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Humans are DESTROYING the Ecosystem and most living species - many are gone forever!
This is a very important topic. There's a basic thing going on in the world where 1st World governments are driving economies that can be safely said to depend on the destruction of the world's natural environment to sustain.

The US government has a basic conflict it is ignoring. It pretends to be a humanistic democracy based on the upholding of the best humanitarian principles, however it has an economy that depends on the progressive, systematic destruction of the environment to maintain. The two don't line up and the government does its best to distract attention from it.

If you step back and look at American politics the most powerful interests in America all have a game plan of profits based on unlimited total sprawl and development. Since that is provably world suicide you can safely say the US economy is based on destructive growth as its unadmitted intended plan.

World suicide through destructive economies is evil and cannot be reconciled with any legitimate democracy.

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Humans are DESTROYING the Ecosystem and most living species - many are gone forever! - by Albert Doyle - 04-11-2016, 06:13 PM

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