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Some times people fight back...
Not that there is any evidence at this stage but I find the timing interesting. Almost to the day it is the 10th anniversary of the deliberate bombing of the Belgrade TV station which resulted in the deaths of many civilians at their work place.

Then there is the matter of the maps said to be used to locate the Chinese Embassy which was also deliberately bombed. Trouble is the previos map shows there to be a park and there was never a building of any kind there in history let alone a Chinese Embassy.

May be this guy has a ton of enemies and it has nothing to do with NATOs illegal war...maybe not.

Macedonian International News Agency
April 24, 2009

Man who selected NATO's bombing targets in Serbia found dead

Slain Virginia resident William Bennett was connected with the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) following his military service. The CIA's George Little confirmed that Bennett worked as a contractor for that agency for several years. His service to the organization ended in the year 2000.

It has been reported by NBC Washington that Bennett was involved in the May 1999 NATO bombing of the Chinese embassy bombing in Belgrade during NATO involvement in Yugoslavia. Three Chinese citizens were killed in the attack.

This accidental [?] bombing was later blamed on an outdated map that showed the embassy at its prior location. The CIA later took responsibility for the error, firing one officer and reprimanding 20 more. It is unclear at this time the level of Bennett’s involvement and whether or not it might be linked to the deadly attack that took his life.

The Sheriff's Office continues to investigate the murder of William Bennett and the assault on his wife, Cynthia Bennett. The FBI has also joined the investigation.

Meanwhile not related to this case, though tied to the NATO bombing of Serbia, Amnesty International is seeking war crimes measures against the Alliance for bombing a TV Station which killed more than a dozen journalists. A spokesman for Amnesty International called it "one of the worst crimes" adding "you can't bomb and kill people simply because their news service was not inclined towards NATO". The Strasbourg Court had refused to accept the case filed by Amnesty International.
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