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The Motive Behind the Torture at Guantanamo and why Obama Couldn't Close it Down
I stumbled across the below article by accident and I have to say it details a quite horrendous strategy of torture and the motives behind it. Anyone reading the below will instantly recognize the underlying brutality and terror inflicted by Nazi Germany's SS & Gestapo on captives 70 years ago. Indeed, both are clearly of the same class of inhuman abomination.

It's an old Voltaire story btw, dating back to 2010:

The secret behind Guantánamo

by Thierry Meyssan
You think that you are informed about what happened at Guantánamo and you are astonished that President Obama is reluctant to close this torture centre. You're wrong. You are not aware of the underlying purpose of this "facility" and why it is vital for the current administration.
Thierry Meyssan reveals the horrifying facts in this article first written in November 2009. Subsequent developments have proven him right: plans to close Guantánamo have been put on hold indefinitely.

[Image: guantanamo-cp-5050381-dfa10.jpg]We all remember the torture pictures that circulated on the Internet. They were purported to have been taken by a few soldiers as war trophies. Even so, unable to verify their authenticity, the mainstream media did not take the risk of publishing them. It was not until April 2004 that CBS broadcast a story on the abuses. It was the spark that triggered a big campaign denouncing the ill-treatment of Iraqi detainees. Abu Ghraib prison showed that the alleged war against the dictatorship of Saddam Hussein was in fact a war of occupation just like the rest, with the same litany of crimes. Not surprisingly, Washington attributed the abuses to a few unrepresentative individuals, labelled as "bad apples", acting without the knowledge of their military command. Some soldiers were arrested and tried for the example. The case was closed until the next round of revelations.Meanwhile, the CIA and the Pentagon were getting U.S. and western public opinion into gear for a shift in moral values. The Agency had appointed an agent to liaise with Hollywood, Colonel Brandon Chase (Tommy Lee Jones' coursin) and hired famous writers (like Tom Clancy) and scriptwriters to write new films and television series. The aim was to stigmatise Muslim culture and trivialise torture in the name of fighting terrorism.For instance, the adventures of agent Jack Bauer in the 24H series, were copiously subsidised by the CIA to make sure that with each new season the threshold of tolerance would be pushed a little farther. In the early episodes, the hero intimidates suspects in order to extract information. In successive episodes, all characters suspect each other, and then torture each other, with progressively fewer qualms and the ever stronger conviction they are complying with their patriotic duty. In the collective imagination, centuries of humanism were being swept away and a new form barbarism was setting in. Thus, Washington Post columnist Charles Krauthammer, (who is also a psychiatrist) countenanced the use of torture as a "moral imperative" (sic) in these troubled times of war against terrorism.In 2006, a Council of Europe investigation headed by Swiss Senator Dick Marty was released, establishing that the CIA had kidnapped thousands of people worldwide, including dozens or even hundreds within the boundaries of the European Union. Then came an avalanche of evidence of crimes committed inside the prisons at Guantanámo Bay (Caribbean) and Baghram (Afghanistan). Already thoroughly conditioned, public opinion in NATO member states had no problem accepting the official explanation, which was perfectly in line with the fictional intrigues it had been ingurgitating: to save innocent lives, Washington had to resort to secret practices; suspects were taken away and forced to talk through methods which were morally reprehensible but made necessary in view of their effectiveness.On this simplistic narrative, candidate Barack Obama stood up against the outgoing Bush administration, pledging to make the prohibition of torture and the closure of secret prisons the overriding measures of his mandate. During the transition period following his election, he surrounded himself with top-level lawyers with the task of elaborating a strategy that would put an end to this black episode. Once in the White House, he dedicated his first executive orders to the implementation of his commitments. His eagerness enthralled international public opinion, generated enormous sympathy for the new president and renovated the image of the U.S. worldwide.Except that more than one year after Barack Obama's election, if it's true that several hundred individual cases have been resolved, nothing has changed in substance. Guantanamo is still there and will not be closed in the foreseeable future. The associations for the defence of human rights are categoric: violence against detainees has worsened.Asked to comment on this, Vice-President Joe Biden said that the more he delved into the matter, the more he discovered aspects which were previously unknown to him. Then, enigmatically, he warned the press against opening this Pandora's box. For his part, White House legal adviser Greg Craig handed in his resignation, not because he deemed to have failed in his mission to close the center, but because he believed that afterwards his task would have proved impossible.Why can't the President of the United States get his entourage to obey him? If everything has been said about the abuses of the Bush era, why talk about a Pandora's box; what is there to fear?In reality, the system is more pervasive. It is not just limited to some abductions and a prison. Most of all, its function is radically different from what the CIA and the Pentagon have given us to understand. But before we begin our descent into hell, there is one confusion that needs to be clarified.[Image: gb_group-6a4ba-a962d.jpg]Defence Secretary Donald Rumsfeld participated in meetings with the Group of Six, tasked with identifying the torture practices to be executed by U.S. forces. The photo was taken during his visit to Abu Ghraib prison (Iraq). Counter-insurgencyWhat was done by the U.S. Army in Abu Ghraib, at least initially, bears no comparison with what is being experimented by the Navy in Guantánamo and in its other secret prisons. The Army did what all armies do when acting like a police force and faced with a hostile population. They subdue and terrorise it. In this case, the Coalition Forces replicated the crimes committed by the French during the Battle of Algiers against the Algerians, while at the same time referring to them as "compatriots". The Pentagon called upon retired French Army General Paul Aussaresses, a specialist in "counter-insurgency", to brief senior U.S. officers.During his lengthy career, Aussaresses attended the United States wherever they were waging "low intensity wars", mainly in Southeast Asia and Latin America.At the end of the Second World War, the United States set up two training centers specialised in these techniques, the Political Warfare Executive Academy (Taiwan) and the School of the Americas (Panama). Torture courses were dispensed to those in charge of the repressive apparatus in Asian and Latin American dictatorships. In the years 60-70, the setup functioned within the World Anti-Communist League, of which the Heads of State [1] involved were members. This policy was widely implemented in operations such as Phoenix in Vietnam (neutralisation of 80,000 people suspected of belonging to the Viet Cong) [2] and Condor in Latin America (elimination of political opponents across the continent) [3]. The same scheme, which coupled cleanup of insurgent areas with death squad activities, has been applied in Iraq, especially during Operation Iron Hammer [4].The only novelty is that the GI's are provided with a classic of colonial literature, "The Arab Mind", written by anthropologist Raphael Patai, with a foreword by Colonel Norvell B. Atkins, owner of the John F. Kennedy Special Warfare School, the new name of the infamous School of the Americas since its relocation to Fort Bragg (North Carolina) [5]. The book, which proffers ridiculous stereotypes about "Arabs" in general under a pseudo-scientific sheen, includes a famous chapter on sexual taboos that inspired the scenes staged at Abu Ghraib.The torture practices in Iraq do not constitute an isolated case, as the Bush administration would have us believe; they form part of a counter-insurgency strategy. The only way of stopping it is not to condemn them on moral grounds but to eradicate their political causes. However, Barack Obama keeps on pushing to a later date the withdrawal of foreign forces from Iraq.[Image: MS-05bbe-7d824.jpg]Best-selling author, the father of Positive Psychology, Professor at Pennsylvania University and former President of the American Psychological Association, Martin Seligman supervised the torture experiments on Guantánamo prisoners.The experiments of Professor BidermanFrom a different perspective, Air Force psychiatrist Dr. Albert D. Biderman had investigated the brainwashing of U.S. POWs in North Korea on behalf of the Rand Corportation.Long before Mao and communism, the Chinese had developed sophisticated methods to break the will of detainees to drill confessions into them. They were used during the Korean War with promising results: U.S. prisoners of war convincingly confessed before the press to crimes they had probably not committed. Biderman presented his initial findings at a Senate hearing on 19 June 1956, and before the Academy of Medicine in New York the following year (See documents downloaded below). He diagnosed the five distinct stages the "subjects" go through, as follows:[Image: puce-cebf5.gif] 1. At first the prisoner refuses to cooperate and recedes into silence.
[Image: puce-cebf5.gif] 2. Through a mixture of brutality and kindness, he is taken through the second stage where he denies the charges against him.
[Image: puce-cebf5.gif] 3. Then, the prisoner starts to cooperate. He continues to proclaim his innocence, while trying to appease his interrogators by acknowledging that he might have made a mistake unintentionally, by accident or inadvertently.
[Image: puce-cebf5.gif] 4. By the fourth stage, the prisoner has lost all self-esteem. He continues to deny the accusations, but concedes they are of a criminal nature.
[Image: puce-cebf5.gif] 5. At the end of the process, the prisoner confesses his guilt. He even invents additional details to further incriminate himself and finally demands to be punished.In addition, Biderman examined each of the techniques used by Chinese torturers to manipulate prisoners: isolation, control of their sensory perception, fatigue, threats, rewards, display of power by the jailers, deteriorating living conditions, stress. Physical abuse is of secondary importance while emotional abuse is all-encompassing and permanent.Biderman's works on "brainwashing" have acquired a legendary dimension. The U.S. military feared that their men could be subverted by the enemy, and conditioned to say and, even worse, do anything. Consequently, they devised a training programme for their fighter pilots that would render them impervious to this form of torture and unyielding to the enemy, if captured. This training is known as SERE, which stands for Survival, Evation, Resistance, Escape. Though the course was originally organised at the School of the Americas, it has now been extended to other categories of military personnel and is conducted on several bases. Furthermore, training programmes of this nature have been set up in every NATO country.After the invasion of Afghanistan, the Bush administration decided to apply these techniques to implant confessions in the prisoners which would prove, post facto, Afghanistan's involvement in the attacks of September 11, thereby Washington's version of those attacks.New facilities were built on the Guantánamo naval base where experiments have been carried out. Albert Biderman's theory was complemented by a civilian psychologist, Professor Martin Seligman, a high-profile figure who is the former President of the American Psychological Association.Seligman exploited a weakness in Ivan Pavlov's theory of conditioned reflexes. A dog is placed in a cage where the floor is split into two parts. One of the two sides is electrified at random. The animal jumps from one to the other trying to protect itself - so far, nothing surprising. Then, the momentum picks up and the entire cage is electrified. The animal realizes that it can not escape and that his efforts are futile. Soon, he gives up; he lies on the ground and enters into an altered state of consciousness that enables it to passively endure the suffering. The cage is then reopened. Surprise: the animal does not run away. The mental state it was in suppressed the dog's resistance. He stays lying down to endure the pain.The Navy formed a high-powered medical team. In particular, it invited Professor Seligman to Guantánamo. This practitioner is a celebrity, renowned for his works on depression. His books on optimism and confidence are international bestsellers. It was he who oversaw the experiments on human guinea pigs. Just like the dog, certain prisoners who are subjected to terrible torture drift spontaneously into a psychological state that allows them to endure pain while draining them of all resistance. Through such manipulations, the prisoners quickly accede to stage 3 of the Biderman method.While still relying on Biderman's teachings, U.S. torturers, under Professor Seligman's supervision, experimented and perfected every single coercive technique. To do this, a scientific protocol was developed involving the measurement of hormonal fluctuations. To this end, a medical laboratory was installed at Guantánamo, where saliva and blood samples are taken at regular intervals on guinea pigs to assess their reactions.The torturers have elevated their crimes to a new level of sophistication. For example, within the SERE programme, control of prisoners' sensorial perception was achieved by way of sleep prevention using stressful music. Much better results were obtained by broadcasting the despairing cries of babies for days on end. Or again, brandishing the supremacy of the jailers by subjecting the prisoners to beatings. In Guantánamo, they created the Immediate Reaction Force, a group in charge of punishing prisoners. When in action, its members wear Robocop-style body armor protection. They extract the prisoner from his cage and put him in a room with padded and upholstered plywood walls. They fling the human guinea pig against the wall as if to smash him, but the plywood partially absorbs shocks so that the victim is dazed but his bones are not broken.The main progress achieved was on the waterboarding technique. Ages ago, the Holy Inquisition used to plunge the head of a prisoner in a bathtub, pulling it out just before complete drowning. The sensation of imminent death provokes maximum anxiety. But the practice was primitive and accidents were frequent. Now, the prisoner is no longer immersed in a full bathtub; he is attached lying down in an empty tub. Water is poured over his head to induce sufffocation; the procedure can be instantly interrupted as necessary. In this way, accidents are rare. Each session was codified to determine the limits of endurance. Auxiliaries are there to measure the amount of water used, the timing and duration of suffocation. At this stage, they recover any vomit, then weigh and analyze it to evaluate the amount of energy spent and the ensuing state of exhaustion.As summed up by the CIA Deputy-Director before a congressional committee: "This has got nothing to do with the practices of the Inquisition, except for the water" (sic).The experiments of U.S. doctors were not conducted in secrecy like those of Dr. Josef Mengele at Auschwitz, but under the direct and exclusive control of the White House. Everything was reported to a decision-making group of six people: Dick Cheney, Condoleezza Rice, Donald Rumsfeld, Colin Powell, John Ashcroft and George Tenet, who attested to having participated in roughly a dozen of these meetings.The outcome of these experiments is nevertheless disappointing. Rare are the guinea pigs who turned out to be receptive. Although it proved possible to inculcate a confession in them, their condition remained unstable and exposing them to public interrogation would have been too risky.The best known case is that of pseudo-Khalil Sheikh Mohammed. He was arrested in Pakistan and accused of being an Islamist Kuwaiti, although it was clearly a case of mistaken identity. After being tortured at length and, in particular, subjected to waterboarding 183 times during the single month of March 2003, the individual finally confessed to being Khalil Sheikh Mohammed and to having organized 31 different attacks in the four corners of the earth, including the one at the World Trade Center in New York in 1993, as well as the bombing of a nightclub in Bali, the beheading of journalist Daniel Pearl and, last but not least, the attacks of September 11, 2001. Pseudo-Sheikh Mohammed maintained his confession before a military commission, but it was not possible for the lawyers and military judges to question him in public, for fear that once outside his cage he might renege on his confession.To conceal the covert activities of the doctors at Guantanamo, the Navy organized media tours for the benefit of complacent journalists. Thus, French essayist Bernard Henry Levy volunteered to play witness by visiting what was safe for him to see. In his book American Vertigo, he assures that the prison is no different from other U.S. penitentiaries and that the reports on the alleged abuses being perpetrated "were rather exagerated" (sic) [6].[Image: navy_prison-c2609.jpg]The USS Ashland, one of the U.S. Navy's off-shore prisons. The ship's flat-hold bottom has been redesigned to accommodate several tiers of prisoner cages.Navy prisons offshore In sum, the Bush administration considered that very few people could be manipulated to the point of believing that they had perpetrated the attacks of September 11. It concluded that it was necessary to test a large number of prisoners to be able to identify the most responsive.Given the controversy around Guantánamo and in order to avoid indictment, the Navy developed other secret prisons which it set up in international waters beyond the reach of any international jurisdiction.17 flat-bottomed ships - the kind used for troop disembarkment - have been converted into floating prisons fitted with cages like those used at the Guantanamo center. Three were identified by the U.K.-based association Reprive: USS Ashland, USS Bataan and USS Peleliu.If one adds up all the people who over the past eight years have been taken prisoner in war zones or abducted anywhere in the world, a total of 80,000 persons are likely to have transited through the system, of whom less than one thousand have been pushed to the final stages of the Biderman process.Consequently, the dilemma faced by the Obama administration is the following: it will not be possible to close Guantanamo without disclosing what was being done there. And it will be impossible to do that without also acknowledging that all the confessions obtained are false and were deliberately inculcated under torture, with the political consequences that it entails.At the conclusion of the Second World War, twelve trials were held by a military tribunal at Nuremberg. One was devoted to 23 Nazi doctors. Seven were acquitted, nine were sentenced to prison and seven were sentenced to death. Since then, a Code of Medical Ethics was adopted, establishing the ethical rules of medicine worldwide. It prohibits precisely what U.S. doctors have done at Guantanamo and in other secret prisons.

Оdnako (Russia)

[Image: rien.gif] [Image: rien.gif] ][Image: rien.gif] ][Image: rien.gif] &notes=You%20think%20that%20you%20are%20informed%20about%20what%20happened%20at%20Guant%C3%A1namo%20and%20you%20are%20astonished%20that%20President%20Obama%20is%20reluctant%20to%20close%20this%20torture%20centre.%20You're%20wrong.%20You%20are%20not%20aware%20of%20the%20underlying%20purpose%20of%20this%20%22facility%22%20and%20why%20it%20is%20vital%20for%20the%20current%20administration.%20Thierry%20Meyssan%20reveals%20the%20horrifying%20facts%20in%20this%20article%20first%20written%20in%20November%202009.%20Subsequent%20developments%20have%20proven%20him%20right:%20plans%20to%20close%20Guant%C3%A1namo%20have%20been%20put%20on%20hold%20indefinitely.][Image: rien.gif] [Image: rien.gif] ][Image: rien.gif] [Image: rien.gif]

Attached documents

[TABLE="width: 100%"]
[TD="align: center"][Image: 1-645-3-df65e.jpg][/TD]
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[TD]« Communist attempts to elicit false confessions from Air Force prisoners of war », by Albert D. Biderman
Bulletin New York Academy of Medecine 1957 Sep ;33(9):616-25.

(PDF - 964 kb)
[TD="align: center"][Image: 1-1759-a397b.jpg][/TD]
[TD="width: 10"][/TD]
[TD]« Situation of detainees at Guantánamo Bay »
United Nations, Commission of Human Rights, February 15, 2006.

(PDF - 336 kb)
[TD="align: center"][Image: 1-673-5-ec087.jpg][/TD]
[TD="width: 10"][/TD]
[TD]« The Manipulation of Human Behavior », edited by Albert D. Biderman and Herbert Zimmer
John Wiley & Sons, Inc., New York (1961).

(PDF - 2.4 Mb)
[TD="align: center"][Image: 1-674-5-087dc.jpg][/TD]
[TD="width: 10"][/TD]
[TD]« The Origins of Aggresive Interrogation Techniques (Documents) »
U. S. The Senate Armed Services Committee, June 17, 2008.

(PDF - 3 Mb)
[1] La Ligue anti-communiste mondiale, une internationale du crime, by Thierry Meyssan, Voltaire Network, 12 May 2004.[2] [Opération Phénix, by Arthur Lepic, Voltaire Network, 16 November 2004.[3] Read the book of reference Operación Cóndor, Pacto criminal by Stella Calloni. « Stella Calloni presentó en Cuba su libro "Operación Cóndor, Pacto criminal" », 16 February 2006. See also on Voltaire Network: « Berríos y los turbios coletazos del Plan Cóndor », by Gustavo González, 26 April 2006; « Los militares latinoamericanos no saben hacer otra cosa que espiar », por Noelia Leiva, 1 April 2008; « El Plan Cóndor universitario », by Martín Almada, 11 March 2008.[4] Operation "Iron Hammer" in the War of Iraq, by Paul Labarique, Voltaire Network, 11 December 2003.[5] The Arab Mind, by Raphael Patai, foreword by Norvell B. De Atkine, Hatherleigh Press, 2002.[6] American vertigo, by Bernard-Henry Lévy, Grasset & Fasquelle 2006.

The shadow is a moral problem that challenges the whole ego-personality, for no one can become conscious of the shadow without considerable moral effort. To become conscious of it involves recognizing the dark aspects of the personality as present and real. This act is the essential condition for any kind of self-knowledge.
Carl Jung - Aion (1951). CW 9, Part II: P.14
I've always found this the most depressing side of the 9/11 story, so much so that I can't even bring myself to write out in any detail what it says about the whole 9/11 plot and those who perpetrated it.

Cheri Montagu's review of THE CIA DOCTORS at Amazon touches on a lot of the issues. Webster Tarpley, who remains in direct contact with Meyssan, mentioned years ago that Guantanamo had been set up to produce confessions that would reinforce the official narrative of the war on terror.

Quote:The stated aim of THE CIA DOCTORS by Colin Ross is an excellent and much-needed one: "to prove that the Manchurian candidate is fact, not fiction..." and that "the creation of controlled disassociation was a major goal of mind control research." (p. 10) As he says, he is not a conspiracy theorist and had no axe to grind against the CIA: his concern is that his fellow psychiatrists, including some of the most prestigious individuals and institutions in the country, have violated and are violating their Hippocratic oath by their participation in such experiments. There is however one major problem with the book. It was originally written in 2000, and although Dr. Ross revised it in 2006, he did not add any new material to speak of. Thus the connection between the experiments carried out by the CIA during the Cold War and the treatment of detainees in the so-called "War on Terror" is not made explicit, as it is in Alfred McCoy's A QUESTION OF TORTURE. Yet the similarity between the way that "Manchurian candidates" were created during the Cold War and the way that terrorist suspects are being treated today is alarming.

Take for example, Mohammed Al Qahtani, one of the "Guantánamo Six" on trial for his life under the Military Commissions Act of 2006. Mr. Al Qahtani is one of the few terrorist suspects who have been permitted civilian lawyers, in this case from the progressive Center for Constitutional Rights (CCR). A CCR information paper on Al Qahtani lists the abuses to which he has been subjected, in a manner which is at times confusing. For instance, he is described as being subjected to "forcible administration of numerous IVs during interrogation." Is it really possible that his captors thought that Al Qahtani would be severely affected by merely being poked repeatedly with hypodermic needles? Having myself been a victim of forced drugging and drug-induced torture, I could not help but wonder when I read this, "what was in those hypodermic needles?" One passage in THE CIA DOCTORS was invaluable in answering that question. It concerns "interrogations" (I shall put this word in quotes whenever the aim does not appear to be the acquisition of intelligence) of various individuals under the CIA program ARTICHOKE. During these so-called interrogations, subjects were given unspecified chemicals intravenously. Then, to quote a CIA document, "1. A false memory was introduced into the subject's mind without his concious control of the process, which took 15 to 20 minutes. 2 The procedure was repeated, this time taking 40 to 45 minutes. 3. The procedure was repeated again with interrogation added."

The possibility that Al Qahtani may have been subjected to the same regime is reinforced by the fact that both the ARTICHOKE victims and Al Qahtani were subjected to repeated strip searches, extreme solitary confinement, sleep and food deprivation, and exposure to severe cold. Abuses up to and including torture have a definite role to play in the creation of a new identity, whether that of a "Manchurian candidate" or a terrorist. That is to say, they are part of the process of DEPATTERNING. As Ross says, in the first phase of the creation of a new personality the subject is depatterned, which means reducing him to a vegetable state through a combination of massive amounts of electroconvulsive shocks, drug-induced sleep and sensory isolation and deprivation. When fully depatterned, patients are incontinent of urine and feces, unable to feed themselves, and unable to state their name, age, location, or the current date. (p. 124). As O'Brien says to Winston in the novel 1984, "We will empty you and fill you with ourselves." It is after this depatterning that the narco-hypnotic process begins, and the subject acquires a new identity and memory. The new identity could make subjects actually commit violent crimes which they had no inclination for, as well as confessing to crimes they did not commit. For instance, one woman subject of CIA experimentation who was afraid of firearms was induced to shoot another subject with a gun she believed was loaded. Others were able to set off time-bombs at the mere mention of a particular code-word. (pp. 46-47)

Of course, the fact that the subject has acquired a new identity has to be hidden from the subject himself or herself. One of the most puzzling thing to anyone who has done research on CIA abuses is why an agency ostensibly devoted to acquiring intelligence would be interested in procedures, such as electroconvulsive treatment (ECT), which are notorious for producing amnesia. Ross provide an explanation by quoting another CIA document: "Quite often amnesia occurs for events just prior to the convulsion, during the convulsion, and during the post-siezure period. It is possible that hypnosis or hypnotic activity induced during the post-siezure state may be lost in amnesia. This would be very valuable." Interrogation, including torture, was often conducted after the experiments, simply to determine if the amnesia surrounding the implanted memory could be breached. (p. 49) In other words, our government might be taking completely innocent individuals, reducing them to a vegetable state through torture, giving them a new identity as a terrorist by means of narco-hypnosis, and then torturing them again in order to see if they have sufficient belief in the new identity to confess, not just to their torturers but when they are trotted out before the public. Someone like Al Qahtani would have no recollection of the introduction of a false memory through chemicals and hypnosis any more than the subjects of ARTICHOKE did. Victims of ARTICHOKE methods believed that the memories implanted in their minds were true to the extent that they could pass a lie-detector test regarding them. (pp. 38-42).

As Alfred McCoy has stated, these CIA methods have "metastasized" to other segments of our government, for instance the military which controls Guantánamo. Given this fact, and the similarity of the treatment meted out to suspects in the "War on Terror" to those subjected to CIA experiments, it is easy to see why the Guantanamo Six are to be tried by military commissions which ignore all established rules of due process. If they were to be tried by a normal civilian court, their testimony would have to be dismissed, not simply because they have been tortured but because they have been subjected to what the CIA calls PSYWAR. Whereas traditional methods of interrogation, whether they use torture or not, aim at the discovery of truth, PSYWAR aims at the creation of falsehood-- false confessions, false personalities, false attribution of violent events (such as 9/11). To the inhumanity of torture it adds the supreme indignity of robbing the individual of his or her own free will. Men like Al Qahtani are victims of trauma beyond what most of us can imagine and unfit to stand trial before any court. They have been psychologically maimed to the extent that we will never know the truth. And these six have undoubtedly been chosen because they are the ones with whom PSYWAR has been the most successful. What indescribable horrors are being inflicted upon those who are still holding out against it?
I couldn't agree more with your sentiments about this Anthony. For me there are not enough powerful or resilient words in the English language that reflect my rage and utter horror at these activities of deprogramming, torture and mind "tuning" activities.
The shadow is a moral problem that challenges the whole ego-personality, for no one can become conscious of the shadow without considerable moral effort. To become conscious of it involves recognizing the dark aspects of the personality as present and real. This act is the essential condition for any kind of self-knowledge.
Carl Jung - Aion (1951). CW 9, Part II: P.14
David Guyatt Wrote:I couldn't agree more with your sentiments about this Anthony. For me there are not enough powerful or resilient words in the English language that reflect my rage and utter horror at these activities of deprogramming, torture and mind "tuning" activities.

Yes, and my greatest contempt is saved for the doctors and psychologists involved in this grotesque creation.
"The philosophers have only interpreted the world, in various ways. The point, however, is to change it." Karl Marx

"He would, wouldn't he?" Mandy Rice-Davies. When asked in court whether she knew that Lord Astor had denied having sex with her.

“I think it would be a good idea” Ghandi, when asked about Western Civilisation.
Yes, it's obvious that "confessions" were forced out of people to "prove" the official story; which the 9/11 Commission then relied on, third-hand, because they couldn't talk to the detainees themselves, or even their CIA handlers if I remember correctly. This is why I say the Warren Commission looks like the model of a real investigation by comparison.

Here's another thing: why was no one in government reprimanded, blamed, demoted, fired after 9/11? It was a way of keeping people quiet. To throw anyone under the bus would risk those people griping to the media, pointing fingers at others, blaming superiors, going to Congress, which might lead to real investigations...and the whole thing unravels. But if no one is punished, most people who know or suspect something will just keep quiet.
Magda Hassan Wrote:
David Guyatt Wrote:I couldn't agree more with your sentiments about this Anthony. For me there are not enough powerful or resilient words in the English language that reflect my rage and utter horror at these activities of deprogramming, torture and mind "tuning" activities.

Yes, and my greatest contempt is saved for the doctors and psychologists involved in this grotesque creation.

Yes, what kind of Hippocratic oath did these people take?
Quote:Yes, what kind of Hippocratic oath did these people take?

Maybe they took the hypocritical oath instead.
"We'll know our disinformation campaign is complete when everything the American public believes is false." --William J. Casey, D.C.I

"We will lead every revolution against us." --Theodore Herzl
Here's a windy line or two for the sentiments; there's a few fresh nuggets of memory in there:

Responsibility - a brief account of Monarch programming, trauma-based mind control, techniques & technologies: <Aug2011-31Mar'16
The "kill(ed) not capture(d)" operation was a setup before I had the slightest inkling, a techniques & technologies demonstration, & the exercising of a broader conspiracy (I hate that term, but they do happen), to train 'V-manner', to send a msg more widely. In >2008, 'Ben', a 'cyber-buddy' (Lockmat/Lockmat666/'Ben Everhart') told me that he had access to Googles secure database & that he liked "to burn whores"; neither of these things had any resonance with me, but turned-out subsequently to be telling, by the references. His great friend, was a Fin named Sippo Kähmi/'Shok Teenik'. Psychological manipulations, landline 'hi-jacking', cyber techniques & computer hacking, as well as direct mind influencing & manipulations were all used to secure the 'status' that I've had thousands of references to in all forms, of my having been "burnt". What began with all the appearence of a few 'hackers', has become what I now assume to be multi-state 'actors' (certainly British blackstate & almost certainly US, & by ref, Canadian). It seems to be heavy on the element of a state-resourced 'V'/'Anonymous' attack, likely as an outsourced tasking of the UK/US blackstate 'security'/military apparachik machine, which has filtered into/subordinated civic policing. This is not tho' a case of Childe Roland - "I never saw a brute I hated so; He must be wicked to deserve such pain", that the tortured therefore deserve' it, this is rather very much an overtly aggressive blackstate torture-murder 'program'. I've done nothing - nothing, to 'deserve' this, convenience is all & convenience they had; it's a black-on-black affair & is absolutely in the direct mould of the grossest of the excesses of Nazi scientific experimentation on the human subject - the testing to destruction of the subject/'victim' of new technologies & materials, & the expanding of existing destructive psychological techniques that those things present the opportunity for; the 'attack' is a multi-faceted synthesis of techniques & technologies that at a minimal level are only now slowly being mooted in the public sphere (direct radio-frequency mind 'control; & DARPA brain chips & nano-tech; microwave dosimetry, the brain-to-brain- & brain-machine interfaces & behavioural sets will soon be in the public sphere, I'm sure). I'd guess that these technologies have been in combination for perhaps 10yrs, in the workaday form for the pleasure of the aptly trained monkeys that are the 'influence technicians' (actual torturers) that I've had to contend with 24/7/52/+4 in my own home. (Not long at all after I started giving 'them' the verbals back, this article, actually in the i-paper turned-up - - it's a remarkably cathartic exercise, and well-aimed).

The first that I knew that this was a much 'deeper' 'program' than a couple/few hackers & trolls, was when I began waking too early, for 4-6wks, each day precisely to the sound of sirens being activated outside my flat, c.>Aug2011, and carhorns to a rhythm/tune I'd tap-out via gunfire whilst in-game on occaision. Alot of other things began happening that were very much out of kilter with the 'ordinary' before this date. My upstairs neighbour began tracking/following me around my own flat (with heavy footfalls, stamping & doorslams), and there began what became 10's/100's of thousands of sudden noises, coincident with the ordinary motions of living & to various scenes, words & phrases on the radio/tv/music - popping a spoonful of coffee in the cup was popular, just one of very many; a few years later, leafing thru' a book on schizophrenia on a hunch, I was able to see precisely what these noises were - 'apophenics' & 'pareidolia' ("the tendency to find meaningful patterns in meaningless noise"), towards 'ideas of reference' ("the phenomenon of an individual's experiencing innocuous events or mere coincidences and believing they have strong personal significance."). They ease you into these things, as with all their techniques, so as not to be obvious, but even when they are, and they keep happening hundreds & thousands of times/day, in the absence of explanation/cause, they can take a toll, not least in that you know you're being watched in detail & clearly by many ppl - "We know you better than you know yourself", No.18 there, fellating their own egos; when they start to happen to thought patterns and whilst reading - with or without subvocalising, and to pictures on tv or in print, things get a bit odder. Four years on & I now strongly suspect (I had initial suspicions in c.mid2012, but without knowing a term for it; in the early days of trying to find terminologies, the tv would chirp-up about "making-up new words is a sign of mental illness", a fairly poor mindgame there) that this is due to a cortical modem 'effect', or precisely that, device(s)/materials inside my head & elsewhere, & presumably, from what I gather from reading about 'targeted individuals' TI's, including RFID/triangulation & a torture implant & backups; I'd expect that on the basis that 'you' don't half torture-murder, that there's millimetre wave surveillance also ("We like to watch you walking thru' town, naked"). This eyes-&-ears- on at all times ("awake - constant; asleep - every 15mins") is not just neighbours - they get the feed/instructions/timing from Gestapo-central, but at a minimum including hundreds of meters away (in N-u-T, they'd say "in Middlesbrough") - carhorns & etc. apophenics, & perhaps in the US & etc. - if you can on-line game in realtime intercontinentally, then this stands to reason, very many 'US'-related refs. The conclusion that they're inside my head was based on a steadily increasing number of obvious incidences (they double- & triple-'whammy' by putting one of their refs on tv, pop something into your head, reference that overtly, then ref it yet again so that it creates an illusional 'evidence'; they're topsy-turvy in their diahorrea). From a 'strange time' preceding Aug2011, of odd coincidences & I now know dream choreographies & other mind effects, the psychological attack expanded from nudges & whispers to become intrusively invasive & working to a prescribed scheme, very much involving the 'operators' self-nominating as "malevolent gods", "witches" & "dragons"; basically, it's a multi-stresser, fear 'training', traumatising & schiz 'training'; referenced death threats & those methods of-, & psychological 'moulding'; "thirst" was where it seemed to start) & intended to create a profound sense of paranoia with it. The ultimate goal is to completely destroy 'you', mentally then physically, presumably in a way that it amuses them to witness (what are the recent train suicide stats?). They do this thru' stress & anxiety indoctrination & overloading, intended ultimately to be triggerable on cue/ref, trauma-based mind control (some of this is here - DYNAMICS OF ANXIETY AND HYSTERIA 1958 Feb 15; & Ch4 Cruel Britannia), the curing of addictive behaviour in reverse (they're also quite happy for you to "run", like dogs do - for the chase & tech exercise; "The whole world, with a begging bowl"), & thru' accusations - de facto in their genuinely deranged minds, of anything & literally everything, & indoctrinated 'guilt' acting as an accelerator/magnifier; being watched & ref'ed, stalked in real- & their "Matrix" world of 'distance' & 'contact' Zersetzung, by the appearence of very many ppl (apparently, tho' there's AI bots in the mix, ref'ing/manipulating to tv) all day, with the thousands of refs from many sources certainly raises the stress/anxiety levels, but their 'guilt' refs actually act as a distraction (it's very much a part of the technique to confuse the victim as to 'their' moral position, so they're very contradictory, which came across to me as "but you're talking shit & not making any sense", easy, for gobshites; they have a narrative thread of being "doctors" & "teachers", so they 'cure disease' & 'reform with death', I used to get very many "Death is peaceful"-type refs, & then the tv would substitute "rope" or "pills") as I have virtually nothing at all in this life to be or feel guilty for - I'm socially-minded & law-abiding by nature & culture, & so, despite the sharp pain to the side of my head at last writing here 'guilt', they're wasting their time, regardless of my getting these refs (very Pavlovian) up to literally thousands of times per day for 4.5yrs so far - and also in my sleep with their dream choreographies - their "Join ISIL", "It's your fate" of the last 2yrs indoctrinations are just so much horseshit for a drinking, smoking, athiest who likes old buildings - it's very big on their 'shitbucketlist' tho', to retrospectively prove that they were right all along, but everything they say & have ever said is total shit; "You've been framed", only in their cyber-Matrixbollocks fantasy world of fabricated precrime to a plan, by pathologically insane poltroons; "Socially acceptable psychopaths", they say, & "We've had too many ppl on this for too long to let it drop now"; they had alot to hide.

That the direct, vocalised, voices inside my head were the snearing, goading voices of what had the appearence of being teenagers, hardly fitted the "malevolent gods" label was obvious (I'd txted the i-'paper in c.mid2012 saying I was under an 'EM' attack, electromagnetic - science, not 'gods'); moreover, to a question asked, along the lines of "Do you think... killing one person... for the greater good?", when I'd replied that that was a philosophical question of which I had no knowledge or prior thinking, that the only thing I could reply was that "..some Roman fella had said 'It's better to let a guilty man go free, than to punish an innocent one'", the snorting, mocking guffaws spoke volumes of the type of people these were, & it's an important point this, that, adopting one of their reference sources, from Alice in Wonderland, it was a case of the sentence had already been passed, "Sentence first - verdict afterwards.", & the 'evidence' to follow, with another of their fairly frequent refs being "never went to court/trial", whilst "law" & "justice" were at least at one time very frequent refs (this is their 'tack' of establishing a de facto state of affairs, a done deal, which I reject entirely; they use the pages of the statutory law as toilet paper & with total contempt - "Very Backstage", illegitimate & devoid of authority; it's an interesting one that they say "never went to court/trial" so regularly, not only is there no evidence, but they're afraid of what'll come out, so they indoctrinate me into their totalitarian police state Gestapo-fantasyland; I had a 'click' there to my left ear, microwave auditory effect, because they consider themselves elevated, just like common Nazis did & still do; along the same line, I get "Gandhi" alot, because they put it about- & like ppl to think, that they're non-violent, but they're anything but - they torture-murder for fun, putting ppl under a magnifying glass to 'burn' them in detail, close-up (called/termed 'wrestling'), that is who & what they are & do, & as 'Ben' had asked me, "Would you rather have $10,000, or the ability to control bees?" - it's all about manipulating those bees to the will of their sleight-of-handing masters with PR (Narrative Networks) & individuation, even if they don't know it (BBC3 recently showed a prog on cyber-bullies who goad ppl, usually girls, to suicide & then taunt the parents with FB posts & the like - same ppl, perhaps the very same people, it's the same tactics, same objective, same pathological insanity, same calculated relentless cruelty; 'Ben' boasts of having over 70 people laid low; they're all in competition - for the win, murder by suicide via the cortical modem effect & identifying easy targets - convenience is all). To those of you in the know, you have to ask yourselves what it is that publicaly makes Britain a 1st-world nation, what the values are that we're supposed to hold in high regard - it's the practice & recognition of the higher & orthodox protocols of statute, not the shits an' kicks of Oscar Dirlewanger & his merry band of pseudo-psychic "Totenkopfverbände" (their self-ref) psychopathic Einsatzgruppen intoxicated murderers (book 'New Spymasters' mentions this tech-intoxication several times, & the 'Death Star' - many 'Star Wars' refs).

I rapidly became more aware of the scientific (not 'gods','ghosts' or 'witches') capabilities of the attack - to be intrusive is to be overt, and if the "malevolent gods" bit dosn't 'take', it's there, writ large to see, & they can't help but flaunt themselves, they're massively vain & hubristic attention-seekers; walking in N-u-T one day, Clayton St., the vocalised sentence, 'shouted' (hi-power transmission) "You're/I'm being followed" direct into my mind (I get very loud carhorns going-off in my ear/head thru' my pillow as I'm dropping-off to sleep with increasing frequency, percieved, not actual sound). I'd had various notions of ppl with white earphones being along any route I took, standing in doorways, sort of excitably 'radiating' themselves, but I wasn't in the paranoiac state that was the intention, otherwise I'd not've been casually browsing thru' charity shops for books (there's possibly something here to do with i-'phones - search term- 'NSA zombies'; when I'd pointed this out 'to the walls' in N-u-T, my neighbour in the flat above had stomped very quickly & loudly on her floor in reference - ppl use white headphones, if I'm paranoid about ppl using white headphones, mores to the good as regards this attack; she was very similar looking to Rita Chakarabarty; I'm alleging the attack involves pseudo-ELF pulse-modulated radio signals that mimic precisely the brains ordinary function, & I suppose logically, that by extension, the recent spat between the FBI & Apple is entirely falsified as a cover - simply, i-'phones carry these signals, as they all do, but that it's the platform of choice for the capability. I've had refs to IFF & 'pipsqueak'; I remember one time walking thru' Darlington, passing from behind a lad with white 'phones, and as I'd got close, he'd suddenly jumped/'started' - & at 4:19pm 2-Mar-'16 there precisely, a siren just went-off to that last point, this sort of thing tends to confirm my suspicians that quite literally, my mind, a/v senses & biorhythms have been put online in a live stream (the attacks are lupine; when I'm showing stress symptoms the 'EM hiss'/tinnitus/radio-freq reception noise gets very much louder; this may be that the number of ppl logged-on increases; it's certainly used as a stresser, very much in the mode of the whitenoise of the '5-techniques' - see book Cruel Britannia; it has 2 focus's - right of centre at the back top of my head/neck & just in front of the top of my right ear; at this last place, when I have a choreographed 'dream', the noise there is very much louder & very focused; this is also very proximate to what I assume to be a torture implant for the synthetic trigeminal neuralgia; see Google img 'DARPA chip' for the exact location of the former sound & apophenic referencing sudden pain position), but it also plays well to the psyche attack (they used to ref strongly to Google Glasses, but after a big billing, then on-sale, then supply problems, then off-sale, I have to wonder if this is all blarney for my 'benefit', the idea that ppl wearing them will see me as glowing in their augmented 'reality' world; I've also had refs to 'glowing in the dark'). That "being followed" transmission stopped me in my tracks as I mused on the implications; within a few seconds, a couple of c.early 20's lads, one faintly smirking, did walk into the shop together. I presume, what they'd done wrong here, was to transmit the vocalistation, rather than the cognitive concept, which would show how this system/capability is being dished-out to rank amateurs; alternatively, they might've been happy enough with the very blatant tech demo as it was, that not only can it be done from a fixed and prepared position, but that it's also portable, which I'd already sussed (I may be mistaking the system here; rather than a portable unit, it may well be the cortical modem transmitting to GestapoHQ and being fed to any smart'phone - it's a tough one to recognise & maintain that recognition, that my mind & a/v senses are a part of the 'internet of things'; curiously, I've never had a direct & unambiguous ref to this, which may be telling, as it's precisely the type of taunting & goading thing that would be ref'ed, and not just the sudden neuralgic pain pulse I'd had when walking down Scotswood Road, precisely of the same 'flavour' that I was getting at home. All along & continuing, I've considered this attack to be both pathetic & ridiculous & have the basic attitude of being a cork on the sea in a storm - "call me Bob", and as they can & will amuse themselves, it's nothing to do with me. I recently had, amongst a mass of dream choreographies that night/day, a clip of ppl in a small boat, throwing guinea pigs over the side into a shark feeding frenzy, very pat-narrative.

From that transmitted radio frequency (RF) subvocalisation, I came to see alot more of what they'd done; backtracking, I noticed that alot of dreams that 'd had had been very bright, shiny, angular and 'messageful' since well before this 'program' had started (in Aug2011), & that alot of the 'notions' that I'd had & kept getting, similarly were 'awkward', obtuse, brief cognitive inputs, not speaking 'my language' (I think this is why they're brief; I suspect that ppl are as innately familiar with their own minds as they are with the inside of their own mouths, tho' the entire concept of having the minds function externally & actively influenced is beyond the ordinary consideration). I began to peice together alot of things; a 'strange time' in the months leading-up to this attack, it's nebulous, but there was alot of trolling on YT (I'd simply dismissed it at the time as being a figment of my imagination - 'why would anyone want to?'; I had this thing of mine not to retract anything I'd said on YT - I used that alot, but found myself saying some odd stuff that I'd double-check & double-check again, then just force-forget; several PM's there, quite lengthy discussions/arguments; alot of recurring words, phrases, themes, 'echoing', & almost-but-not-quite familiar names, both on YT & whilst gameing, of things I'd said to ppl online or on the 'phone or to ppl in my flat - both the present & earlier flat & at times I actually felt 'odd' somehow, unusually aggravated - they can do this with RF's (see - what this fella writes is uncannily similar to my experiences; of all the things on the 'net on this subject, regarding microwaves & the 'biomachine', this is the only source I trust). I'm sure that this was the attack in progress - their picture being painted; some of the psychological techniques - your attention is established then there's the contained follow-on. [At this point in the draft, 7:30am 1-3-'16, my neighbour No.18 has been coughing (an established 'cue'/'trigger'), stomping, and has 'just' loudly thumped on the wall, 2ft behind my head 4x's very methodically, & begins talking in a loud voice, almost shouting - I didn't catch what it was - I have no interest; one of those coughs was to the 'see' in bold above (& as I type this up 3-3-'16, a sudden neuralgic to the right temple, this is all standard fare) my neighbours moved-in shortly after I moved back to D'ton; No.18 ref to "Fear thy Neighbour" whilst channel-hopping for eg.; No.22 come and go, there have been 3 of them so far, all 'operators', but 18 is the 'local hub'. No.33 Outram St is an interface with the local arse-end of the V-manner ladder. There was another loud 'thump' as I'd made the retrospective note about the 'see'; initially I'd thought this to be cameras, then millimeter wave surveillance, but more recently, >2015, I've seen that the cortical modem capabilities are an all-in-one for almost every effect*, & had actually suspected it earlier, but with nothing to go on, except observation & deduction, & several of their references, such as "live streaming", "everything is on our screens", "we're all watching"]. These psychological ploys are very Derren Brown-esque, & can be set-up for a particular 'gig' weeks in advance, & once used, are always there for further manipulations, added to which are the mind-read & feed/feed & read capabilities, but I tend to see sooner or later, their set-ups. *I'm pretty sure that this is the 'mind meld'; you should read & digest all that I'm saying - that this attack is being used against innocent ppl on the basis of the convenience for them to do so - to destroy people with psyche torture & phys torture for the purpose of scientific/medical (they'd say) experimentation, & for the shear fun of it [neuralgics to right temple there] & PR goonery, & they're doing this in the UK with at least the active participation of blackstate military cadres & with the civic police/structures genuflecting to that - this is the 'evil empire' of the Third Reich & Soviet Union writ large and regurgitated, & it's not a 'mistake', it's a techniques & technology exercise based on convenience & the exercise of manipulation; black-on-black; they convicted these ppl at Nuremberg.

I began calling the police about what was happening, all too aware of the possibility of being labeled a psychological basket case, which is precisely what they've tried to do - to trip an' shove my sensibility into a blackhole. (Along this line, I have an old school friend who's schizophrenic; he has home-calling CPN's - community psychiatric nurses, who call on him; I've met one of these; there's a fella who's just started sitting next to me in an almost empty library, playing chess (which I like), and muttering & grunting to himself, & "Oh, good one"'s, coughing, obviously catching my attention; I spoke to him the other day, offering him some Scottish fudge for his cough; his whole tone & demeanor strongly reminded me of my friends CPN's - I've recently started to write en claire about the 'voices in my head' & distributing docs; very much like Stalinist Soviet Russia, they'd be happy to 'offer' me a 1-way trip to the psyche ward & straight jacket, but I'm talking nothing but science; towards this, I've had several meetings with CPN-types, more-or-less at my own request a couple of yrs ago (I'd asked for a health-check at my GP's which was hi-jacked/re-routed to a nervous-looking GP - co-opted - who started talking about my mental state & the voices in my head - I don't know who I'd mentioned that to, "Look, this is not gods or ghosts or spirits, this is shitheads joy-riding on science, Doc") - clean bill of health thankyou very much - individuals 'yes', but not such an easy proposition getting a whole hospital-full of bent shrinks (see the recent furore in the American Pyschological Association, over their involvements in Gitmo & torture). They recently made another big effort at their "malevolent gods" bit, starting some 3wks or so before it hit the 'papers, c.Feb'16, eg, i-'paper 11Feb'16, p34-5, "Shareing a vengeful god helped to bind ancient people together", originally from the journal 'Nature'/Uni of British Colombia), & I've had refs from No.18 to "doing gods work" & many similar & related; question is, is that part of their brains being irradiated with the godbluff - , genuinely seriously deranged, or are they simply taking the piss.

The 1st cop who came 'round (of 8-10 eventually) was an enormous, shouty, stompy type, who stood at my door for a few minutes for his pal to arrive - intimidation & embarrassment to plan, I later suspected; "I'm being watched"; he looks out the window & says "Well, I can't see anyone looking-in"; quite the piss-taker. In c.late2013 I sent a cop in N-u-T that I'd had some dealings with 2 'infopacks' of my observations as to what was happening to me, via D'ton copshop; in it I'd stated amongst many other things, that 'they' had the ability to 'induce' you to ie. glance this way or that, so that a skit can be set-up & your attention drawn to it, or to something 'organic' that in some way works to the psychological program; again, the cortical modem capabilities fit the bill - - Thu Feb 28, 2013 11:39am EST "Mind melds" move from science fiction to science in rats (if you're familiar with 'Game of Thrones' & 'Avatar', then you'll see how these things can percolate into popular light entertainment, almost hidden in plain sight, "It's like ESP", they say (alot of their refs are klepto's, & alot is pat-sci-fi): they can & have linked my mind to profoundly insane minds at a sufficiently hi-power setting to impose itself over my own mind; somehow, I wasn't at all surprised when this happened, it was logical from what I'd suspected, but this, along with the agonies of the synthetic trigeminal neuralgia, seems to have been "Redline(d)"). "King" is a long established reference; I don't know what it means, possibly 'Monarch' programming (trauma-based mind control, which I'm pretty sure is what the attack is), and 'fits' with one of the YT trolls names of 'paranorma1palace' with just the slightest of extensions - & that process of 'extension' is their yellow brick road to schiz 'training'. The coppers name was PC King 2392, who, quite unnecessarily and unnoticed by me of any wait/delay, had stated that he'd been out, policing the match that day, for what that's worth (had he?), & 'football' is another of their refs. (I'm guessing that's an espirit de corps-type trope - 'team game' or just another simple 'thread' for stupid ppl, from which to drop references). No.18 has ref'ed "lab rat", just recently >2015, to add to "medical science", as I'm getting what I'm sure is a firm handle of what they've done to me - the 'indoctrination-by-dream-choreography' is certainly getting the work-out (sleep learning, hypnopaedia), see book Cruel Britannia, Ch4; "Know thyself" has never been more truely apt, I suppose.

The 2nd cop was on his tod & seemed like a nice fella, but after he'd left, I figured by his line of questioning & the general conversation over a half hour, that he knew what was happening ("How is it that they can bang on the wall at the precise moment that I wipe my arse on the loo?", I'd asked him - & they do; of all the cops who called, 8-10 of them over maybe 6-7 visits as a result of calls & txts, all except the 1st shithead was offered a coffee - I like the police, always have - alot of family over the yrs in the force, & I'd seriously considered it myself). I later (c.mid2014) got copies of Northumbria Police Authorities records of my dealings with them/their records, & was surprised at how they'd 'painted' me, "very strange" & "confused" & that my flat was "very dirty & unkempt", when it certainly wasn't, but that's all for purpose, plus, the 2nd/3rd cop who calls has read the earlier notes, and they tend I think to follow-on from them. That 1st "strange/confused/very odd" was from the 1st visit to Market St mainstation in N-u-T, interview room, where, when I'd told the copper what was happening, he'd trotted-off for 5-10mins to check for records on my neighbour apparently, then came back with something of a facial expression that I became familiar with, hard to describe* (knowledge & rumours of a technological capability such as this, I have no doubt, engenders fear & breeds extremism in the 'operators', eager to tap-in to what's gotta be a wet-dream for nutters & overtly demonstrate a loyalty that puts them firmly on the side of it that they want to be; I gather there's been at least one brouhaha with the Police Fed over microwave comms masts too close to a police station), gave me an incident log no., told me to go to the more local copshop, & shown me the door (& as I wrote that in the draft, 1Mar'16, at around 7am, No.18 again started loudly calling & laughing). I'd told the cop that I was being followed 'round my flat from above. *A recent BBC Panorama report 'Cops, Criminals, Corruption: The Inside Story' - "Organised crime is the single biggest threat to the integrity of the police. With exclusive interviews and never-before-seen footage, Panorama has the inside story of how an organised crime syndicate arranged a hit on three police officers. Also speaking publicly for the first time are the law enforcement officials who tapped the phones of drug dealers, only to find themselves hearing corrupt police on the line." I've had very many references in that program, including; axes ; Daniel Morgan; Golden, Lion (the pub outside of which he was murdered); machineguns; (one)million pound; contract killers; Catford; Untouchables; Kim; James; Rees; cocaine; Simon; Robert(s); "don't love them anymore; 23; Rolls-Royce; Mini; "corrupt" & "Dave"; doubtless more - I didn't see the entire program. They like to 'distance' themselves from what's happening, so I get "moles" refs too, & alot of "corruption"; truth is, I'm causing them a massive ballache, becasue I'll not run from the police & certainly not the law, & as I said to the walls recently, "I'd rather be murdered by you than run & 'prove' you're right, when you're lying frauds", to which I got an instant tv pic breakup and a spate of very recent sirens precise to such as "you're going to get a bucketful" (this dosn't mean that there was a 'cop' in the car, or even that it was a policecar (unless seen); I had loads of sightings of actual copcars doing this in N-u-T, but on 'advice'/asking from the shitehounds, I'd destroyed 3x logbooks full of details, but they're rabid maddogs & I'll not be doing that again); this is all standard fare, I've had so much I couldn't give much of a shit anymore & I mean what I say. If I die, it'll be in my sleep by a heart-stopping RF, probably. I had to laugh at their "machinegun", I mean, how awkward would that be? So I then got the "shotgun/rogue vehicle" refs. Bah. I'm law-abiding & have done nothing to deserve this & that's final. So, recently, they're back on the "thugs" & "beaten". Somewhere along the line, the blackops games have leaked into a more sensible tier of 'policing', so, aside from hundreds of sharp & dull pains each day in a rapid stress-anxiety driving-type of scheme (& the clicks & tones & muscle spasms & the rest of it), the actual torture of 12hrs/day of synthetic trigeminal neuralgia ist verboten it seems. The story goes that I've been "sold" & "bought", that I'm "slave", "owned", they're big on this - easy to see how, in terms of a psychological attack. That it seems likely that blackstate has put devices/materials inside me to literally put me-myself-&-I online in realtime, and has put my death out to tender (by possibly giving LUELINKS members my IP) is a theory that fits all I know of whats afoot, & blackstate gets a biscuit or two of PTSD, AI & etc. research data out of it too, they're "lab rat", "doktors" & "medical science" refs., 'cos it's one thing to test on animals, but human testing to destruction isn't so publically acceptable, possibly hence their "hell" refs, but they can't tell me anything. Couple of days ago I got a meaningless ref to "£10,000", to add to the "We'll help & give instructions", but it's out of kilter with their "ISIL is your fate" ( ). "You're our best PR" paraphrase, they say; "I'm your best PR" I reply, "& whistleblower". References in the early days to "Lorenz" & "Knickebein" tell me now that their help was to be in the form of clicks to my right ear meaning "go right" & etc., "We'll help, trust us", so that they can steer their sheep-dipped silver bullet to where they want it/me; "The best double agent is the one who dosn't even know it", they've said. They wanted to make me dissociative at some stage, like some real-life retarded dullard version of Jason Bourne, hence the psyche & phys torture, "You passed the drill test" last month from No.18 - of the synthetic trigeminal neuralgia, but I don't have Stockholm syndrome & I actually really pissed-off; I got "Respect!" in <April2013, just before the suicide thing, but they have to deny that, even to me. I had some "Glaswegian devil-worshippers"-'distancing' from blackstate, last year; "Glasgowfuckyersel'"

In response to reference by wallknock & MAE clicking, 23Mar'16, from tv, "were known criminals" - the ref is saying I'm a 'known criminal' - pat-diahorrea narrative - my calls to the emergency services, outside of this torture-murder program:
c.2006, intervened in a street domestic & attempted to get the block concierge to call the cops - they arrived a minute later - girl being threatened;
c.2007, called at Market Street copshop regarding a large and 'professional' act of vandalism to St.Johns Cemetry, Jewish ground - tough gig persuading them to look at the 'photos; met 2 coppers there; occaision is absent from their records;
c.2008, found unconscious lass in street at night, ran 200m to call 999, ran back & waited for ambulance;
c.>2010, 'phoned cops about theft from building site in progress, perps lifted; 2 call-backs; absent from records;
mid2012, 'phoned cops about verbally violent domestic (this turned-out to be a skit by neighbours).

They have these 'narrative threads' that are always used to keep the referencing simple for their aptly-trained monkeys, everything 'car' related is the 'strongest'; 'go' & 'leave' are in there, an 'us against them' in their 'endlosung der judenfrage' fantasyland of 'superheros'; thru' all of 2015, they've been ref'ing me to ISIL, by tv, when reading the 'paper, & strongly by the use of the dream choreography, such as sub-black on black tickertape msg's whilst in that hypnogogic state (I've not consciously caught what those actual msg's were, I was too surprised to see what I'd expected, similar to when the analogue radio actually did start speaking to me & later this was the source of their faked 'factions' suggestion when the torture of synthetic neuralgia was "Redlined", presumably I'm to think by the 'good guys', who're 'battling the forces of evil, the "Vultures". As regards the ISIL bit, as in 'go to ISIL', it's been very very prevalent for that year, "It's your fate", the idea is that they make life so hard & stressfull & painful here in the UK, that my loyalty will change from Brit to insane Islamofascist (like I say, my identity - indelible, is athiest, smoking, drinking, history-buff, libero-conservative centre-right glancing left secular democrat in a north-west European mode, so they've quite the hill to climb on that score - I'm sure they saw that as a good test for their techniques & technologies). Thing is, what with I know of their ways and means & who's behind this - a blackstate torture-murder ISIL recruitment operation & cut-out franchise, tightly-controlled, it's their best option, to cover their arses with their usual retrospective "I told you so". That picture of "very strange" & etc. that they effectively 'paint' you is important, it's intended to demonstrate that you are 'other'/No.18's "Not one of us" (yeah? - I'd shoot myself), curtailing empathy/sympathy & backed by 'authority', I gather; according to the refs that I get, I'm a rascist, anti-Semite, misogynist, sexist, far-right, Nazi-Hitler & a whole lot more - rapist murderer, & last night, 17Mar'16, "enemy agent" ref'ed with a remotely-induced sudden, sharp neuralgic pain, with not a hint of irony. It's often said that demonstrating an 'anti-proof' is impossible, as opposed to demonstrating 'proof'; how is it that I'm to demonstrate these things are false, once their picture painted in shades of brown is completed, & to whom? That I get alot of "was never taken to court/trial" to me speaks volumes of their pro-cess. I'm guessing that they deleted my YT account in part due to all the Hitler-pisstaking, my reasoning against Israels excesses, a demonstration of being in favour of law & order, vitriol against the hacking of Milly Dowlers 'phone - "The MI's were involved in all this with Murdoch" & much else that was not in accord with their picture-propaganda; they play their psyche, cyber- & direct-to-mind manipulation & PR games.

They've made all the effort to make me aware that I'm 'public' information and indeed, "slave" (ie. someone, probably 33, stands outside my window and says loudly, "You're mine", like, 'owned', >2013; No.18's ref'ed before to "We know you better than you know yourself" - they know precisely shit); this used to be a very very common reference; in the early days I was to be sent to Boston Lincs, to be enroled by a gypsy gangmaster (those similar such reports in the news that you hear on occaision, that's 'them' - the shitehounds as I call them, that's their doing - "Go to sea, because there's something about the water that absorbs the radio signals" was another common one). "Sold" & indeed "bought" are one-time familiar, of which I got 'sold' just last night 4Mar'16 for the first time in ages). But as for their narrative of me having been 'burnt' publically, I can only return the favour with the names I know, & they certainly don't like that at all (the sudden dull neuralgic pains, the days-long crunching headaches, the sharp maser(?) head & body pains, the muscle twitches as apophenics and the floor-stampings from particularly No.22, DL3 7DG are very very frequent - it usually takes me a week+ to draft something, so they have lots of time to prep themselves & me). No.22 are transients, they stay a year or so (3 tennants so far), then another person/couple move-in & it starts again with them. The tactic of very regular floor-thumping & assorted apophenics is what they do, No.18 on the other hand, they moved-in very soon after I did, not much less than 3yrs ago; they're deeply 'cold' & psychotic, I assume that's a 'hub' for the operation. The 1st they moved-in, they stood below my window, with some other people, their conversation loud & heavy on the references; one of them in a T-shirt with a drawing of someone who's right eye was gouged-out - this is a goal of theirs - the way that they 'see' thru' my eyes via the cortical modem effect, they drop hints (as if I needed them with all the apophenic refs whilst I'm even scan-reading, not subvocalising, & to pics in the paper/books, whatever I look at; then they'll show pics - T-shirts are fairly frequent, of eyes gouged-out, & drop the idea of 'camera' into the ambience of things. There's some interesting stuff related to this on YT, 'Jack Gallant', but they can 'see' in sufficiently hi-def, to see/read ahead on the page I'm on ('jack' is a very frequent ref, there's many connotations which plays well to the confusatory schiz 'training', & it's radio-frequencies that they use). No.18 is 'Lisa Round', tho' I'd not be surprised if the package delivery was a set-up. (In the last few days, today is 7March'16, there's been quite the surge in neuralgic pains & refs of "impossible/abandoned/doomed/fate"-type refs, really laying it on thick: there's been a break in me typing-up, it takes up to a fortnight to get a doc together, there's so much to remember & order, & my own home pc is boot-failed, presumably technique 'Polar/Arctic Breeze' I think it's called, so everything's at the library, an hour/day, same technique as the tv pic/sound blank/blip/sqwark 'apophenics'; in the last week, I've suddenly got BBC back, for 2.5yrs, I've had nothing at all there; I don't necessarily believe anything my tv says, I know full well that they can direct-broadcast whatever they want, word substitutions are common, "suicide", "rope/rape", "pills", it's all done by AI bots more-or-less instantly - my tv's been on a very slight 1/10thsecond or so, delay for yrs). In mid/>2012, the Shipping Forecast came-over my analogue radio as "Cromarty - 999, Dogger - 999, etc. - 999".

Notes from my logbook:
Mon7March'16: c.6pm, I say "What we need is a socialist revolution" to Mo', of some corruption on tv; No.18 wallthumps immediately tho' not too loud, this is standard fare, 'they' say 'a social revolution' is what they're doing by devolving themselves & regressing the country back to a Mediaevalist rabble of utterly lawless torture-murdering Simian Korps, so I quickly add "-not Nationalist Socialist tho'", which always winds 'em up, self-elevated to the status of morally illiterate "superheroes" that they are - they profess a PR bluff of "Gandhi", whilst training & exercising themselves to inflict sufficiently excessive pain, physical & psychological, to destroy ppl. They kept saying in the early days that "Pain is all in the mind"; interesting distancing deceit; it may be technically true, but in realworld (of which they're strangers), it's just so much 'pat' & over-worked lies.

I remember something from c.2009; 'Ben' used to call Canada (he lived in Halifax, Nova Scotia, apparently; "Canukistan", which 2yrs later led on to & remains one of 'their' big refs - "Pakistan/Afghanistan/Syria/Egypt/couscous" etc., as in "Go to-". This is very much along the line of their "Go to ISIL - it's your fate", "MI5 helps ppl cross the Turkish border into Syria". Another few things that suggest strongly a set-up - which it could only be - "car" is a very regular reference thread, presumably as in "to drive-"; in c.2009/10 he'd sent a link to the Newfoundland accent, saying "car" (new found land); also around the same time, a YT vid of a demo of an African 'click' language, probably Xhosa - 'clicking' is very big on the mental stressing front; that percussion instrument of 2 hardwood rods creates a very sharp sound, what they do is to stress & to traumatise, then that loud sharp 'click' is introduced as an anxiety/stress 'driver'; the auditory reference apophenics are almost always very sudden sharp noises, precise to the ref msg, & to get 'you' jumpy (for these reasons, noise can't be often & random, otherwise the msg'ful intent is diluted, except during a specific tactic of very very frequent knocking/stamping to anything & everything on ie. the tv; this one's goading to wind you up & piss you off & often happens during informative programs because a distinct part of the aim of the 'program' is to simply 'stop' you, to shut you down, to stop you learning, 'growing', thinking, to divest you of your faculties, to disinform you - this is important, so that whenever I'm pondering something, there will be some sort of referencing distraction, pain, ear clicking, muscle spasms, etc., in the same way as whilst writing this, I'm getting a couple of neuralgic pains to different parts of my head suddenly, whilst sitting in the library - all par for course); I remember sitting in bed when the 'program' was well under way, and having what sounded like ppl outside my flat, slapping pool cues against the wall of my flat whilst I was reading, at 3-5am as the next step to fear 'training' I supposed (so hard were they. that dents & chunks were taken out of the plaster - it can get you quite jumpy - No.17, the Pines, N-u-T, NE4). They ref "electricity" then short-circuit your toaster so that you get a shock, then make an electrical discharge sound under the bath when you're in it, stop your boiler - & start it, then say the loo water's 'live'; similarly, turning the edge of your razor out so that it cuts you & tainting food & ref'ing it as poisoned & soon you start to look unkempt because you're avoiding these things - all part of the wholistic approach - Zersetzung max. My pepper had the radioactive element from smoke alarms in it, as I then peppered my beans - always steer towards that last fall of shot.

Theory: that Newfoundland accented "car"; I'd remarked to 'Ben' that it sounded Irish, like Ed Byrnes accent; 'Ben''d been simultaneously logged-in to Luelinks & chirped-up that everyone their thought Ed Byrne to be a fine fella ('course, there's 'burn' in there, & maybe 'head' to go with the "decapitation" refs): I'd made an observation 'to the walls' (c.mid2012) about Bitcoin & Luelinks & this 'program' of cyber-attack - I'd been musing previously about how it was funded (they'd said "We're self-funding); their response was "sharpnose" which I didn't know how to take but later found that 'Sharpnose Point' is in Cornwall, Bude, right next door to GCHQ: I'm now assuming that Luelinks represents a 1st tier 'down' into the civilian world from blackstate US/UK; he'd earlier sent me a screenshot of a snippet of conversation from Luelinks revealing his nickname there to be 'Andy(?) Garcia', ie. from the 'Grateful Dead' (thinks, all those "Death is peaceful" msgs when I was being tortured with synthetic neuralgias; last year in an email I'd sent him, he'd been very very quick to say that trigeminal neuralgia is "incredibly painful, but not dangerous"; not many ppl have heard of it, but what he was really saying was that it hadn't done me harm, in & of itself - that 'Gandhi'-PR-thing, where they pretend to 'do no harm'-type; thing is, with an awful lot of excruciating pain you can break a persons will, & it's the fact that I was being tortured to death, & he knew it full well, being an active torture-murderer; he's claimed to be a "sniper" & have 70+ kills under his belt - all very "Dexter". So, I'm theorising that Luelinks (Life, Universe & Everything-links, as they stockpile & centralise ripped-off films & software etc., originally on Megaupload almost exclusively - which has been mirrored I gather) is effectively a fully operational blackstate cut-out for a Murder Inc.He'd shared access to a lifetime account with M/U, the password, regularly changed, but always variations on "Carbotron", carbon & 'Tron', burnt & stuck inside the machine. "So, what happened to the fella whose account this is, 'Ben'?", "Oh, he died"; him, very eager that I use this account, me very reluctant, 'til M/U downloads stopped working, fancy that "You've been using this free service too much" when I'd not used it for weeks. All this would be consistant with the deeply deranged shitheads inside my head - I'll bet that any psychological study demographic of 'hackers' shows a clear slant towards some very peculiar & obsessive types of grandiose & 'untouchable' socio-pathologies; "Powerrr!" was the last snearing & obtusely invasive synthetic telepathy subvocalisation, in c.mid2013 whilst looking at a picture of the Gloster E.28/39, a 'P' in a circle, for 'prototype'; I had to laugh, just so pathetic. This theory leads-on to something I'd partly suspected, that many of the hack-attacks Britain's had in the last few yrs (they don't get much billing in the news but they're often to be found buried in BBC news txt) could be a flexing of muscles/blackmail; UCAS(?), BBC, BT, BA & other airlines, & many more. On from that, it's possibly consistant with the "We gave them the ability, & now they don't want to give it back"; "Ukraine" is an established ref, just last month, the Ukraine/Crimea suffered the worlds 1st (apparently) cyber-caused power outage. I get so many refs to "ISIL", "Go to-", "It's your fate" - #OpISIL, which leads-on in turn to 'Guardians of Peace' perhaps, it's surely the picture they paint of themselves in shades of brown. (I've just read, >March'16, from 'The Pentagons Brain', that there's a DARPA operational PR template called Narrative Networks (N2) - there are very many refs that I've had over the years that are cropping-up whilst I'm scattershot leafing thru' this book; as soon as I started using 'narrative' in the context of their attack 'profiles', 'they' seized on it & adopted it as their own 'trigger'/cue/ref - this in itself a very familiar tactic of theirs, like playground mimicry & endlessly repeated; I've usually called these 'klepto-refs/ing'. The film 'Old Boy' obviously gets the refs; there's a line in this which is likely relevant, "Laugh & the world laughs with you; weep & you weep alone"; it's true that to the arse-end of the V-manner & to average volk, they 'drive' this pro-cess, keep it 'onside', with witty schadenfreude).

In D'ton mid2013, I'd bumped into an old school friend who has schiz., who I'd not seen for 10yrs+, possibly a set-up as I was working to a predictable timetable; 'round at his house a wk later, he spoken with that verbal gluttoral stop clicking very pronounced, curious what they can do, tho' this was I think the only time he did this: this was at the time when the shitehounds were trying to maintain/resurrect the conditions that they were able to create in NuT when I'd lived alone, during the 'hiatus' noted below. I strongly suspect that 'playing' with - ie. tortureing, mental patients is all a standard part of this 'system' for training & amusement, as no-one will believe them & they're easy, very much a repetition of that BBC3 cyber-bullying program - I'm sure that the 'overseers of this cyber-attack scheme know it to be so & that it's an embarrassment even for the seedy, sordid, skulking deepblacks - a blind-eye to a self-indulgence too far - so many neuralgics & at a hi-frequency since mentioning it. (Not long ago from now, March2016, I'd been 'round there again; he'd suddenly blurted-out "Chelsea smile"; on the way home that night, I'd passed a young lad with a Chelsea smile T-shirt, no coincidence - it's happened too often, that's just one example. They use this friend of mine to 'phone me up and threaten me in a veiled way, last night it was someone had bought a shotgun (I've had "shotgun" refs thru' 2012, 2014, & now <2016; they'd threatened machine-gunning me, which made me laugh - all the ballistic forensics & cartridges to pick up, what a chore - "You might consider a shotgun, dozy". In N-u-T tho', I did take long late night walks over derelict ground thru' the shadows, expecting a 9mm or two, as per the ref'ings). It's in this same way that they get to make & call ppl "guilty" - they themselves have trespassed into your mind with their thoughts, & then they call you "guilty", sans presentable evidences ("Never went to court") or any form of recogniseable process, & as insane and fictional as it sounds, police & masqueraders & etc. then join-in, with the appearance of absolutely masses of sado-narcissistic psychopaths around. Fantastically intricate bit of manipulation that they've played-out, 'til you understand that they use a cortical modem & have a direct read'n'feed/feed'n'read access to my mind to play with (they seem keen that this is down to 'quantum entanglement', rather than what I assume it to be - thru' mobile 'phone masts; I assume they're just 'distancing' it & distracting me), hence all their "dreams" & "ghosts" (I write on a site called Deep Politics Forum, which after a few months, suddenly started taking 2+ "certificate errors" to access via IE (Chrome takes you straight to it, as tho' everything's hunky-dory, & this is why IE is being phased-out - it does what it should, not what's required of it; Chrome is centrally intelligenced controlled (see: Google, Clinton emails, Syria), & as astonishing & plain barmy as it sounds, what's happening to me is the current state of MK-Ultra - the psychological attack profiles all there, including the dissociative attack - I have a modem in my fucking head, or what amounts to it - ie, a material/aerial/chip I think very likely). QUACK

So, they've been setting me up as an Islamic extremist for years & years before "I finally got you", in Aug2011, because it makes them look good - a results driven exercise, "No enemy, no KGB" as it says in book 'Mafia State' which is where I got 'Zersetzung' from - instant recognition. I'd earlier made it clear that tho' there's alot that I think my country suffers from, in terms of it's organisation & functionaries, I was English, indelibly, that I'm an athiest, republican & a whole lot else - a republican, so I get "IRA" & "Donald Trump", etc.; they'd seen this as a challenge, a mark of identity that, using Alexander Kennedy-style techniques of 'loyalty change' (see Ch4 Cruel Britannia) & with the range of radio-frequency influencing, as well as the breakdown of self that comes with overt & long-term infliction of excruciating pain causes. There's also just about the only band & tune he'd mentioned to me, "Rock the Casbah by The Clash" - no refs there then, from around the same time. Deffinately quite the exercise in manipulation, not so much of me, but of their PRbollocks & it's recipients. He'd also said that he'd seen 9-11 in progress - his 'legend' is being from New Jersey; when I'd mentioned this to a mutual friend from St.Louis, that fella had retorted "DID HE???!!!". No, he didn't, it's just their Matrixbollocks double think, double speek, with a profound ability to intrusively invade minds & alter cyber records meted-out to bona fide psychopaths whos big kick in life is the manipulation of ppl. No wonder all the refs to "You've Been Framed" all those years ago. Blackstate've msg'ed me that they're "risk averse", but it's just so much diahorrea, they're "opportunity kleptomaniacs" - precious few ppl were around to weep for me, and that's how they like it - convenience is all. Another thing 'Ben' had sent long before this all started - as far as I knew, was an article on General Pershing in the Philipines, a Muslim insurrection/independance movement, where a load of those rebels had been captured, tied to stakes, a pig slaughtered in front of them, the bullets dipped in the blood, and all but one of them shot by fireing squad; the bodies were buried with the viscera & the one allowed to leave to spread the message - I've had refs to these things for 4yrs - "The one that got away", & "to spread the word". So, long before this started, I was already getting the references to it; 'newfoundland' - "car" (car adverts are used in this attack - there's been 2 or 3 over the last 4yrs which have included the dream scene fron film Inception where the land bends back on itself, and much more - 'car' is very much a basic, fundamental 'theme' for referenceing, I wonder if the bulk of their advertising comes from a single 'house'); 'Casbah', that Pershing thing; the Bill Tetley; & 'Canukistan'; also, there's the ghost car in GTA which I'd had too (just last week, c.22Mar'16, that highly news-worthy item in the 'paper, about GTA having an invincible deer roaming around, causing in-game havoc - deer do live in "forests", an old ref, where there are "trees", likewise, and "logs" - very Unit731 there & oh so familiar). So, this isn't a case of "justice" or "law", as they sooo often ref., this isn't a case of me having done anything at all to be 'guilty' of - hence their many "never went to court" & etc., rather, this is a case of a fabricated & manipulated false guilt in a world that dosn't even exist outside the twisted minds of pseudo-science & wannabe Doktor Mengeles; remember, they have the ability to directly invade the mind with brain-brain-interfaces & brain-machine-interfaces (for what it's worth to point-out, I'm getting many microwave auditory clicks to what I assume to be a cochlear implant as I write all this, and their Pavlovian pain/neuralgics; most of this psychological & physical attack is to persuade me that I'm guilty of something thru' repetition & accusation, but I'm guilty of nothing that a tap on the shoulder wouldn't've been suitable for, in my entire life, despite the masses of ref's & PR bullshit, one of which runs that I used to browse the profiles of lasses on FB, where the reality is that I once looked at a single one, the daughter of a fella who was for 20yrs+ my best pal but who I'd lost touch with on moving town; I mention this because I've had it several times & amongst all the other insanities, it's simply quite wrong, & since I've started dropping-off these 'info packs' to ppl, lawyers/solicitors & etc., the 'activity', neuralgic pains, threats & all the rest of it, the frequency of them has multiplied several times over - remember, I'm being watched & with ears-on, 24/7/52/4+, and the cortical modem - they've put a sodding modem inside my head ("PTSD" research), & torture implants at the right ear to cause the 'suicide disease' of synthetic trigeminal neuralgia; just this morning, I got 2x wall-thump refs from No.18 at 4:16am to "the box" - MI-sodding-5 ffs, who are so eager to torture-&-murder ppl (siren goes-off 5:29pm14Mar there, because there's possibly more to this - a US interstate black op) that simple convenience is the main factor; it may be that the Brits aren't happy with this, certainly the feeling of having the side of my face & head ground-out with a slowly rotating, jagged, cold, vibrating drill for 8-12hrs each night/day has stopped, tho' the "It's redlined" that came-over on Radio4 was ignored for a fortnight, & the 300 neuralgics, masers (? - very sudden sharp pains to ie. the eye), muscle spasms, hundreds & thousands of auditory effects and wall-thumps each day are perfectly ok... The law would make no distinction between either faction. And at 4:17am, "imagine a pitbull at your heels" from No.18. In <2012, "We've ruined you" - as a human being. "Pain is weakness leaving the body", "lab rat", "irrelevant", "for ever", "'til you die", yeah? - well fuck you too. "Not one of us" eh? - I'd shoot myself with inverted commas.
Crimes of Blackstate Torture-murderers: it's a scheme to murder by induced/commanded suicide on a destroyed & traumatised mind:
'Phone tapping/bugging;
Mobile 'phone hacking/destruction;
Computer hacking/malware installations/destructions/and, so I'm led to believe, 'evidence' planting;
Email hacking/accounts deletions;
24/7/52/++4 eyes- & ears-on with 'live' referencing (apophenics) in the home, on the street, in bed, in the bath & shower;
24/7/52/++4 cyber- & real-life stalking;
ID theft & dissemination of personal details and real-time feeds;
24/7/52/++4 radio-frequency irradiations - and not just the 'tinnitus';
Psycho-surgical implantations during induced trance-like unconcsiousness, in the home;
Brainwashing, schiz 'training', trauma programs, psychological torture programs, subliminals and dream choreographed indoctrinations - a raft of Derren Brown-type techniques;
Physical torture - synthetic 'trigeminal' neuralgia, supposed microwave lasers 'point effects', 'death ray' cardial stops and arrhythmias, long (-hours) simulated hi-stress effects to the heart, myocardial infarction simulations/impositions [neuralgic right temple];
Death threats and threats of violence & injury, many intimidatory tactics;
Imposed medical issues;
Poisonings and likely druggings;
Thefts of- & tainting of foodstuffs;
Home 'break'-ins and thefts and foodstuff adulterations;
Full range of Zersetzung tactics (Stasi/KGB);
Full range of psychological attacks;
Silent sound commands/coersions;
Electrocutions by short circuited appliances and remote static charging of the self;
False medical treatments and tests/falsified results;
Falsified/very heavily skewed police records & actions, intimidatory tactics;
Home systems hacking - boiler, intercoms, security systems, 'phone-ring referencing and silent- & cold callings;
Smoke/fire alarm systems activations;
Tv & radio feeds (literally thousands of "suicide"s & suggestions of the modus);
Edges on razors turned-out to cause cutting;
Ewan Cameron/Alexander Kennedy tactics of traumatising & 'change of loyalties';
Electromagnetic and radiofrequency attacks of a type that 'no-one in their right mind' would believe, very great range of influence techniques, Tim Rifat is absolutely spot-on [neuralgic], but his writings seem to be up to c.2000, so there's much much more.
Rough timeline of 'Monarch' trauma programming;
1) Aug2011-mid2012 - schiz/trauma/fear 'training'; overt eyes- & ears on with a sarcastic running commentary (apophenics & narratives) to absolutely anything & everything - 'distance' Zersetzung;
2) <2012->2012 - "slave" refs; 'contact' Zersetzung - home entered & stalking in the street;
3) c.mid2012-<2013 - schiz max; full spectrum attack, very heavy & 'overt';
4) >2012-c.mid2013 - torture, synthetic trigeminal neuralgia, 180days consecutive, excruciating-to-agonising pain;
5) 15April2013 - murder by suicide (silent sound commanding?); GP Dr. Esednu(sp) NE4 had provided a bucketful of Ibu & Co-prox in response to the pain, with no appointment for tests;
6) Mid2013 - hiatus, moved from N-u-T to D'ton; 'redeployment' & reassessment by the shitehounds; inticement of "£200/wk if you're schiz"; medical matters; parameds at Dr.Piper House were absolutley disgusted with Esednu, bless their cotton socks - the spell begins to break;
7) Mid2013->2013 - Schiz/trauma restart & maintainance attempts; 2x neighbours, No's18&22; contact(?) poisoned, possibly doorbells, 2x's, 'haematuria', very painful, c.20hrs each;
8) >2013-<2014 - 'mush'; I begin to refuse & deny them - the 'program' has lost it's convenience factor;
9) c.>2013-<2014 - reactance sets-in; I learn about 'apophenics', 'pareidolia' & 'ideas of reference' (diagnostic symptoms of schiz); also TIM RIFAT & ELF pulse-modulated microwaves (embarassingly, after the schiz terms, the first scientific 'handle' I got on the synthetic telepathy, 'dream choreography' etc, was from 'Rough Guide to Conspiracies', a single page mentioning microwaves); where I could often see what they were doing & understood that obviously there was a technology for this - not 'malevolent gods', learning a few concepts & terms solidifies firmly my reactance to this torture-murder-for-fuckall scheme; closely followed by a period of very heavy stressing/influencing/anxiety generation by the shitehounds; "He's as hard as a rubber ball";
10) 2014-present, March2016 - many harrassments & death/injury threats; very frequent dream choreography indoctrinational-type 'messageing', very heavy on the "ISIL", "Syria" etc ref'ing, Alexander Kennedy-style 'loyalty changeing' assaults/ influencing tactics; I see it all for what it is - pro-cess, lies, fraud, brainwashing, & very very artificial.

Tues8Mar: Ref to "flushed-out" last night, very consistant with their auto-ego-fellations - it makes 'em look & feel good (N2 narrative?); online, I'd almost literally stood on a mountain top, screaming obscenities at the gods & waving my arms around day-in, day-out, so equating that to "flushed-out"'s a good 'un indeed - creates a picture that's simply soo not true, & I'm long-past being maleable to their bullshit, no matter how much it feels as tho' I'm being heckled by a busload of gobshites at a Tourettes convention. To justify what they've done and are doing, they've set me up as an ISIL recruit - so many refs to this; along this line, 'T' has had alot of ref'ing - 'terrorist'; another old ref from before this all started was 'Bens' 'Bill Tetley'; 'byl' is a Cold War term, meaning 'I was', Tetley's obviou...
Martin Luther King - "Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere."
Albert Camus - "The only way to deal with an unfree world is to become so absolutely free that your very existence is an act of rebellion".
Douglas MacArthur — "Whoever said the pen is mightier than the sword obviously never encountered automatic weapons."
Albert Camus - "Nothing is more despicable than respect based on fear."
Sad to say I chickened-out of including a bit from the original doc above (I was short on time an' it was a reflex-type thing). So here's the bit I missed, which fits-in at the big black "QUACK" in the original. I'd probably like to expand a bit on it seeing as I have this feeling of dropping a faux pas here, but, y'know, it means nowt an' besides - "fuckit"-

"DPF's been hijacked & mirrored and the personalities on there are mimiced; they often say the likes of "1984 is realworld now"; where this used to be a good site, virtually everything now is JFK conspiracy stuff, when they know I'd used to online game as 'dead Kennedy'. Immediately that I posted a "Bio-machine" diagrammatic of the effects radio frequencies have on the body & mind, I'd been msg'ed that "I/You have nothing else to post now", but every week I see more, & figure-out more, and put more 2 & 2's together, so they'd decided to 'mirror' the site and populate it with trolls." [click-click-click]
Martin Luther King - "Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere."
Albert Camus - "The only way to deal with an unfree world is to become so absolutely free that your very existence is an act of rebellion".
Douglas MacArthur — "Whoever said the pen is mightier than the sword obviously never encountered automatic weapons."
Albert Camus - "Nothing is more despicable than respect based on fear."

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