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Final Proof Prayer Man Is Sarah Stanton

.png   Screenshot 2023-09-30 131215.png (Size: 286.18 KB / Downloads: 10)

(Click on photo link)

Sarah Stanton's clearly-seen dress neckline on Prayer Man...

I'm owed an apology on this by dishonest people who know who they are...
I was allowed on to Tony Krome's continuation of Greg Parker's ROKC website that he calls "Jacks"...While a member I posted Chris Davidson's clear frame from the Darnell film that showed a clearly-seen woman's dress neckline on Prayer Man and demanded that the members of "Jacks" respond to it...The lowlife scum that call themselves the membership of "Jacks" responded with gutter abuse and ad hominem - avoiding any honest answer to Davidson's, once again, decisive evidence...Davidson himself is kind of spineless, and is friends with most of those ROKC scum, so he refrains from commenting on his own discovery for political purposes...Davidson follows the lead of the rest of the uncredible, dishonest research community who violate their own alleged research standards and just freeze-out and ignore anyone who disproves them on Prayer Man...Those crooks use Sandy Larsen, Mark Knight, and James Gordon as dirty gate-keepers on the subject...They pretend they are still credible after ignoring and censoring such clearly determinative evidence...Those people are here for a friendship network and are not necessarily here for the correct evidence - even though they lie and shower themselves with self-praise for practicing the highest standards, they are not beneath ignoring such clearly decisive evidence and using dirty moderators to do so...As John Newman recently said on the "That's Enough Out Of You" podcast (Ironically titled) a main researcher has to be able to admit when he's wrong...Newman didn't go far enough and name the most pertinent issue to which that applies...

Tony Krome is an Aussie lowlife who looks like he got in to too many bar fights...When I posted Davidson's woman's dress neckline on 'Jacks' he answered that the members didn't agree and if I posted any more on it I would be banned...The criminal moderator James Gordon has kept Davidson's dress neckline image from discussion on the Education Forum so there is no calling out of the community on their failure to recognize undeniable evidence and admit they were wrong...Jim DiEugenio has spent decades calling out people for ignoring correct evidence only, somehow, he fails to do that here after he gave dangerous recognition to the Greg Parker troll group and their serious damage to good research...DiEugenio has Gordon doing rear end hygiene for him personally over on the Education Forum and Jim reciprocates...There is no discussion on the Education Forum over the fact that Davidson's clear Darnell image is not evidence of the "opinion" level and is solidly, scientifically irrefutable provable evidence that can't be denied so trollishly...The JFK research community destroys its own credibility and establishes itself as an insider-only friend's club, or clique, by trying to get away with censoring and ignoring this irrefutable final proof...Those assholes don't even register how much worse an offense it is when you name your website "Jacks" and then do exactly what Jack's enemies did to him...
This enhanced photographic image puts the final nail into PrayerMan's coffin. Brian, you are to be commended for your tenacity-  over 8 years battling the ROKC cult -  to finally deliver a clear image of Sarah Stanton. This mob has been clamoring for this level of visual proof, since they lack the critical-thinking skills to realize otherwise that the PrayerMan blur cannot possibly be Oswald.

Clarity is a high state of energy. And you have singlehandedly turned this issue around since 2016. That is when Duncan MacRae's forum had a giga-thread focused on the PrayerMan question. And I well-remember reading that almost-700 page thread for 3 days that winter, starting at page 1, where Sean Murphy had posted some pictures from inside a Dublin pub of his friends holding Coke bottles and apples in a PrayerMan pose; that held object turned out to be Sarah Stanton's purse. And finally about page 405 you stepped in to denounce the entire charade. You showed that the blurry image was situated at the front of the landing, and was a full head shorter than Wesley Frazier (who was standing at the center) and therefore was about 6 inches too short to possibly be Oswald. And as a result, you endured relentless, despicable character assassination from the ROKC cult, who despised anyone who exposed them as mistaken.

For correctly discerning the PrayerMan evidence, you were made into an outcast. And I wouldn't expect an apology from this cult or its enablers. They are not mature enough to admit their mistake. Narcissists like Sean Murphy, Greg Parker, Bart Kamp, James Gordon and Jim DiEugenio are not man enough to step forward and acknowledge the damage they've wrought upon the research community, wasting 1000s of hours of researchers' lives with their regressive endorsement of the PrayerMan nonsense. They're more interested in adulation than in the hard-nosed detective work that leads to JFK Truth.

The ROKC cult made a sham of the sanctity of scholarship, opting for the keyboard-warrior approach (oftentimes under the influence) rather than the college library approach of academic integrity. And they were able to attract a decades' worth of barroom scholars who now are the major demographic in the community. Subpar intellects who follow the subpar intelligentsia of Murphy, Parker, Kamp, Gordon and DiEugenio. Personally I don't foresee any significant demographic shift until these people die.

The ROKC cult succeeded -  just like Mao Tse-Tung's Red China -  in spreading its woke culture amongst the JFK cybercommunity. Its 4 required revolutionary beliefs were: 1) PrayerMan is Oswald  2) the lunchroom encounter was a hoax  3)  the bus & taxi rides were a hoax  4) There was no "Harvey and Lee"..... And all 4 beliefs have been proven to be dead wrong. And the ROKC cult leaders know it. They have nothing left to hang onto but their need for adulation. They will not win the praise from a future generation.

But you will. And I will, for my parallel defense of the lunchroom encounter. Because we have been gifted with a Boston-bred intellect, which is head & shoulders above the norm. And we had the courage of our convictions. We stood up to the mob, at a great expenditure of personal energy, simply because they lack clarity. In the final analysis, they were charlatans and liars. The truth was something quite different from what they were trying to insinuate. 

And they are jealous, jealous of our clarity and our display of courage. They are jealous of our talents, which we put so much effort into making the most of, basically because doing so pleases the Lord. And they will continue to treat us as outcasts.

Van Morrison expresses Professional Jealousy in a way I'm sure he has personal experience with:
Thanks Richard...Without you I would be howling at the moon alone...

   This issue is a sad situation for the research community because it serves as a litmus test where the correct evidence is run through the current circuit and wiring of the research community and it fails to light the bulb...Science tells you there is a short circuit or wiring problem in the community since there can be nothing wrong with correct energy...When seriously correct evidence fails to gain any reaction in the research community then there's something seriously wrong with that community...Speaking of methodology...

The credit should go to Chris Davidson because he was the researcher with the skill to input the imagery through the necessary digital photo software and bring out the details on Prayer Man...Only Chris admitted that he is friends with Sean Murphy and only clarified Wiegman to help determine Lovelady's height...This only strengthens Davidson's proof because it shows he did not approach the evidence with the intention of proving Prayer Man...This circuit test shows that Davidson values his relationship with Murphy and ROKC more than good research and that is why he never came in to defend his discovery - which appeared to be fine with the moderators and main figures on the Kennedy internet...Davidson never defended his obvious discovery of Sarah Stanton's face on Prayer Man and that is one of the main reasons why the Prayer Man cult was allowed to ignore his enhancement and still claim Prayer Man was Oswald...Davidson's failure to come forward also helped them get away with their banning of myself...It then took 10 years for someone (Morissette?) to scan one of the sharper Darnell frames and realize that Prayer Man's collar was visible in one of the better frames...Davidson then applied his skill with the linked image in this thread and ended the issue once and for all by bringing out a clearly-seen woman's dress neckline on Prayer Man's garment...If we could get a photo of Stanton that day we could show that exact same neckline...Davidson did his usual however and never defended this damning image in a scholarly way by making a case for what it proved...Davidson seems to be reticent to disprove his friends at ROKC so he leaves the people this validated flapping in the wind - which, once gain, seems to be OK with the moderators...Sandy Larsen said he recently learned that the rules only apply to certain people...Larsen failed to mention the best example of that with the Prayer Man evidence where making the best hard-fought case ends up getting you banned for life with corrupted moderators lying about the reason...When the woman's dress neckline was posted on the Education Forum the Prayer Man people all applied deliberate ignoring to it and meek and mild Morissette (who put me on block when I complained to him that he had mishandled that evidence) did not press it...The moderators let them get away with that and the main reason they got away with it is because James Gordon banned all the members who would have forced them to practice what they preach methodology-wise...

So having committed research blasphemy and violated all the known civilized definitions of research ethics, the mainstream researchers in the current internet research community all pretend they don't have blood on their hands and act as if all this never happened...They do this by honoring James Gordon's criminal moderatorship and creating a core clique of main researchers who then refer to themselves without ever mentioning the Prayer Man topic, except in the context of trying to get better scans...Ignoring the whole history and evidence is a password they use for membership in the clique and it is all happily overseen by that crook Gordon...The main researchers all chat with each other and grant automatic acceptance and access while ignoring the intellectual murder of an innocent researcher that some of them are still trying to get away with...These people blithely refer to Bart Kamp as a credible researcher and make space for him and his false research at their events and on their websites, again proving in the circuit test that friendships and favorites is what they really go by and objective consideration of research is optional as long as you possess a clique membership card...Like Larsen said "The rules only apply to some people" - only he left out himself and the Prayer Man issue where he also enjoys the privilege of not having the rules applied to himself...

I guess my only option is to sue Mark Knight and then try to get the Education Forum shut down as being a foreign website that violated a US citizen's legal rights...The latter being dependent on the same government that murdered Kennedy...

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