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Morley Praises Kamp But Avoids Mentioning Prayer Man
Just to show what an embarrassing incestuous schmoozefest of favoritism and cronyism the JFK research world is, like Alan Dale, Morley totally avoided the main subject of Kamp's book as seen in the title "Prayer Man"...This is how stupid and dishonest the clique is and how low it tries to force the research world where we would accept a research community all marching totally naked in their own research parade by not mentioning the main focus of the book in their reviews...I mean how intellectually dishonest is it to have Kamp's main claim to fame, and focus of the book as represented in the title "Prayer Man", not mentioned in both main reviews?...Clearly both Morley and Dale are telling the public they don't believe in the bogus Prayer Man claim and have been convinced of such by a certain researcher that they are not honest enough to name...However that doesn't keep them from reinforcing their main research concern, in the form of the clique, by doing sweetheart gushing reviews of one of the biggest creeps and bogus evidence promoters in the research community while dishonestly ignoring the main point...

This is a research community that is corrupt and dishonest enough to skip the issue that is the main title of the book and main focus of the author, dishonestly avoid mentioning it, and still come up all gushing roses and praise for what is basically one of the biggest fools in research history who led the research world down a time-wasting false path for over a decade...Look at both those hustlers Morley and Dale tip toe around this glaring issue while pretending they could still get away with a positive review despite that giant glaring hole...You know - the clique and its corruption say it is OK to ignore the ALL CAPS "Prayer Man" title of the book, and Kamp's notorious history involving it, and still consider yourself as offering a sincere review...Not a single f*cking word about Prayer Man in either review while these scoundrels insist on enforcing your banning while standing there embarrassingly and stupidly stark f*cking naked...That's how dishonest the JFK research community is...Your expensive dinner jacket is never good enough while these naked clowns are ushered right in by the bouncers at the door...

Both Dale and Morley both failed to credit Kamp with proving Prayer Man was Oswald...In fact, even though it is the title of the god-damned book, both Dale and Morley failed to even mention it at all - which has to be one of the most epic cases of intellectual dishonesty ever committed in academic history...This present JFK research community is not about good evidence or argument...It's about a gang of insiders who have hijacked the JFK internet for whom epic acts of dishonestly like this have no limit or sense of shame...
More organized effort to dishonestly avoid the issue with Kamp and his book has come from ROKC site member and Prayer Man cult member Greg Doudna on the Education Forum...

Greg wrote:

" The author suggests along the way but is understated and does not dominate the presentation. There is no Conclusion chapter in the author's voice as most books have, presenting a concluding interpretive synthesis or summary of argument, which either is or isn't an advantage or omission depending on perspective. There are no polemics, vendettas, or criticisms of other authors. A huge amount of primary source material organized and linked to between two covers. "

Greg conveniently avoids admitting that the reason Kamp does not make any conclusion is because he himself is aware that Prayer Man is not Oswald...Even Kamp himself refuses to endorse the bogus Prayer Man claim in his own work...Because the Prayer Man group has twisted the normal definitions of research so badly and forced it upside down on its head, Doudna actually credits this sign of Kamp's dishonesty and refusal to back his own theory as being a positive attribute instead of being the evidence of falseness that it is..."Depending on perspective"...Which is just another way of saying depending whether you are a member of the Prayer Man hijackers or not...Doudna then takes the low route and indirectly suggests those credible researchers who say Kamp is full of it and is trying to pass off a bogus theory are guilty of " polemics, vendettas, or criticisms of other authors. "...Nowhere in Doudna's review does he mention that Kamp is calling the woman employee Sarah Stanton Prayer "Man" or that this rotten tome is not only notorious in JFK research but is of the Alex Jones variety in general and stands as a threat to the Kennedy research cause...These people do not let facts get in the way of automatic sycophantic praise for what is basically a landmark book in bogus research...This book is a shibboleth to membership in the JFK internet clique...The fact it is an infamous hoax work that has caused serious harm to the reputation of JFK research is bad manners to mention...

Just waiting for that crowning ass Jim DiEugenio to stamp his approval of it in the form of a Kennedy & Kings article where Jim forgets the fact he admitted to me I had proven Prayer Man was Stanton - that is, before Jim put me on block...DiEugenio, the man who elected not to include the Prayer Man theory in Stone's documentary, is always noticeably absent at times like this...Something the clique pretends not to notice and forbids any mention of...

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