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Would-be Reagan assassin John Hinckley Jr. to be freed after 35 years
Here are some of the main anomalies(some already mentioned) of the assassination attempt on Reagan:

--Hinckley was under psychiatric treatment for depression.

--The San Francisco Chronicle reported that John Hinckley was a former member of the National Socialist(Nazi) Party of America. He was expelled for being so violent that his fellow-Nazis suspected him of being a government agent. They said "he wanted to shoot people and blow things up."

--Judy Woodruff, reporting for NBC News Special Reports, immediately after the assassination attempt, insisted that at least one shot came from an overhang over Reagan's limousine. Woodruff later reported that the shot came from a Secret Service agent who was stationed on the overhang, which one researcher dubbed "the Bushy Knoll." According to this researcher, if a sniper were positioned on the "Bushy Knoll," he would have had a clear shot at Reagan along the exact angle at which the bullet entered his body.

--Reagan's limousine was not parked right in front of the entrance, as it should have been and normally was, but was parked 30 feet further away, which caused Reagan to be exposed as he walked to the car.

--In the video of this event, Reagan waves to supporters across the street from the hotel exit, who have been kept back behind the police lines. Yet Hinckley was allowed to get very close to the president:
"While the Secret Service extensively screened those attending the president's speech, in a "colossal mistake" the agency allowed an unscreened group to stand within 15 feet of him, behind a rope line...."

--White House correspondent Sarah McClendon reported that Reagan's Secret Service retinue wasn't in its "usual tight formation" around Reagan in front of the Hilton.

--In his memoirs, President Reagan said he felt nothing at the time of the shooting, but felt a great amount of pain when his secret service agent jumped on top of him in the limo a second later, causing him to initially think the agent had broken a rib. Because of this, some have suggested this agent was the one who fired the near fatal bullet to Reagan's chest. As it was, the armored door of the President's limo stood between Hinckley and his target, which forced the researchers to conclude the bullet had ricocheted from the door frame, or the roof, into Reagan.

--Though the President's limo took off immediately for the five minute ride to the hospital, and the other three wounded were bundled into ambulances five minutes later, two of the three wounded arrived at George Washington University Hospital 15 minutes before the President. What happened in those 20 missing minutes? The Secret Service would only say, "We got lost."

--The Vice-President's son, Neil Bush, was supposed to have had dinner in Denver with Scott Hinckley, John Hinckley's brother, the evening that John went on his shooting rampage. John Hinckley's father was described as a 'supporter of Ronald Reagan,' yet he was in reality a long-time contributer to the political career of George Bush, Reagan's rival in the race for the Republican nomination for President.

--Just like Lee Harvey Oswald, Hinckley seemed to have a 'double' who mirrored his own actions. He was named Edward Richardson, and is supposed to have had a strong resemblance to Hinckley. Richardson traced Hinckley's path from Connecticut to Colorado, writing demented love letters to actress Jodie Foster, just like Hinckley. A week after Hinckley's infamous attack, Richardson was arrested in New York's Port Authority Bus Terminal with a .32 caliber revolver, after threatening the lives of both Reagan and Foster.

--Missing evidence? Hinckley's parents' memoir refers to some penciled notes by Hinckley which were found during a search of his cell and which "could sound bad." These notes "described an imaginary conspiracy--either with the political left or the political right [...] to assassinate the President." Hinckley's lawyers said that the notes were too absurd to be taken seriously, and they have been suppressed.

[Image: John-Hinckley_gun-320x304.jpg]

A poem written by Hinckley, 1981:

Pretend you are a virgin on fire
An outcast in the midst of madness
The scion of something unthinkable
Satan's long lost illegitimate son
A solitary weed among carnations
The last living shit on earth
Regardless of everyone's friends
I plot revenge in the dark
I plot escape from this asylum
Regardless of Disneyland
I follow the example of perverts
I follow the long lost swine

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