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FED Non-Official Cover Operative In Africa Central Bank Investments
You won't believe who's back at it again, and 'this time' it's not the Central Bank of the Republic of Liberia or the Central Bank of the Fiji Islands but now the Central Bank of the Republic of Lesotho in Africa, but there's more.

Being hit from both ends of the global socio-economic spectrum, from 'environmental project schemes' involving investment notions being promoted of 'hydrogen fuel' plant to 'wind' farm energy distribution to 'precision ammunition' production and 'jobs for military veterans, it's all about what an already polarized global society currently supports ( i.e. 'clean green energy', 'employment', and 'military support' ).

I refer to the aforementioned as the "Everything, including the kitchen sink, fraud" being perpetrated by one of the most notorious individuals written about in the annals of undercover government schemes dating back to infamous promotions of the old schemes involving railroad bonds.

What makes the following information link so unique is it is akin to the old "Spy versus Spy" stories - with a bit of a twist involving not only the U.S. Federal Reserve Bank Board System ( FED ) tasking the U.S. Department of Homeland Security ( DHS ) working globally with 'both' the U.S. Secret Service Foreign Branch and the U.S. Central Intelligence Agency ( CIA ) using fraudsters to catch financiers of terrorist network cells. There's only one ( 1 ) problem: nothing is being accomplished except global investors unwittingly filling-up U.S. Treasury coffers for the U.S. Federal Reserve and making a few fraudsters incredibly rich in the process.

There's more to this story, but here's a fairly odd but good introduction for review ( below ):

Thank you.

- PC


"We wage a war with no rules, a snowstorm with no end, we share a bottle with a foe, and get a bullet from a friend." - CCCP Colonel Igor Prelin ( KGB, Retired )

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