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  New Alt.Conspiracy.JFK Google Group
Posted by: Brian Doyle - 21-11-2023, 04:47 PM - Forum: JFK Assassination - No Replies

The existing Alt.Conspiracy.JFK Google group got buggy and sent some members to an endless Captcha link making them unable to post...So I created this new one:


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  Why the Government's case against Oswald is BS --- Part I
Posted by: Gil Jesus - 13-11-2023, 01:55 PM - Forum: JFK Assassination - Replies (1)

by Gil Jesus ( 2023 )

There are basically several reasons why I believe that the Dallas Police/ FBI/ Warren Commission's case against Oswald was fraudulent. I believe that these reasons are the "smoking guns" of Oswald's innocence because not only were many of the steps taken by authorities ILLEGAL, they do not fall into any category of what a normal homicide investigation would involve.
Not the least of these reasons was that the prosecutorial system in Dallas was corrupt.

Reason # 1: The prosecutorial system in Dallas was corrupt
In a criminal case, the credibility of the case is directly connected to the credibility of the people making the case. Justice cannot be served if the justice system is geared to anything other than bringing the REAL perpetrators to justice. 

During the tenure of Henry Wade as District Attorney of Dallas County, the DA's office was interested in only one thing: conviction rates.
Conviction rates are determined by dividing the number of convictions by the number of arrests.
For example, if you had nine convictions out of ten arrests, you'd have a 90% conviction rate.
Wade compiled a conviction rate so impressive that defense attorneys ruefully called themselves the 7 Percent Club.

The problem with this system is that your interest is not necessarily in convicting the guilty party, but instead convicting the person you arrested.
And if you arrested the wrong person, it would require you to manufacture evidence against that suspect in such a way to convince a judge or jury of his guilt.
This is exactly what they did in Dallas County under Henry Wade's tenure.

Nineteen convictions — three for murder and the rest involving rape or burglary — won by Wade and two successors who trained under him were overturned after DNA evidence exonerated the defendants. 

District Attorney Craig Watkins became the first black elected chief prosecutor in any Texas county  back in 2006.
The new DA and other Wade detractors said the cases won under Wade were riddled with shoddy investigations, evidence was ignored and defense lawyers were kept in the dark. 
They note that the promotion system under Wade rewarded prosecutors for high conviction rates.

In the case of James Lee Woodard — released in April 2008 after 27 years in prison for a murder DNA showed he didn't commit — Wade's office withheld from defense attorneys photographs of tire tracks at the crime scene that didn't match Woodard's car.

John Stickels, a University of Texas at Arlington criminology professor and a director of the Innocence Project of Texas, blamed a culture of "win at all costs."
"When someone was arrested, it was assumed they were guilty," he said. "I think prosecutors and investigators basically ignored all evidence to the contrary and decided they were going to convict these guys."

In other words, the Dallas DA wasn't interested in convicting the right person, he was interested in convicting the person who was ARRESTED.

Wade wrote a manual for prosecutors in 1969 that was used for more than a decade. It gave instructions on how to keep minorities off juries.

By 1953, Henry Wade already had the city wired. Reporters treated his word as gospel, sometimes even buttressing Wade’s efforts in court with their own testimony. The Dallas Police Department and County Sheriff’s Office eagerly did his bidding.

Henry Wade's word was gold.

Wade was so highly regarded by the people of Dallas that he was able to convince a jury in 1954 to send an innocent man to the electric chair.

Wade's office had no problem charging innocent people for crimes they did not commit and presenting evidence in such a way as to obtain a conviction by a judge or jury.
With such a skill for framing innocent people for crimes they did not commit, the credibility of the DA's case against Lee Harvey Oswald deserves a second look.
As does the autheticity of the evidence in this case.

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  The Little Matter Of My Banning
Posted by: Brian Doyle - 06-11-2023, 03:37 PM - Forum: JFK Assassination - Replies (1)

The Scoop Neckline evidence on Prayer Man in Darnell is pure vindication of myself and my evidence...

The JFK research community are a bunch of ball-less lowlifes because they don't stand up for an unfairly banned fellow researcher and his correct evidence...Especially when that researcher made them look like the fools they are...The only good man was Richard Gilbride and he got banned and ignored by those bullies too...

The Scoop Neckline evidence forces the issue of why I was banned in the first place, since my evidence has now been proven to be correct by corroborating proof...Since the Scoop Neckline evidence forces the Davidson enhancement to be correct by moot where then is the apology and re-admission such evidence would normally produce in any credible research community?...

The people who populate the Education Forum are cowards because they sit back and say nothing while that exonerated poster is slandered as being a "Shit-Poster whose antics would no longer be tolerated"...They are afraid to hold the imperialistic, dictatorial moderators accountable even when they are clearly proven wrong by the evidence...That holds true for Greg Parker as well who recently admitted on the ROKC forum that Prayer Man was not Oswald...(Kamp dishonestly pretends not to notice)...

So, since the Scoop Neckline evidence has proven it was the moderation and Prayer Man people who were in violation and not recognizing the correct evidence, what was the reason again why I was banned on the Education Forum and ROKC?...What kind of dishonest schmucks are running the show over there?...Mr Knight is ignoring the part where the "Shit-Poster" got totally validated by the evidence...Should a moderator be allowed to ignore the issue of the evidence so badly?...Especially when he is using that dishonest ignoring to enforce the wrongful banning of a person who was proven correct by the evidence?...

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  Moderator Sandy Larsen
Posted by: Brian Doyle - 05-11-2023, 07:07 PM - Forum: JFK Assassination - Replies (15)

Sandy Larsen has lost his marbles and gone full Fetzer by publicly endorsing Ralph Cinque's "Gorilla Man" theory on the Education Forum...

Larsen is actually on the Education Forum right now bearing a moderator avatar while whole-heartedly endorsing that "Doorway Man" in the plaid shirt is not Billy Lovelady but is an impostor...

Bear in mind that Larsen is a staunch pro-Prayer Man poster...

This is the insult to our intelligence that is protected and overseen by James Gordon on the Education Forum...

Larsen is too unskilled to realize the differences in Lovelady's features in the Martin Film are due to strong variations in aspect ratio...

Just recently Larsen claimed that Lovelady's left arm in Altgens 6 is actually Carl Jones's arm (even though Jones is wearing a light-colored shirt)...

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  Jim DiEugenio: Not to be Trusted
Posted by: Richard Gilbride - 03-11-2023, 04:10 PM - Forum: JFK Assassination - Replies (6)

Jim DiEugenio has recently penned a glowing review of Bart  Kamp's new book PrayerMan: More than just a Fuzzy Picture (at https://www.kennedysandking.com/john-f-k...-bart-kamp). I have adamant disagreements with several items in this review-  where DiEugenio supports Kamp's sophistic analysis-  which might not be apparent to the unassuming reader. Thus the need for this rebuttal.

Item #1)  Jim tells us "Kamp begins the analysis by questioning whether or not motorcycle policeman Marrion Baker did directly go up the front stairs to the depository as many have postulated. Under analysis, Baker appears to walk past the steps and past supervisor Roy Truly. I will not go into that entire discussion at this point. I will just say that it leads to a questioning of whether or not the second floor lunchroom episode actually happened."

Postulated? For crying out loud, secretary Pauline Sanders, who was up on the landing, told the FBI on November 24th that a white-helmeted police officer ran into the Depository 10 seconds after the shots. This is a hard witness statement that Jim and Bart and the entire cadre of Sophists choose to ignore, in order to fantasize that there was some kind of delay to Baker's entering the building.

Kamp, in his first lunchroom hoax essay, attempted to undermine Sanders' credibility by showing hearsay she reported, mistakenly. There was a whirlwind of misinformation just after the assassination and it was very easy to get swept along in gossip, in a muddled recounting of what was imagined to have happened. Sanders not only made an honest error, she honestly recounted seeing the white-helmeted Officer Baker run right into the Depository.

Item #2)  "For those who are not familiar with that controversy, please read about it here (with a link to excerpts from Kamp's first lunchroom hoax essay). Suffice it to say that Bart kamp brought up many interesting details that do bring this alleged incident into doubt. Because after reading that link, one has to wonder: Did Baker actually stop another man on the 3rd or 4th floor, as he mentioned in his first day affidavit? And if they did not sight Oswald in the second-floor encounter, where was Oswald really?"

The link is to one of the sloppiest pieces of Kennedy scholarship ever to come down the pike. Although supposedly fact-checked, I found two dozen egregious errors in Kamp's analysis in my critique Death of the Lunchroom Hoax. And fairly wondered whether John Barleycorn had fueled his runaway cherry-picking.

If Mr. DiEugenio ever read my 2018 essay, he would learn that every single item of lunchroom evidence has a mundane, phenomenon-supportive interpretation. The filmed interviews, Marvin Johnson's report, Alfred Goldberg's September 23rd request to get signed statements from Truly & Baker, and Carolyn Arnold's 12:25 sighting are all superstrong indicators that the incident actually occurred.

Baker had never been in the Depository before and his clueless layout description about encountering a man on "the 3rd or 4th floor.... walking away from the stairway" was written at the tail end of the affidavit, after 6 lawmen escorting Oswald had barged into the small interrogation room at the back of the Homicide Office. "3rd or 4th floor" man simply vanished into thin air, and as a hypothesis it has produced nothing substantive-  it has not provided a single criminological solution that leads anywhere (see Death of the Lunchroom Hoax, p. 17). It is a dead-end that implies that the lunchroom hoax is an artifical construct, a plastic tree of a hypothesis that will never yield any fruit.

Item #3) "On the back of this evidence the author first makes the case for PrayerMan being Oswald. He does this largely by a process of elimination."

This is the same systemic error made by the founder of PrayerManology, that rascal Sean Murphy. He assumed that everyone had prefect recall about where they were as the motorcade passed, even 4 months later in their FBI statements. He never consulted Thomas Kelley's report that Oswald denied watching the parade. And he never made a height argument-  and today we still have no legitimate height argument that vouches for the 5' 9" Oswald.

On top of Kamp's sorry-ass sophistry is our knowledge that Hosty's belatedly-discovered notes, about how Oswald "went outside to watch P. Parade", actually describe what Oswald did 3 or 4 minutes after the assassination. They cannot be cherry-picked from the interrogators' data set and portrayed as notes that on their own give us the truth about Oswald's whereabouts (see the section A Clever Sophist Lie in my recent essay Elevators Tell No Lies).

Item #4)  "It is stunning to behold because what Baker mentioned [in his affidavit] is not anything like the incident described by the Commission. At that time Baker mentioned going up the stairs with Truly and upon reaching the third or fourth floor he saw someone walking away from the stairway. Truly said he worked there, so Baker let him go. There is nothing about seeing Oswald through the window of the lunchroom. There is nothing about him holding a Coke. They were not even in a room."

Mr. DiEugenio has been whining for years about Baker's reticent affidavit, and his failure to identify Oswald while in that small interrogation room. But Baker immediately told Marvin Johnson that he recognized the man. There was no question that the man Baker had encountered "walking away from the stairway" was the same man who was brought into that small back room at the Homicide Bureau.

What Jim needs to assimilate is Wesley Frazier's 2021 admission that Truly & Baker had seen a half-eaten cheese sandwich and an apple on one of the lunchroom tables. Meaning that Baker had realized that Oswald had been in that lunchroom all along-  he couldn't have been up on the roof shooting at the President. This is why he held pertinent details about their encounter close to his vest. He knew that the guy under arrest was not an assassin.

Item #5)  "I won't go into all the details, but the author fingers people like policeman Marvin Johnson for changing Baker's first-day affidavit and saying that Baker saw Oswald in a lineup, which Baker denied."

The first part of this statement is a flat-out lie. Johnson did not change Baker's affidavit. What he did was add a major embellishment when he submitted his own report to Chief Curry 4 days later, claiming that Baker had identified the suspect while in that small interrogation room.

Item #6)  "What the writer is saying is rather radical, but he has evidence to support it. It is this: the second-floor lunch meeting between Baker, Truly and Oswald was invented-  probably between FBI agent Nat Pinkston and Truly-  in order to deprive Oswald of a sure-fire alibi."

But Jim is pulling your leg, because Bart doesn't have any evidence to support his incubus of pseudo-truth. Not objective evidence as verifiable by the scientific method. What he uses instead is sophistic cherry-picking that ignores counterarguments and advances his lunchroom hoax thesis as a given, rather than as an unknown to be discovered. And he discards every inconvenient truth that stands in the way of his merry thesis.

It is the same with his corollary incubus, PrayerMan, which has been dead, double-dead and triple-dead the past 10 years. All that NBC films is capable of doing is revealing that Bart Kamp and his followers are mentally ill. They are incapable of processing information that flat-out disproves their silly idea that Oswald was on the landing as the motorcade passed the building.

And DiEugenio is playing the political game as usual, attempting to ingratiate himself with the ROKC substance-abuse brigade and their EdForum counterparts. If he can help keep the incubus on life support, at least in appearance, he lends justification to their years of misbegotten analysis. For Jim, this has always been about, "How's this going to reflect on me?" He isn't interested in hearing about how Oswald was in the 2nd-floor lunchroom during the shooting, or how the killers escaped via the west freight elevator.

DiEugenio is less interested in the truth than in his own perceived political power. Which prospers among the Sophists in the town arena. But the right-angled thinking of Plato and Demosthenes outlived every last Sophist.

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  Current Education Forum Prayer Man Thread
Posted by: Brian Doyle - 08-10-2023, 07:15 PM - Forum: JFK Assassination - Replies (1)

Because James Gordon is banning anyone who effectively refutes the Prayer Man theory the current thread is dwelling on the inane and is offering a very low level of evidence analysis...Pat Speer and his unstudied offhand comments are now being forced as the main opposition...Pat avoids just about all of the best proof with Gordon's full approval and support...

Jeremy Bojczuk has attempted a specious pseudo-analysis of pixels and photo science in order to proclaim that better scans might actually bring out Oswald as Prayer Man...However there isn't one member on that forum who has the courage or decency to point-out to Bojzcuk that the present images at their present pixel rate are more than adequate to show basic things like Prayer Man's height...Bojzcuk is a bullshit artist who is trying to bedazzle you with technical argument...However he is doing so for the deceptive purpose of avoiding discussion of Prayer Man's height, which, if Bojzcuk had any sincere respect for the technical science he hails to, he would point-out in order to honestly resolve the evidence...Look at all the false entries in that Prayer Man thread and show me anyone who mentions the basic issue of Prayer Man's height, that is more than adequately represented at the current technical level in the photography...

Stancak is allowed to lie and say Pauline Sanders is not seen in Altgens when in fact it was Stancak himself who found Sanders in between Lovelady & Shelley in Altgens 6...No one is pointing-out to Stancak that once he found Sanders that it forces Prayer Man to be Stanton since there were only two women on the top platform at the time...

Ultimately Larsen and Gordon are in contempt of the evidence, and in contempt of credible JFK moderation, because they refuse to call for Peer Review on Davidson...Bojzcuk is allowed to lie and say the current images are inadequate...Not so...Davidson credibly represents, at a technical level, those better images and does credibly satisfy the definition of better images in his enhancement of Wiegman and Darnell...The Education Forum is hijacking the subject with inadequate analyses in order to avoid credible Peer Review of Davidson that will, resoundingly, show that Davidson is valid, are those better images, and does prove Prayer Man is Stanton...

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  Stancak Posts False Prayer Man Evidence On Education Forum
Posted by: Brian Doyle - 07-10-2023, 05:01 PM - Forum: JFK Assassination - No Replies

Stancak wrote:

"Pauline Sanders was where she told the FBI she was: in the east part of the doorway, close to the glass window. She cannot be seen in Altgens6 because her figure is masked by the figure of a man wearing dark suit and tie. Sanders can be seen in one frame of Darnell (shown in my video). I have made the height estimate using 3D modelling, and she indeed was tiny - 4'11''. This height estimate was verified by an independent method using a group photograph, discovered by Linda Zambanini. In that group photograph, Sanders's tip of the nose is about 2 inches below the avererage height of the level of tips of noses of all ladies. As the average body height of ladies of Sanders's age in was 5'2'' in 1963, her body estimate comes to about 5', close to my estimate of 4'11'. Sanders wore a specific dark hat both in the group photograph and in Darnell frame which also helps in her identification. "

My Response:

Stancak has yet to admit to himself that he found Pauline Sanders as the Tiny Face between Lovelady & Shelley in Altgens 6...This identification is correct and it helps prove that Prayer Man is Sarah Stanton...So therefore we do not need to keep repeating the same false evidence for years like Stancak is doing here...Because the Education Forum is run by a criminal incompetent and fool, James Gordon, the simple fact that Stancak has identified Sanders as Tiny Face has not been confirmed...Stancak is too biased towards proving Oswald to be Prayer Man...Because that bias affects his judgment he refuses to process that Altgens' telephoto lens makes Sanders appear closer than she is and Tiny Face is in that position to the east of the front door that Stancak posts...Stancak refuses to admit that he has found Sanders and she is Tiny Face...And once you find Sanders the rest of the Prayer Man evidence automatically makes Prayer Man Stanton...

The second mistake Stancak makes is he says Sanders is seen in Darnell...Alan Ford showed all the Darnell frames in motion on Duncan's nut forum...Even though Ford himself is a nut like MacRae (and probably is MacRae posting under an alias), he did credibly show that what is being called Sanders in Darnell is actually a photo glitch that only appears in one frame...Stancak should check it out but that won't happen because that asshole Gordon has made the JFK internet a place of non-cooperation and dysfunction...A good example of Stancak's notorious pseudo-analysis is seen in his technical examination of what now turns out to be a glitch in Darnell he is calling Sanders...He doesn't need to examine that glitch...Stancak has already found Sanders in Tiny Face...

Stancak wrote:

"Sarah Stanton's location was on the top landing, and to the left of Wesley Frazier. He confirmed her location at least twice in interviews, also linked in my video. She was a huge lady, and she needed a large platform to stand on, not only an area of one step. She was tall (but she did not wear any 3-inch heels - verified by me in an email exchange with a family member) and had dense, light coloured hair. Unfortunately, as she stood at the back of the top landing and behind some other people, an area covered by shadow, none of the photographs shows enough of her figure. However, it is possible to infer on her presence from a light-coloured spot at the height of 5'7'' above the level of the top landing. Such a light-coloured blob can be seen both in Darnell and Wiegman, and some patches of her hair can also be seen in one version of Algens6 which shows enough details (shown in my video)."

My Response:

Stancak isn't honest because he is on record on the Education Forum saying that if Prayer Man was standing on the top landing platform that Prayer Man would be too short to be Oswald...Now, in 2023, we have Stancak entering that Stanton was a large woman who needed the space of the top platform to stand on...This is how goofy Stancak and the Education Forum are because Stancak is hanging himself by his own words but no one is honest enough to call him on it...This is the stupidity that they are passing off as the current JFK research community...

To further this crazy-ness Stancak then enters that the 5 foot 4 Stanton was "tall"...We know Stanton wasn't tall because we can see her next to Frazier as Prayer Man and she only comes up to Frazier's chin...We can also see she isn't tall in Owens...Stancak makes no effort to use his pseudo-analysis to compare Stanton's height in Owens to that of Prayer Man because he knows what he'll find...And no one asks him too either - which is incredibly dishonest and is the type of "research" Gordon prefers...Remember, Gordon bans for life for failing to follow correct evidence procedure when told...When Davidson matched Stanton in Owens to Prayer Man's height Gordon and Stancak ignored it...

Stancak is also dishonestly ignoring that both Lovelady & Frazier placed Stanton in the Prayer Man spot at the time of the Prayer Man photography...Lovelady said Stanton was next to him to the right of Frazier when the limousine passed and Frazier said he was standing and staring at Stanton after Calvery told them the president was shot...It is a pure act of intentional dishonesty for Stancak to ignore that Couch/Darnell is the exact moment Frazier was describing and he is clearly facing Prayer Man who pivoted towards him to tell him what Calvery had said...Stancak and Gordon contemptuously ignore that pivot - that is proof beyond any doubt, for the level of researcher they pretend to be, that Stanton is Prayer Man...

Stancak is trying to get away with placing Stanton back in the shadows to the left of Frazier while ignoring Davidson that clearly showed Stanton's face on Prayer Man as well as a woman's Scoop Dress Neckline...

This is all overseen by the moderator criminal Gordon...

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  DiEugenio Reviews Kamp's Book But Doesn't Mention Prayer Man
Posted by: Brian Doyle - 06-10-2023, 02:54 PM - Forum: JFK Assassination - No Replies

Jim DiEugenio, Oliver Stone's partner in his latest documentary, finished Kamp's book and posted on the Education Forum...In DiEugenio's summation of the book he never mentions the book's main Prayer Man thesis as mentioned in its title...Not a single world about it...This is the same Jim DiEugenio who elected not to mention the Prayer Man subject in Stone's documentary...It is also the same DiEugenio who admitted to me, after I produced Sarah Stanton's family photo showing her obesity, that Prayer Man was too stocky to be Oswald...DiEugenio then banned me from his Facebook page...

I mean what kind of dishonest characters is the JFK research community made of?...Jim is indirectly telling the world in that review exactly the same thing he told me - that Prayer Man is bullshit and that he doesn't believe it...Kamp is so dishonest that he tries to ignore that several major sources have avoided the book's Prayer Man thesis in their reviews...Shit-heels like DiEugenio and Kamp still go on fooling the public because they don't give a shit about the public...They are here to save face for egotistical purposes and are willing to maintain the delusion at the public's expense...The chief shit-heel DiEugenio manipulates the genuine idiot Gordon in to banning his opponents...This has led to the controversy being extended unnecessarily while the evidence that refutes it is ignored...

DiEugenio, Kamp - these are real bums who reserve the right to ban people who out-argued them and then lie to the public, whom they have no respect for, all while their mindless sycophants pretend not to notice...Jim D is a particular epic hypocrite because he has made a living doing haughty criticism of people who do this over the decades...These people are illuminated and above things like truth and site rules...They've reached infallibility and exert the right to ban, shun, and ignore knowingly-innocent people and their correct evidence...Exactly backwards from how they describe themselves...

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  Jim DiEugenio Betrays Deep Politics Forum Over Prayer Man
Posted by: Brian Doyle - 30-09-2023, 05:42 PM - Forum: JFK Assassination - Replies (4)

Jim DiEugenio has cited this website on the Education Forum...However I see Jim is not man enough to actually come over here and argue the proof that this website was designed for in order to bypass the uncredible moderation on the Education Forum...Jim is in direct violation of the formational purpose of this site to counter unfair Education Forum moderation and is choosing the Education Forum and its bogus moderation over this website and its fair academic site rules...Jim DiEugenio hides behind James Gordon's corrupted moderation and in doing so directly violates the written rules and purpose of this site...

Mr DiEugenio has made an absolute declaration that Prayer Man is not Sarah Stanton on the Education Forum but when asked how he knows he cites a Non-Disclosure Agreement...Meanwhile Jim forgets that when I discovered Sarah Stanton's family photo showing her obesity Jim commented "To be honmest with you when I first saw the Prayer Man image I thought the person being called Prayer Man was too stocky to be Oswald"...Jim was admitting that Prayer Man was Stanton in that statement...I responded that Jim should go post that on the Education Forum where it would do some good and Jim reacted by putting me on Facebook block...Jim then told Gordon that "banning Doyle was the right thing to do" and never mentioned that admission again...However that doesn't stop Jim from posting over on the Education Forum (where he has a moderator as his personal censor of all those who disprove him) that Prayer Man isn't Stanton using evidence he conveniently says he can't discuss...The moderators have been protecting this rotten dirty double standard for too long...

Show the research community what you are worth Mr DiEugenio and come debate me on Prayer Man...Jim is always sanctimoniously boasting about how people refuse to debate him, however he then turns around and does the same thing himself with people who have disproven him...Jim is a coward and hypocrite who has a large group of suck-ups to make sure he gets away with it...He stays away from this uncensored website because he knows I would tear him a new one over Prayer Man...Jim's sycophants say nothing while he gives approval to some of the biggest nuts and trolls in the community over good researchers like myself...

Ask Mr DiEugenio to honestly account for just one piece of evidence to keep it simple (even though I have discovered layers and layers of evidence that all prove Sarah Stanton is Prayer Man)...Ask Jim to account for Chris Davidson's recent enhancement of the Darnell Film that shows a woman's "scoop" dress neckline on Prayer Man...Davidson used his photo analysis expertise to bring out a clearly-seen woman's dress neckline on Prayer Man that can not be denied...I see the cowards on the Education Forum, who ban all those who out-argue them on Prayer Man, are not allowing that image on the forum or doing any Peer Review discussion of it...That one image alone blows Prayer Man out of the water and proves beyond a doubt that Prayer Man is Stanton...Proof that this image is conclusive evidence can be had by obtaining the original Darnell Film and applying Davidson's enhancement process to it...That process will produce the exact same image therefore proving the scoop neckline is a real and existing thing on the original Darnell Film...The Education Forum is avoiding credible photo science and Davidson is refusing to defend his own damning discovery...You have to watch DiEugenio because he's a dishonest bastard...He manipulates the research community by means of aggressive sound bites like "He hasn't read the book yet", or "we need better images"...Jim knows exactly what he's doing and he's hijacking the conversation with those dishonest sound bites whose whole purpose it is to dishonestly divert from evidence like Davidson's - or his own admission to me that Prayer Man was Stanton...Jim is exploiting exactly what this website was formed in opposition to and the moderators are letting him while attacking those who are doing the job they should be doing...

Answer Davidson's enhancement of the woman's scoop neckline you coward...Come debate me where you aren't protected by dirty moderation...

Please go to my "Prayer Woman" Facebook page to see Davidson's image of Sarah Stanton's dress neckline...(The image function is impossibly difficult on this website)...

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Posted by: Richard Gilbride - 29-09-2023, 05:59 PM - Forum: JFK Assassination - Replies (1)

This presentation accomplishes two things: 1) it outlines the west freight elevator escape as the correct solution to the Depository enigma, supported by a dozen pieces of evidence  2) it conclusively debunks any notion that James Hosty's extraneous notes- i.e. "went outside to watch P. Parade"-  are supportive of the PrayerMan question, which is exposed as a deception.

This essay was intended to be delivered at the 2023 JFK Lancer Conference, of which I informed Debra Conway back in May, but for some unknown reason was not invited. And so it is written in a style intended for a live audience.

Part 1 is essentially a rehash of my elevator escape theory, which has been familiar to researchers since I first presented it in 2009. It is worth refreshing yourself about, as there are a couple of significant additions to the evidence I have never made public before.

Part 2 is a natural outgrowth of why Part 1 is not more widely accepted. The answer to that is because of my stance on the lunchroom hoax and PrayerMan, which has led to my ostracization from the research community. The content of Part 2 arises out of discussions I had with Brian Doyle right here on the pages of this Deep Politics forum this past spring and summer. He was able to thread the needle and find the correct interpretation of the interrogators' notes & reports, which placed, as Fritz testified, the suspect Oswald in the 2nd-floor lunchroom at the time of the assassination. The content of Part 2 is essentially a synopsis of his insights, with my own addition of Kelley's report and Oswald's encounter with reporters in the DPD hallway.

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