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DiEugenio Reviews Kamp's Book But Doesn't Mention Prayer Man
Jim DiEugenio, Oliver Stone's partner in his latest documentary, finished Kamp's book and posted on the Education Forum...In DiEugenio's summation of the book he never mentions the book's main Prayer Man thesis as mentioned in its title...Not a single world about it...This is the same Jim DiEugenio who elected not to mention the Prayer Man subject in Stone's documentary...It is also the same DiEugenio who admitted to me, after I produced Sarah Stanton's family photo showing her obesity, that Prayer Man was too stocky to be Oswald...DiEugenio then banned me from his Facebook page...

I mean what kind of dishonest characters is the JFK research community made of?...Jim is indirectly telling the world in that review exactly the same thing he told me - that Prayer Man is bullshit and that he doesn't believe it...Kamp is so dishonest that he tries to ignore that several major sources have avoided the book's Prayer Man thesis in their reviews...Shit-heels like DiEugenio and Kamp still go on fooling the public because they don't give a shit about the public...They are here to save face for egotistical purposes and are willing to maintain the delusion at the public's expense...The chief shit-heel DiEugenio manipulates the genuine idiot Gordon in to banning his opponents...This has led to the controversy being extended unnecessarily while the evidence that refutes it is ignored...

DiEugenio, Kamp - these are real bums who reserve the right to ban people who out-argued them and then lie to the public, whom they have no respect for, all while their mindless sycophants pretend not to notice...Jim D is a particular epic hypocrite because he has made a living doing haughty criticism of people who do this over the decades...These people are illuminated and above things like truth and site rules...They've reached infallibility and exert the right to ban, shun, and ignore knowingly-innocent people and their correct evidence...Exactly backwards from how they describe themselves...

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