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Right Wingers Attack JFK
Right-wing extremists like this nutcase made public appearances around the country and stoked the fires of hate from 1961-63.

Dr. Revilo P. Oliver's speech entitled. "They Must Not Go Unpunished", given before the Dallas Indignation Committee; October, 1961 ( audio )
Given before a very enthusiastic audience of over 5,000. A powerful call to evict the "traitors" from Washington. Includes detailed discussion of the "betrayal" of the anti-Communist Cubans during the Bay of Pigs invasion and the mysterious CIA radio station Radio Swan on Swan Island. ( 62 minutes )

I know none of the Warren Commission supporters will listen to this, but for anyone who wants to know the TRUTH about what was going on in the country leading up to the assassination, THIS is the kind of rhetoric that stoked the fires of hatred of JFK and led to his death.

Historical fact is historical fact. We've been sweeping the truth under the carpet for almost 60 years. It's time to shed light on the darkness and evil of political extremism, whether it's from the Right or Left.

Political extremism has no place in politics.

By the 1960's conservatism was woven into the fabric of American Society. Much of this was caused by the events of the day. Since the end of World War II, the Communists had blocked access to West Berlin, infiltrated spies into the Manhattan Project and achieved the Atom Bomb. Communists had taken over China. Communists from the north had attacked non-Communist South Korea. Senator Joseph McCarthy, the junior Senator from Wisconsin, publicly announced that he had proof that there were card-carrying Communists in the US State Department, triggering a second "Red Scare".

The Russians launched Sputnik in 1957, increasing American's anxiety that any day they would rain down missiles on the US. Even Jack Kennedy, during his 1960 Presidential campaign, proclaimed that there was a "missile gap" and that the US was behind the Russians in missile technology.

All of these things contributed to the fear of those on the extreme right, many of whom were military war hawks. America's stand since the days of Truman had been that you can't negotiate with the Russians.

During Kennedy's "watch", 147 Cuban "patriots" died at the Bay of Pigs.

Prayer was removed from schools.

The Federal Govenment forced southern states to comply with Supreme Court rulings on Civil Rights as unrest dominated in the South.

A Communist country was 90 miles from our shore and Kennedy allowed the Russians to place medium-range ballistic missiles in Cuba, bringing the US to the brink of nuclear war.

Communist pilots ( from Yugoslavia ) were being trained in the US.

Kennedy sold wheat to the Russians, giving aid and comfort to our enemy.

]He signed a limited Test-Ban Treaty ( nicknamed by some as, "The Spirit of Moscow" ) with the Russians which the military and science community was against.

His policy to disengage from Vietnam was an "about-face" from the Truman Doctrine and what had been America's foreign policy of "containment" since 1947.

This was a political murder which was forewarned time and time again to those responsible for the President's safety and security. Those warnings were ignored and the assassination was allowed to happen by anti-Kennedy individuals in the US Military and Secret Service. It was covered up by the anti-Kennedy head of the FBI, J.Edgar Hoover. It was "investigated" by a Presidential Commission whose members were hand-picked by the man who gained the most from the assassination. The Commission's most active member was the former head of the CIA who Kennedy had fired.

All of the Commission's members were either Republicans or Southern Democrats. It's only "progessive" member was the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court, who was coerced to serve against his better judgment.

Yeah, nothing to see here, folks.

The Russians were the only ones who got it right.

This was an extremist Right-Wing plot to kill the President and blame it on the Left. I'm not talking about today's American Conservative, I'm talking about extremists driven by hatred for the President and his policies, many of whom were publicly calling for the Kennedys to be "shot".

And the CIA's gloom-and-doom PSYOPS against the Kennedy Administration and the fear they generated, were fed in public forums like these with anti-Kennedy speakers such as these men:

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