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[FONT=&amp]Now we learn from David Lifton that Secretary of Defense Robert McNamara was the one who gave the order to alter the Zapruder film, which was done by the CIA during the weekend of the JFK assassination in their classified photo laboratory at the Kodak main industrial facility in Rochester, New York. McNamara was one of the few cabinet members in DC at the time and gave conflicting accounts of where he was and what he was doing at the time of the assassination and in the immediate aftermath -- which is always a red flag. And there is this from Jim Bishop's 1968 book THE DAY THE PRESIDENT WAS SHOT, that in the immediate aftermath,

Officials at the Pentagon were calling the White House switchboard at the Dallas-Sheraton Hotel asking who was now in command. An officer grabbed the phone and assured the Pentagon that Secretary of Defense Robert McNamara and the Joint Chiefs of Staff "are now the President."
Is there a link to this Lifton info? Where did he learn or hear of it, and what was the point of altering the film rather than chucking it in the nearest bin and claiming that a clerical error had destroyed it? I'm agnostic on the alteration issue, but was not convinced by at least one prior thread here. Alex Cox, a smart writer and good researcher, does lean towards alteration and did a video a few years back talking about it.

I won't link the piece or start a new thread about it, but Binoy Kampmark, a good Australian writer, has just posted a seriously shitty piece on the upcoming document releases over at Globalresearch. He dismisses the event with a shrug and references a book by Dallek to make negative comments about JFK. A shame.
I agree with David Talbot that this is highly unlikely. My bet is on some one high up in CIA or FBI.
Kampmark's article is utter garbage.

Jesus, I thought Global Research did good work, at least at times. That piece is just trash.

I am so sick of these commentators who have not read one single document acting as if they read them all. When clearly they have done nothing.

There is some really interesting stuff in the July release and there will be even more in the new release on Thursday. Like files on Harvey, Phillips and Hunt. Why not tell the public who these men were and what the heck they were doing in Dallas in November. When, for instance, Harvey was stationed in Rome and Phillips in Mexico City.
Jim DiEugenio Wrote:Kampmark's article is utter garbage.

Quoting Kampmark:
"Historians will be able to bring out modestly updated versions of old texts; official accounts might be slightly adjusted on investigations, locations and suspects, but the conspiracy set is bound to stick with grim determination to ideas long formed and re-enforced by assumptions that refuse revision."

What an idiot.

Okay, not an idiot. But one of those people who speak authoritatively on topics in which they know nothing. Simply because they have an opinion.
Kampmark is a smart guy, but not at all on this topic. He's an academic at my old school, RMIT, in Melbourne. It looks like he pulled a book from the shelf based on reviews from the back cover, and had the bad luck to pick Dallek. Quite a shame, and a genuinely rotten article. I don't have the link but GlobalResearch simultaneously published a Paul Craig Roberts piece that I recall was better.

Eric Wilson is another local academic. He's edited books on Deep Politics and gave an engaging talk at the Kennedy conference run by Greg Parker a year or so ago. So they're not all idiots, but Kampmark really should have known better. Many - and I mean many - of the conspiracy set' he derides are academics just like him, frequently with better credentials, so it's rich to see him taking potshots based on zero research.

My earlier post above had a typo, now corrected. I wasn't convinced of alteration by an earlier DPF thread.

[FONT=&amp]We will have to wait for the publication of Lifton's FINAL CHARADE or further Lifton interviews and lectures to get the evidence on his claim. He made it on the Brent Holland podcast. He has been doing interviews with Holland recently hinting at some of the revelations in his book. He also claims Oswald might have survived Ruby's gunshot but was deliberately killed on the operating table at Parkland. And he says he has eyewitnesses to a body transfer at Love Field.[/FONT]

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