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The 1968 RFK campaign As a critical lens on the history of the Democrats 1928-2013
Hello, I would like to start a thread on the 1968 Democratic Primaries As a critical lens or "prism" through which to view the history of the Democratic Party from 1928-2013.

A book that has helped me refocus my attention on the all important and always neglected among the fake left media 1968 RFK campaign is In His Own Right By Joseph Palermo. I cannot recommend it highly enough.
I haven't read that book, but I've read quite a bit about the political situation during that time. It's stunning to listen to the speeches of RFK, MLK, McCarthy and others and realize just how far the Democrats have moved to the right in the last 45 years. Even more amazing was Henry Wallace, who nearly became President except for some backroom dealings that got him replaced by Truman.
Thanks Tracy. Judging from all that you have typed so far, my strategy was to type a title and then wait for you to fill it in with details.

No seriously, I want to post a few quotes from this Palermo book which I think is VASTLY under-read. Will soon have more time. But speaking of Walleces, check this out coma man. In the 1968 Indiana primary RFK got, of course, nearly all of the African Am. votes. But also way more working class whites than Gene McCarthy and also the substitute candidate for Humphrey.

Moreover, RFK got a Huge number of white working class votes who HAD PREVIOUSLY VOTED FOR GEORGE WALLACE IN THE 64 PRIMARY!!

Let the implications of those facts, from the Hoosier State, no less, sink in. There goes the Southern Strategy. GottaShootThat (say's the power)

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