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Secret Service agent theory comes back every year, zombie-like
A friend told me that some people in his workplace were watching a "new film" on their iPads allegedly showing the SS agent rising up from his seat before the head shot. My friend doesn't know enough about the subject to tell me more, but it's amazing how this theory keeps popping back up despite being debunked repeatedly. The book and various TV "specials" keep promoting it. It's like an alternative for those who can't accept the WC, but still want to believe there was no real conspiracy.
Quote:My friend doesn't know enough about the subject to tell me more

May be it's time he stops taking advice from his friend?
The movie is "The Smoking Gun": Donaghue's theory, made into Meninger's book (Mortal Error), plus an hour of an Austrailian detective named McLaren. You can find it on Netflix. Agree with the theory or not, Donaghue was the first real ballistics expert who (publicly) addressed the evidence of two different types of bullets. He was prepared, and present, at the HSCA hearings, ready to present his evidence, but was ignored as a witness. Furthermore, Donaghue's theory explains why Yarborough and Elizabeth Cabell and a dozen others smelled gunpowder. (However, it doesn't explain how DPD motorcycle cop McBride (and a couple others) smelled gunpowder, as he was upwind of the SS chase car.)
"All that is necessary for tyranny to succeed is for good men to do nothing." (unknown)

James Tracy: "There is sometimes an undue amount of paranoia among some conspiracy researchers that can contribute to flawed observations and analysis."

Gary Cornwell (Dept. Chief Counsel HSCA): "A fact merely marks the point at which we have agreed to let investigation cease."

Alan Ford: "Just because you believe it, that doesn't make it so."
It comes back. Why?

Because if you want to get rid of dandylions you have to pull them up by the roots.

Remember on the 50th anniversary of the Coup Malcolm Gladwell revived this theory. Problem was THAT ARTICLE OF HIS WAS ONE OF THE MOST WIDELY REPRINTED ARTICLES of the entire 50th anniversary. Compare that breadth of coverage to President VGD's comments on French radio TV regarding his conversation with then President Ford in 1975.

See, if we want the JFK assassination to assume its proper place WITHIN HISTORY, we have to always remember circulation... the degree to which new readers EVEN HAVE THE LEAST CHANCE of becoming interested in this history. To just sit back and read the VGD article here or on one of the JFK specialty sites is helping the National Security State. Because they know damn well the bs will be globally smeared around the globe the Murdoch and friends. If I'm not mistaken I think the Gladwell story was reprinted by over 2,000 mega media outlets world wide.

How can they get away with it? We enable it. How? By not spreading the great articles and books widely enough to create a large enough critical mass to impose a cost on deliberate, billion at a time lying disinformation.

See, right now we are not imposing a real political cost. That's what warfare is imposing a cost on the enemy. Their cost is their credibility. Bill O Reilly is still spewing non-sense in spite of the articles which pointed he was flat out lying re him hearing the shotgun in Florida.

Too many say.."well who cares its OReilly." Wrong attitude. That's the attitude of defeat and almost of identity politics. That's the attitude that in effect says .. that 10th grader growing up in a FOX or MSNBC house is too far gone to get interested in the history most relevant for his her world of today. That's an attitude of ceding as in ok let's keep on ceding all the airwaves to people who can be clearly proven palpable liars and meanwhile we will keep listening to the great stuff on BOR without concern to how many other people we have gotten to listen there. This attitude of ceding is the enemy, and I am not going to take it anymore.. Everyone I want you get up and go to the window.. now open it and throw your compute...
Smoking gun? Here is the real smoking gun:

Guinn's test showed that Cunningham was making a simplistic lie about rifles having sealed chambers. Nobody stepped up and said wait a minute, that's wrong rifles do emit residue. Those FBI experts knew this yet no one protested Cunningham's simplistic lie. No Lone Nutter asks why is Cunningham trying to get away with such an obvious lie? And why did no expert, of which there were many available to the Commission, point out Cunningham's egregious inaccuracy? Why was Cunningham lying? What was he trying to cover-up?

Guinn was expert enough that he knew the test could be fine-tuned to the specific primer/gunpowder mix of Oswald's alleged bullets. Guinn was smart and scientific. He knew he could rule-out non Oswald bullet contamination of the paraffin test by testing the casts for the specific mix of bullet primer and gunpowder. The "primer" is the little explosive cap that the firing pin hits and creates a small explosion that ignites the gunpowder. It has a very specific chemical signature and varies between types of ammunition. Guinn took the casts to the Oak Ridge nuclear reactor and had them tested at a very fine Neutron Activation level and the residue came up negative for Oswald's bullets. As a stable test standard he tested his own Carcano casts and they showed strong indication of the primer mix in the Neutron Activation test. This exonerated Oswald, so that criminal scumbag Hoover buried it.

The government literally had "smoking gun" evidence of Oswald's innocence and buried it.

(My previous reference to this as "Turner's test" was in error. Turner was reporting Guinn's test in an article and it was Guinn who did the actual testing. Same difference.)
Scott Kaiser Wrote:
Quote:My friend doesn't know enough about the subject to tell me more

May be it's time he stops taking advice from his friend?

Huh? I meant that my friend doesn't know enough about the subject to tell me what this "new film" was, since I was not there. I assumed it might be the Nix film, which your average person isn't familiar with.

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