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Discussing **Possible** Resources for Ritual Abuse Survivors
**Surviveandheal15 Lives On!!**

"Nothing in life is to be feared, it is only to be understood. Now is the time to understand more, sot that we may fear less." - Marie Curie

(*Author's Note: This is NOT a QAnon Article. The author does not believe in QAnon AT ALL)

I though it would be useful to ask what I think is both an extremely difficult, yet absolutely critical, question right now: what are (if any??) therapeutic resources available to survivors of ritual abuse and mind control programming?? I believe this is a topic that is very directly relevant to the current Pedogate investigation. Information that has come out in previous investigations of elite pedophilia/ritual abuse cases, suggests very strongly that many victims of this kind of abuse have been put through a very intensive and pre-planned mental conditioning process, commonly known as trauma-based mind control. The purpose of this appears to be to use various kinds of trauma on a child, such as extreme physical and sexual abuse starting at a very early age, to force the child to mental disassociate from these horrific experiences. Disassociation, or mentally escaping "from reality, " is a natural defense mechanism for dealing with extreme abuse, especially in children.

Apparently, the effect of repeated disassociation, due to repeated extreme abuse, is that the child's own mind becomes fragmented into multiple personalities. There are reports that the people inflicting this abuse, often the child's own parents or those close to them (who are often known as "programmers"), are skilled enough in inflicting trauma on the child in a systematic way, that they can literally "program" certain alter personalities of their own design into the child. What is being described, is essentially a technique to turn children into mental "robots," who have lost free will and act according to the scripted personalities that have been "programmed" into them through this abuse-based mind control process. Once these child victims become adults, its anybodies guess how these poor people are used by and manipulated by their controllers in the larger society.

The best documentation that I have found that substantiates this kind of horrific abuse, is Dr. Corydon Hammond's infamous "Greenbaum Speech." Dr. Hammond is a clinical psychologist at the University of Utah School of Medicine (LINK to his website page). Dr. Hammond delivered the "Greenbaum Speech" in 1992, as a spoken speech to a professional conference of therapists, at a conference known as the "Eastern Regional Conference on Abuse and Multiple Personality Disorder" in Alexandria, Virginia. Here is a link to a transcript of the full speech Greenbaum Speech, and here is a youtube audio recording of the Greenbaum speech Audio SpeechYouTube.

It is critical to read or watch the full speech to get what Dr. Hammond is saying, but the gist of it is this: Dr. Hammond used hypnotherapy on victims of ritual abuse who had multiple personalities. Hypnotherapy is a process where the therapist helps their patients relax enough where they basically go into a sub-conscious state, similar to meditation. Once the patient is in this sub-conscious state, the therapist can calmly talk to the patients and help subconsciously "guide" them back to parts of the patients lives that are troubling them. In this sub-conscious state, patients can often access memories that they cannot access in their fully conscious life. This process is known as "hypnotic regression." Dr. Hammond's intent was to use hypnotic regression to help ritual abuse patients "mentally" go back in time to recover their memories of ritual abuse, so that the patients could recover these horrific memories and "re-integrate" their multiple personalities, which had been created through the abuse, back into their real, true self.

In the process of doing this, Dr. Hammond kept finding that many of his patients had been the victim of the same type of mind control conditioning process, where their personalities had been split by abuse into multiple alter personalities. Each of these alter personalities were labelled and identified by a letter of the Greek Alphabet (alpha, beta, delta, gamma etc). Dr. Hammond talked to other therapists in other parts of the country. These therapists also said they had ritual abuse patients who were the victim of the same type of mind control, where their personalities were split into personalities that were then identified by greek alphabet letters. For instance, a victim in Florida would have an alter personality identified by the greek letter "beta," and another victim in say, Oregon, would also have an alter personality labelled "beta." The "beta" personality of the Florida victim would have the same characteristics as the "beta" personality in the Oregon victim.

The only conclusion I can draw from this type of information, is that Dr. Hammond seemed to have uncovered the outer edges of a very large, national in scale (or very possibly international is scale), mind control program that was very deliberately and systematically programming large numbers of children all over the country, into having multiple personalities. Here is a brief rundown of the descriptions of the differently kinds of alter personalities (again, identified by letters of the greek alphabet) that him and other therapists all over the country kept finding in ritual abuse patients:
""Alpha" personality: the first alter personality put into people through the abuse process, apparently kind of like the "ground floor" level of the mind control programming
"Beta" personality: personality apparently used for sexual activities. Used for performing in and producing child pornography, for sexual activity in satanic rituals, sexual blackmail activities of politicians/businessmen/ powerful political and economic figures. Seems to be an all-around sexual personality brought out in a victim by the programmer.
"Delta" Personality: Personality associated with performing covert paramilitary-type operations. Think spying, espionage, assassination, "black ops" type activities. This personality apparently goes through a really intensive military training process.
"Omega" personality: "Self-destruct" programming. Very scary, apparently the victim is conditioned to go into a suicidal, self-destructive "omega" personality if they start to recover memories or start to recover from the mind control programming. Omega is the end letter of the greek alphabet, beginning and end , "alpha and omega" Included this to emphasize the risk that is inherently, clearly involved in any process undertaken to treat these victims of this kind of abuse.
Again, please read the full "Greenbaum speech" to get the full details of the mind control process that Dr. Hammond thoroughly describes.

Very important point: Please do not contact Dr. Hammond personally regarding any of this.  There are very serious reports that after he delivered this speech, Dr. Hammond's life and his family's life were very seriously threatened. I am not mentioning this to scare anyone, just to emphasize the importance of respecting his privacy and safety as a mental health professional.

It also cannot be emphasized enough that the "foundation" (for lack of any better term) of all this highly-complicated "splitting" of personality along highly "occult" terms, is the extreme sexual and physical abuse of children, most often beginning at a very very young age. As horrific as it is to say, this information from Dr. Hammond's speech cannot be emphasized enough.

I wanted to put this information out there, only in the hope that this information, or even only a part of it, may actually be helpful to actual victims. It is not my intention to lead anyone down any "rabbit holes" of false claims, or to misinform anyone with this kind of information. I only included Dr. Hammond's name to give credibility to this very important information. Some of the most significant parts of Dr. Hammond's speech are toward the end of his "Greenbaum Speech", where he goes into extensive detail about the different techniques a trained hypnotherapist can use, to effectively "de-program" a mind control/ritual abuse victimThis appears to be a very complicated process, and it is definitely not something anyone should attempt to do if they are not both a trained mental health professional, and a trained hypnotherapist. As Dr. Hammond emphasizes, if this process is not carried out effectively, the patient/abuse survivor could become self-destructive or even suicidal. Also, undeniably there is a very very significant degree of personal risk to the therapist treating these kind of survivors. Dr. Hammond points out that in some cases, he found out that the ritual abuse patient was secretly "reporting back" details of his or her de-programming treatment to his abusers, through an alter personality the therapist had not yet discovered. Again, I am not saying any of this to cause undue fear, I am just trying to be as truthful as I can be about the actual risks of this kind of "de-programming process."

**Possible** steps towards treating ritual abuse/ mind control survivors
1. If you or someone you know is the victim of this kind of abuse, try to find a mental health professional (clinical psychologist, registered therapist, etc.) who has experience in using hypnotherapy to treat patients. Nowadays, many therapists have their own websites or pages on websites like Psychology Today, where they list their treatment specialities. Try to find a psychologist who is a certified hypnotherapist, and ideally try to find a psychologist who specializes in child abuse issues. Some psychologists even specialize in treating multiple personality disorder (now known clinically as dissociative identity disorder (DID)), but these are a lot harder to find. I think most importantly though, is to find a therapist who has extensive experience in hypnotherapy.

2. If you can find a therapist you can trust, once treatment has begun, calmly bring up some topics related to the ritual abuse issue, and quietly get them a copy of Dr. Hammond's "Greenbaum Speech," which you can easily find online. Don't talk about it with anyone besides the therapist, there in no need for unnecessary risk. If the therapist can find ways to incorporate Dr. Hammond's suggested techniques for de-programming ritual abuse victims, into his or her own hypnotherapy, this could be a real path towards setting people free from this kind of horrible abuse. Take care everyone, and stay safe.

"If there are computers, societies, and ecosystems that exist, 
this is not merely because new properties emerge (or, as 
reductionists would have it, seem to emerge) from atoms, 
but also because God has placed within each monad all of 
the possibilities of its individual development. In fact, God 
has harmonized all of the possible developmental paths of
all monads through his predeterminations, though He does
not coerce but rather "inclines" each monad towards its

    -from James L. Kelley "Anatomizing Divinity: Studies in Science, Esotericism and Political Theology"

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