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1 + 1 = 2
For over five decades now, officialdom would have us believe the wrongfully accused managed to fire three total shots upon President Kennedy's motorcade procession rather than being anywhere else but near the 6[SUP]th[/SUP] floor window, yada, yada, yada. Of course, the wrongfully accused presented an airtight alibi, telling his interrogators precisely where he stood when shots rang out that afternoon. True to form, like so much other key evidence in this case, officialdom promptly hid his airtight alibi away from public view/consumption for over 30 years. Why?

Now, this particular post isn't about precisely where the wrongfully accused was positioned when an unarmed, democratically elected representative of the people came under attack amid an ambush. However, for more about where the wrongfully accused stood that afternoon, it will be well worth your while to read the accompanying link to the following --->

Now, moving along to the nature of this post, Is there any place on this blue and green planet where 1+1 doesn't equal 2? Of course, not...regardless of the different languages spread throughout the seven continents the family of man calls home, it's a given that 1+1 does in fact equal 2. Bearing this in mind, remember we are lead to believe that the individual responsible for firing upon the presidential procession that afternoon fired a total of three shots.

So, let's account for these bullets:

1> misses entirely (injures an innocent bystander way down near the triple underpass (RIP Mr. Tague)
2> supposedly is an Olympic Gold Medalist pole-vaulter, though it hits the president in the lower back it manages to somehow (they say magically) climb upwards five inches to enter the president's neck for officialdom purposes, yada, yada, yada...and go on to inflict seven wounds between two separate humans while all the while leaving no traces of their blood on its pristine condition…
3> Of course, this shot is the one that changed our once democratic Republic forever, snuffing out the life of an unarmed human being while also essentially enslaving the populace to if and when the government tells you something, it's true, let alone your place to question it.

So, we've accounted for all three bullets, right? No, hold on, not so fast. Officialdom would like for you to think they have accounted for all of the bullets. However, here in the words of the other victim sitting in that presidential limousine that afternoon enters at least a 4[SUP]th[/SUP] bullet --à

"..the most curious discovery of all took place when they rolled me off the stretcher, and onto the examining table. A metal object fell to the floor, with a click no louder than a wedding band. The nurse picked it up and slipped it into her pocket. It was the bullet from my body, the one that passed though my back, chest and wrist and worked itself loose from my thigh." --Texas Governor John Connally

As you may or may not recall, Governor Connally's emergency treatment that afternoon was provided by a team of nurses and doctors up on the 2[SUP]nd[/SUP] floor. Why is that important? Well, officialdom records that bullet (see No. 2 above) was found instead downstairs on the 1[SUP]st[/SUP] floor on a stretcher near the elevators by an altogether different hospital staff employee (Mr. Tomlinson).

So, Mr. Tomlinson found a bullet (1) and the duty nurse stationed upon a higher floor level found a bullet (1), Doesn't that make 1+1= 2?

Of course, officialdom could not introduce the duty nurse's bullet or otherwise their whole case falls apart, leaving them with no choice but to account for the extra bullet, which would surly mean at the very least a 2[SUP]nd[/SUP] gunman.

In the following excerpt of a telephone recording a week later after the ambush in Dealey Plaza, note this curious exchange between the Bureau director and former Vice-President Johnson:

LBJ: How did it happen they hit Connally?
JEH: Connally turned to the President, when the first shot was fired
and I think that in turning.. it was where he got hit.

LBJ: If he hadn't turned he probably wouldn't have gotten hit?
JEH: I think that is very likely.
LBJ: Would the President've gotten hit by the second one?
JEH: No, the President wasn't hit with the second one.
LBJ: I say, if Connally hadn't been in his way?
JEH: Oh, yes, yes. The President would no doubt have been hit!


Given the specific wording in the exchange above, Wouldn't that have meant an additional shot was fired from in front of the president?, Governor Connally sat in front of the president's position.

I don't believe in the exploits of the magical bullet. How many tie-knots remain undamaged after a bullet tears through it? (they've lied about that in spite of the non ragged appearance of the tie-knot, and they lied about the wrongfully accused as well).
Ask others what's 2 and 2? You might just get 22.
Scott Kaiser Wrote:Ask others what's 2 and 2? You might just get 22.

Yes, so true at your response. I imagine the same duplicate-dynamic could hold true all the way down to 99.

That said, what I'd give for a sharp legal defense attorney to grill Arlen Specter, and Gerald Ford to come up with an explanation why they chose Mr. Tomlinson's bullet found on the stretcher on the first floor over the one Governor Connally actually heard and saw up on the 2nd floor. Guess when you're in charge of writing a contrived script what difference does it make...the hell with the sheeple, err, people. Bunch of lying treasonous cowards.

Enjoy your day, Scott. Cheers!

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