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Tom robinson, gawler's funeral home, actually watched jfk autopsy in the bethesda hospital morgue!

"Tom Robinson, who in 1963 was a twenty-year-old Gawler's embalming assistant (whose specialty was applying restorative art to cadavers to prepare them for open-casket funerals), said he was present all night long inside the morgue and had a "50-yardline seat" in the gallery. He witnessed things that were NOT WITNESSED by the large audience to the official autopsy that began at 8:00 PM. [Two examples were: (1) him witnessing JFK's skull sawed open to remove the brain -- something Humes did not have to do before his large audience at 8:00 PM; and (2) he saw about ten metal fragments removed from JFK's cranium and placed in a vial---this contradicts the official account that there were only two small metal fragments removed from the cranium.] In order to see these events, Robinson must have arrived early, with the body."

The AF1 Tapes and Subsequent Events at Andrews AFB on November 22, 1963

By Douglas P. Horne

July 10, 2013

Two witnesses---mortician Tom Robinson and x-ray technician Ed Reed---told the ARRB that they saw the autopsy pathologists perform surgery on JFK's skull. [I infer that the reason was to suppress evidence of crossfire, by removing bullet fragments and brain tissue.] This contradicted Dr. Humes, who stated under oath to the Warren Commission and to the ARRB that he did not have to perform a craniotomy in order to remove the brain. (Humes also relayed this lie to Dr. Finck, the Army pathologist, after his late arrival.)

Humes himself stated at the autopsy (as recorded by the FBI) that someone had performed surgery to the top of JFK's skull, and then lied about this under oath---denied it---before the ARRB. Mortician Tom Robinson examined the autopsy photos taken of President Kennedy's skull, and stated that the gross damage to the top of the cranium in those photographs "was what the doctors did," not "the bullet(s)."

[B][1] See Douglas P. Horne. Inside the Assassination Records Review Board: The U.S. Governement's Final Attempt to Reconcile the Conflicting Medical Evidence in the Assassination of JFK volumes I-V (self published, 2009) especially volume IV. Horne has in large part substantiated (with modification) the body alteration hypothesis originally proposed by David Lifton in his monumental work Best Evidence: Disguise and Deception in the Assassination of John F. Kennedy (NYC: Carroll & Graf Publishers, 1988).
[2] Dr. Mantik has written an extensive review of volume IV of Doug Horne's 5 volume book in which he agrees with Horne about the extensive illicit post-mortem/pre-official autopsy wound tampering to the head of JFK. The review will eventually be published elsewhere on this site.
[3] There are quite a few other professionals who now embrace Doug Horne's conclusion that pre-official autopsy illicit body tampering occured including Professor Jim Fetzer editor of Assassination Science: Experts Speak out on the Death of JFK (Chicago: Catfeet Press, 1998) and Murder in Dealey Plaza: What we Know Now That we Didn't Know Then About the Death of JFK, (Chicago: Catfeet Press, 2000).



p.s. - Humes himself told the Warren Commission that C.E. 399 could not have wounded Connally, because there were too many fragments left in Connally's body

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