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Football is Still Fixed
Blighty, bless her, is as dirty as an old crumpet spread with dung.

Speaking personally, I had no idea until today that the 4 footballing nations of the UK, England, Ireland, Scotland and Wales completely control the rules of the game and that it takes a 75% vote in favour of a change to the rules -- which are hideously out of date and vastly favour corruption.

The decision to rule out video technology until 2018/19 speaks for itself; refs will continue to make indefensible decisions that directly effect the outcome of matches. So, the massive sums of money placed in bets on football games is set to continue.


Sunday, 1 March 2015

The IFAB Four

"In effect, the English Premier League and the Scottish Premier League, via their respective control of the Football Association and the Scottish FA, are able to block all and any changes to the Laws of the Game with the support of just one other IFAB member."

Yesterday, nicely buried away on a busy sporting Saturday, the International Football Association Board (IFAB) ruled out video technology in football until season 2018/19 at the earliest.
This is despite a very successful trial run by the Dutch FA (KNVB) at 24 Eredivisie matches last season and the support of Germany, the USA and certain elements at the FA in England.
The outcome simply means that we are guaranteed 3 and a half more years of rampant corruption without redress or regulation and we will argue that this decision is the death knell for the integrity (and success) of the game.


IFAB is an anachronism. Composed of 4 members from the FA's of England, Scotland, the North of Ireland and Wales plus a further four individuals selected from the other 205 associations, the body behaves like an old City of London club. To discuss and decide upon proposed alterations to the Laws of the Game requires 75% agreement which, in effect, means that the United Kingdom controls the rules of global football.
Furthermore, since 2003, Angel Maria Villar Llona, the Spanish FIFA vice-President and Chairman of the Referees' Committee, has been involved in IFAB meetings. It is surely of relevance to the whole discussion that Javier Tebas, the Spanish La Liga president, believes that some bodies wish to hide the reality of matchfixing. Speaking last October, Tebas said: "... there are also some important institutions that want to hide the problem. Our integrity department in La Liga, for example, last weekend detected match-fixing activity in the third division. We detected the problem and communicated it to the responsible authority, but they chose to hide it, probably because they don't want to recognise that this problem exists, even in the lower division."

It is surely worthy of note that certain representatives (or a majority thereof) can block any change at any time to any private agenda.

Dutch Experiment and Institutional Response

The Dutch trial involved a video referee addressing match decisions at 24 top flight games in 2013/14. The results were hugely encouraging resulting in gross chameleon Sepp Blatter changing his mind to be in favour of video technology on the eve of the 2014 World Cup Finals.
A colleague in Holland has stated that the referral system could be implemented within 15 seconds and would have removed all controversy from the matches trialled. The match outcome was real.
Other sports also successfully implement video technology without the fabric of the competitive event being blown apart - tennis, rugby league, rugby union, horseracing, athletics, cricket etc.
So why not football?
Which members of IFAB voted against the proposal?
Who stands to lose and gain from the delay?

Well, this last question is a suitable starting point.
The entities that gain from lack of video technology are, in no particular order of merit - UEFA, FIFA, the Premier League, corrupt referees, corrupt bookmakers, insider gamblers, underground criminalised betting markets, global mafiosi groups, corrupt football agents, dodgy committee men...
... while the losers are the fans, the integrity of the game, those within the sport outside the corrupt inner loops and, interestingly, the broadcasters who overpay for tv rights (see below).

UEFA president, Michel Platini, performed a U-turn on video technology due to the European body utilising grey corruption via match officials to offset the criminalities of matchfixing operations targeting UEFA events, the power base of the allegedly disbanded G14 group, the successful marketing of tournament spectacles and the critical nature of television money.
The latter two points also apply to FIFA although the inaction at the global body is more closely linked to the interests of those involved in matchfixing.

The Specifics of the Integrity Issue in English Premier League

The Premier League (EPL) and Professional Game Match Officials Board (PGMOB) do not want video technology in English football. Furthermore, they do not support the elements of the FA that are calling for the implementation.The EPL have been undermining the role of the national association since inception and reached a nadir when buffoon Sir Dave Richards performed as Scudamore's rottweiler destabiliser at the FA.

PGMOB referees earn around two grand a week for officiating on matches that can have global betting turnover of £5bn. The core group of PGMOB comprises just 15 individuals who officiate at nearly 95% of EPL matches (including all the high betting volume tv events) and are frequently present as 4th officials at other games. This structure is primed for corruption.
Additionally, one individual who hides in the shadows selects referees for all EPL games. One man!

Former leading refs Graham Poll and Keith Hackett have lacerated the current standard of PGMOB refs with the latter wanting Mike Riley removed from leadership of body and 5 officials stood down.
Hackett stated: "If [a manager] is at the bottom of the league then his job is at risk. At this moment in time he [Riley] is more than bottom. I am seeing a regression. The performances of the referees are not acceptable. He must carry the responsibility."

And the reaction to criticism of referees is Stalinist. Most managers (with honourable exceptions of Jose Mourinho and Steve Bruce) have learnt that it is preferable not to articulate concerns over refereeing integrity as the body politic merely dumps more negative controversy on managers who step out of the Stalin line.
Chelsea would have won the EPL last season if it had not been for the ludicrous spectacles at Villa Park and at home to Sunderland. The abuses have continued on into 2014/15 with even the most anti-Mourinho clone perceiving the injustices perpetrated against the London team.

The Stalinism continues with media silence, no interviews, hush money paid at end of referee's careers, no public ratings from internal assessments and generally no punishment for miscreants.
Additionally, since the beginning of season 2013/14, all match officials have been miked up to a secretive network which we will term the EPL Match Centre. All kick offs are coincident and referees are aided (or abetted) by other officials with access to tv replays. This results in numerous match decisions being delayed while a decision is made.

Three points.
Firstly, this is illegal under the Laws of the Game.
Secondly, to what template are the decisions being made if made under such secrecy?
Thirdly, the outcome is disastrous for the brand. The EPL is descending into fraudulent farce.

In a desperate attempt to keep fans on message, the mainstream media entirely ignores matchfixing in England despite journalists getting some of their leaks/stories from individuals who are orchestrating the matchfixing.
The tv pundits are worse!
Lee Dixon, Mark Lawrensen and Robbie Savage work for bookmakers, Danny Murphy is close to a matchfixing agent, Michael Owen used to be bookie for the England team (linked to Goldchip private bookmakers), Steve McManaman was a business associate of money laundering fraudster Carson Yeung and David James is, well, David James.

Impact of IFAB Decision on EPL Broadcasting Deals

The EPL tv deal for 2016/19 realised £5.1bn for British rights but as lawyer Daniel Geey points out the global broadcasting rights could be worth another £8bn.

These figures represent a financial market bubble - Sky is paying £11m per match in this window.
The price is being ratcheted up via the antisocial auction strategies of Sky Sports and BT Sports as they outbid one another to mutual oblivion. The inevitable increase in subscription prices will undermine the business model - in a 4 week window in January, BT Sport offered just one EPL game (Hull v Newcastle). This is absolutely not value for money particularly in a time of austerity.

Bubbles are dangerous when they form in an instant - so Manchester United received less (£60.8m) for winning EPL in 2012/13 than Cardiff City got for being relegated the following season (£62.1m).
Bubbles are even more dangerous when future rights' issues are being bid on the back of an already inflated bubble - a double bubble means double trouble.

As the performance of EPL teams in Champions League and Europa League shows, the bloated brand is bigger than the fundamental value by some marked distance.

Furthermore, the matchfixing in the EPL is the elephant in the room. When we speak to managers, chief execs, agents, administrators, the discussion always centres around matchfixing. The reality is bound to break at some point and then the value of the brand plummets as the IPL cricket monstrosity discovered.
And this is before one even considers the impact of the eventual European Super League for the G14+.


Who voted against video technology at IFAB meeting?

An interesting impact of the Dutch experiment last season was that the volatility of outcome would have diminished markedly if the video ref had been able to overrule the match referee. Think about that. The price set by the global marketplace on a game is more accurate once integrity is reintroduced via taking power away from the referee. We are preparing a research paper on this point as it is significant.

Meanwhile Jérôme Valcke, FIFA's secretary general, blurts "Is there a risk the referee will not be as strong as he is today?"

You know what, mate, nobody cares about a referee's sense of personal power.
What we demand is integrity in the sport we love.

© Football is Fixed 2006-2015

From Football is Fixed.
The shadow is a moral problem that challenges the whole ego-personality, for no one can become conscious of the shadow without considerable moral effort. To become conscious of it involves recognizing the dark aspects of the personality as present and real. This act is the essential condition for any kind of self-knowledge.
Carl Jung - Aion (1951). CW 9, Part II: P.14
Omerta on premier league referee John Moss and the curious case of West Bromwich Albion.... club paradise for betting syndicates:


Saturday, 7 March 2015

Mocking The Zeitgeist

February 10th 2015:

On this date, we published a Football is Fixed blog about Professional Game Match Official Board (PGMOB) referee Jon Moss and a few statistical flukes relating to his officiating, namely -

a) On 17 occasions, Moss has refereed WBA. In those games, he has given 11 penalties/sendings off in favour of the Albion and none against.

b) There is a positive correlation between volume betting at certain layers in the 60-30 min to Kick Off window and match decisions on the field of play. In the 11 matches where this pattern existed, the dynamic was always replicated in the match outcome and match decisions were tilted 11-1 in favour of the dynamic.

c) We showed a historical relationship between Moss and leading agent John Colquhoun.

d) We have also indicated historically the excessive number of BT Sports Live Matches given to Mr Moss.

e) We have additionally bemoaned the friendship between Alastair Campbell (Burnley FC and War Crimes Apologist) and John Colquhoun.

f) We had previously released a Tweet pointing out that, with the signing of Adam Forshaw, there were now 7 Key Sports/John Colquhoun players at Middlesbrough.

With the arrival of Adam Forshaw, there are now 7 Key Sports-represented players at#Middlesborough!
FOOTBALL is FIXED (@footballisfixed) January 27, 2015


In period after this blog post, below is what the zeitgeist served up...
... a statistically significant rum situation.

February 16th 2015

PGMOB announce referees for following weekend. Moss gets to officiate BT Sports Live Matchbetween Spurs and West Ham.

February 23rd 2015

PGMOB release referee lists for two rounds of EPL games in the ten day period ahead. Moss is given the game on Saturday between Burnley and Swansea City together with the BT Sports Live Match midweek between Aston Villa and West Bromwich Albion.

February 28th 2015

The pre-match betting market on Burnley v Swansea was abusive with an entirely fake engendered gamble being offset by insider trading from from Kick Off minus 30 mins onwards. This is the most simplistic Tubthumping market abuse that one can imagine - the Asians moved beyond this level of disguise two decades ago!
We disclosed the suspect market pre-match on Twitter. Swansea won with a very rare occurrence - an assisted own-goal. This is when a shot going wide is deflected towards goal by one defending player before being helped into the net by another.
For the first time in 12 instances, the insider trading did not occur in the 60-30min window.

@JohnboyMaclean The outcome will be a defeat for the integrity of #PremierLeaguefootball. But beware, market structure is not obvious.
FOOTBALL is FIXED (@footballisfixed) February 28, 2015

March 2nd 2015

Select Group referees announced for next weekend and Jon Moss is to referee Nottingham Forest vMiddlesbrough.
For the first time this season, Moss referees lower than EPL, and on Middlesbrough.

March 3rd 2015

Aston Villa v WBA was the type of chaotic event at which Moss excels (Everton 3 Chelsea 6; Man City 4 Spurs 1).
We blogged post-match: "Jon Moss ... denied Villa a penalty and the potential sending off of Foster, before not sending off Hutton for assaulting Saido Berahino before topping it all off with a hugely theatrical point to the spot for the injury time penalty given away by Foster (who should no longer have been on the pitch). A truly Warholian performance."
For the first time in 18 games when Moss officiates, a penalty/sending off went against West Brom.

@footballisfixed Without mocking certain operations, there is art in sublety not in the absurd. You are pricking your bubble.
FOOTBALL is FIXED (@footballisfixed) March 3, 2015

March 7th 2015

What will happen at the City Ground this afternoon when Jon Moss has his first Championship game of the season (featuring a club where seven Key Sports' players earn their living)?

But this is the whole point.
Who cares?

With seven players in one squad and one player in the other and a referee blowing the whistle, any Tom Dick or Harry could achieve whatever outcome they desired.

Little wonder some Asian layers are refusing to accept the late English insider money.

The shadow is a moral problem that challenges the whole ego-personality, for no one can become conscious of the shadow without considerable moral effort. To become conscious of it involves recognizing the dark aspects of the personality as present and real. This act is the essential condition for any kind of self-knowledge.
Carl Jung - Aion (1951). CW 9, Part II: P.14
The spectacle of Blatter's and Platini's woes has been entertaining, but you have to ask what the US's role is in all this...

From Football Is Fixed


Friday, 9 October 2015

The FIFA Power World Cup Qualifiers 2015 - SE Asia v Europe v USA

The FIFA Power World Cup Qualifiers 2015 - SE Asia v Europe v USA

There are believe it or not some small islands of pleasure in being a market analyst.
Although much of the micro work is laborious and, arguably, pointless, the holistic stuff is entertaining. Particularly when networked across different territories and markets.

There has been a tsunami driven through certain football realities in Europe.

Once Blatter's dominoes began to tumble, numerous disaster capitalism strategies were activated to try and wrench control of FIFA.
One of these camps saw the FA and Greg Dyke lounge up to Michel Platini supporting his bid for the FIFA presidency.

Then, of course, there was a mysterious delayed statement about monies sloshing between Blatter and Platini and suddenly Platini is on a 90 day suspension.

But Europe backs him.
En masse.
You bet they do as this is partially a power battle between SE Asia and Europe.
Blatter, Platini, Valcke and Chung Mung-joon all suspended.
All on the same day.

Back to the market analysis.

From the start of season 2015/16 there has been a systemic change in the marketplaces in certain European territories and UEFA competitions.
An entirely new matrix of operation exists.

Fair enough.
Power struggles.
Market control changes.
New systems of 'orchestration' are revealed and, obviously, the resulting corruption loopholes are exploited far and wide.

But what is interesting about the tsunami of 15/16 is that the systemic and structural templates share architectural design.

The new template is multi-centred in its output.

In this light the FA's continuing support for Platini is more understandable.

All Mr Dyke's entirely reactive statement (rushed out last evening without FA board backing nor support nor presence on the FA website) shows is that there are some very nervous people around AND that the US strategy of 'lesser sentence if you spill the beans' is bringing the Houses of FIFA, UEFA and some other entities closer to home under demolition orders.

America are the other power broker in this grab for the hugely profitable global football franchise - a striking strategy of leaning on your own corrupted representative to squeal on the mafiosi structure of the global game prior to moving in with a 'mani pulite' of US control.

What chance now of FIFA World Cup 2018 or 2022 ending up in the HyperImperium?


Andrew Jennings, who would be FIFA president if the football world was a legitimate space, is right -
The Dirty Game.

The Beautiful Game has turned ugly.

Meanwhile Stewart M. Regan clings on to the SFA guttering.

Is that Andrew Dickson reaching out to help?
The shadow is a moral problem that challenges the whole ego-personality, for no one can become conscious of the shadow without considerable moral effort. To become conscious of it involves recognizing the dark aspects of the personality as present and real. This act is the essential condition for any kind of self-knowledge.
Carl Jung - Aion (1951). CW 9, Part II: P.14
The latest from Ojo del Toro:


Saturday, 11 June 2016

The End Of Play

In 1976, philosopher Jean Baudrillard sent his essay 'Forget Foucault' to the French magazine Critique where Michel Foucault was an editor.
Foucault was asked to reply, but remained silent.

When 'Forget Foucault' was subsequently published in book form, Baudrillard added a dialogue where he deconstructed his own early post-Marxian critical thinking - 'Forget Baudrillard'.

And what has this got to do with football, we hear you ask?
Baudrillard's Theory of the Phases of the Image, that's what!

Do Not Forget Baudrillard!

[Image: postmodernism-foucault-and-baudrillard-29-728.jpg]
Football was Play. It started out as a sport played to agreed rules (1st Phase).

Local businessmen took over clubs for personal gain while players still played sport. As soon as Money hits Play, Play is fucked (2nd Phase).

When the Money is linked to parallel but otherwise independent betting markets, insider trading and corruption govern the sport. Match outcomes are dependent on private agendas. Football no longer exists as a sport (3rd Phase).

By the time the corruption is systemic then everything is fake - football is "a simulacra bearing no relation to reality whatsoever".
Football is now merely a form of entertainment - like wrestling in the old days or WWE, horseracing, tennis, cricket or the dogs nowadays (4th Phase).

It somehow seems apt that Euro 2016 is being distorted in Baudrillard's France but, by-passing that charade, let's look at the English Premier League and, humbly, suggest the adding of a 5th Phase of the Image to Baudrillard's societal analysis.

King Power Land The British Football Franchise Trophy In Insider Coup

[Image: bonar2.jpg]

Leicester City were gifted the Premier League title last season - a team linked to disgraced blood doper Dr Mark Bonar moved from being the least fit team in the league to the second fittest literally overnight prior to the last 9 games of the 14/15 season. This fitness level was maintained throughout their title-winning season and, interestingly, Leicester only experienced 12 injuries (out of 620 in the league) and also had the fastest recovery times from such injuries to boot.

This infrastructure achieved conspiratorial levels when an inner group of Premier League pgMOB referees started markedly favouring Leicester and undermining potential competitors at the very same date - April 2015.
Little wonder insiders at BT Sport and the BBC were insider trading at such volume on the Foxes pre-season at up to 5,000/1 - that would be the insider trading based on a systemic corruption that extends to senior UK governmental levels.
20% of Leicester City is owned by a secret investor who paid £8m to have the Premier League ignore his stake. After the title was landed, New York-based Private Company Financial Intelligence reasoned that this stake would have increased to £88m - true private profiteering harmony from a South East Asian perspective!

In effect, Leicester City's title win was a gift to very rich people in Thailand, China, Singapore and the UK (and her Offshore Financial Centres)...
... the 4th Phase of the Image in full effect!

[Image: jvloloa.jpg]

But the success of Leicester City was also a triumph of media-fanned absurdity.
There is a 5th Phase of the Image based entirely upon this fake.
From the moment the Leicester team bus picked up Jamie Vardy-lookalike (postman Lee Chapman), Key Sports agents via their coercive control of mainstream media outlets ran with the story in excess. And it is Key Sports primary sluice John Colquhoun who is behind the turning of the fake that is Vardy into a Hollywood movie which we all eagerly anticipate.

The postman was included in this hyperreality until he gained his own media representation. Chapman was then blocked on Twitter by both Vardy and his wife and Key Sports did what they do best by threatening Chapman: "If you do anything that affects Jamie's image directly and his endorsement deals we will take legal action."

And, as we speak, Lee Chapman is travelling around the beaches of France dressed up as Jamie Vardy (even down to the disguising arm bandages) having selfies taken with British tourists who have elevated this postman briefly onto the primary level celebrity circuit.
Chapman even feels that he can offer opinions on the fake story of Vardy being transferred to Arsenal - "If Jamie moved to Arsenal it would be massive for my own personal brand and for my finances. You're going to get more recognition" stated our narcissistic postie.

As we said, the 5th Phase of the Image!

The Bigger Picture


The fragmented cartel of corrupting forces destroying the integrity of British football are making a fortune out of their systemic conspiracy.
Contacts within FIFA, UEFA, the bookmaking sectors of SE Asia and Europe as well as our cellular network reckon that between £6 billion and £24 billion was conspiratorially laundered via matchfixing in EPL last season.
When smoking gun intelligence of matchfixing is provided, the state and enforcement agencies have no desire to proceed - indeed, "withdraw" is the enforcement cry!

And the only way that UK Anti Doping (UKAD) would have taken seriously the evidence presented to it of systemic doping in sport is if the information had been hacked.
UKAD is not fit for purpose.
As Dick Pound, the former president of the World Anti Doping Authority (WADA) stated: "Too many people involved in sport do not want the anti-doping system to work."

Nor do the industry want any action against matchfixing - every single agency monitoring matchfixing is fake or suffers from regulatory capture. These bodies are a part of the problem.

And it has recently reached the stage whereby the value of a player who is willing to undertake matchfixing is higher than an equivalent player of integrity, as a corrupted team will make more money out of gaming the markets on a percentage of matches than always playing in a sporting manner.

All senior figures in government, football institutions, mainstream media and the bookmaking sector understand that systemic corruption is being facilitated for private gain in British football.
There is an arbitrage in knowledge between this inner corrupt neohyperreality and the largely gullible fans' perceptions of reality which are still couched in their pseudo-religious support of their club - we determinedly place Football is Fixed within this arbitrage gap.
But fans unconsciously understand that the game is up as demonstrated by the falling attendances that the Premier League are so desperate to mask.
The Leicester City fake 'triumph' is the biggest sports story of recent times.
Although portrayed as a fairy tale, it is in fact an affront to the integrity and validity of UK soccer...
... and the eventual implosion of disclosure will be terminal.
Jean Baudrillard: "It is no longer a question of imitation, nor duplication, nor even parody. It is a question of substituting the signs of the real for the real."
It is the End of Play.
Believe Baudrillard!

The shadow is a moral problem that challenges the whole ego-personality, for no one can become conscious of the shadow without considerable moral effort. To become conscious of it involves recognizing the dark aspects of the personality as present and real. This act is the essential condition for any kind of self-knowledge.
Carl Jung - Aion (1951). CW 9, Part II: P.14

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