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Was Felipe Vidal Santiago an information conduit to Edwin Walker?
Per Dick Russell's website:

"Exile militant Felipe Vidal Santiago, arrested on a 1964 sabotage mission into Cuba, told his captors that in Washington, DC in December 1962 he met with a lawyer/lobbyist connected to a "Citizen's Committee to Free Cuba." This lawyer informed Vidal Santiago of a conversation he'd had with Republican Henry Cabot Lodge, soon to be US ambassador to South Vietnam, who said he'd heard from Kennedy aide Walt Rostow of "a plan to open a dialogue with Cuba."

"Vidal told us he was very surprised," says Escalante. In fact Vidal, infuriated and betrayed, had alerted his exile cohorts, as well as a CIA contact, Colonel William Bishop. "It was almost like a bomb, an intentional message against Kennedy." Vidal was also an information conduit for General Edwin Walker, the ultra-right Texan paramilitary leader at whom Oswald had allegedly taken a shot in April 1963. And FBI files call Vidal a "very close friend" of Miami mobster John Martino, who intimated to family and associates that he had foreknowledge of the JFK assassination..."

Anyone have information, or an opinion, on the supposed link between Santiago and Walker?

Some people suspect that Santiago is DCM.

This was also the month that Trafficante revealed his "prediction" that JFK was "in trouble" and going to be "hit".
Was Lee Harvey Oswald REALLY Guilty ?
A look into the evidence in the case against Oswald

The JFK Conspiracy Channel on Youtube

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