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"Fake news": isn't this what we've been saying for 50+ years?
Like, I suspect, many; when Trump started his "fake news" diatribe, I thought "how pathetic. A guy who demonstrably lies all the time claims that news coverage to the contrary is fake!"

After a period of reflection, I thought "isn't this what we've been saying for 50 years? That the msm can't be trusted on certain topics?". All of us here are aware of Mockingbird. We can't surely claim that fake news isn't a real thing?

So fake news isn't a new construct. Is all that's changed the label it's being applied to?


Could it be to discredit any/all media so that no one knows what's really happening on ANY subject?
The status quo is now using the complaints of its victims as a phony rallying cry.

This is how goofy and bizarre the American politic has become.

Trump then uses these cries to place some of the worst perpetrators and benefactors of fake news in positions of power. America has gotten silly.

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