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Brexit, the Continuing Disintegration of the EU and the UK Realignment to China & Russia

Bratislava - the petty summit

by Thierry Meyssan
The 27 States who want to remain in the European Union met in Bratislava (Slovakia) for a separate summit which means without the United Kingdom. They were there to think about their common project, but did little more than rehash the same old songs. The world is changing. The United Kingdom is adapting. The European Union is stagnating.

[Image: 1_-_1-450-dc553.jpg]© European unionThree months after the decision by the British electorate to leave the European Union, the heads of state and government with the exception of the British Prime Minister - met in Bratislava to give new life to the EU.We were hoping for some serious reflection on the reasons that led to the Brexit and what was necessary for the Union. This was not the case. The 27 settled for saying things that could accelerate the dissolution of the EU, while discussing terrorism without understanding that the danger is within, while Germany and France once again raised the project for a common European army, and while Jean-Claude Juncker spoke in defence of the interests of the Luxembourg bankers.During Brexit, we explained that Buckingham Palace and an influential part of the British ruling class wanted to distance itself from Washington, and to move closer, economically, to China, and militarily, to Russia [1]. However, Downing Street played none of these cards, and kept its intentions secret until the opening of the negotiations for its exit from the Union.And yet, in international politics, London made two important moves. First of all the report of the Chilcot commission concerning the war on Iraq, and secondly that of the House of Commons concerning the war on Libya. The first, drawn up in 2009-10, had been sleeping in a drawer for years. The second was launched during the summer. Both of them criticised Downing Street's alignement with the White House, both under the Labour leader, Tony Blair, and the Conservative leader, David Cameron. In a very British style, the authors noted the stupidity of these wars, and revealed the lies that had been used to justify them. But not a word on the secret agreements between London and Washington, nor on the role of MI6 in the fabrication of these lies. What is secret must remain so. In any case, these reports put an end to the current version of the «special relationship» between the UK and the USA.The heads of state and goverment of the European Union had not read these reports, and therefore had not asked themselves what London might be preparing. Some of them even confirmed that the British would not leave the EU if they were met with determined opposition during the Brexit negotiations.All of them warned Angela Merkel about the organisation of a second wave of migrants, and re-affirmed their will to implement the measures that have already been set up to prevent it. In any event, no-one asked the question whether the first wave of migrants would be enough to solve Germany's demographic problem, or if Berlin felt obliged to play a second set, as it had announced.In truth, the threats of the 26 against Germany will not be materialised if Germany reiterates the operation. The Luxembourg Prime Minister in other words, Jean-Claude Junker's replacement at this post proposed the exclusion of Hungary, which has refused to admit its part of the refugees. No doubt a method for preventing the dissolution of the Union.Three projects were envisaged [2] :[Image: puce-cebf5.gif] First of all, concerning the fight against terrorism, to make sure to avoid allowing unvetted migrants to enter Europe. This is obviously necessary, but in no way solves the problem, since the majority of terrorists are European. The Union still does not have an opinion either on mass terrorism, as observed in the «Greater Middle East», nor on the few terrorist actions which have touched them directly. No-one has read the strategic plans of Daesh, such as The Management of Barbarism, and have consequently failed to observe that the current method of fighting terrorism is exactly what the terrorists want the Union to apply.[Image: puce-cebf5.gif] Secondly, the project for a common European army will be discussed at the summit in December. It resembles the project of the European Defence Community (EDC) which was intended to unite France, West Germany and Benelux during the 1950's. At that time in other words, in the context of the Korean war - Paris opposed the rearmament of West Germany, but was favourable to the integration of a West German army into a common army. The project never saw the light of day, because it was rejected in Paris by an alliance of Gaullists and Communists. Today, the German army has reformed, and is deployed in certain «peace-keeping operations», without opposition from Paris. In the current context, that of the wars in Syria and the Donbass, the European Union pretends to believe that there is a threat of Russian invasion. Eighteen months ago, the EU set up the East StratCom Task, which is a discreet office of anti-Russian propaganda which feeds thousands of journalists with its «information». Just as in 1954, it is clear that this project is a US craze intended to drag the Europeans into the next round of wars, and it is no surprise that this time, the post-Brexit United Kingdom is against it.[Image: puce-cebf5.gif] Finally, the European Fund for Strategic Investments should be developed in 2017. This fund is known as the «Juncker plan». In reality, it is an old project of the European Investment Bank (EIB), an institution which is also based in the tax haven of Luxembourg. The Fund has done nothing more than expand the power of the EIB and its bureaucracy. It has boosted investments in Europe only marginally, and paradoxically, has also increased its imbalance for example, it did almost nothing for Greece, the country which needed it most, but this is of no interest to the bankers, who see this country as a debtor.In the end, the Brastivala summit demonstrated the will of the 27 to change nothing in the Union. According to them, everything can keep going the way it has been, so long as Germany doesn't let in more immigrants. Consequently, we can keep «fighting terrorism» while we watch it develop, prepare ourselves to join with the United States in their next war, and let our bankers make the decisions concerning our investments.


This article preceded by:


The Brexit reshuffles world geopolitics

by Thierry Meyssan
While the world Press is searching for ways to re-start the reconstruction of Europe, still without Russia and now without the United Kingdom, Thierry Meyssan considers that nothing can now prevent the collapse of the system. However, he points out, what is at stake is not the European Union itself, but the institutions which enable the domination of the world by the United States, and the integrity of the United States themselves.

[Image: 192496-7-34ff6.jpg]Favourable to the Brexit, Queen Elizabeth is now able to reorient her country towards the yuan. No-one seems to comprehend the consequences of the British decision to leave the European Union. Those commentators who interpret party politics, and who forfeited their understanding of international challenges a long time ago, have been concentrating on the elements of an absurd campaign on one side, the adversaries of uncontrolled immigration, and on the other, the «bogeymen» who have been threatening the United Kingdom with the direst of torments.But the stakes of this decision have nothing to do with these themes. The discrepancy between reality and the discourse of the political media illustrates the disease from which the Western elite is really suffering their incompetence.While the veil is being ripped apart before our eyes, our elites do not understand the situation any better than the Communist Party of Soviet Russia could see the consequences of the fall of the Berlin Wall in November 1989 the dissolution of the USSR in December 1991, then the Council for Mutual Economic Assistance (Comecon) and the Warsaw Pact six months later, followed by the attempts to dismantle Russia itself, in which it almost lost Chechnya.In identical fashion, we will soon be witnessing the dissolution of the European Union, then NATO, and unless they pay close attention, the dismantling of the United States.

What interests are behind the Brexit?

Contrary to the boastful claims of Nigel Farage, UKIP was not the originator of the referendum it has just won. The decision was imposed on David Cameron by the members of the Conservative Party.For them, London's policy must be a pragmatic adaptation to the evolution of the world. This «nation of shop-keepers», as Napoleon qualified it, observes that the United States are no longer either the world's prime economy or its major military power. There is therefore no further reason to hang on as their privileged partner.Just as Margaret Thatcher never hesitated to destroy British industry in order to transform her country into an international financial centre, in the same way the Conservatives did not hesitate to open the door for the independence of Scotland and Northern Ireland - and thus the loss of North Sea oil - in order to transform the City into the primary off shore financial centre for the yuan.The Brexit campaign was largely supported by the Gentry and Buckingham Palace, who mobilised the popular Press to call for a return to independence.Contrary to the interpretations published in the European Press, the departure of the British from the EU will not happen slowly, because the EU will collapse faster than the time necessary for the bureaucratic negotiations concerning their withdrawal. The Comecon states did not have to negociate their exit, because the Comecon had ceased to function as soon as the centrifugal movement began. The member states of the EU who hang on, desperately trying to save whatever remains of the Union, will fail in their adaptation to this new distribution, and run the risk of experiencing the painful convulsions of the first few years of the new Russia a vertiginous drop in the standard of living and life expectancy.There is an urgent need to reform the institutions in order to save the hundred thousand civil servants, elected officials and European collaborators who will inevitably lose their jobs, and the national elites who are also tributary to the system. All of them wrongly believe that the Brexit has opened a breach into which the Euro-sceptics will plunge. But the Brexit is only a response to the decline of the United States.The Pentagon, which is currently preparing the NATO summit in Warsaw, has not yet understood that it is no longer in a position to browbeat its allies into increasing their Defence budget and backing up their military adventures. Washington's domination of the world is over.We are moving into a new era.

What is going to change?

The fall of the Soviet bloc was first of all the death of a certain vision of the world. The Soviets and their allies wanted to build a united society in which as many things as possible were to be considered common property. They succeeded in creating a Titanic bureaucracy and a grim bouquet of comatose leaders.The Berlin Wall was not destroyed by anti-communists, but by a coalition of the Communist Youth and the Lutheran Churches. Their intention was to refound the Communist ideal, but liberated from the Soviet yoke, the political police and the bureaucracy. They were betrayed by their elites, who, after having long served the interests of the Soviets, did an eager about-face and rushed to serve the interests of the United States. The most passionate of Brexit voters are attempting to regain their national sovereignty, and make the leaders of Western Europe pay for the arrogance they showed in imposing the Treaty of Lisbon after the popular rejection of the European Constitution (2004-07). They too may be disappointed by what comes next.The Brexit marks the end of the ideological domination of the United States, that of the dime-store democracy celebrated as the «Four Freedoms». In his address on the State of the Union in 1941, President Roosevelt defined them as (1) Freedom of Speech and expression, (2) the Freedom of all people to honour their God in the way they choose, (3) Freedom from need, (4) Freedom from Fear [of foreign aggression]. If the English are going to return to their traditions, continental Europeans are going to revisit the questions posed by the French and Russian revolutions concerning the legitimacy of power, and shake up their institutions at the risk of sparking a new Franco-German conflict.The Brexit also marks the end of the military-economic domination of the US, since NATO and the EU are simply the two sides of a single coin - even if the construction of their Foreign Policy and Common Security took longer to implement than that of free exchange. Recently, I was writing a note on this policy in terms of the situation in Syria. I examined all the internal documents of the EU, both public and unpublished, and arrived at the conclusion that they had been written without any knowledge of the reality on the ground, but from notes taken by the German Minister for Foreign Affairs, who was himself reproducing the instructions of the US State Department. A few years earlier, I had to do the same job for another state, and had arrived at a similar conclusion (except that in this other case, the intermediary was not the German, but the French government).

First consequences within the EU

Currently, the French trade unions are rejecting the project for a law on Labour which has been drawn up by the Valls government on the basis of a report by the European Union, which itself was inspired by instructions from the US State Department. While the mobilisation of the CGT (General Confederation of Labour) has enabled the French people to discover the role of the EU in this affair, they still have not grasped the EU-USA connection. They have understood that by inverting the standards and placing company agreements above branch agreements, the government was in fact questioning the preeminence of the Law over the contract - but they do not know about the strategy of Joseph Korbel and his two children, his natural daughter, the Democrat Madeleine Albright, and his adopted daughter, the Republican Condoleezza Rice. Professor Korbel assured that in order to dominate the world, all Washington needed to do was impose a re-writing of international relations in Anglo-Saxon legal terms. Indeed, by placing the contract above the Law, Anglo-Saxon legalese privileges, in the long term, the rich and powerful over the poor and needy.It is probable that the French, the Dutch, the Danes and others will try to detach themselves from the EU. For that, they will have to confront their ruling class. Though the duration of this combat is unforseeable, its issue leaves no doubt. In any case, in the period of upheaval which is coming, the French workers will be difficult to handle, unlike their English counterparts, who are currently disorganised.

First consequences for the United Kingdom

Prime Minister David Cameron played the summer holiday card in order to postpone his resignation until October. His successor, probably Boris Johnson, therefore has the time to prepare the change which can be implemented as soon as he arrives at Downing Street. The United Kingdom will not wait for its definitive exit from the EU to develop its own policy to begin with, dissociating itself from the sanctions levied against Russia and Syria.Contrary to what the European Press claims, the City of London is not directly concerned by the Brexit. Because of its particular status as an independent state placed under the authority of the Crown, it has never been part of the European Union. Of course, it will no longer be able to shelter the head offices of certain companies which will retreat back into the Union, but on the contrary, it will be able to use the sovereignty of London to develop the yuan market. Already in April, it obtained the necessary privileges by signing an agreement with the Central Bank of China. Besides which, it may develop its activities as a fiscal paradise for Europeans.While the Brexit will temporarily disorganise the British economy while it waits for a new set of rules, it is probable that the United Kingdom or at least England will reorganise rapidly for its own greater profit. We'll have to wait and see if the creators of this earthquake will have the wisdom to share its rewards with their people. The Brexit is a return to national sovereignty, but it does not guarantee popular sovereignty.The international landscape may evolve in many different ways according to the coming reactions. But even if things turn out badly for some people, it's always better to adhere to reality, as the British have done, rather than clinging to a dream until it shatters.

The shadow is a moral problem that challenges the whole ego-personality, for no one can become conscious of the shadow without considerable moral effort. To become conscious of it involves recognizing the dark aspects of the personality as present and real. This act is the essential condition for any kind of self-knowledge.
Carl Jung - Aion (1951). CW 9, Part II: P.14
I think that the Brexit is the perfect example of the power of the vote. There are usually entrenched financial and ideological interests on either side of any serious issue facing a nation. After a vote, there are winners and losers. In this case, Britain votes to leave the EU. Will Scotland now vote to leave Britain? Whether they do or don't, such a question is now in the collective hands of the Scots. Which, in my opinion, is exactly the correct place. The alternative to voting, not voting, seems a far more sure way to ensure that entrenched interests continue whatever their respective agendas dictate.

I feel confident that newly elected members of legislatures, even such an august body as the Russian Duma, would agree with me.
"All that is necessary for tyranny to succeed is for good men to do nothing." (unknown)

James Tracy: "There is sometimes an undue amount of paranoia among some conspiracy researchers that can contribute to flawed observations and analysis."

Gary Cornwell (Dept. Chief Counsel HSCA): "A fact merely marks the point at which we have agreed to let investigation cease."

Alan Ford: "Just because you believe it, that doesn't make it so."
Drew Phipps Wrote:I think that the Brexit is the perfect example of the power of the vote. There are usually entrenched financial and ideological interests on either side of any serious issue facing a nation. After a vote, there are winners and losers. In this case, Britain votes to leave the EU. Will Scotland now vote to leave Britain? Whether they do or don't, such a question is now in the collective hands of the Scots. Which, in my opinion, is exactly the correct place. The alternative to voting, not voting, seems a far more sure way to ensure that entrenched interests continue whatever their respective agendas dictate.

I feel confident that newly elected members of legislatures, even such an august body as the Russian Duma, would agree with me.

Yes, it has brought up some interesting things. The EU Republic of Ireland has offered to give citizenship recognition to the North which is stuck with the UK but voted to leave. Unification with the northern counties has always been the intention for the Republic. This will at least will give the residents of Northern Ireland access to the EU which is what they want but it will also create other problems for the UK as a union of its own. Same with the potential second Scottish vote for independence.
"The philosophers have only interpreted the world, in various ways. The point, however, is to change it." Karl Marx

"He would, wouldn't he?" Mandy Rice-Davies. When asked in court whether she knew that Lord Astor had denied having sex with her.

“I think it would be a good idea” Ghandi, when asked about Western Civilisation.

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