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"killing kennedy" documentary to be produced by national geographic channel
Just found this today:


[/URL]"Parkland," produced by Tom Hanks' Playtone production company, is also moving along:
I just saw Killing Kennedy on FOX. It had all the usual propaganda lies. It felt like the boiled down extract of all the cooked propaganda through the years. The worst offense it committed was trying to make Kennedy look like he admitted the Bay Of Pigs proved he didn't have the mettle to be president and that the reason he avoided any similar confrontation was to keep from being made to look bad. Cowardice in other words. I can't think of a cheaper more untruthful swipe at Kennedy who was just the opposite, taking on the pro-war status quo for highly principled reasons that ultimately cost him his life.

You would need a voice recorder next to you while watching to document the steady stream of false propaganda and lies. They even had Oswald standing in the window and shooting. There's a new sensibility detectable when watching that the Oswald's Tale fable has now become a story unto itself and separate from reality. Sort of a satanic detachment where the tellers aren't liable for what they show.
If you've ever seen the movie Idiocracy, you'll cringe and laugh as you recognize the dumbing-down and rewriting of history going on:

They aired Killing Kennedy on FOX again last night.

The movie showed the narrow thread of the Warren Report version of Oswald and his alleged assassination of Kennedy as the plotters would like you to believe it.

Keeping the propaganda fresh for the intended American audience.
Welcome back, Albert.
"All that is necessary for tyranny to succeed is for good men to do nothing." (unknown)

James Tracy: "There is sometimes an undue amount of paranoia among some conspiracy researchers that can contribute to flawed observations and analysis."

Gary Cornwell (Dept. Chief Counsel HSCA): "A fact merely marks the point at which we have agreed to let investigation cease."

Alan Ford: "Just because you believe it, that doesn't make it so."
I stumbled onto "Killing Kennedy" on Fox. What bag of shit. ::gtfo::
"We'll know our disinformation campaign is complete when everything the American public believes is false." --William J. Casey, D.C.I

"We will lead every revolution against us." --Theodore Herzl
Idiocracy, we're there. We've got the reality TV star President, the moronic voters who will believe anything.


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