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NATO attack on Libyan Anti-Corruption Office an attempt to destroy incriminating evidence on Sarkozy
Jan, we'll agree to respectfully disagree on the 9/11 analogies. [But if the administrators want to move this thread out of the 9/11 section, I raise no objection.] More than a few have painted 9/11 as a crime of financial or economic ramifications [remember the announcement on 9/10/01 by Rumsfeld about the missing trillions?], especially given the key roles given to AIG, Marsh and McLennan, the presence of Jerry Bremer on the ground in Iraq in his post-9/11 role dishing out pallets stacked with freshly-printed dollars, and more. A look at who AIG is, and was, and who formed it, is intriguing.

Elsewhere, I have also posted some of the articles by Catherine Austin Fitts on black budgets, "negative ROI", "the tapeworm", the role of the state in narcotics money laundering, etc.

I think part of the very issue involved in dissecting the 9/11 events retroactively is a) not to see them as a single entity; b) to accept or theorize that the "reasons" may have had multiple bifurcations (as you say, opportunistic actions). There's more... but we will have to let it evolve in time.
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NATO attack on Libyan Anti-Corruption Office an attempt to destroy incriminating evidence on Sarkozy - by Ed Jewett - 09-06-2011, 09:24 PM

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