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Casa Pound
An Italian friend gave me this information today. New to me but unsurprising. An interesting exercise in re-branding. But same old shit.

[TABLE="class: infobox vcard, width: 22"]
[TD="class: logo, colspan: 2"][Image: 150px-CasaPound.jpg][/TD]
[TD="class: agent"]Gianluca Iannone[/TD]
[TD]26 December 2003[/TD]
[TD="class: category"]Fascism,
Third Position[/TD]
[TD="class: category"]Far-right[/TD]
[TD="class: category"]None[/TD]
[TD]Black and Red[/TD]
[TD="colspan: 2"][/TD]
[TD="colspan: 2"]Politics of Italy
Political parties

CasaPound is a Social center of fascist inspiration founded in Rome on 26 December 2003 with the squatting of a state-owned building in neighbourhood of Esquilino in Rome. In 2010 living in CasaPound 23 families for a total of 82 people[SUP][1][/SUP].
Subsequently, the phenomenon is spreading with other squatting, demonstrations and various initiatives, becoming a political movement. In June 2008 CasaPound is therefore constitutes an association of social promotion and assumed the current nameCasaPound Italy CPI.

Before 2006 CasaPound was associated with Tricolour Flame but now CasaPound has his own movement, CasaPound Italy, extended all over the Italian territory with many social centers.History

While not officially recognizing the classic definitions of right and left[SUP][2][/SUP] CPI is commonly placed in the view of the political groups and movements of the Italian radical right.
In 2011 is stimated than CasaPound Italy has 5000 members.[SUP][3][/SUP]

According to the Swiss historian Aram Mattioli, the phenomenon of CasaPound would be inserted in the revival of right-wing movements in Italy especially thanks to the "clearance" of the Italian right initiated by the first government of Silvio Berlusconi in 1994-95 involving and legitimized the Italian Social Movement [SUP][4][/SUP]. One feature of this movement, according to sociologist Emanuele Toscano, is to present "a different interpretation of fascism aimed at overcoming the dichotomy of right-left"[SUP][5][/SUP]. According to the German historian Volker Weiss "CasaPound has succeeded in creating an environment appealing to some young fusing pop culture and neo-fascism"[SUP][6][/SUP].
The name, inspired by the poet Ezra Pound, in particular, refers to his Cantos against usury, the economic positions of critical both tocapitalism and Marxism and its membership of the Italian Social Republic. References political association are more specifically related fascist ideology, with particular attention to the Manifesto of Verona, the Labour Charter of 1927 and social legislation of Fascism itself. The chosen symbol is a stylized turtle, the shell octagonal.

The social center has its own musical band, Zetazeroalfa, an association of Civil protection and promotes sports (hiking, parachuting,diving and other disciplines), union activities, and recreational activities, including a theater company, a web radio, a web tv and a monthly magazine.
CasaPound has promoted initiatives outside the Italian territory through his non-profit organization Solidarité Identités[SUP][7][/SUP]. The activities of the movement have been the subject of attention by some foreign media [SUP][8][/SUP][SUP][9][/SUP][SUP][10][/SUP].
From the period of activity of the first social center then were organized and cultural meetings with several guests, including writerNicolai Lilin[SUP][11][/SUP], the LGBT deputy Paola Concia[SUP][12][/SUP], an ex-Red Brigades Valerio Morucci[SUP][13][/SUP], and the Chinese community[SUP][14][/SUP].
The main CasaPound political proposal is the so-called Mutuo Sociale (Social Mortgage)[SUP][15][/SUP], as a response to the problem of the housing which, according to official data, involving approximately 23,000 households throughout Italy. In October 2011, the Lazio Region officially approves it within the "House Plan"[SUP][16][/SUP].
Starting with the 2011 elections CasaPound presented their candidates in local elections in civic lists or center-right and succeeded in electing its representatives[SUP][17][/SUP]. At regional and national elections of 2013 CasaPound Italy announced that it will present its civic lists throughout Italy.
In 2006, the movement that arose around the first community center was endowed with its student organization, under the nameStudents' Block.

Because of the explicit reference to the ideology and history of fascism, CasaPound has been the subject of much criticism and protests. In particular, questions have been submitted by parliamentarians of the Italian Democratic Party about fascist propaganda and the violence of the student movement[SUP][18][/SUP]. Numerous disputes have occurred at the opening of homes of the movement in various cities of Italy by left-wing political parties and antifascists groups.
Having adopted Ezra Pound as a symbol of the movement has caused controversy with the daughter of the American poet, Mary de Rachewiltz, who experienced a distortion of the meaning of the work of Ezra Pound speaking openly of a "misappropriation" the image of his father[SUP][19][/SUP].
They have also caused controversy with their celebrations of some characters from the world of culture and politics such as Che Guevara and Bobby Sands who are not usually associated with the extreme right.
Over the years CasaPound found itself at the center of several episodes of violence, both as a party and as the injured party. There are numerous attacks that groups, political parties and the left claim to have suffered by members of CasaPound. The founder and president of Gianluca Iannone in 2009 was sentenced to four years for first degree assault on a police officer in plain clothes during a fight April 25, 2004. For its part, the association reported numerous attacks on militants CasaPound Italy and Student Block, as well as attacks on their homes and occupations by militants of various left-wing groups. CasaPound Italy has also presented hundreds of lawsuits for slander and defamation received in the press.
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CasaPound website
English interview with the leader of Casa Pound
"The philosophers have only interpreted the world, in various ways. The point, however, is to change it." Karl Marx

"He would, wouldn't he?" Mandy Rice-Davies. When asked in court whether she knew that Lord Astor had denied having sex with her.

“I think it would be a good idea” Ghandi, when asked about Western Civilisation.

In the House of Pound

An Interview with Gianluca Iannone

By Colin Liddell
[Image: 27cdddac1d4facc05cf85e68533d6cb8_M.jpg]CPI Leader Gianluca Iannone

CasaPound is an Italian political movement that takes its name from the American poet and Fascist sympathizer, Ezra Pound. Although it is inevitably referred to as "extremist," "racist," and "neo-fascist," the movement, which was founded in 2003, is in fact more complex and interesting, especially from an alternative right perspective. It takes a holistic and grass roots approach to politics, focusing on culture, community, and a variety of activities for its members, as much as on traditional street politics. This is an interview I did by email with Gianluca Iannone, the movement's leader, in early 2011 for an article I was writing.CasaPound is still not so well known in the English-speaking countries, even by those active in right wing politics. Could you introduce your movement to our readers and describe it? How big is CasaPound? How many members and how much support do you have?First of all, linking CasaPound to the right wing is a bit restrictive. CasaPound Italia is a political movement organized as an association for social promotion. It starts from the right and goes through the entire political panorama. Right or left are two old visions of politics, we need to give birth to a new synthesis. CPI has more than 4000 members all over Italy but the supports and sympathy we gain days after days is far larger… Just think that the Blocco Studentesco, our student organization, obtained 11,000 votes in Rome and the Province for the students' elections.Please tell us a little about yourself personally and your background.I was born in August 1973 and started political activism at 14 in the Fronte della Gioventù (Youth Front) in Acca Larenzia, one of Rome's downtown neighborhood. Since then I have never stopped to be part of this world. Journalist since 1999, I worked for TV and radio stations and also wrote for national newspapers on international conflicts, literature, cinema and music.
Why did you become politically active? Was there some event, action, or person that triggered your political activism?To tell the truth, there is not one thing in particular. I think it was just fate.What are main policies and objectives of CasaPound, both short-term and long-term?CPI works on everything that concerns the life of our nation: from sport to solidarity, culture and of course politics. For sports, we have a soccer teams and academy, we do hockey, rugby, skydiving, boxing, Brazilian jiu-jitsu, scuba diving, hiking groups, caving, climbing. For solidarity, we have first aid teams, we do fundraising activities for the Karen people, and we provide help to orphans and single-mums. A phone line called "Dillo to CasaPound" (tell it to CasaPound) is active 24/7 to give free advises on legal and tax issues. On the cultural ground, we host authors and organize book presentations; we have an artist club, a theater school, free guitar, bass guitar and drum lessons, we created an artistic trend called Turbodinamismo, we have a publishing company, dozens of bookshops and websites. Politically we propose various laws like the Mutuo sociale (social mortgage), Tempo di essere Madri (Time to be a mother) or against water privatization and so many more. Speaking about CPI is never easy because all these things are CASAPOUND. All of these represent our challenges and projects for now and the millennium.Do you have any significant links with groups or parties outside Italy?No.The first thing that strikes people in the English-speaking countries is the name of your group, which, of course, refers to the famous American poet Ezra Pound. How important are Pound's ideas to your movement? Why have you chosen to include his name in your movement's title?Ezra Pound was a poet, an economist and an artist. Ezra Pound was a revolutionary and a fascist. Ezra Pound had to suffer for his ideas, he was sent to jail for ten years to make him stop speaking. We see in Ezra Pound a free man that paid for his ideas; he is a symbol of the "democratic views" of the winners.Ezra Pound is also a name routinely associated with Anti-Semitism. Some will automatically see the invocation of his name as a rallying cry for Anti-Semitism. Could you clarify CasaPound's position with regard to the Jews and Israel?To associate Ezra Pound and anti-Semitism is an absolute twist. It is the same for CasaPound, it has no sense. It is true that we are against Israel politics towards Palestinians, against the bombing of civilians, and the embargo on international help. To say so does not mean to be anti-Semitic, it means analyzing facts.You are also known for anti-usury rhetoric. Most sensible people oppose excessive usury, but are you opposed to all usury? If not, where does constructive credit end and destructive usury begin?Usury is the worst thing. It is the head of the octopus. It is it that initiated the wars that are starting around the Mediterranean Sea, which generates illegal immigration and destruction. It is it which creates unemployment, debts. It is it that threatens the future of our children, which make them weak and ready for the massacre.My impression of CasaPound is that it is very much a grass roots organization that operates successfully in the "arena of street politics," with marches, parades and events that build identity and community, rather than through conventional elections. In Anglo countries right-wing street politics backfired in the past, allowing the mainstream media to paint very negative images of the National Front in the 1970s and the BNP later. Because of this the BNP now avoids the street as a political arena. Your group's success suggests that the street is a much more acceptable political arena for the right in Italy. Why do you think this is? What are the differences that make this possible?First of all, England was never a fascist state. This creates a big cultural difference. Also, as I said before CPI works on dozens of projects and with various methods: from conferences to demonstrations, distribution of information, posters. The important thing is to generate counter information and to occupy the territory. It is fundamental to create a web of supporters other than focusing on elections. For election, you are in competition with heavily financed groups and with only one or two persons elected, you can't change anything. Politics for us is a community. It is a challenge, it is an affirmation. For us, politics is to try to be better every day. That is why we say that if we don't see you, it is because you are not there. That is why we are in the streets, on computers, in bookshops, in schools, in universities, in gymnasium, at the top of mountains or in the newsstands. That is why we are in culture, social work and sport. That is a constant work.Because of the differences between Britain and Italy do you think it is better for the right-wing in the UK to avoid street politics? In this context, what is your view of the English Defence League, a group that obviously sees the street as its arena or forum?I think that the EDL is going on the ground of the clash of civilization. For me and Casa Pound, this provokes a kind of disgust. If the British right is reduced to this, then let's speak about soccer, it will be better.

"The philosophers have only interpreted the world, in various ways. The point, however, is to change it." Karl Marx

"He would, wouldn't he?" Mandy Rice-Davies. When asked in court whether she knew that Lord Astor had denied having sex with her.

“I think it would be a good idea” Ghandi, when asked about Western Civilisation.
"The philosophers have only interpreted the world, in various ways. The point, however, is to change it." Karl Marx

"He would, wouldn't he?" Mandy Rice-Davies. When asked in court whether she knew that Lord Astor had denied having sex with her.

“I think it would be a good idea” Ghandi, when asked about Western Civilisation.
Italy's fascists stay true to Mussolini's ideology

Leader of anti-immigration group CasaPound describes former dictator's brand of fascism as 'our point of reference'
Tom Kington in Rome
The Guardian, Sunday 6 November 2011 19.03 GMT
The far-right Italian group CasaPound describe Benito Mussolini's ideology as their 'point of reference'. Photograph: Topical Press Agency/Getty Images

Speaking in front of a photograph of Benito Mussolini at CasaPound's Rome headquarters, Simone di Stefano does not hesitate when asked if he subscribes to the Italian dictator's brand of fascism.
"It's our point of reference, a vision of the state and the economy and the concept of sacrifice," said Di Stefano, who is vice president of CasaPound, the movement that reportedly has 5,000 members in Italy, alongside 15 loyal local councillors and the support of key officials at Rome city hall, where the mayor, Gianni Alemanno, is himself a former neo-fascist.
Last year, a concert in Rome by the rock band led by CasaPound's president, Gianluca Iannone, was sponsored by one of the capital's borough councils. By holding cultural debates on themes as diverse as Che Guevara and Jack Kerouac, CasaPound has sought to separate itself from Italy's old-style, street-fighting neo-fascists. The group is named after Ezra Pound, the American poet who sided with Mussolini during the war.
Mussolini's racial laws were "a mistake," says Di Stefano. "We believe in the national community and the Jews in Italy are part of that." And as for Pound's own antisemitism, "at the time it was very common throughout the world".
The organisation steers clear of what Di Stefano calls fascist "nostalgia" fascist salutes are saved for funerals and focuses on promoting cheap housing and occupying empty properties. Eighteen families live in CasaPound's Rome base, a disused state property it has occupied since 2003. "The city hall wouldn't evict us now, we are a cultural point of reference," said 35-year-old Di Stefano.
The movement also runs a phone helpline for Romans falling victim to loan sharks, and dispatches members to help out during natural disasters, like the Abruzzo earthquake in 2009 and this autumn's floods in Liguria.
CasaPound's approach to economics is pure Mussolini "We would like to see communications, transport, energy and health renationalised and the state constructing houses which it then sells at cost to families," said Di Stefano. On immigration, the stance is typical of the far right. "We want to stop it," says Di Stefano. "Low-cost immigrant workers mean Italians are unable to negotiate wages, while the immigrants are exploited."
Left-wing associations have frequently accused supporters of CasaPound of violently attacking their members at demonstrations, and have claimed the group acts as a cover for young men looking for trouble.
"In Rome, fascists assault people but are protected and unpunished," Pierluigi Bersani, head of the opposition Democratic Party told a rally on Saturday.
Di Stefano denied the allegation, saying CasaPound was itself the victim of attacks by leftists, citing an assault on its headquarters in Cuneo in northern Italy.
He also defended the behaviour of CasaPound supporters who have got into the habit of whipping each other with their belts in the moshpit during gigs by Iannone's band
"It's a bit like Fight Club, a way to risk pain, to confront yourself in way society does not allow," he said. "We also go on mountain walks, it's a similar concept."
"The philosophers have only interpreted the world, in various ways. The point, however, is to change it." Karl Marx

"He would, wouldn't he?" Mandy Rice-Davies. When asked in court whether she knew that Lord Astor had denied having sex with her.

“I think it would be a good idea” Ghandi, when asked about Western Civilisation.


By Giuseppe Pisani, Photos by Gianmarco Panucci

[Image: 046247aaae916b3c97af7a05102fbbcf.jpg]
Following the protests that took place against austerity measures in cities across Europe on November 14,the people of Romeparticularly those in uniformexpected the big national demonstration set for November 24 to represent the next logical step into the inferno. It was a day when everyone, regardless of political, social, or financial standing had agreed to take to the streets and make their opposition known. Finally unionists, students, fascists, and antifascists were going to unite under one cause and something was bound to go horribly wrong.
Not quite. Three days before the protests the imaginatively named antifascist group 'Rome Says No To Fascists' organized a sit-in to remind the mayor, Gianni Alemanno, that fascism is still illegal in Italy, and attempt to keep the most upsetting element of the afforemention motley crew, the fascist organization CasaPound, from marching with them.
In the end, however, the mayor gave the fascists permission to take part in the demonstration, with the caveat that fascist salutes, racist signs, and anti-Semitic or Nazi sentiments would not be tolerated.
[Image: 8b93bd4c4c199fc9b87513d2a59093a2.jpg]
On the 22nd, two days before the demo, CasaPound announced that they would be moving their declared route away from the city center, where most of the other groups would be marching. We thought this was both cowardly and sensible at the same time, so on the day of the protest we decided to ditch the mainstream marchers and their boring old chants about poverty in favor of following the "terrible beauty" around and maybe witnessing some kind of apocalyptic vision of what the future holds.
CasaPound was born in Rome in December 2003, after a group of extreme-right youth occupied a building in the Esquilino district, not far from the Central train station. You'd think this would prove a pain in the mayor's ass, but he hasn't done much of anything to evict them. Antifascists claim this is because of his own involvement in far-right movements in his youth. Whether or not that's true is still unclear.
[Image: a8082041ab6a0416034e3d0fea534bfe.jpg]
CasaPound's logo, the tortoise, symbolizes their motto: "Own Your Own House." Housing policies have been at the core of the group's agenda at least since 2006, when they entered politics within the "Movimento Sociale Fiamma Tricolore" [Tricolor Flame] party. These days, CasaPound is officially a "social promotion association" complete with "two thousand members, offices throughout Italy, 15 bookshops, 20 pubs, eight sports associations, an online radio station, a WebTV channel, and a monthly and a quarterly magazine."
If you are looking to rationalize the madness, according to the German historian Volker Weiss, the reason CasaPound is experiencing such an escalating success is that it "has managed to create an attractive setting for young people by combining pop-culture and neo-fascism." They also use classical literature; Quotes from Jurgen, Yeats, and Pound are splattered all across their own promotional literature and speeches, in what looks like an attempt to cover their complete inabillity at any kind of political or moral thinking.

Their own name is inspired by the writer Ezra Pound, which didn't go down particularly well with the writer's daughter, who sued the group last year. Soon after that, CasaPound tried to change their name to CasaBene, after playwright Carmelo Bene, who once responded to the question "Are you fascist?" with a fart. As expected, Bene's daughter wasn't happy about it either.
[Image: 49375ec8a42f993d583c3647344abfb5.jpg]

CasaPound's founder is Gianluca Iannone. He is also the lead singer of the hardcore band Zetazeroalfa. Asked about the controversy surrounding his group's name in an interview once, he explained: "Ezra and Carmelo are two great heretics of the twentieth century, that official criticism tries to normalize and trivialize, if not simply forget. It's just a small homage to honor those who have made a flag out of being anti-conformist: a reference point for all free men, despite cultural or political affiliations."
[Image: b44d37aceb7bbaccd93ce2ea4c7abfb2.jpg]
But let us get to the march. During the demonstrationattended by 3,000 people according to the mayor's office and 8,000 according to CPstadium chants with catchy melodies ranged from demanding Italian Prime Minister Mario Monti's resignation, to simplistic rants in favor of public schools, and their traditional battle cry, "Our idea becomes action, social loan, revolution."
Every now and again the crowd would break their song mid-concert to wave their flags around.
[Image: e024a5df5525bccf612c1dab0b9b38b9.jpg]
Much to our disappointment, everybody was extremely well behaved. There were no Roman salutes, no Nazi imageryfrom the outside you couldn't tell if the guys with the red flags were fascists or communists. I was about to cry, but then I overheard Iannone saying he was inspired by Benito Mussolini to an interviewer, which reaffirmed my original thoughts about the group.
[Image: 346d4fde126c2ca46814873b5399e65b.jpg]
The march came to a close under the tunes of the Italian National Anthem. Everyone knew the first chorus and they all started belting it out, but then the second verse played and the whole procession was forced to stand awkwardly in silence.
[Image: 4cd52edbe47b97d317f6d2ee295099dd.jpg]
The speeches were next. First up was CP Italia's two vice presidents who, after congratulating each other and their minions for the large turnout, also patted themselves on the back for not having burned down the capital like we all thought they would.
[Image: 7993c60834edbf67d03f7375a163faf1.jpg]
Then Iannone took to the stage, only to be drowned out by a helicopter circling above. Annoyed, he started snorting like a bull in chains, making his crowd grow slightly worried. Thankfully, the helicopter flew off soon enough, allowing Iannone to begin his rant uninterupted. I'm not sure who the "them" he kept referring to are, but they managed to make him really angry.
"Because they think that we're only a group of retards, because they are ugly inside and out, because we must return to an ethics in politics, because we are the Sherwood Forest and the Sherriff of Nottingham will do anything to stop us."
And with that Robin Hood reference he was ready to bow out. "We're going to hurt them, a lot!" he finished. Applause.
[Image: ea91576af380f0b8b252082c14f48731.jpg]
That was about it. If the protest seemed soporific, that can be attributed to their gentlemanly comportment of protesters and the worrying lack of ideas. Of course, the CasaPound Italia fascists believe themselves to be crediblethrough hastily made quotations and audacious and ready retorts, balancing themselves on the social chasm created by 20 years of bad politicsbut I doubt anybody else thinks so. Or maybe that's just what I really want to believe.
See more of Gianmarco's photos here.
"The philosophers have only interpreted the world, in various ways. The point, however, is to change it." Karl Marx

"He would, wouldn't he?" Mandy Rice-Davies. When asked in court whether she knew that Lord Astor had denied having sex with her.

“I think it would be a good idea” Ghandi, when asked about Western Civilisation.
They're not fascist, oh no siree. They like Jews and homosexuals. They're not racist or sexist. They read book and don't burn them. Same old shit. Googlish translation:

Quote:Naples, arrested right-wing extremists.
wanted to rape Jewish student
"is inspired Mein Kampf"

Hit the far right in Naples with a flurry of arrests. Emanuela Florino under house arrest, a candidate in the next election with Casapound. The phrases collected in interceptions. I am "inciting racial hatred and the squads"

The Carabinieri of the ROS performed ten precautionary measures issued against members of the extreme right Neapolitan held responsible, inter alia, an armed group, illegal possession and carrying of weapons and explosives, injury to the officer and arson attacks. It explores the movement of the extreme right Casapound, but also on other teams. PROCESSION OF THAT TWO YEARS AGO WITH Florino / WATCH THE VIDEO THE ATTACKS - The investigation related to clashes between groups of right and left in Naples in 2011, they allowed to document numerous attacks on political opponents and the systematic indoctrination of the young militants to racial hatred and anti-Semitism. Operation is taken in the provinces of Naples, Salerno and Latin subversive association and concerns attributable to members the extra-parliamentary right of Naples. Precautionary measures were issued by the investigating judge of Naples at the request of the District to the major representatives of the organization. They are accused of having organized and planned riots in the spring of 2011 in Naples. THE

- The recipients of the precautionary measures are also accused of injury, assaulting an officer and unauthorized assembly in a public place, design and implementation of attacks by throwing Molotov cocktails against a social center of Naples, unauthorized demonstrations at the Faculty of Letters , assault type "squad" against political opponents and systematic indoctrination of young militants ethnic hatred and anti-Semitism. "Mein Kampf" - "Mein Kampf" by Adolf Hitler was at the center of meetings of some of the detainees.The suspects - says the prosecutor added in Naples, Rosario Cantelmo, in a note - were engaged inter alia, "the systematic indoctrination of the young militants of ethnic hatred and anti-Semitism through meetings in which they discussed, among ' other things, the contents of the book 'Mein Kampf' by Adolf Hitler. " DAUGHTER Florino - Among those arrested is also Emanuela Florino, 26, daughter of a former senator before the MSI and then An, among prominent members of the movement in Naples Casapound. Emanuela Florino, under house arrest, is also a candidate in the next election lists of Casapound. Rape A JEWISH STUDENT - Some of the suspects in the investigation on the movement Casapound planned to rape a Jewish university student: it is what is apparent from eavesdropping telephone contained in 'order for custody. In conversations also spoke of the possibility of fire jeweler owned by a jew. During the operation, the police seized the place where the suspects gathered, the former section "Berta" in the MSI via Foria, in Naples. Arrestingly particular violence and cruelty intercepts of conversations between suspected on the non- rape. Beat or rape a girl because he was Jewish estimated even by the Palestinians: it is the intention expressed by one of the patrons of the "Bertha." the topic was discussed in a conversation intercepted Dec. 15, 2011. "For me right - says Angelo D'Alterio - there is one that does not touch anyone, do not look at anyone because I do not know which tribe belongs. Jewish tribes." Fits Andrea Coppola, leader of "Lock student", "If you see it, it passes and you see all the Israelis, the Palestinians as well, that the Palestinians ... The Arabs who greet her with respect, just ... What in fact is making me get angry too. fact I this the I vattere (beat, ed.) Or the woodpecker or the chiavo me and I bleed from the c ... But before all the faculty. " "I feel horror, strong disgusted and shocked at this news "said the justice minister, Paola Severino, speaking at a panel discussion on the resistance of the Jews in the ghettos and concentration camps. THE ARRESTED - In addition to Emmanuela Florino, the investigating judge granted house arrest to Aniello Fiengo, Senator John, Joseph and Massimo Guide Marchionne, in prison Enrico Tarantino and Savuto Joseph, who was also nominated for the college Campania one of the Chamber, and requiring home for Raffaele Palladino, Andrea Coppola and Alexander Mennella. 'S REACTION CasaPound - " are stops to watch those carried out by the police this morning, "says the head of the CasaPound Italy, Gianluca Iannone, commenting on the investigation of the Prosecutor of Naples. To prove it - according Iannone - is "the timing with which the investigation started almost two years ago has led to 'execution of a series of precautionary measures to a few hours after admission lists of CPI in the general election."
"The philosophers have only interpreted the world, in various ways. The point, however, is to change it." Karl Marx

"He would, wouldn't he?" Mandy Rice-Davies. When asked in court whether she knew that Lord Astor had denied having sex with her.

“I think it would be a good idea” Ghandi, when asked about Western Civilisation.

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