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NATO attack on Libyan Anti-Corruption Office an attempt to destroy incriminating evidence on Sarkozy
There is an "embargoed" report by Wayne Madsen at his site "for subscribers only" which draws attention to the NATO attack on Libya and the offices of its Anti-Corruption Agency and asks whether it wasn't perhaps an attempt to destroy evidence against those who might face criminal inquiry with regard to the Libyan Sovereign Wealth Fund.

I bring this to the 9/11 thread because there are clear parallels between 9/11 and this event, if Madsen is correct. There are other threads here on that topic already underway.

I will post the report by Madsen in good time, after the usual and customary time period has elapsed according to his own rules. It is possible it will show up elsewhere on the Internet in the interim.
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NATO attack on Libyan Anti-Corruption Office an attempt to destroy incriminating evidence on Sarkozy - by Ed Jewett - 09-06-2011, 07:02 AM

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