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Judge Jim Garrison's L-4 Grasshopper
I am an R/C modeler. I have a Piper Cub kit I have not started yet I will build this winter. Being usually a scratch builder I am driven to modify any kit.

I intend if I can to build this model as a tribute to Judge Jim Garrison.
The military L-4 is the Piper Cub in OD ugly green and a few other modifications. All that information I have.

What I do not have is detail of the markings of Judge Jim Garrison's unit or if possible the markings on his aircraft.

I have no idea where to start to find out this information. Could anyone help to find this information? Or relay the question to a member of the family for me?

I'll post a picture of the plane next spring if I can execute this tribute to a hero in my opinion.
Thanks in advance for any assistance.
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Judge Jim Garrison's L-4 Grasshopper - by Jim Hackett II - 22-08-2013, 04:35 AM

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