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Starikov: Banksters Began the Dismantling of the Global Financial System
Starikov: Banksters Began the Dismantling of the Global Financial System

April 26, 2016

Nikolai Starikov

Translated by Kristina Kharlova

Quote:What was the main advantage of the West over all other parts of the world? What are its ideals? Two things freedom and stability. And if freedom is an abstract concept, stability is a very specific thing. The West offered it not in the sense of absence of terrorist attacks (these acts of intimidation occurred for decades), but in the sense of life stability. Its predictability over a long period.

Let's think about what are the attributes of this beautiful stable and DEFINITELY quiet life, which seduced the citizens of the USSR?

House. Car. Bank account. Savings. Pension. Decent life in a peaceful place, with a predictable future, with clear rules.

What is left of this idyll?

Not much. Almost nothing.

Stability very quickly began to disappear against the backdrop of civil war in Ukraine, the influx of hundreds of thousands of undocumented persons (refugees) and the apparent saber-rattling by the US. Which, in fact, represents NATO. But is far from Europe and so feels free to saber-rattle.

Retirement age began a steady and rapid rise and there is no chance that the age limit of work life will stop rising. Pension funds are invested in all sorts of 'securities', all the 'value' of which is extremely doubtful, and rests solely on the 'faith' of investors. And on general stability, which has now become very unstable.

Today, however, I would like to draw your attention to the evidence that the international banksters (the owners of money) began the process of liquidation of global financial system in its current form. As strange as it may sound, but they are those who would seem to be most interested in the stability of global financial system (because for them it is not only a 'product' they produce, but also the means of global conquest and retention of power over it).

Dollar is a dollar even in Africa. This rule STILL holds. Major currencies continue to occupy a leading role. But the dollar is clearly not the same. Remember what you could buy for the same amount of American currency ten years ago, and how much it costs today. Monetary inflation is high. This is the first factor of destruction of stability. But it is least noticeable. There are others that are on the surface. We just have to put the pieces of the puzzle together.

Back to the idealistic image of Western stability. A man works and saves for the entire life. Receives a pension. And lives happily ever after on savings + interest. This scheme no longer works.

NEGATIVE interest rates on deposits are becoming the norm in Western banks. You put in 100 euros, take out 95.

Why did it happen? Because Central Banks lowered the cost of money LITERALLY down to zero and banks are now not interested in attracting depositors' funds. Why pay percent on deposits if the ECB will give money for free? Meanwhile, almost two years earlier the ECB gave money for just 0.05%. But it was not enough and European Central Bank practically embodied the Soviet Communist party program the money became free, a sort of banking communism came true! But if all is fun and well for major banks, it has become very sad for all the European depositors. Interest on deposits became negative. Does the inability to PRESERVE and INCREASE money, to do what used to be called SAVINGS, undermine the stability of the Western world? Of course. If every year your bank deposit will melt by 5% you certainly won't feel confident.

Here it is appropriate to recall that all interest rates are invented by humans, and not nature. Why did the ECB begin to systematically undermine the stability of global finance and confidence of Western people that they live in the best system in the history of mankind?

But that's not all. What happens if against all logic (and what's important, bank interest logic), banks will introduce negative interest everywhere? People will not deposit money in their accounts and will begin to withdraw it. And then banks 'suddenly' decide to create paid banks accounts! For the mass market. That is, they used to pay a percentage to the client, now they will take not only the interest but a 'monthly fee'.

This is a direct incitement for people to simply stop keeping money in the bank EN masse. Now we have moved into cash and the notorious glass jars, where we used to keep our savings. But here we also see that the bankers are destroying this part of stability. The fact is Europe decided... to withdraw banknotes of 500 euros from circulation. That is exactly the tool, where the former depositors dissatisfied by negative percentage would store their money! Against this background the Swiss Central Bank announced the launch of the new 50 franc banknote. It is worth noting that the 'line-up' of Swiss franks includes a very convenient for savings denomination of 1,000 francs (a little more than $1000). That is why it makes up 61% of the total value of money of Swiss National Bank. This banknote will also be changed in the future. Or not changed? There is no clarity. So there is no stability and predictability...

The situation, which did not arise on its own. This situation was consciously manufactured.

It is impossible to save money in banks. To stash them in 'jars' is also problematic. When will the pension come, and what will it be is unclear. There is no interest on money, stock markets are dropping before our eyes, banknotes change and can begin to change at any time (remember Perestroika and Pavlov's reform with the exchange of 50- and 100-Ruble notes!). Stable, very stable instability!

What is a layman supposed to do?


To live in debt.

Not to have savings.

I do not think that there is one person in the world that imagines a stable world in that way.

But since this situation is simulated artificially, we must ask a question. Who needs it? Why did Switzerland abandon banking secrecy, Cyprus destroy the 'cornerstone' of its prosperity, robbing the depositors of Cypriot banks? Why did the 'independent' journalists begin to destroy off-shore secrecy and bring to light the misdeeds of Western politicians in the so-called "Panama scandal"? After all, it destroys the foundations of the global financial world order.

Why did those, who rule the world and determine the development of global finance, begin to destroy it?

We will talk about it in the next article.

The smell of impending war instead of the serenity of the 2000's is in the air.

Starikov: Three Plans of International Banksters

April 26, 2016

Nikolai Starikov

Translated by Kristina Kharlova

Nikolai Viktorovich Starikov, born August 23, 1970, Leningrad) is a Russian writer, historian, analyst, social activist and a founder of Great Fatherland Party and its subsidiary social NGO, Union of Russian Citizens.

Quote:In a previous article "Banksters began the dismantling of the global financial system" we looked at a 'bouquet' of facts that indicate that international banksters have begun the process of dismantling the modern global financial system. And today it is the skeleton of the global economy. If earlier, in the days of Karl Marx, his famous formula read "goods money goods", in today's world it looks like this: "money goods money". And in this formula the "goods" are actually skipped. Money, once invented as a tool to serve trade, first has itself become a commodity, and then from an auxiliary tool transformed into 'the main means of production'. In the end, if earlier, global money was a reflection of global trade, today the global economy is becoming a reflection of the financial looking glass.

And this financial system, most recently demonstrating all the signs of stability, began to be actively dismantled and destabilized. Moreover by its own masters and creators.

Why has Switzerland abandoned the bank secrecy, Cyprus destroyed 'the cornerstone' of its prosperity, robbing the depositors of Cypriot banks?

Why did the 'independent journalists' begin to destroy the offshore secrecy and bring to light the misdeeds of Western politicians in the so-called "Panama scandal"? After all, all of this destroys the foundations of the financial world order.

Why are those who rule the world and determine the development of global finance, beginning to destroy it?

Let's find out.

Every architect knows that his building has a breaking point. And if anyone knows this point best, it's its creator. Therefore we should not be surprised that the creators and actual beneficiaries of the current global financial system began to dismantle it brick by brick. Dismantling, without waiting for it to collapse. The dismantling of global financial system is in full swing, signs of which in the form of negative interest on loans and bank deposits have already begun to manifest.

Today's global economy, the foundation of which is the creation of money by "developed countries" from thin air without backing of anything except the needs of the budget, is inefficient and is bursting at the seams. And international banksters are most aware of this. Therefore, under the smiles of liberal economists that "all is well", they are preparing for a new stage of global evolution. Let us try to understand what stage.

1. The main postulate, which the West upholds - is inequality. Inequality at different levels: among its people, where the old nobility is still nobility, and new "upstarts" may have money but not power. (The most prominent institute of inequality within a nation the House of Lords in the UK. This is a house of parliament, appointed by a "pedigree" and where the seat is passed down from father to son). Inequality between nations allows the opportunity to take from the standard of living of some and give it to others.

2. The system, nurtured by the West for many centuries, is built on plunder. Without it it cannot exist. First, slaves in antiquity, then black slaves, Irish and Indians. Without the slaves and plunder the 'great economy' begins to stall and choke. Even in today's economic model the abundance of goods in Western 'temples of consumption' would be significantly more expensive without Chinese and Asian goods, made by people who by Western standards receive a mere pittance.

3. There is no one left to plunder any more. Russia and China, and many other countries following in their footsteps refuse to give up so much of their wealth as the West needs to feed and water the Golden billion at the highest standard. And without plunder and life support the system can not survive. So the international bankers are beginning to prepare for the change in the global economic paradigm.

4. I described the essence of the changes that they implement in my book "Chaos and Revolutions - the Weapon of the Dollar": "All inhabitants of the planet can expect to abandon the high standard of living, tolerance, human rights and other 'inventions' that helped the US in the fight against the Soviet Union".

5. International banksters have three scenarios of escaping the deadlock.

First - world war, which will engulf the creditors, and the debtors will become even poorer. The complete destruction of most of the global industry and infrastructure, the death of a huge number of people will give the opportunity to re-launch the debt-credit press and start rebuilding, controlling the world through military force.

The second scenario plunging almost all global regions, except for some 'allies,' into chaos. In the end darkness and middle ages in most parts of the planet, destruction of industry and infrastructure not through a global war, but through a series of 'Cyprus-Donbass' schemes. In the end, again, the power remains in the hands of those same banksters.

The third scenario is the dismantling of consumer society in its current form, a sharp decline in Western consumption level, suspension of 'human rights' and transition to a new form of liberal totalitarianism. This scenario is the least desirable for the banksters and bears the greatest upheaval for Western society, which in this case would ITSELF endure a serious disaster. Which would justify a crackdown, reduced consumption and transition to a new 'bright world'.

6. To explain in a nutshell the meaning of the ways out of the impasse where the global banksters have very quickly lead all of humanity, it is necessary to say the following. Since they failed to launch a world war or chaos on the universal scale, they have to prepare for the artificial cataclysm in their own diocese. To dramatically cut back on freedoms, and as a consequence - the rations.

7. This point is so interesting that we must focus on it. A hundred or two hundred years ago, political struggle was over the distribution of public goods, because it is what gave freedom. The freedom of an industrialist and a nobleman was completely different from that of the proletarian, precisely because it had no effect on the distribution of public goods. Today, when the 'ration' of the Western people must be reduced, it is launched with an attack on rights and freedoms that is, in reverse order. It is obvious that after terrorist attacks and refugees, manufactured at the hands of Western powers (read: international banksters!), freedoms of European and American citizens have been severely curtailed. But this is only the beginning.

8. I would like to note that Europe is the kitchen for the future economic cataclysm. Zero credit rates have already led and will lead to tremendous growth in demand for real estate in the first place and everything else - second. And further everything will be as usual in the staging of the crisis. The bubble will be inflated, loans will be given out left and right, and then the shop will be abruptly folded, as it was done in 2011 in the United States. Remember, how one alleged defaulter on subprime mortgage had triggered the collapse in global markets? In Europe there will be no interest on loans at all, and in Denmark the banks are already paying those who took out a mortgage! This will end in a crisis of global proportions. It's obvious. What is the reason - is a rhetorical question, we already answered it.

9. To summarize. The world has entered a period of instability in all spheres. Or rather it has been pushed there. With rare exceptions it will be bad everywhere. Depending on the implementation of the three scenarios in different degree, in different order and at different times. One thing is for sure the consumption society has expired and will be dismantled in any case. During the crash of the current system everyone will have other concerns besides restoring the standard of living. If banksters win, and this victory must be total and universal, their need for facade will disappear. What's the need for 'human rights', 'high standard of living' and other nonsense, if they can now do anything they want and no one on the entire planet would not dare to utter a word?

10. And finally what can Russia do? The answer is simple get stronger . In all areas. And get sucked into war. We must remember if they cannot manufacture war or chaos, they will begin to crumble themselves. And this process is inevitable. And their collapse and weakening is our window of opportunity. They can only be saved by TREACHERY and STUPIDITY. If there will be neither in the Russian leadership our chances of winning in the long (and relatively peaceful!) confrontation will be very high.

It's just the beginning...
"There are three sorts of conspiracy: by the people who complain, by the people who write, by the people who take action. There is nothing to fear from the first group, the two others are more dangerous; but the police have to be part of all three,"

Joseph Fouche
The Anglo-Saxon Corporation is Shifting Gears

April 28, 2016

Yuri Gorodnenko talks about the new twist in the policy of Washington and London

Translated by Kristina Kharlova

Quote:Anglo-Saxon Corporation, which controls major international financial flows, is lately changing the rhetoric. After attempts to break the Russian economy "in tatters" it is making the first steps to engage in dialogue. Notably on the eve of the May G7 summit in Japan it expressed interest in adding the eighth member.

It is hard to believe that a couple of years ago, at the peak of the Ukrainian and Middle East crises, transcontinental groups wanted to destroy their rivals with one blow the Russian Federation, the European Union, the Arab world. Starting a war in Syria, drowning it in blood, moved to Ukraine, where they staged a bloody coup and created a conflict, and now began to destabilize Europe.

And all for the sake of the interests of several clans whose main assets are miraculously concentrated on one small island - in the UK, the City of London where 117 of the 500 largest corporations in the world are based. Headed by the heir to the throne, Prince Charles, "Island club" includes 4000 oligarchs that control the finance of the countries of the so-called Commonwealth of Nations. The organization, whose official head is Queen Elizabeth II, is the largest association in the world 24% of earth's land area, 30% of the world population.

Today this whole pack has to shift its policy.

If we turn to history, this is exactly what happened in the first half of the 1970s. Then, after a tough confrontation with the Soviet Union, the West was also forced to change its line, and declared a policy of 'softening'.

As now and then the cause was not a good will on the part of Western elites, but contradictions within the Anglo-Saxon Corporation.

Then it was caused by the need to resolve issues among the European elites. Several European countries, partially maintaining their independence, expressed a desire for their interests to be taken into account. First, French President Charles de Gaulle, later joined by German Chancellor Willy Brandt, then head of Switzerland Rudolf Gnagi were in favor of limiting the dominance of the dollar. Later another source of tension appeared Saudi king Faisal struck the interests of the UK and the USA, restricting the supply of oil at international markets and inflating energy prices.

Today, the shift in Anglo-Saxon policy stems from new challenges. China looms on the horizon. Beijing and, to a degree, Delhi are becoming the main competitors of London and Washington. After all, India and China are not only about modern technology and giant GDP. They are two of the largest (by population) markets according to UN forecasts, by 2100 they will account for 6.6 billion inhabitants of 11.2 billion around the world.

In the 1970-ies the struggle with competitors led to the United States officially abandoning the gold standard. Some reluctant leaders were forced to prematurely leave their positions, retire from politics (de Gaulle, Brandt), and some have passed to another world. Saudi king Faisal was mysteriously murdered according to an investigation conducted by Egyptian journalist and one of the associates of Gamal Abdel Nasser Mohamed Heykalom, it was not without the hands of British and American intelligence agencies.

Switzerland held out the longest, but it was forced to surrender. The last stage of surrender was the agreement of Swiss authorities to reveal Bank secrecy for foreign clients, under pressure from the US and the UK gradually implemented in Swiss law from 2008-2009. The result was access to information on the accounts of almost all global financial-industrial groups.

History repeats itself. Using the methods of economic repression against the EU, pitting the Middle East and manipulating energy prices, Anglo-Saxon clans again, as during the policy of 'softening', are hoping to flirt with us. Using a pause, the Anglo-Saxon corporation has to again bend and tie allies in a knot and press their 'partners' in a fist.

And prepare for operations in a new Asian theater of military action.

Future wars are planned in Asia (and partly in Africa, primarily in Ethiopia, Nigeria, Democratic Republic of the Congo, which by the end of the century will be among the five most populated countries). And then they will inevitably turn their attention to Russia.

And if today there is a 'pause', this should not deceive us. The corporation is just readjusting its guns for artillery barrage.
"There are three sorts of conspiracy: by the people who complain, by the people who write, by the people who take action. There is nothing to fear from the first group, the two others are more dangerous; but the police have to be part of all three,"

Joseph Fouche

Mihail Hazin: If Clinton wins, the financing of Eastern European states will be totally cut off.

Appeared at Epicenter, translated by Valentina Tzoneva exclusively for SouthFront

Quote:Mihail Hazin is a popular Russian economist, statistician, consultant and a publicist. He is the founder of the site where he publishes analysis and observations on the future of the global and Russian economy. In 2003, as a co-author he wrote the book: The decline of the empire of the dollar and the end of Pax Americana'. He is leading the programme Economy' of radio Moscow Speaks'. In an interview for the site "Anti-fascist", Veshin shares his view on development and the economy after the presidential elections in the USA in November.

Many experts believe that the coming elections in the United States will radically change the geopolitical map of the world. Who should win this election?

I think that Donald Trump will win. God forbid the winning of Hillary Clinton. She is capable of making Europe the same as what she created in the Arabic East as secretary of state. The point is that since 2011, there is a serious division among the global elites. Officially, it started with the Straus-Khan case, who at that time, was the head of the IMF.

Actually, the reason is in the transnational banks, which controlled the world's financial system, which crashed with the impossibility of maintaining the existing model that previously worked like clockwork, suppressing sharp conflicts and providing a lion's share to everyone close to the elite.

And why did it happen? What are the reasons?

Purely economic. The system of the transnational bank was founded in 1944. Until then, in the USA there was a ban on banks to have foreign branches. Since 1944, they were allowed to have structures in foreign countries and the reason was very simple in the frame of the Bretton-Wood agreements, the territories where the dollar was a major currency had to be extended.

As a result, the dollar's emissions expanded and the banks acquired a new function: to distribute the printed dollars. Until the beginning of the 70s, the banks existed on the back of the extension of the territory of the dollar. But the expansion became exhausted. The popular inflation crisis of the 70s of the 20th century began, and it was contained by the Reagaonomy' founded on the stimulation of a private search for the dollar's emissions.

Financial bubbles emerged and they started to burst; for the first time in 1987 and after that in the 90s. The exit from the second crisis can be found in the "inheritance" of the collapsed Soviet Union. But the crisis returned in 2000 and then in 2007-2008. And the acting market model exhausted the limits for an extension. There was only one lever left printing money. This continued until 2014 when the problems rose up to full height.

In 2012, Obama won the presidential elections for the second time. In the beginning of 2013, he kicked out from his administration all the representatives of the international financial elite (Goldman Sacks, JP Morgan Chase) and during 2014, he stopped the emission of dollar. This means that maintaining the worlds' economy with emissions of dollars will not be possible any more. And a serious world crisis will start. The banks which were used to constant financial injections of free dollars will have to gradually bankrupt. Respectively, they start searching for an exit from the situation.

To liquidate their debts (and those of their beneficiaries) and to save themselves, first of all, they need force majeure conditions, the ideal of which is a war. Second, the banks need money or liquidity. They temporarily resolved this problem on account of deposits: they pumped out of Russia 200 billion and ordered Nabibulina to undergo deflation, and from China about 1 000 billion dollars.

Their next move was the unveiling of the British offshore' by the Panama Scandal' this makes up for another 2-3 trillion. I believe that this is the main reason for Brexit to happen. But all these measures remain temporary. The banks need a restoration of the emissions and for that reason they desparately need one of their own in the White House. This person would be Hillary Clinton.

And why should this person not be Donald Trump? He is more likely to win the elections.

Hillary Clinton represents the financial elite. Trump is from the other camp. He will try to save the American economy even if it includes the destruction of the world's financial system based on the dollar. There are certain forces from the CIA behind Hillary, but the American bureaucracy as a whole, rather supports Trump. Otherwise, he would not have managed to get through as a candidate.

In 2014, the Republicans unexpectedly achieved a landslide victory in the interim elections. This was an indication that the two described scenarios: we save the banks and we save the economy of the USA are in motion; basically, the people began to realise bits and pieces, but not the whole picture. I believe that considering the accumulated experience during 2014, the winning leans on Trump.

But if Clinton wins, the global economy awaits a high inflation "a la 70s" and a considerable decline of the standard of living of the population. In this situation, the financial support for Eastern European countries will stop completely, which rely on donations. The Baltic states, Greece and Ukraine will find themselves at the edge of financial collapse. In the Baltic states, for example, the donations from the European Union comprise a quarter of the income in their budget. In principle, the countries from Eastern Europe could manufacture some products, but the focus remains in the fact that the income from this manufacturing will not stay with them. They will have to work for their survival.

Although there are some unique products: the Hungarians wine, Ukraine- agricultural land, when they are brought to the situation where they have to sell their land, it will be purchased by transnational companies and after that, the Ukrainians will have to work as slaves for their survival. This is the major scheme led by Hillary Clinton.

In any case, why do you think that Trump will win the presidential elections?

The American voters, of course, do not see the two scenarios in their pure form. But they can feel that "saving the banks" relates to the Democrats and "saving the American economy" is connected with the Republicans. Ordinary Americans will never vote for the bankers. So it is logical for the Republicans to win. Of course, in the primaries, the picture was not black and white. For the bankers from the Republicans were Bush and Rubio, while for the isolationists was Sanders from the Democrats. But today everything is clear. The battle is on between the two biggest elite groups for the most important resource control over the printing machine and the Federal Reserve.

But how will the people of the USA understand that Trump will better protect their interests?

We will help them the honest people from all over the world. Trump has realised that the bad leadership of Obama and Clinton led the world to a dangerous border and made this thought key in his campaign. He sent a clear signal to the financists: "Guys, you had the opportunity to rule because you gave the world an opportunity for economic growth. But you capabilities are exhausted. Get out of here." And the financists say: "We shall never give you the power to rule." This is the whole collision. The group which is not capable of providing economic growth in the world wants to continue ruling.

If Trump wins, will he change his attitude to Russia?

Trump suggests quitting the financing of losing projects, including political ones. He could go to a regional level for a partial exchange of the dollar with local currencies, and the world can collapse to a few regional currency zones. By the way, this is not a new idea and it was described in detail in the little book The decline of the dollar and the end of pax-Americana' some 15 years ago.

This is the logic of Trump: there must be order in the world. If Hillary needs chaos in the frame of which she will give money printed by the FRT "for the correct behavior", then Trump sees a different picture. There will be several regional leaders with whom he negotiates and together they will determine the regional currency zones. Afterwards, each leader will take responsibility for the order in his zone. A prototype of the ruble zone, for example, is the Customs Union or now, the Eurasia Economic Union. Trump and Putin will decide where the border between Berlin and Moscow will be.

Are you hinting that there will be a map on the negotiating table again like in the negotiations in Yalta between Stalin, Churchill and Roosevelt?

I am not hinting, that's how it will be. They will spread a big map and draw a red line from top to bottom. The countries from Eastern Europe, Greece, Turkey, Middle Asia, Japan, Korea and Vietnam could enter the Eurasia zone. In it, Russia will be the key player as Japan, Korea and Turkey are export countries and they will need markets. They will not have markets other than those in Central Eurasia. The European Union will be closed for all parasites.

But such a scenario does not suit Great Britain.

And who will ask Great Britain after Brexit? And why, after all, was Brexit possible? The main source of income for London is the financial centre. After the British realised that the transnational banks in the offshore zones would be unveiled, it became clear that London will not be a financial centre any more. They realised that the only way to survive in the given financial situation, is by giving themselves a zone. This must be a piece that no one needs. Everything that is worth something is lost already. And which piece of the world isn't needed by anyone? This is the Arab, Islamic world.

This is the reason why London, for now, is pushing away from the Arab zone those countries which could be its potential competitors. That's why the English are now pushing Turkey into the Eurasian part.

So according to you, the future president of the USA and the current president of Russia, Putin, will repeat the Yalta of Stalin, Churchill and Roosevelt?

There is no other way; unless a thermo-nuclear war in case Clinton wins. But rather, matters will take a different scenario. Of course, it won't be so simplified. A new economic model will be created, which will be similar to the model of industrialisation of the 30s in contrast to the emission ruble resources. In this zone, the number of people will be about 500 million. This is enough to make the zone self-sufficient production for broad consumption in Turkey, electronics in Japan and Korea, airplanes and helicopters in Russia. An international division of labour.

In other words, today with the war in Syria, Russia is securing the right to participate in the making of the new geopolitical map of the world.

Absolutely correct. The main confirmation of our influence in the world is the radical change in the politics of Erdogan. He started negotiations for acceptance in the Russian sphere of influence. In practice, the USA lost in Syria. Turkey is already closing the border with Syria and has stopped the supply of weapons. If the Turks go to the end, then Aleppo will be back in Assad's control. Erdogan is not a trustworthy ally, but he is not a fool either. For the duration of his career, he made alliances with only one goal: to provide external markets for Turkey. He works only for the Turkish interest. Of course, he realized that he won't be allowed in the EU. His Ottoman Empire was blocked. What's left for him? A Eurasian union led by Russia.

When the financists realised that Erdogan has made a strategic decision, an attempt for a coup was made. And it almost succeeded. But those behind the curtains, did not account for the fact that most of the population and the army of Turkey support Erdogan. For them, their future is with him. No one wants to return to the 70s of the 20th century when the industry of Bulgaria was greater than the one of Turkey.
"There are three sorts of conspiracy: by the people who complain, by the people who write, by the people who take action. There is nothing to fear from the first group, the two others are more dangerous; but the police have to be part of all three,"

Joseph Fouche

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