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Federal Reserve Bond Redemption Scheme Intelligence
Times, they are a changing, and as Federal Reserve Non-Official Covers get pulled off more fraud schemes - the American taxpaying public is going to want their money back after all their U.S. government has wasted.

The report ( below ) was written by a young man who impressed me with an incredibly unique genuine demeanor carrying quality academic research diligently in producing a difficult to establish unbiased forthrightness within monumental efforting multi-faceted information arenas within a single report touching so much to enlighten more of the global general public.

This particular link ( below ) is the 'only current internet webpage download' to this 'specifically revised report' written by the aforementioned fellow:

While no report to-date encompasses a complete compilation of all facets, "High Financial Affairs" does a decent job of introducing some - not all - of the government intelligence surrounding Financial Intelligence ( FININT ).

Kudos to Billy Moschella Jr. for having decidedly taken the time to care enough to effort all that he has to-date.

- PC


"We wage a war with no rules, a snowstorm with no end, we share a bottle with a foe, and get a bullet from a friend." - CCCP Colonel Igor Prelin ( KGB, Retired )

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