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Movie "The Great McGinty" on TCM Tonight
Kenneth Kapel Wrote:Is on TCM tonight at 8PM Eastern time. The film was made in 1940 by Paramount, written & directed by Peston Sturges, first first film is the rise of Dan McGinty, played by Brian Donleavy, to mayor of an unnamed U.S. city with the help of "Daboss" played by Akim Tamiroff. DaBoss tells McGinty at one point that he, "daBoss"," in this town I'm ALL the (political)parties." The unmaded town is Chicago, near the end of the film, while McGinty is getting ready to become Governor, that "Daboss" is in the concrete business. In Stone's "JFK", Garrison(played by Costner) is asked by "Mr. X",( played by Donald Sutherland ) "General Dynamics of Ft. Worth,Tx, who owns that ? ", when talking about suspects in the JKF assassination. Is the "DaBoss" & the owner od General Dynamics the same person ? The same family helped put Obama in the White House. See "Supermob" by Russo, yes he is very bad in regard to the JFK & RFK murders, but here he is good about the "Chicago outfit."

I was watching this while watching something else, so missed the ending. The last thing I saw he was in jail, then busted out. How did it end?


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Movie "The Great McGinty" on TCM Tonight - by Dawn Meredith - 11-02-2014, 05:28 PM

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