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Silencer on a sniper rifle
Now this is just weird. In this episode of Alfred Hitchcock Presents (aired 11/23/1958), Art Carney plays a man who shoots two mobsters from the Sixth floor of a hotel using a sniper rifle and silencer. The action starts around 13:30

UNREAL! Hollywood has been nudging us along all the time.

In my paper, I am convinced of the silencer rifle being used on the South Knoll to make the throat shot through the windshield. The "firecracker" sound was the bullet going thru the windshield from the SK. I also found that an assassination attempt on Taiwanese candidates documents that assassins fired thru the windshield at candidates and "it sounded like a firecracker boom!"

For a free copy of my paper, please email me at
I'll email it to you immediately. TD
It is common folk 'wisdom' or lore that silencers didn't exist for rifles in the 60s - but do exist today. Mitchell WerBell developed them for the CIA and military in the late 50s or early 60s. They were NOT publicly known nor available. They were top were some of his 'special' guns [special sizes, shapes, hidden types, special bullets/darts/projectiles, and functions different that the ordinary guns - short and long barrel - some not appearing to have any barrel].
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Parody of Oswald trying to get himself arrested in the Dallas Police station but they wouldn't buy it.

Even Prouty's South Pole too.
Another "sniper" episode - The Twilight Zone, "No Time Like the Past" - aired March 7 1963. No silencer, but a bolt action-rifle.
Start around 9:50


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