and his son worked for Air America, a well-known CIA front company that was heavily involved in smuggling huge amounts of heroin during the Vietnam War as part of CIA-sanctioned drug trafficking operations.

Considering all these connections, Doug Valentine’s information about the CIA’s network of “deep cover agents” in businesses across the US, raises some big questions in regard to Pedogate-and Franklin Scandal-related research. As crazy as it may be to think, is it possible that Larry King himself has been tucked away into this very network? Clearly, King was given a cushy job in his older “retirement” years at a car dealership run by a man with a curious history that extends right back to Omaha. Honestly, this seems to fit right in with the network of “front” jobs described by Agent “Larry.” Could Thomas Moorehead be somehow beholden to the Agency for his enormous success, or an intelligence operative of sorts himself?

When it comes specifically to Pedogate-centered research, to be clear, Valentine never indicated that the Four Ways Restaurant where he met the agent was involved in anything related to child abuse. However, Valentine’s information certainly gives evidence that the CIA does in fact operate restaurants in DC as fronts, and bugs the rooms. Also, definitely have to point out that the Four Ways restaurant, when it was open in the ‘80s, was located in the Fraser Mansion, which is at 1701 20th St NW, at DuPont Circle in DC. Guess what’s going on there now?  The Church of Scientology owns the Fraser Mansion, and uses it as their “National Affairs” office. Can’t help thinking of Greta Van Susteren, a well-known Scientologist, who as an attorney reportedly played a major role in covering up Craig Spence’s child trafficking operations in DC in the early 90s (please see my other post on Deep Politics Forum about Van Susteren HERE.)

In conclusion, I’d encourage folks to look more into Doug Valentine’s research into the CIA. I have never heard of him researching into Pedogate-related topics, but I think the knowledge he provides about the reality of how the CIA operates, can be very valuable in this community. The very idea that this “deep cover agent” network Valentine exposes, could possibly function as a way of hiding “in plain sight” one of the worst child abusers imaginable, is obviously horrifying. However, knowledge is always power, and the more we can do to expose the specific machinations through which this evil network operates, clearly the better. Good luck with the digging everyone, take care and STAY SAFE!

"If there are computers, societies, and ecosystems that exist, 
this is not merely because new properties emerge (or, as 
reductionists would have it, seem to emerge) from atoms, 
but also because God has placed within each monad all of 
the possibilities of its individual development. In fact, God 
has harmonized all of the possible developmental paths of
all monads through his predeterminations, though He does
not coerce but rather "inclines" each monad towards its

    -from James L. Kelley "Anatomizing Divinity: Studies in Science, Esotericism and Political Theology"

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