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Why the Government's case against Oswald is BS --- Part I
by Gil Jesus ( 2023 )

There are basically several reasons why I believe that the Dallas Police/ FBI/ Warren Commission's case against Oswald was fraudulent. I believe that these reasons are the "smoking guns" of Oswald's innocence because not only were many of the steps taken by authorities ILLEGAL, they do not fall into any category of what a normal homicide investigation would involve.
Not the least of these reasons was that the prosecutorial system in Dallas was corrupt.

Reason # 1: The prosecutorial system in Dallas was corrupt
In a criminal case, the credibility of the case is directly connected to the credibility of the people making the case. Justice cannot be served if the justice system is geared to anything other than bringing the REAL perpetrators to justice. 

During the tenure of Henry Wade as District Attorney of Dallas County, the DA's office was interested in only one thing: conviction rates.
Conviction rates are determined by dividing the number of convictions by the number of arrests.
For example, if you had nine convictions out of ten arrests, you'd have a 90% conviction rate.
Wade compiled a conviction rate so impressive that defense attorneys ruefully called themselves the 7 Percent Club.

The problem with this system is that your interest is not necessarily in convicting the guilty party, but instead convicting the person you arrested.
And if you arrested the wrong person, it would require you to manufacture evidence against that suspect in such a way to convince a judge or jury of his guilt.
This is exactly what they did in Dallas County under Henry Wade's tenure.

Nineteen convictions — three for murder and the rest involving rape or burglary — won by Wade and two successors who trained under him were overturned after DNA evidence exonerated the defendants.

District Attorney Craig Watkins became the first black elected chief prosecutor in any Texas county  back in 2006.
The new DA and other Wade detractors said the cases won under Wade were riddled with shoddy investigations, evidence was ignored and defense lawyers were kept in the dark. 
They note that the promotion system under Wade rewarded prosecutors for high conviction rates.

In the case of James Lee Woodard — released in April 2008 after 27 years in prison for a murder DNA showed he didn't commit — Wade's office withheld from defense attorneys photographs of tire tracks at the crime scene that didn't match Woodard's car.

John Stickels, a University of Texas at Arlington criminology professor and a director of the Innocence Project of Texas, blamed a culture of "win at all costs."
"When someone was arrested, it was assumed they were guilty," he said. "I think prosecutors and investigators basically ignored all evidence to the contrary and decided they were going to convict these guys."

In other words, the Dallas DA wasn't interested in convicting the right person, he was interested in convicting the person who was ARRESTED.

Wade wrote a manual for prosecutors in 1969 that was used for more than a decade. It gave instructions on how to keep minorities off juries.

By 1953, Henry Wade already had the city wired. Reporters treated his word as gospel, sometimes even buttressing Wade’s efforts in court with their own testimony. The Dallas Police Department and County Sheriff’s Office eagerly did his bidding.

Henry Wade's word was gold.

Wade was so highly regarded by the people of Dallas that he was able to convince a jury in 1954 to send an innocent man to the electric chair.

Wade's office had no problem charging innocent people for crimes they did not commit and presenting evidence in such a way as to obtain a conviction by a judge or jury.
With such a skill for framing innocent people for crimes they did not commit, the credibility of the DA's case against Lee Harvey Oswald deserves a second look.
As does the autheticity of the evidence in this case.
A read-only JFK assassination discussion board where there is no discussion is pretty much a failure of responsibility by conspiracy researchers...

The reason for this can be traced to contentious in-fighting amongst the regular posters who exterted a proprietary sensibility where they and their wants were put before the general well being of healthy JFK research...It came to a head when the dubious personality of Charles Drago seemed to think his interpretation of the board and its purpose included a sort of steering of allowable opinions and persons...Charles had a credible research background through Evica however he spoiled whatever serious contribution he made by gratuitous attacks on other researchers...Charles was more in it for the bashing than the research and his attempt to claim I was a multi-headed spook posting under a false handle in order to get me banned led to a board disruption that descended in to a meltdown of the board itself and its present lack of activity...I was posting under my father's name only because I did not want potential Hendrix interviewees thinking I was a conspiracy theorist...I see now that it didn't make any difference - but I had a legitmate reason for the alias...The only reason people questioned my identity is because I beat them at arguments of evidence...In any case, though Charles acted a bit like an ass, his and Greg Burnham's contributions no longer being added to the board ended up being a loss...They should return in order to restore the board but I fear their egos are a little too big to respond to the call for research...DPF failed to realize the average internet researcher operates in a social media sense and prefers the shallow tabloid-like approach of the Education Forum...Serious efforts at research lose out to social media sensation and the EF edges DPF and DPF fails...However, the main reason for DPF's failure is Jim DiEugenio and his backing of the Education Forum and its more dubious members...Jim could have steered things in this forum's direction but he prefers to manipulate the situation for clicks and personal domination at the expense of good research...Jim exploits the path of least resistance and that path is on the Education Forum...The quorum that could exist of the best researchers and best material has been fragmented and diverted because of bogus researchers (Bart Kamp) and their shallow political supporters (Jim DiEugenio)...Not to mention biased moderators and their choosing of personal favorites over the best evidence...This has come at extreme cost to good research and solving the conspiracy...Unqualified moderators have succeeded in labelling the best critical challenges of that bogus material site rules violations all so they can maintain their own preferred inferior level of research sensibility...The best and brightest are being attacked and censored by a cult of personality mob that has developed after the 50th and tabloid research, that gets the most attention, is being forced over the correct proof all so that mob can control the norm...

All this website had to do to prevent this was follow its own original mission and rules...All it had to do was allow those who earned the right to post by the merit of their material their earned place and recognized that material...The failure to do that has led to the Ford's and Kamp's filling in the void with DiEugenio giving them his foolishly unconsidered approval...Silence is concession to the trolls...

Time for credible Peer Review and moderation on the JFK internet...

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