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Israeli activists hit signs that segregate and promote fear of Palestinians

Israeli activists hit signs that segregate and promote fear of Palestinians

[Image: 74ec3da3c5dcefa582b7e46463ccf71f?s=36&d=blank&r=PG]
by Phil Weiss and Scott Roth on July 14, 2013

[Image: occupation-marker1.jpg]
Signs in West Bank
Anyone who has traveled in the West Bank has seen the red signs above, warning Israeli travelers, many of them settlers, not to enter Area A. Scott Roth explains why these signs demonstrate apartheid:
On the most basic level it shows apartheid because the effective overlords of the place (Israelis) have created a legal separation. It is illegal for Israelis to enter into Area A. On a different level it instills the notion into Israelis that it would be life threatening to enter Area A even if it were legal to do so. It reinforces the notion of separation (hafrada) and why it's necessary - they want to kill us.
Today Ofer Neiman sent out these photos of Israeli women amending the signs, under the heading, "Israeli activists post civilian zone, no entry to the army signs..."
[Image: occupation-marker2.jpg]
Changing signs
[Image: occupation-marker3.jpg]
Changing signs
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