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New 9/11 documentary "15 Septembers Later" (History Channel) worth a look
I was quite surprised by this documentary, figuring it would be a rehash of 9/11 Commission findings, but it actually contained some stunning (new to me) assertions. Here's a few from my notes:

Guiliani claims that he was in "his" WTC 7 Emergency Operations Center when the second plane struck...? (However, despite being "covered in smoke and debris" inside the EOC, and ordering himself and all his staff to "evacuate through the falling ash and dust", not a single grain of dust is visible on his expensive suit as he strides through the streets of New York with his staff (and, conveniently, a TV crew), broadcasting calming instructions to its inhabitants. Of course he also claims that he watched a man jump from the North Tower on his way in to the EOC?)

Guiliani (a guy who "wants his commissioners at arms length") orders the police commissioner to set up a command post with hard telephone lines two blocks from the South Tower (while the Mayor's EOC in WTC7 is available)...and this command post is thereafter pummelled with debris from the second plane strike, and the police commissioner has to flee for his life...?

The roof access doors on both WTC towers, used to helicopter-rescue people in the '93 attack, were chained and locked on 9/11...? And there were helicopters capable of effecting roof rescues at the scene, but no one came out...?

Some of the WTC steel might have been made available to your city or town for a memorial, (so there's no need to go to China (or the bottom of the ocean) to test the steel for nano-thermite)...?

Cheney and Bush both claim they had issued orders to shoot down any plane that wasn't responding to orders. (Of course those orders were, apparently, ignored.) But it gets even weirder: A fighter pilot in his fighter responded back toward Flight 93 and, after travelling at Mach 1 to arrive, did not fire, but merely watched F93 hit the ground. Apparently this pilot ignored orders to shoot as well, and headed back to base after spotting F93, as he was "low on fuel"...? Apparently this guy also reported the crash site (but then why was the mysterious "white private jet" (by then all aircraft had been ordered to land...) diverted to look for the crashed plane?)

Two other fighter pilots were scrambled, without missiles, to intercept F93 with the intent to ram it. Only 1 pilot is interviewed in the show. However, F93 had "crashed before they arrived." (I get it that the missiles have to be assembled and mounted, but don't our multi-million dollar fighter jets come standard with machine guns?)

The 28 page report on Saudi involvement with the hijackers has been declassified, but there are 80,000 pages of reports concerning the activities of the alleged hijackers' activities in the US, compiled by the FBI, sitting on some federal judge's desk in Florida, that have not been declassified and may never be...?

Democratic Senator Bob Graham (Fla) says, (paraphrasing) "there is no way that these 19 uneducated Saudi guys could have carried off such a sophisticated plot."
"All that is necessary for tyranny to succeed is for good men to do nothing." (unknown)

James Tracy: "There is sometimes an undue amount of paranoia among some conspiracy researchers that can contribute to flawed observations and analysis."

Gary Cornwell (Dept. Chief Counsel HSCA): "A fact merely marks the point at which we have agreed to let investigation cease."

Alan Ford: "Just because you believe it, that doesn't make it so."
Sounds like a bunch of stuff designed to spin and misdirect things a bit further. I could be wrong. Everyone here is probably already familiar with it, but Chossudovsky's comments about the Saudi/28 pages/Porter Goss revelations seem on target.

Meanwhile Lee Hamilton is pushing the argument that we should all be a bit wary of social media and online discourse. (Link below). Hamilton of course a few years back was spending his time going from school to school to give deep meaningful chats to the youngsters about the real meaning and import of 9/11.

I wish I'd kept the video link from several years ago where Hamilton was filmed giving a chat onstage at some town hall meet-the-Commissioner event. A friendly young lady stood up during the question time and (quoting a recent Peter Dale Scott article that I'd also read) began asking Hamilton how he felt being called 'the king of cover ups'. To the laughter of the crowd, Hamilton turned and immediately walked off stage, ending the event. What a scumbag.

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