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Bart Kamp's Dallas Conference Prayer Man Presentation
While the production values of this presentation are excellent the content is disgustingly deceptive...Kamp has no respect for the people who paid to go to the Conference and is knowingly lying to them...This presentation is a dishonest exercise in evidence avoidance from beginning to end...Kamp is well aware that there is evidence to refute most of what he claims in this video:

I posted this comment in the comments section of Kamp's video but it disappeared shortly after:

This video is an overt exercise in avoiding evidence...What the average unsuspecting viewer doesn't realize is how much counter evidence Bart Kamp is intentionally omitting in order to deliberately misinform...A person who possesses the technical skill to make such a presentation as this one is a person who is quite capable of showing the evidence that Prayer Man is Sarah Stanton...Kamp is well aware of the evidence but he deliberately with-holds it...Mr Kamp is not showing the viewers the enhancement of the Wiegman Film done by Chris Davidson where Sarah Stanton's face was seen on Prayer Man...It is quite obvious to those who have studied this subject that the reason Kamp doesn't show the Davidson Enhancement is because he knows it shows Stanton's face on Prayer Man...Another important piece of visual evidence Kamp dishonestly with-holds is the recent discovery of a woman's dress neckline on Prayer Man in Darnell...The clearly-seen woman's neckline in Darnell is corroborating proof of the Davidson Enhancement that also proves Prayer Man is Stanton...Kamp is quite capable of showing the public that woman's dress neckline on Prayer Man in Darnell...He doesn't because he knows it refutes his Prayer Man claim...Mr Kamp is not telling the truth about Sarah Stanton or Pauline Sanders' location on the steps...Sanders was found in between Shelley & Lovelady in the Altgens 6 image which placed her to the east of the glass door up against the divider like she told the Commission and not down the steps where Kamp falsely places her...Again, the level of technical expertise Kamp offers in this video gives no excuse for Kamp not showing the viewers Sanders in between Shelley & Lovelady in Altgens...The reason Kamp is avoiding showing that image is because he knows it refutes what he is claiming...As for Stanton, Lovelady placed Stanton next to him in the Prayer Man spot when the limousine passed the front steps...Kamp doesn't use his technical expertise to show you Gloria Calvery on the steps in Darnell...The reason he doesn't is because any showing of Calvery climbing the front steps in Darnell would calibrate the scene being shown in Darnell with Buell Frazier's statement that Sarah Stanton turned to him to tell him what Calvery had shouted...Very simply, Prayer Man is facing forward towards the motorcade in Wiegman...Darnell shows Prayer Man as having pivoted towards Frazier exactly like Frazier described Stanton as doing at the time...Counter to what Kamp falsely claims, Buell Frazier did describe who was in the Prayer Man spot when he described Stanton's actions in response to Gloria Calvery shouting "The president has been shot"...Frazier didn't quite catch what Calvery shouted so he looked at Stanton with a puzzled look and Stanton turned towards him and said "I think she said the president has been shot"...This is exactly what you see Prayer Man doing in between Wiegman and Darnell when Prayer Man pivots towards Frazier...You can see Frazier describe this in interviews that Kamp forgot to mention...The JFK research community has yet to recognize that it has another Cinque amongst them...Prayer Man was proven to be Sarah Stanton 7 years ago when Davidson showed Stanton's face on Prayer Man in Wiegman...

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