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The Godfather III that might have been
In the late 70s, Paramount badly wanted to do a sequel to The Godfather II, but Francis Ford Coppola wasn't interested. So a lot of other people submitted story ideas:

"Michael Eisner, then at Paramount and now head of Disney, wrote a story outline in July 1977. Eisner's plot did not build on II but rather concerned a whole new group of characters...Eisner's story centered around an alliance between the Mafia and the CIA. The Mafia assassinated communist dictators in Latin America in exchange for the CIA's help in smuggling dope."
(The Godfather Companion, Peter Biskind, 1990)


"Mario Puzo wrote an outline in June 1978. In this version, the Mafia and the CIA are at war. Michael [Corleone] is a Howard Hughes-like recluse on his Lake Tahoe estate, rumored to be mentally ill. Anthony [Michael's son], raised by his mother, and a U.S. Naval Academy graduate, is recruited by the CIA to kill a Latin American communist ruler, which he agrees to do on condition that the US spring a jailed union boss. Anthony meets and has an affair with a newswoman, who follows him to Latin America, where he assassinates the dictator; but he and the CIA have a falling out, and the Agency orders a hit on Anthony...The Corleones strike back at the CIA (Michael has been fine all along, just running the family in secret) as well as at a rival mob, and the spectacular climax takes place during a Bicentennial Fourth of July parade." (Biskind)

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