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A Room She Never Slept In: The Murder Of Dorothy Kilgallen

Dorothy Kilgallen was found dead in the center of a king-sized bed in the third floor master bedroom, a bed in a room she never slept in. The scene was clearly staged. But, although she was a major, respected, important public figure, officialdom managed to grab hold of the case and invent its own narrative.

Kilgallen, 52, was then a popular, nationally-known figure, who appeared as a regular, along with Bennett Cerf of Random House, Steve Allen, Jayne Meadows, and other luminaries on "What's My Line?" She had for many years been a crime reporter, whose stories on major murder trials had set the standard for journalists.
Among sensational stories Kilgallen had delivered to more than twenty million readers was, on July 15, 1959, the first exposé of CIA-mobster operations, a story which pissed off you-know-who.

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