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The Fourth Reich Under Construction in Ukraine

The main war being waged against Russia today is a psychological one that uses disinformation to shape not only the political convictions, but also the entire world view of a nation. Experts call this a «war of consciousness» that targets a certain way of seeing the world.

When PACE adopted a resolution a few years ago that assigned equal levels of guilt to the USSR and Nazi Germany for their roles in unleashing WWII, it became clear that the West was preparing to rehabilitate Nazism. When and if that finally happens, criticizing Nazism will become a criminal act, and the statement «Hitler was Stalinism's biggest victim» will be one of the provisions of that new ideology.

Events in Ukraine provide clear evidence that the first phase in the rehabilitation of Nazism set in motion by the West is now complete… The Ukrainian phenomenon is unique in the fact that here the new Nazism surfaced as a monumental chimera unifying the Nazis, Zionists, liberals, occultists, ecumenists, papists, and Protestants. They march under many different masks and ideological banners, but in essence they are the same. Regardless of their formal affiliation to a particular faith, party, or sect, they all have the same vision for a future world order and for the methods needed to build it. And they have the same religion: a religion of absolute power that relies on a system in which each has his preordained spot and scrap of property (of course some get the fat while others get the lean).

Since the era of the European revolutions the West has grown accustomed to genuflecting before a superman - a being who puts himself in the place of God. Today this superman is embodied by the US president, the pope, and the UN Commissioner for Human Rights. Or suddenly that figure might emerge in a collective guise as NATO, the OSCE, the Council of Europe, the European Union, the World Jewish Congress, or finally, Chabad. And once the superman arrives, it tries to ensconce its schemes in blood.
[Image: gitl.png]
In order to force the public to accept the right of the «chosen» to absolute power, it is necessary to remold not only consciousness, but also the entire framework of the human soul. Absolute power entails total control over people's minds, feelings, and - most important - their will. Over the centuries, various types of closed military orders have developed methods for suppressing the will of others. The first example to go public on a government-wide level was in Nazi Germany, where it was the pride and joy of Anglo-American and Zionist financial circles who recognized the failure of their Trotskyite project in Russia.
[Image: obms.png]
Today, watching Western politicians buttering up the followers of Yatsenuk and Turchynov who ordered the bloody punitive operations in Ukraine, and how Zionist oligarchs finance fascist militants, it's easy to imagine how they bundled Europe into the Nazi's «new order» back in the not-so-distant 1930s. Just as John Chamberlain bowed and scraped before Hitler, we saw how the athletes at the 1936 Olympics in Berlin offered the Nazi salute and how the Nazi-controlled Bank for International Settlements was held dear by the Jewish bankers who did all their financial wheeling and dealing there throughout the war.
[Image: korol.png]
The entrenchment of the Nazi regime in Germany made it possible to pursue several goals.

First - the destruction of Soviet Russia, which represented a model of social development based on values that were entirely incompatible with the religion of the golden calf.

Second - the unification of Europe into a single economic system (under the command of prominent German businessmen), with the Bank for International Settlements acting as the financial nerve center, an organization that would ensure that the warring states' central banks would see their interests served. Once Germany unified Europe, the plan was for the upper echelon of Nazis to be replaced by a supranational elite who would continue to build the new order on a global level.

Third - the realization of the Zionist project to create the state of Israel, which required the sacrifice of part of the Jewish nation. After the war, the most preeminent Zionists exploited the suffering experienced by ordinary Jews by creating the religion of the Holocaust, which became a powerful tool to persuade global public opinion to be sympathetic toward a hefty influx of Jewish capital.
[Image: rimsk.png]
Fourth - the transformation of Germany into a venue for a giant experiment in the establishment of mind control. This program intended to completely refashion human beings in accordance with the theories of eugenics - both in a «positive» sense (the formation of a «new man») as well as «negative» (his transformation into a human surrogate). Before the war, the Germans conducted experiments in eugenics in close cooperation with American and British scientists. After WWII, this rich collection of scholarly materials was carefully packed up and moved to America. As part of Operation Paperclip, American intelligence used the «ratlines» of the Vatican to smuggle leading German scientists out of Europe and put them to work in research programs in the US under the control of the intelligence agencies. This was what happened to Wernher von Braun, who became an important director at NASA. The head of Berlin's Institute of Eugenics, Otmar von Verschuer, had a similar story. In 1949 he was elected to be a corresponding member of the reestablished American Eugenics Society, which used the new label of «genetics» to conceal its work in the now-compromised field of eugenics. And the first president of this society was an employee of Rockefeller University, G. D. Meller, who in 1932 worked in the brain research program of the Kaiser Wilhelm Institute in Germany.

One of the Americans' biggest prizes was a German general, Reinhard Gehlen, who directed Hitler's military intelligence unit on the Eastern Front and created the Gehlen Organization, which later became the Federal Intelligence Agency of the Federal Republic of Germany (BND). As a result of «brainstorming» sessions between Gehlen, President Truman, the head of Office of Strategic Services (OSS) William Donovan, and Allen Dulles, the American intelligence service was reorganized and converted into a highly effective, secret subversive organization. These efforts culminated in the creation of the National Security Council and the CIA in 1947. As the researcher Ron Patton wrote, «this was the legal tip of the iceberg, which cloaked an absolutely massive flow of extralegal government actions, including clandestine programs for mind control».

The numerous Euro-Atlantic organizations that were created after the war with the goal of European integration also extended a broad invitation to former Nazis. These included the first secretary of the Bilderberg Group, Prince Bernhard (who began his career in the SS), and the head of the first European Commission, Walter Hallstein.

For many years, the program to build a new world order was conducted under humanistic slogans, concealing the truth of its deep ties to occult organizations. Today all that has changed. Humanism has become trans-humanism, openly proclaiming a person's «right» to surmount human nature itself with the transition to the most radical forms of experimentation on human beings, immersing them in an infernal world.
[Image: chel.png]
Although previously the West had presented itself as a fighter against «Godless communism» and «Islamic fundamentalism,» today it is finally willing to utter the name of its true enemy. One of the main backers of Ukraine's affiliation with the EU, the Swedish Foreign Minister Carl Bildt, has claimed that in the past few years Russia has taken a turn for the worse. In the first decade after the collapse of the USSR, Russia demonstrated its commitment to Western values in its policies and tried to instill those in its population, but now the current Russian leadership has decided to heed the will of its public and has come out in strong opposition to the West. Carl Bildt claims that Putin demonstrates a commitment to Orthodox instead of global values and that Orthodoxy is more dangerous than Islamic fundamentalism, posing a major threat to Western civilization, which includes its attempts to regulate family relations and its hostility to gays and transgenders.

And so the mask of integrity so long worn by the architects of the new world order has been cast off and they have now shifted toward openly fascist, inhuman methods of control. What we see today in Ukraine is not a recurrence of Nazism, it is rather part of a strategic plan, implemented methodically: this is precisely how the big-league financial clans plan to establish the new world order. And Igor Kolomoisky continues to nurture his crew of gangsters - flesh from their flesh.

This explains the deathly silence of Western politicians, human rights organizations, the pope, and other «peacemakers» about the egregious war crimes committed before our very eyes in Ukraine. They are all accessories to these crimes and their minds think only in terms of war. At the last meeting of the Bilderberg Group, they discussed the preparations for war against Russia. One of the participants, the Dutch politician Diederik Samsom, openly admitted this.

And now this is what we hear from ordinary people in Ukraine whose voices are never recorded by any major media outlet, «All day long today there were bombings and shootings in Krasny Liman and Slavyansk, and lots of my family live there. There are mountains of corpses, they've been sitting in cellars and wells and there are horrifying atrocities being committed. Children are being killed, a hospital for the mentally ill in Semenovka was bombed - just wiped from the face of the earth - ambulance drivers transporting the wounded have been shot, the district hospital was bombed and surgeons wounded ... The people have no bread, haven't been able to get out for days, and the stores have been emptied of their last supplies. Tanks and armored personnel carriers are right under our windows. The Nazi sympathizers have gone around checking documents in each house and putting crosses on the houses - I don't know what that means. People are shot for the slightest resistance. Is this hard for you to believe? It's the truth ... I can't find words for this nightmare. They're worse than fascists».

Republishing is welcomed with reference to Strategic Culture Foundation on-line journal
"We'll know our disinformation campaign is complete when everything the American public believes is false." --William J. Casey, D.C.I

"We will lead every revolution against us." --Theodore Herzl

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