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"Triumph" for Putin and Medvedev in Duma elections
FortRuss has a great article on the support Putin got in the latest Duma elections. The Russia United Party (Medvedev) received over 51% of the vote against several other parties.

Quote:The results of elections to the State Duma of Russia are practically complete. The four parties that were represented earlier have made it into the Duma again. As of 17:15 Moscow time, United Russia (whose leader is Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev) has received 54.19%, the Communist Party has won 13.35%, Vladimir Zhirinovsky's Liberal Democratic Party has claimed 13.16%, while A Just Russia received 6.21% of the vote. Even if the election results were to change, then only to an entirely insignificant extent, to one-tenth of a percent.

Allow us to draw several conclusions on the election results.

First of all, these results were predictable. I forecasted that United Russia would 53-54% and was not mistaken. However, I was wrong in believing that the communists would get no less than 18-19%. Undoubtedly, the party's double-faced members played a negative role for the KPRF. According to the party's leader, Gennady Zyuganov, they deprived the party of 4% of the vote.

As a citizen and patriot of Russia, I am disturbed by the still high percentage of votes cast for the "parties of national defeatism", first and foremost Yabloko (which won 3% of the vote). According to the Central Electoral Commission, the results of this party were much higher in Moscow - as much as 12%. In my opinion, this party, which consistently holds Russophobic and pro-Ukrainian positions, should have been subjected to public ostracism. After all, Yabloko's leader, G. Yavlinsky, was a mediocre economist in the past and now plays the role of a wishy-washy politician on the Russian political scene who has called for Russia to apologize to Kiev for the "annexation" of Crimea. These statements have finally put Russia's liberals into a marginal niche. As Dostoevsky said: "The Russian liberal is he who hates Russia." Such personalities as Anatoly Chubais and Grigory Yavlinsky confirm this maxim.

All the parties that surpassed the 5% threshold and some of those who were close to breaking it (except Yabloko) can be referred to as the parties of the "Crimean consensus." In my opinion, President Vladimir Putin was wrong to state after the proclamation of election results that society had supported United Russia. Russian society supported very different parties, and United Russia itself was supported by only 54% of voters. I would instead say that society supported the course of President Putin in defending Russia's independence and increasing its defense capability in anticipation of a probable large-scale war. Dividing people into "right" and "wrong" patriots is a fundamental mistake. Among my friends and acquaintances, it would be hard to find anyone who voted for United Russia, and yet I understand the motives of people's support for the party.

President Putin himself, however, did in the end best summarize the election results with two conclusions. The first conclusion was that society did not succumb to pressure from the West. The votes cast for the circle of parties of the "Crimean consensus" and the failure of the parties of "national defeatism" confirm this thesis. In Putin's words, the results of the vote "are a reaction by our citizens to attempts at externally pressuring Russia, threats, sanctions, and attempts to destabilize the situation in our country from within."

Commenting on the preliminary elections results, Putin also called them an "advance" which the people have given the government which "needs to be worked for." As follows, the second conclusion is that the "right" government, if it will pursue the "wrong" policies, can and should be quickly replaced. If we recall the recent series of resignations of ministers in Medvedev's government, then this statement should not look like an empty threat.

In my opinion, the series of cadre changes in Russia have not ended with parliamentary elections. The radical purge of the elite will definitively depend on the international, military-political situation.

Of course, there are those who claim that this support had some help from ballot stuffers. Oh, the humanity.

"We'll know our disinformation campaign is complete when everything the American public believes is false." --William J. Casey, D.C.I

"We will lead every revolution against us." --Theodore Herzl
Mathematical proves Duma elections rigged -- especially United Russia. Machine translation.

Quote:In a fascinating work on the results of the elections involved the people who taught mathematics not for the exam, as well as it should. And therefore able to understand the meaning of certain numbers.
The output of the primary surveys accessible and open statistics on the elections - they are rigged. And significantly. United Russia won 45 percent of the "painted" votes from the total number of officially cast for her. If we consider that the elections in '11 gave the official result of votes cast for the EP is about 32 million, that at 16, officially - about 20 million That is -. A catastrophic failure even officially published data. But if you listen to the arguments of people who analyze the statistics, over the last EP voted about 11 million. In the real world.
All graphs everything about United Russia, is completely out of the general picture and the normal distribution. Absolutely everything - from appearance to Glos.
In general, it is no surprise and no illusions - the rules of the game today is as follows. If someone there is hope that the elections can change anything, he can shoot induced daze these graphs. They are all crystal clear and honest - if you want to ascribe to - be credited. We need to throw - stuffing. As much as needs. Here's what the pink shaded vertical shading - this is a fake. Clear and obvious.
The only specifics and unlike the elections, 16 of 11, in that the largest megacities in this time do not touch anything and not attributed. In contrast to '11, when the data is in Moscow were grossly rigged - that, in fact, and then showed Sulakshina analysis, in this time, and Moscow, and Peter left "as is". And just so the statistics Moscow and St. Petersburg is in perfect order. The main problems were that just the opposite - in the province.
Data on the appearance as an example:
But even this is not important. The main thing is that the stuffing and falsification of - this is not some kind of a spherically-vacuum process. It is made very specific people. And if the whole country distorted and abnormal statistics (with the exception of Moscow and St. Petersburg) - it distorted its very specific people. Thousands of people. Systemic and without fear of prosecution and punishment.
This allows you to put the question. And in general - in this country, in principle, possible to hold fair elections? Here, for example, there will be something, and it is necessary to urgently carry out a popular vote.What is the probability that this machine, sharpened and professionally capable to draw any desired result, guarantees the real picture?
Apparently, in order to guarantee to know the real will of the people, one must at least completely clean up the whole system of election commissions. Excluded from participation in the commissions of all these teachers, community members, public sector and other indentured serfs who will obediently take it to throw, and to attribute to fake. And not seeing it as nothing reprehensible (. Not to mention the fact that in fact we are talking about serious criminality level in Like the Internet, you can take seriously for many years, and for the falsification of the will of the people - you another prize will be discharged).
In these wild, both in our country, by the way, the choice of the judges involved. Also, frankly, the public servitude, but an order of magnitude more independent and less controlled than teachers and social activists. And the penalties for falsifying very childish. As a result - no one in the head does not come to doubt the results. They are as announced - and by the way, the statistics there all right.
That is why in the wild was a revolution Egypt, were demolished at the beginning of the dictator, then the other - but the elections were like a clock, and their results were almost full confidence, and their results are recognized by all, including the losing range. Egyptian nomenclature, remember, went in the 13th year, a coup d'etat, but rig the elections to prevent a Muslim Brotherhood government, she could not even imagine it - the system has been built so that it was impossible to do. We are, it turns out, this list even more wild country than revolutionary Egypt. And why do we compare with Europe, I can not understand.
"We'll know our disinformation campaign is complete when everything the American public believes is false." --William J. Casey, D.C.I

"We will lead every revolution against us." --Theodore Herzl

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