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Ruth Paine, The Trench Coat Man & The House Fire
Thursday, November 3, 2011 16:18

Will the truth set Richard Stolley Free? Paine, The Trench Coat Man & The House Fire

What does a man dressed in a trench coat have in common with a house fire? Both are connected to the notorious Ruth Paine who was the "landlord" for Lee Harvey and Marina Oswald. Paine was totally calm on a Friday afternoon 48 years ago as if she was expecting law enforcement officers to arrive at her door to question her about Lee and the shooting incident on Elm Street involving President John Fitzgerald Kennedy.

Law enforcement officers thoroughly searched Paine's garage on November 22, 1963 but did not find any photos of Lee holding a rifle. During a second examination on November 23rd, law enforcement officers easily and suspiciously discovered photos of Lee holding a rifle in a blanket and a duffle bag on the floor of Ruth Paine's garage. One of those pictures was published on the front cover of Life.

The Warren Commission declared that Marina took the backyard pictures on March 31st, 1963 at the 214 W Neely in Oak Cliff with a silver Imperial 620 Duo Lens camera that featured a bright red knob to advance the film and a viewfinder that must be observed from the top of the camera. One does not hold the Imperial 620 up to their eye horizontally to take a picture. The weather for March 31, 1963 at 214 W. Neely was cold, very cloudy and heavy rain. The backyard rifle picture printed by Life depicts a bright sunny day. Marina made the following testimony to the House Select Committee on Assassination in 1977.

Q. This camera, do you recall whether to take pictures with this camera, you would look down into the viewfinder or whether you would hold the camera up to your eye and look straight ahead?
A. I just recall I think it is straight.
Q. You would put the camera up by your eye?
A. Yes.
Q. Do you remember what color the camera was?
A. I think it was black.
Q. Do you remember anything else about it?
A. Not the name, no. But again, since I am not expert with the camera, that is what I remember, I think?

Anomalies abound. The face of the Oswald being held in the Dallas jail in November 1963 had a cleft chin but the face of the chin of the Oswald on infamous backyard photos has a square chin. But an Oswald who does have a square chin with no cleft and who looked almost Identical to Lee in 1963 was his former Marine Corp brother, Robert.

In 1970, JFK investigator Jim Marrs interviewed Robert and Patricia Hester. They both worked at the National Photo Lab in Dallas, According to Robert and Patricia they were very busy processing photographic material for both the FBI and the Secret Service the night after the incident on Elm Street. The couple told Marrs that the FBI had color transparencies of the backyard photographs the night of the Elm Street incident and had one color transparency that had nobody in the picture. Because of the presence of Irving police officers on West Fifth street during Friday night November 22nd and Saturday morning, the most logical suspect who had the opportunity to plant any kind of faked rifle pictures on the garage floor was Ruth Paine.

A murky character born in Russia and having all sorts of connections to various government intelligence agencies named George DeMohrenschildt arranged for the Oswald's to live in the home of Ruth Paine who spoke fluent Russian. Ruth's home at 2515 West 5th Street in Irving must have been accepted by Russian immigrant Marina as a meaningful surprise gift because she spoke broken English in 1963.

George DeMohrenschildt was an active member in the Dallas Council on World Affairs and The Crusade for a Free Europe that were United States Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) domestic front operations. Their membership included Colonel D. Harold Byrd, owner of the Texas School Book Depository, Clint Murchison, H.L. Hunt, George Bush Sr. and Judge Sarah T. Hughes (swore in LBJ as President).

Paine is credited for arranging Lee Oswald's employment at the Texas School Book Depository but Ruth, a devout member of the Quaker community, could have only made that connection with the owner, Colonel Byrd, or his managers, via the mysterious George DeMohrenschildt.

The writer of this article will pay Marina Oswald $500.00 (five-hundred) U.S. if she would answer just one yes or no question honestly and truthfully. Marina was in the Paine residence with her children from the early morning hours until the late afternoon of Friday, November 22, 1963. Major question: Was Ruth Paine physically inside the dwelling or on the property of 2515 West Fifth Street in Irving from the hours of 11:00 am to 2:30 pm, Friday, November 22, 1963?
There is a 99.9 percent probability that Marina's answer would be NO if she cares to state the truth. So where was Ruth Paine and her green Rambler station wagon between those hours and what was she doing? The most logical answer is that she was near the intersection of Houston and Elm streets helping her mentor/ handler George DeMohrenschildt.

An "Oswald" was seen running down the grassy knoll on Elm Street minutes after the shots were fired. The "Oswald" got into a green Rambler station wagon just like the auto owned by Ruth Paine according to Dallas County Deputy Sheriff Roger Craig. The green Rambler station wagon sped-off before the sprinting Deputy Sheriff Craig could detain and arrest the suspects. Was this patsy "Oswald" in the green Rambler station wagon driven to the Texas Theater in the Dallas suburb of Oak Cliff where he was falsely arrested for shooting Dallas police officer J.D. Tippit?

Another member of the CIA front organizations was Abraham Zapruder who supposedly took home movie film of the JFK limousine as it rolled down Elm Street. Zapruder, a dress maker, had long-time connections with DeMohrenschildt's wife Jeanne LeGon who was a fixture in the Dallas fashion industry. The first words Zapruder repeatedly screamed after he put down his camera were "They Killed Him." "They" is an interesting word and did Abraham know who "They" were?
Zapruder testified to the Warren Commission that he sold the original 26 seconds of the Kennedy film to Time/Life Inc. for $25,000, but the actual amount was $150,000. The $25,000.00 was most likely a cash down payment made to Zapruder by Life assistant editor Richard Stolley for all rights to his film. Zapruder died of brain cancer and his memory could have already been failing when he testified to the Warren Commission. Zapruder claimed he gave the $25,000.00 to the widow of slain Dallas police officer J.D. Tippet. Zapruder did not mention if he gave cash to Mrs. Tippet.

Zapruder scheduled two showings for Saturday morning, November 23, 1963. The first showing was to take place at 8:00 a.m. for the local authorities. The second showing was to take place at 9:00 a.m. for the media. Stolley showed up before 8:00 a.m. and immediately "negotiated" a price with Zapruder and departed via the back door with two films the original film and the one and only copy of the film.

According to Stolley, all this took place while his colleagues and fellow newsmen were banging on the doors and windows screaming for an opportunity to purchase his film. Was this the first time in American History that physical evidence related to a the crime of murder was bought by a private corporation? Stolley had to have given Zapruder a large cash down payment.

On the evening of November 22nd Life photojournalist Allan Grant "miraculously" discovered the location of and took pictures in the Paine home. Grant came upon Michael Paine, Ruth's estranged husband, unloading materials from his car in front of the Paine's West Fifth Street home. The Paine couple had two children, Lynn born Nov. 1959, and Christopher born Feb. 1961. Neither one of those children were in Ruth's house from the afternoon of Friday, November 22nd thru Sunday November 24th. Why? How did Ruth know she was going to have a very busy weekend therefore make arrangements for her children to be conveniently gone during all the chaos in her home?

On Saturday the 23rd, Life, via Grant who took countless frames of black & white pictures, packed-up Marina and her mother-in-law Marguerite and put them in the Adolphus Hotel for a Saturday night stay-over. After Lee Oswald was shot on Sunday November 24th, Marina was returned to the Paine home by the Dallas Police Department as Marguerite went to Parkland Hospital.

The Trench Coat Affair

While Life assistant editor Stolley was playing the part of the $25,000.00 cash bagman and Life photojournalist Grant was taking photos of the Oswald family on Saturday November 23rd, Irving reserve police officer A.J. "Red" Phillips was on checkpoint duty in front of the Paine house.

Arden J. Phillips was trained as a diver in the U.S. Navy before World War II and took part in the salvage of Pearl Harbor after the Japanese bombing. Red was also one of the first members of the military group known as Underwater Demolition Team (UDT) that was the forerunners of the elite Seal Team. Phillips's full time job was a mechanic for American Airlines at Dallas Love Field in 1963. Red started as a part-time search and rescue diver for several Dallas area law enforcement agencies and took on the duties as a reserve patrolman on the Irving Police Department. Red also worked part-time for the Dallas County Sherriff's Department.

As A.J. and other Irving police officers were returning from their bird hunting in East Texas on Friday afternoon, Dallas police officers Guy Rose and Robert Stovall interrogated Lee Harvey Oswald after his arrest in Oak Cliff. Rose and Stovall then met Irving police detective John McCabe and three Dallas County Deputy Sheriffs at the house of Ruth Paine in Irving.

The detectives asked the non-English speaking Marina via Ruth Paine who spoke Russian if her husband owned any rifles. At first Marina said no but then, after being prompted by Ruth Paine, she changed her response and said yes as she remembered seeing a rifle in a blanket on the floor of Paine's garage. The blanket lying in the garage with two black strings tied around each end did not contain a rifle. The blanket and Marina were taken to headquarters in Dallas as stated by Rose's testimony to the Warren Commission.

Mr. Ball. You brought Ruth Paine and Marina down to the police department, did you?
Mr. Rose. Yes, we took Ruth Paine and Marina and Marina's two children in our car and also the blanketI carried it.

On Saturday (23rd), as A.J. was on checkpoint duty in front of the Paine house, Rose, Stovall and McCabe returned as detailed by the Warren Commission testimony of Rose:
Mr. Ball. On Saturday morning you went out to Irving again?
Mr. Rose. Yes, sir, I did.
Mr. Ball. At this time you had a search warrant?
Mr. Rose. Yes, sir, I did.
Mr. Ball. What did you search on this day?
Mr. Rose. We made a search of the garage, mainly, on this day since quite a bit of Lee Oswald's property was in the garage.
Mr. Ball. What did you find there?
Mr. Rose. Well, I found two sea bags, three suitcases, and two cardboard boxes and all of them contained numerous items of property of Oswald.
Mr. Ball. Did you find some pictures?
Mr. Rose. Yes, I found two negatives first that showed Lee Oswald holding a rifle in his hand, wearing a pistol at his hip, and right with those negatives I found a developed pictureI don't know what you call it, but anyway a picture that had been developed from the negative of him holding this rifle, and Detective McCabe was standing there and he found the other pictureof Oswald holding the rifle.

Mr. Ball. What color were the sea bags?

Mr. Rose. I believe they were kind of an off whiteI would call themmore of a greyish-white.

Logically any person on an investigative committee such as the Warren Commission would want to know how andwhere the Irving police officer found the second backyard Oswald picture. But Mr. Ball does not ask any questions about McCabe's discovery when questioning Rose. The Warren Commission does not take the sworn testimony of John McCabe. What was so important about McCabe's critical discovery that the Warren Commission had to cover-uphow and where McCabe found the second Oswald backyard photo? Obviously the second photo was not in the sea bag. But A.J. Phillips fills in the blanks and answers the questions of the McCabe mystery.

As Officer Phillips took a short break after working the vehicle checkpoint since 9:00 a.m. Saturday morning, his good friend and fellow Irving officer John McCabe approached him with a big smile. "Lookee here, Red," McCabe said in a low whisper. In one hand McCabe was handling a print of the photo featuring Oswald holding a rifle and a pistol. In McCabe's other hand was a blanket.

The photo with an "Oswald" holding a rifle and paper was in the custody of Dallas Police detective Guy Rose and printed on the cover of Life. According to Phillips, McCabe found his print of the Oswald backyard photo in the Paine garage while the photo was covered in a second blanket. Also according to Phillips, Rose told him the blanket was laying in plain view on the floor of the garage. So this second blanket containing the backyard photo of Oswald holding a rile in his right hand and a pistol in his left hand was not discovered on Friday afternoon by six police officers, nor by Ruth Paine and Marina Oswald.

Phillips and his fellow officers were on edge and A.J. was expecting the next bullets to be fired at the Paine house as he stood in between any potential shooter and the residence. After Lee Oswald had been shot, teenagers in a hot rod auto attempted to drive in front of the Paine home with three hunting rifles in the trunk. They claimed they were just going target shooting but the hot rod was traveling towards the neighborhood and not a target shooting range. A.J. told the juveniles that they might be target shooting someday soon, but not that day. After A.J. called in his findings to headquarters, the teenagers and their hot rod and weapons spent the rest of the day in the Irving Police Department.

There was really no one in charge or in control around 2515 West Fifth Street because of the presence of local, county, state and Federal law enforcement officers. The rifle toting hot rod teenagers pushed the Irving police chief over the edge and he took control of the situation. A.J. Phillips and fellow reserve officer Don Hines, armed with only holstered pistols, were ordered to immediately enter and occupy the Paine residence. They were to order out and remove any and all other law enforcement officers.

A separate phone had been installed in the house that was a direct line to the office of Dallas District Attorney Henry Wade. Someone stood by the phone at all hours to answer the call in case of an emergency.

As Phillips took his position in the Paine home, he was less than five feet from Marina Oswald who was sitting in a chair while watching the television news reports about the murder of her husband. Marina was in a total state of shock and did not seem to hear a word spoken by Phillips, Hines and the departing law enforcement officers. Marina's two children were playing about 10 feet from the officers.

Ruth Paine was not in the room and never introduced herself to the Irving police officers. After the house was cleared of all other law enforcement officers, the only noise in the house was the children playing and the television blaring the breaking news stories. Phillips and Hines could also hear Ruth Paine dialing and talking both English and Russian on the house telephone.

Within an hour the situation calmed down after Marina departed for a bedroom with her children and did not say word to her body guards. Just as Red and his partner were ready make a large exhale they saw the unthinkable and the unimaginable. A thin built man about six foot tall and wearing a trench coat and dress hat was tippy-toeing towards the bedroom of Marina while in the hallway between the kitchen and living room. Let's just say that a tippy-toeing man wearing a trench coat was not commonplace in Irving in 1963. This guy did not fit "the scene" at all as chaos and stress returned with a vengeance.

Phillips and Hines charged the "trench coat man" as if he were an offensive football quarterback and they were snorting and slamming defensive linemen. But the differences between those policemen and defensive linemen were the cops had their pointer fingers on the triggers of two revolvers as they crushed the mysterious figure dressed in a London Fog Coat against the wall and then smashed him to the floor.

A fraction of a second before and seconds after the officers grabbed the intruder, he kept shouting: "LIFE MAGAZINE!" In chorus with the trench coat man, Ruth Paine appeared from the kitchen and screamed at the top of her lungs over and over, "HE IS A REPORTER" while pounding on the backs of the officers.

The first words out of A.J.'s mouth were: "WHO LET YOU IN?" Before the man could answer Ruth shouted, "I DID…I LET HIM IN THE BACK DOOR!" A.J. replied. "Lady, nobody is suppose to be in this house except you, Mrs. Oswald and the kids." Ruth loudly retorted "This is my house and I can do what I want!"

Officer Phillips did not reply to Mrs. Paine but before Red would allow himself to calm down he firmly told the trench coat man: "This is you lucky day…if we were rookies you would be a dead man."

While officer Hines held the man on the kitchen floor, Phillips called the police dispatcher to report what had occurred and then picked up the hot line to District Attorney Henry Wade and was instructed to put the phone "on speaker." Wade tried to bluff his way with Ruth Paine by informing her that her home was the temporary property of the government. Wade's intimidation worked long enough on Ruth Paine so the Irving police could consider their options and make decisions.

Within 10 minutes after the trench coat man was captured he was in a squad car and on his way to the Irving police station. He was released in few hours with no charges made against him…and he never showed any identification to Phillips and Hines.

The word came down that the Irving police decided to remove Marina and the two children from the Paine house. A.J. and Don were ordered to fill suitcases and boxes with all of the personal items owned by the Oswald family. While the officers loaded up the belongings, Ruth Paine and Marina had a long discussion while speaking Russian in a separate bedroom with the door closed. Irving police chief Charles J. Wirasnik, Jr. and assistant police chief Leon Powers escorted the Oswald family to a location unknown to Phillips and Hines. The actual location was the Six Flags Inn of Arlington, Texas with the FBI in charge. Marguerite and her son Robert were also at the Six Flags Inn.

A.J. stated in three of his phone interviews that he has experienced the stresses and pressures of mortal combat in war and underwater search and rescue. A.J. stood by with a cocked shotgun as Dallas County Sherriff Bill Decker shot and killed a fleeing criminal. But all of his tense situations in the military and law enforcement did not come close to the pressure and stress he felt he endured while he guarded the house at 2515 West Fifth Street. Several times during three recorded interviews and since November of 1963 A.J. muttered: "What would have happened if we had shot that guy?"

About four days after the encounter with trench coat man, A.J visited the Irving police station and accompanied his fellow officers on a coffee break at the Big State Drug Store on Main Street in downtown Irving. A strange man in a business suit walked into the drugstore, sat next to Red and he flashed a federal badge while he abruptly asked A.J., "Did you give Marina Oswald $350.00 cash?" Red looked at the man with a dumbfounded sneer and said, 'What are you talking about? Hell No!" The G-Man nodded, stood-up and walked away.

Had the Federal agent taken the time to properly interview A.J., he would have discovered the meaning of and connection between the trench coat man and the closed door conversation between Ruth and Marina. But the cocky rush by the arrogant G-Man caused him to remain ignorant and stumped about how and why the destitute Marina had suddenly acquired $350.00 in cash when her belonging were searched by the FBI at the Six Flags Inn.
The physical description of the trench coat man given by Phillips exactly fits Life Los Angeles bureau chief Richard Stolley. The trench coat man (Stolley?) had to have given Ruth Paine lots of cash (in a briefcase or suitcase) to immediately secure the media rights of Marina. How much did Ruth Paine demand as a down payment in cash while negotiating on the phone and what did she demand as the final payment before she met the trench coat man at the back door of her home on November 24, 1963?

After letting the trench coat man in the back door and hiding the briefcase or suitcase full of cash, Paine attempted to sneak the trench coat man past the Irving police officers to meet Marina but they were caught by Phillips and Hines. While the officers packed the Oswald's belongings, Paine gave a paltry sum of $350.00 cash to Marina who could not risk carrying a large briefcase or suitcase full of paper currency.

Paine only gave Marina a small fraction of the cash down payment paid by the trench coat man. The small amount probably seemed like a million dollars to the impoverished Marina who did not have the time and opportunity to stash the cash in a safe and secure place where the monies could not be found by the FBI agents. Most likely Ruth stealthily stuck the wad of bills in Marina's purse or in one of the suitcases or boxes being loaded by the clueless Phillips and Hines. When Phillips and Hines departed the house, Ruth was not in her dwelling and her green Rambler station wagon was not in the driveway.

Ruth testified to the Warren Commission in 1964:

Representative Boggs. What is your present relationship with Marina?
Mrs. Paine. I have seen her once since the assassination. That was a week ago Monday. It was the first time since the morning of the 23rd [Saturday] when she left my house, both of us expecting she would come back to it that evening.

Ruth Paine blatantly lied to the Warren Commission about the time and day she last encountered Marina in her home after Marina departed for the Adolphus Hotel on Saturday the 23rd. Obviously Ruth Paine, Marina Oswald, Henry Wade, the FBI, the Warren Commission and Life covered-up the entire trench coat affair that occurred on Sunday evening November 24th. All interested parties wanted the briefcase or suitcase full of cash tippy-toed by the trench coat man (Stolley?) through Ruth Paine's backdoor to remain a deep dark secret.

Much to his dismay and confusion until he died, all the photos taken by Life photojournalist Allan Grant were never printed in any American publication but were featured in a German magazine during the 1980s. All the police officers associated with the trench coat affair did not testify to the Warren Commission. The cover-up was complete and tidy until A.J. Phillips consented to three exclusive recorded phone interviews with the author of this article in 2009.

House Fire

So what did Ruth Paine do with that briefcase or suitcase full of cash? With her new found wealth, Ruth lived-up to her declaration to officer Phillips when she shouted "This is my house and I can do what I want!" The Dallas County Clerk's Office proves Ruth Paine could do most anything she wanted. Lots 3, 4 & 5 in block A of the Wentwood Terrace 2 subdivision located on Woodleigh Drive in Irving, Texas were purchased by Ruth Paine in 1964-65. The lots featured upper-middle class homes that were built in the early 1960s.

Ruth Paine's other home on West Fifth was built in the 1940s and was considered to be in a working class neighborhood. Ruth did not sell her West Fifth Street property until 1966 so she transitioned from owning one lower middle class home to also possessing THREE upper middle class homes in less than year. Ruth Paine's personal residence was the 90 foot wide and 120 foot long lot 5 with a one-story 2,045 square foot frame dwelling with brick veneer.

Ruth Paine was separated from her Harvard educated husband when the trench coat affair occurred but they reconciled and lived together for nearly eight years. Michael Paine was a beginner engineer with Fort Worth based Bell Helicopter, the largest support company of the Vietnam War, in 1963-64 yet he claimed he was avowed antiwar pacifist. If Ruth's husband was somehow involved with the purchases of the three homes on Woodleigh Drive, why was his name excluded from the deeds?

Ruth Paine Home Woodleigh Drive 2011

During the 1960s, Irving, Texas and most of the United States was a patriarchic society with men ruling the roost. The only way Michael's name was not on the Woodleigh property deeds is because he had no financial investment in the venture. If he had no financial involvement in the properties then where and how did Ruth get the monies to purchase three homes in an upper middle class neighborhood in such a short period of time?

The trench coat man tippy-toeing through Ruth's backdoor was better than any Santa Claus character coming down her chimney.

In the game of Monopoly a player must own three properties adjacent to one another before building a hotel. Ruth did not build a hotel on lots 3,4 & 5 but she purchased the empty lot adjacent to lot 5, divided the parcel and built two additional homes. All of Ruth's Woodleigh properties in Irving were sold by 1971. Lots 3 and 4 were sold on the same day to different individuals in 1967.

The Potts family lived across the street from Ruth Paine who ran a daycare center in her home. Mrs. Potts was a hairdresser and cut only Ruth's front bangs on numerous occasions over several years. Most times Ruth paid Ms. Potts two dollars cash for her simple beautician services but one time Ruth paid by check. Mrs. Potts never cashed the check and she still has the paper note with Paine's handwriting and signature.

On July the 4th, 1965, son Jimmy Potts age 12 and his friend Jeff Taylor age 12 were playing with firecrackers on the front lawn of the Potts home. A very brief and small fire was started on the lawn by a wayward firecracker but was quickly extinguished. A half hour after the fire was fully doused, the Potts family was sitting in their den located at the back of their house when thundering hits pounded the front door.

When Jimmy opened the door his body was confronted with waves of high heat as he beheld the backside of Ruth Paine's home on lot 5 fully engulfed in flames. A neighbor accused Jimmy and his friend of starting the blaze with their fireworks. A shouting match ensued as the fire department went through their motions while Jimmy's older sister Natalie vigorously defended her brother and his friend as not being the cause of the fire.

The Potts family declared that Ruth Paine was nowhere in sight during and immediately after the fire gutted her home. The fire department determined the blaze was started by faulty wires in the attic for the central air conditioning unit thus the home was rebuilt and occupied by Ruth Paine until 1971.

Jimmy and Natalie Potts have signed sworn affidavits that they observed one Marina Oswald, also known by her remarried name, Mrs. Kenneth Porter, enter and exit the Ruth Paine home on numerous occasions between 1964 and 1969. Jack Sears owned lot 5 before Ruth purchased the property in 1965. Because Ruth was seen by the Potts family in 1964 on Woodleigh Drive, Ruth must have had a rent to own agreement with Sears in 1964.

Why was Marina visiting Ruth's home on Woodleigh Drive over a five year period? That question will probably never be answered because as Ruth Paine emphatically retorted:

> "This is my house and I can do what I want!"
"Let me issue and control a nation's money and I care not who writes the laws. - Mayer Rothschild
"Civil disobedience is not our problem. Our problem is civil obedience! People are obedient in the face of poverty, starvation, stupidity, war, and cruelty. Our problem is that grand thieves are running the country. That's our problem!" - Howard Zinn
"If there is no struggle there is no progress. Power concedes nothing without a demand. It never did and never will" - Frederick Douglass

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