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Bart Kamp's 'Prayer Man More Than A Fuzzy Picture' Book
A decade ago this forum was openly declared to be a forum created in opposition to the Education Forum and its uncredible moderation...Unfortunately, since Magda appointed a certain moderator that has changed and not changed for the better...

Bart Kamp has recently come out with a new book on Prayer Man and he is taking full advantage of the bias towards his Prayer Man claim that exists on the JFK internet...That bias has received strong support from this website, not from direct endorsement, but from a lack of opposition to what is obviously bogus research...Predictably, the Education Forum has allowed itself to be taken over by Kamp's proxies and the book is now receiving strong adulation and positive reviews...Kamp has two moderators in his corner in the form of Sandy Larsen and James Gordon...There is no meaningful opposition or effective critique of Kamp's disinformation work...

The lack of this website to do what it was formed for is directly resulting in Kamp's false work gaining undue credit and being taken seriously...Let's not be dishonest about the real cause for this...The moderators of this website want to remain in favor with people like Jim DiEugenio and David Josephs, who have directly violated the previous rules of this forum as they were posted a decade ago...Jim and David are taking advantage of what this site clearly formed in opposition to and are exploiting and supporting the Education Forum's corrupted moderation in order to support the Prayer Man people...Jim and David are in full support of the Education Forum violations this website was formed in opposition to and are being allowed to waltz over here with full acceptance and not be held accountable...The truth is Greg Parker and Bart Kamp have made serious progress lately for their bogus claims and position in the research community at least partly because of a lack of resistance from this website, and done so because those in authority are preferring their personal relationships to certain researchers over good research...

My research has proven beyond any doubt that Prayer Man is Sarah Stanton...It is being ignored on the Education Forum by that which this website was formed in opposition to...Instead of being seen as a hero that this website was designed to produce, and supported as an example of this website's purpose, I am being given 1 star ratings on all my posts in violation of the previous DPF rule that no member would suffer any abuse from any moderator...That rule was removed from the DPF rules where member's rights were greatly reduced by that anonymous deletion of the previous rules...There has been no site recognition of my highly important evidence discoveries, which is in direct violation of this site's previous rules and publicly-stated purpose...The credibility and integrity of JFK Assassination Conspiracy research is being threatened with the silent assistance of this forum...The current resurgance and gains of the Prayer Man group via the Education Forum is directly due to this website failing to act upon its previous publicly-stated purpose... 

We live in an age where Davidson can show Sarah Stanton's clearly-seen face on Prayer Man yet that is somehow not good enough for people who call themselves serious researchers and moderators...
DiEugenio has come out and endorsed Bart Kamp's bogus Prayer Man book on the Education Forum...This is the same Jim DiEugenio who, when I discovered Sarah Stanton's family photo showing her obesity, commented "To be honest with you when I first saw the Prayer Man image I thought the person being called Prayer Man was too stocky to be Oswald"...When I told DiEugenio to please post that on the Education Forum where it would do some good he responded by putting me on block and telling Gordon banning me was the right thing to do...Jim D is one of the most dishonest people I have ever encountered in my life experience...He's a dirty player who uses disingenuous fancy writing to manipulate the research community like he is doing here...

As the above shows, Jim knows Kamp's Prayer Man thesis is bullshit but that doesn't stop him from defending it on the Education Forum...Jim knows the moderation is biased in favor of Prayer Man so he manipulates it by aggressively accusing Kamp's correct critics of "attacking without having read the book"...What Jim is doing is dog whistling to his trained servant Gordon that anyone who points out Kamp is full of shit, and ignoring the evidence that proves Prayer Man is Sarah Stanton, will be accused of not reading the book and deleted like that crook Gordon does to anyone who stands up and points out what bullshit the Prayer Man theory is...Jim keeps Gordon handy for anyone who steps up and asks him "Hey, wait a minute...Aren't you the same guy who admitted Prayer Man was too stocky to be Oswald?...Isn't it a little less than honest for you to not admit that in your posts?"...

This is the purpose of the clique and its censorship of its correct critics...So the main clique leader Jim D can come in and manipulate it with no opposition...So Jim can write his disingenuous bullshit unopposed and pretend he doesn't know better...Jim is in open, contemptuous violation of the letter of the law of the original written purpose of the Deep Politics Forum to oppose the corrupted moderation on the Education Forum...Jim no longer posts here...He prefers the Education Forum and its corrupted moderation over this forum...Yet that has no effect what so ever on the moderators' unquestioned support of the bogus theory supporter DiEugenio or its effect on the premise of this website, or credible JFK research...There's a clear double standard here...I don't see any 1 star ratings for what is basically a traitor...

There is Jim DiEugenio in full bloom betraying the credible JFK research community with a praising review of one of the worst research damage-ers and disrupters, the delinquent punk Bart Kamp and his long-disproven Prayer Man theory... And there are Jim's predictable sycophants right on time playing dumb and letting him get away with it a high cost to credible JFK research...


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